5pb Founder Working On Light Novel Occultic;Nine

By Ishaan . December 29, 2012 . 12:30pm


5pb/Mages head, Chiyomaru Shikura, recognized as the creator of visual novels such as Chaos;Head, Steins;Gate and Robotics;Notes, is working on a light novel, which he intends to officially announce at the Comic Market 83 event this weekend, according to a Mantan Web report (via: ANN).


Titled Occultic;Nine—yes, it follows the same naming convention as 5pb’s visual novels—the book will tell the story of nine characters, including a doujin manga creator and a black magic medium, and the events surrounding them.


You can watch a trailer—yes, a trailer for a light novel—for Occultic;Nine above. Judging by past 5pb habits, one wonders if there are already plans to have the light novel converted into an animated series a few months down the road…

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  • DongT

    Awesome, i really loved the steins;gate anime and i’m currently enjoying robotics;notes.
    anyways i hope it somehow gets released in english., officially or baka tsuki whatever.

  • Occultic;Nine? Sounds Badass ^_^

    • “Occultic” isn’t even a word…

      Seriously, what’s up with 5pb and its Gratuitous;Engrish?

  • ReidHershel


    • creid8


    • Its;their;signature;trademark

    • s07195

      Holy Semi-colon Cancer, Batman!

    • ShadowBaby

      The semi-colons are some kind of a trade mark of the science adventure,along with the random english quotes

  • Wow this looks nice and it does sound pretty badass. I mean just look at these words:

    “A Ghost etc. do not exist in this world. Science begins from Suspecting.
    If it dies, what will happen?
    The existence of it only disappears.”

  • Aoshi00

    So this would be just a book for now? I think it’s quite cool the science adventure series has been so detailed w/ the science aspect. Steins;Gate was absolutely amazing and a classic (makes you hold your breath and never let go from beginning to end). I recently just finished Robotics;Notes (getting 1000 achievement was a bit of a pain). While it had its moments (the chars/story are not bad), unfortunately it was a bit slow and not as good as S;N, the anime’s pacing is much better though, and the ending would probably be more exciting and benefit w/ more animation.. the R;N game soundtrack was only so-so as well and a bit repetitive..

    Would be cool if they make this into a game as well. S;N’s been milked too much alrdy, w/ all the new novels and another game sequel coming out..

    • ShadowBaby

      well,that is what i afraid too but we have to admit that it is very hard(almost impossible) even for 5pb to re-create such a masterpiece to the lever of Steins Gate.Thus,i think that you had held too much expectations for it,and disappointment is kind of inevitable.Anyway,let me ask you a question:do you think Robotics;Notes worth to be a successor of Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate?Was it a shame of the science adventure series?
      About the new game,i was much surprised and worried to hear the announce of the four title to be released this year with not less happy though.It was damn fast for the making of the game even for a visual novel not considering tthat 5pb is in charge of many projects.

      • Aoshi00

        Yeah, before I played R;N, and after having read a few reviews from Amazon Jpn, I alrdy lowered my expectation a bit, since it’s virtually impossible to top Steins;Gate as you said, it was simply too good. Yet I still hoped it would live up to the name of the 3rd science adventure series.

        Hm.. I have not finished Chaos;Head yet, only played about half. I would say R;N packs a lot of details and an interesting setting (in the near future 2019), but overall the story’s pacing was too slow and boring during many parts, even though there’s some good plot twists and conspiracy theories. Also there weren’t really character specific endings. There are different “routes” you still need to unlock by picking all the right Twipo (Twitter) replies, but they were more annoying and less fun than the phone triggers in S;G. Also the routes were basically the middle chapters that expand on the chars’ background, not really endings, but part of the main story (so not a good idea to skip).. Also after the gradual build-up, the final ending felt a bit unsatisfactory.. There was a lot of potential and many good ideas, but not fully realized.. As a Science adventure, it was certainly not bad, but not great either. The soundtrack was a bit of a let down as well, despite a few good pieces.

        I’m looking forward to 5pb’s 4th game as well. Wonder what subject they would get into. I just want them to work on something new, instead of milking S;G too much, just adding on too much unnecessary stuffs/spin-offs.

