More Previous Mega Man Titles Might Be Headed To Nintendo 3DS

By Ishaan . December 21, 2012 . 3:00pm

Mega Man’s 25th anniversary celebration will last a while—a year, according to Capcom USA, who kicked things off by announcing the release of Street Fighter X Mega Man and the release of the NES Mega Man games on the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console.


Siliconera got in touch with Capcom’s Senior Community Manager, Brett Elston, who’s one of the company’s more vocal Mega Man proponents, and asked if there were plans for something beyond just Virtual Console releases—like, say, a “3D Classics” update, similar to what Nintendo have done with games like Kirby’s Adventure, Xevious and the original Kid Icarus.


“A great idea, and one I’ve brought up before,” Elston replied. “It’s just something both Capcom Japan and Nintendo would have to collaborate on. Never say never, but no official word at the moment.”


It should be noted that Nintendo aren’t the only ones doing 3D updates of retro games. Sega recently announced a 3D update of Space Harrier, which is being released in Japan this December.


Meanwhile, on the Capcom forums, Senior VP, Christian Svensson, says that he isn’t aware of any further upcoming Mega Man releases on the Wii Virtual Console, but does hope to see more releases on the Nintendo 3DS front, based on feedback from Capcom’s fans.


“I’m hoping the [Capcom online games] group is looking at 3DS stuff though,” Svensson said in reply to a forum user. “We’ve made some requests for a few things to be explored based upon feedback here. We’ll see what happens.”


What has the Capcom community been asking for? One forum thread involved requests for the NES games—which is already happening—and the Mega Man Xtreme titles for Game Boy Color. Another asked for the release of Mega Man: The Wily Wars.

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  • Marcelo Gouvea

    “and the Mega Man Xtreme titles for Game Boy Advance.”

    You mean “for Game Boy Color”, right?

    • Whoops, fixed! Thanks.

      • Marcelo Gouvea

        Sorry if I sounded too “stuck up know-it-all” there, totally not my intention >_<

        Glad to help ^^

        • No no, not at all. We appreciate it when folks point out errors that we missed. It helps everyone. :)

  • While I don’t own a 3DS (will buy some -multiple regions ho!- later on), I really wouldn’t mind Mega Man GG to appear on the 3DSVCH… even though I own the game in its original form. Such a great, overlooked entry in the series.

  • They should rerelease the Megaman X collection that was on Gamecube onto a 3DS Retail Cart. The SNES has better graphics and sound than 8 bit Gameboy and would be the first time the superior versions would be playable on the go if they did that.

  • I’d like to see all the Game Boy Mega Man games on the 3DS Virtual Console ..

    • You are not alone :(

    • I share the feeling of collection (believe me I collect stuff :p) but I don’t think the GBC games minus MMV are really all that worth it… The screen reduction, subpar music, no colors and reusal of almost every boss in the NES series really don’t make them stand out.
      MMV on the other hand…is actually pretty nice :D

  • Paradox me

    I’d buy a 3D Classics update of the original Mega Man with steady framerate, even though I have a hard time playing older games on 3DS due to the tiny D-pad.

  • Göran Isacson

    Anyone here who’s heard of the “Megaman 25th Anniversary fangame”? Destructoid had an article on it recently:
    Apparently a game without Capcom’s backing, but which is made by actual game industry workers who got together to create a game for the anniversary.

    • Haha, I remember this!

      Someone actually asked Capcom about that very game the week before SFxMM was revealed, and asked if they’d be willing to give it a push. They said that they wouldn’t be doing that, but the reason why would be revealed “soon”.

      We were actually thinking of running that story, but then decided against it, and figured we’d just wait for the actual news to be announced instead of getting people riled up in anticipation.

  • Bring all the rest of mega man gameboy games to the eshop. I bought the first one and even stated in the survey! I loved mega man V on gameboy. It was the ony original mega man on gameboy htta featured a new story and bosses.

  • Bruce Watkinson

    Actually, I want to point out that the guy was asking about a possible release of the other Game Boy Mega Man games (you know, the ones that involve the Mega Man Killers & the Stardroids), not so much about the NES ones.

    It’s a minor mistake, but it’s quite an easy fix, no?

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