The Cover Of What May Be Square Enix’s Final PlayStation 2 Game

By Ishaan . January 1, 2013 . 9:30am

Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin might be Square Enix’s last PlayStation 2 game. While in the west, Seekers of Adoulin will only be released on the PC and Xbox 360, in Japan Square are publishing a PlayStation 2 version, of which retailers revealed the box art this week.


Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin’s PlayStation 2 cover is virtually identical to the cover of the Xbox 360 version, which you can find here. If there’s anyone in Japan without a PS2 looking to pick the game up, they might have to hurry—Sony have released their final batch of PlayStation 2 systems in the country and won’t be manufacturing any more. Soon, there may not be any left to buy.


In the U.S., Final Fantasy XI: Seekers of Adoulin will be released on March 2th. You can read up on the different packages that will be available in this report.


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  • MrSirFeatherFang

    I might be missing something here. What’s the point of the warning when FFXI can only be played on the older models of the PS2?

    • neocatzon

      because newer one don’t have iLink port?

      • MrSirFeatherFang

        I don’t think that was used for FFXI on the PS2. But the HDD was essential and the newer models didn’t have that expansion bay.
        Correct me if I am wrong on anything since I have never played FFXI.

        • Lionxie

          This is correct, you needed the network adapter and the HDD to play it. If the current slew of PS2s don’t have any of those functions, they can’t play FFXI to begin with.

  • Came out of curiosity, stayed for the gorgeous Yoshitaka Amano artwork.

  • We’ve seen games released this century after the death of the NES, Megadrive and Dreamcast. I’m sure someone will still want to make a game for the PS2.

  • Yoshitaka Amano never disappoints with his beautiful artwork.

  • Wait what

    I’m so mad this isn’t coming to PS2 in the US. I understand that they can’t support PS2 forever, but
    between the mandatory HDD and the Network Adapter, players of FFXI on PS2 when it first came
    out had to dish out about $150 just to play the game. Myself included.
    Then you’ve got all the previous expansion packs they had to buy
    individually as we don’t get any bundle, now FFXI PS2 players have to
    dish out about $270 or more just to continue to play the game at it’s
    current updated form with all the people just spending $10 to get
    everything on Steam. Not to mention the monthly fees. At about $12 per
    month for 10 years, you are looking at constant dedicated fans paying around $1,500 to continue to play the game through it’s entire run. Adding everything together, you’ve got people out there who have payed close to $1,800 on a single video games.

    Yeah, I think Square Enix and Sony could have cut them a break and got over their “PS2 is over” mentality and released the damn thing here too. The worst part is that, while I haven’t spent nearly that much on the game on PS2, I have spent quite a lot. I’ve paid the $270 to keep updated, and probably about another $300 in monthly fees, as I’m on again off again with the game with many years of not playing. I’ve spent close to $600 on the game. If I had not bothered and saved up that money, I could have had enough to buy myself a better computer than the piece of crap I am still using from many years ago, and I could just play the game on PC. But nope.

    • Except the market in the US is very different than in Japan. The PS2 has been dead here for years. Not saying the system is bad but it isn’t making any business money stateside. The decision not to do something like this when something like PC gaming would far and away surpass it was obvious.

      In comparison, I’m pretty sure our hold on PC gaming is a far greater deal than in Japan as far as I’m aware. It’s all about making money when it comes down to it and this is Squeenix’s prized cash cow.

  • Elemiel

    Are PS2 games still being made over there? It seemed like they all moved to the PSP.

  • Charmchar

    All Final Fantasy covers should really be like this, i love Yoshitakea Amano designs of the characters in the ff series.

  • An actual “Final” Fantasy game, well for the PS2 that is lol

  • Aunna Terrell

    I think you need to fix the typo near the bottom. SoA will be available on March 26th, not March 2th!

    I can’t wait for this expansion~ <3 Haha, geomancer's my favorite job in Tactics. I can't wait to see what it's like in XI.

  • It goes to show how bad the reception for 14 was that 11 is still getting content packs. Anyone wanna bet this didn’t exist until the meganega reviews for 14 rolled in?

  • SiliconNooB

    I love how SE are still prominently branding their FFXI games with the ‘PlayOnline’ logo! lol ^_^

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