        I guess most couldn’t help but have high expectation for R;N.. S;G’s time traveling theme was so grand, yet the story and the characters felt so personal and relatable.. R;N while not bad just felt short of that. I would say the overall pacing and ending were the main faults. Nevertheless, the anime corrected a lot of that. Pacing is much better (and more action and animation of course) and has a much better soundtrack.

        P.S. the 3D models were pretty good and expressive (unlike Ever17 remake), but would’ve been better w/ 2D, since the 2D illustration in btwn were quite good..

        • ShadowBaby

          I guess i am still buying Robotics;notes anyway.I am
          currently saving money to make a triple with the science adventure series.Normally,i enjoy fantasy over reality but the series has changed my mind.It includes a great detail in science aspect(Seriously,because of watching Steins;Gate,i used wiki for the first time in my life) with a cruelty of
          reality make the game become so sad and desperate but also fun and delighted at the same time.Fictions are also included but they are acceptable enough and still in the ground of reality,yet make the story even more realism and relatable.That is just like what Ohba did with Death Note and what Nolan did with the Dark Knight franchise,and all three of them are enormously successful.The character aren’t quite normal(seriously if you want normal or a realistic character you better go out or watch a movie instead) but they are also not ideal of forced ,in my opinion they re just freaks that don’t handle well with the society but seeing the world from their viewpoint sure is interesting(it was one hell of the ride being inside Okabe’s head) and again ,increase the weight of reality.That is how I feel about the Science adventure series and that is why I am willing to import it despite the exceedingly high prices.

          One thing I don’t like about RN is that the characters are too…normal to me(except Frau,is there a route for her in the game.Sure they have some quirky side but there is no way they can be on the same boat with SG and CH cast(the characters are “otakurish”enough to the point that I kind of disgust the main character of CH) .i understand Shikura’s though as he tried to bring the visual novel genre close to more people who haven’t read ones before but I style prefer the old style .The four title seem to correct it,in the way I see,doujin creator literally mean otaku.It is a shame that it will be released in the light novel form ,but it is possible that they may turn it into a visual novel later with sounds, CGs ,voices and more Kanako Itou songs .If it become truth,then…(put the wallet on the table and leave)

          • Aoshi00

            Robotics;Notes wasn’t too well received in Jpn in general, while it certainly wasn’t bad it was not great. I also liked it as well and didn’t regret importing it. Actually the limited edition was on sale on AmiAmi at one time for about less than 4000 yen, I bought mine on release day though for about $100.. It’s not that I didn’t like it, but if you have watched the R;N anime (about halfway now), I don’t think one would benefit too much from playing the game again, basically the game was just slower. If it were Steins;Gate, even after watching the excellent anime adaptation, I would still highly recommend not to miss the game, it’s a different and an even better experience. For R;N, it’s just that so far the anime presented the best from the game (w/ better music) and the game just had too much details, sometimes unnecessary and dragging in the overall schemes of things. While the Steins;Gate anime omitted some things like long time-traveling theory by Kurisu, that part was actually even more intriguing in the game. And the game made you “feel” the emotion much more, like reading Suzuha’s suicide letter from Okarin’s PoV. I couldn’t help but shed tears several times playing Steins;Gate, it was heart wrenching. The build-up was unbelievable, each tragedy more serious and sad than the previous one..

            You are absolutely right, the R;N cast are not bad chars, but they’re rather “normal” compared to Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate, other than Frau, hence a little plain and boring. Takumi from C;H was definitely introvert/otaku to the max and borderline disturbing, but he did stand out a lot, and the situation brought upon him was very impressionable and scary.. now most people think of him as Bossun from Sket Dance lol..

            I agree w/ you on Death Note & Nolan’s Batman as well, while they are fiction they are grounded in reality (as much as possible anyway given the context), that’s why I loved those works so much as well, and S;G. They were built on a possible premise, especially the Science Adventure series, lots of effort and research went into the setting.

            I too hope that this Occultic;Nine would be a VN w/ music and voices, etc :) I did wiki many things playing these games too :) Even the hypothetical monopole magnet, or committee of 300, Tavistock Institute in R;N :) Not as good as SERN (CERN) though…

            Finally, like I mentioned before, there are virtually no “routes” or real “endings” for any of the characters, one of the biggest complaints. There are routes that need to be unlocked, namely Ch. 6 about Junna, Ch. 7 about Frau, Ch. 8 about Airi. Certain requirements need to be fulfilled, otherwise the game ends at Ch. 5 w/ a non-ending. Or you could go straight to Ch. 9 to 12. But Ch. 6-8 are basically part of the main story and not alternate character-specific endings like most VNs have. Also the Twitter-like system was a bit cumbersome. I totally needed a guide to unlock Ch. 6-9. If you have not watched the anime, playing the game is good. If you have watched the anime, I don’t think you would miss that much from the game.. S;N I finished it in several weeks, couldn’t put it down, but R;N took me about 6 months lol..

            I think the person below summarized it rather well,

            Chaos;Head game >>> anime
            Steins;Gate game = anime (excellent in different ways)
            Robotics;Notes anime >>> game (so far from what I’ve seen)

          • ShadowBaby

            Well i guess that is the result from trying to bring the visula novel genre closer to everyone,not just an ADV only for adults or Otaku anymore.Now everyone can play it but not everyone really enjoy it,especially the genre’s fans like us since we set our expectation higher than normal people would.In my opinion,i think the science adventure series is good enough by itself (fiction grounded in reality,science details,Otakurish characters,mind raped situations). Thus,there is no need for changes and if people can’t find what is really good to read(Seriously,with SG,they don’t know what they are missing),it is their fault but there are always someone like us to pay for the genre because we know how awesome it is just like the way the series did in the past with CH and SG.I believe that It is somewhat of an experiment,just like you said,it wasn’t a success but wasn’t a failure.I guess we should treat RN as an”all ages”and”light hearted”one unlike those previous games were”not for kids”,”mind blowing” and”extremely awesome hypest”thing.Well,at least they tried and have the guts to make some new innovations(and this is also one of the thing i like the most from the SAD series, the art style and gameplay are constantly changed with each title keep the franchise always fresh,full of curiosity and interesting for us to explore.)unlike other game studio of Japan who are always too conservative make the game market there gradually dying.But it is time for 5pb to go back to their old style and Occultic;Nine is the change for them to do it.From what i have seen so far,it is full of potential(make it a visual novel pleaseeeee)

            It was very nice having a chance to discuss things with you even though through a comment side of a website(LoL.)Thank you for replying me,i have read and followed your comment for a while and up to now,we seem to have the same taste.I used to think that it was hopeless for the Japanese game market,but thanks to you that i was brought to the SAD series and changed my mind.At the moment,beside SAD series,i also kind of enjoy Dark soul’s franchise which i consider as one of Japan game rare hope(i extremely doubt that it is from Japan at first because the art,the design of the fantasy world,the gameplay are far different from Japanese traditional style which usually affected by Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest).Anyway,my love is for Japan again,thank you and hope to be able to chat with you like this soon especially about these things.

      • Tianyu Wei

        I thought Chaos;Head was done with Nitro+?

  • Wait what

    Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate were fantastic Visual Novels. The Chaos;Head anime was terrible but the Steins;Gate anime was pretty good. If this does get turned into an anime, I’d want the Steins;Gate people to do it. I haven’t watched Robotics;Notes yet because I can’t read the Visual Novel.

    • Robotics Notes anime>game Chaos Head anime<game
      Steins;Gate were both equally brilliant

  • Hatsuu


  • komiko12

    Will this be something like Durarara with switching point of views?
    It would be good if all nine characters gets equal exposure.

  • Since in my place manga can have a trailer why not for LN? :P

    Hmm…. I wonder will the 9 be a important number like 999…. And wow the cast looks even wackier than S;G one… Can’t wait to see how wacky is them lol. (But I don’t think any1 can beat Okabe ^.^;)

    Hope I can see it in english soon :) Worst case scenario: Wait for the (possible) anime or chinese TL.

    • The story of 9 eccentrics who will change the common sense of the world…maybe…

  • ShadowBaby

    Well,now it is all explained,it is just a light novel.I will be more than happy to try this new project of Chiyomaru especially when it seem to be a bit religious and…magical,and the most important thing is the setting do look dark just like Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate did ,but i think i still prefer a visul novel with voices,CGs,soundtrack( and opening of course(more Kanako Ito ‘s songs please)I wonder if they have a plan to make it an visual novel later,if it is true then…(hand over my wallet)

  • Alexandra Cordes

    One day… one day I will be able to read this. *studies harder than before*

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