Deadly Premonition Director Mentions “Surprising And Amazing News” For 2013

By Ishaan . January 3, 2013 . 10:00am

Deadly Premonition director, Hidetaka “SWERY” Suehiro, has posted a New Year’s message on his blog, where he reminisces on his experiences during the past year, and extends a word of thanks to all those that touched his life.


Additionally, Suehiro mentions in his post: “And to all my fans, who keep giving me their never-ending support… I think I’ll have some surprising and amazing news for you next year.”


Suehiro is currently at work on Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut for the PlayStation 3, which is scheduled for release in March. This is an updated version of Deadly Premonition, and will feature HD visuals, new story content, improved controls, and post-game DLC.


Suehiro’s tease might pertain to Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut, or it could be regarding something else entirely. For example, Suehiro was also involved in the development of Lord of Arcana and Lord of Apocalypse for Square Enix.

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  • Alos88

    Could it be a sequel? I hope so

  • Peeka Chu

    A localized Lord of Apocalypse would make my year. I have the Japanese version from Play Asia, and it rocks, but I understand like 10% of it and almost nothing of the plot.

  • Testsubject909

    Oh SWERY, you’ve already won me over with a delightfully quirky game and a Director’s Cut coming on the PS3 for us. Whatever else you might have to bring, it’ll just be icing on an awkwardly wonderful coffee’d up cake.

    I can only extend a word of thanks for making this year one to look forward to.

    And also, is it just me seeing this or is there, in the listed purchasable games, Deadly Premonition: The Director’s Cut listed for 40$? Just give me a date SWERY and I’ll be there Day 1 with cash in hand.

  • JazzWithAttitude

    Is this game…bad?It got my interest because i love police horror but…

    68 on metacritic…
    i once read “This game is a system seller, because after you play you gonna want to sell your system”

    • It’s the kind of game that you need to really love games to be a fan of. So, if visuals and the usual buzzwords that people throw around aren’t that important to you, and you value a good story with quirky characters, you’ll probably like it.

      • JazzWithAttitude

        Gonna give a try,even if I don’t like, the game is really cheap!

    • SilvaStarRippa

      It’s increadibly quirky. Think of it as a similar vein of David Lynch and Twin Peaks and you pretty much got it.

    • Nemesis_Dawn

      Honestly, I would say to never pay attention to Metacritic. Or any critic, for that matter. Critics are just people with opinions, like everybody else. Instead of looking at a number on a website, talk to people whose opinions you trust who might have played it. That’s a better gauge than someone who often has an agenda.

      Right off the top of my head, I can think of two amazing games called Godhand and Nier that were very poorly rated by critics and many very poor games that were hyped up big time and got 10/10’s.

      • “Honestly, I would say to never pay attention to Metacritic”

        Pretty much this. But yeah I mean, I understand the importance of Metacritic or other websites that aggregate review scores, but to be honest I think too much emphasis is put on the average scores they display, to a point where development groups are being disbanded if the publishers fails to see some of their games meeting certain numerical requirements on metacritic (like say, an aggregate score of 75 or more, if not 80 or more for some).

        Not only that but games such as this or the ones Nemesis_Dawn mentioned are bright examples of why a website such as metacritic can kill your love for the medium, if you put too much thrust in their information. What I mean to say is that these games are obviously polarizing, which is to say not everyone will enjoy them the same way, and some might think they’re perfect, while others might just shrugh it off and walk away, not understanding what they’re actually about. But these polarizing reviews will then lead to a…weird score, that puts some potential gamers and fans away. Without giving anyone a chance.

        I’m obviously using far fetched examples here, I promptly aknowledge as much; but there’s no denying that overreliance on Metacritic can be one of the things that ends up hurting the industry as a whole.

    • Göran Isacson

      Here’s the thing. Some critics are giving this game a 10/10. Some are giving it a 4/10.

      BOTH are technically ‘right’.

      You see, Deadly Premonition is a VERY special game. It’s a chore to play sometimes, with clunky controls and somewhat poor graphics. If you want your games to be polished and if you want the fun in your games to come from all parts of a game, you will not like Deadly Premonition. You could, with good reason, call it a 4/10 or 5/10 game.

      BUt. But but but but. Deadly Premonition is one of the FUNNIEST games this generation. It is one of the most endearing, interesting, engaging and flat out strange games to have come out this generation. It does one thing very well, and that is to build an atmosphere, to build a WORLD that you will never forget. For every time I CURSED the controls, I kept pushing on because I wanted to see what would happen next. You often say that some people are “crazy” because they are hyperactive or jokesters or a bit dim or weird, but I believe that Francis York Morgan, the protagonist of this game, is LEGITIMATELY INSANE. He is a police detective who has loud conversations with an imaginary friend on how Tom and Jerry are totally lovers (you know, the cartoon mouse and cat) when NOONE ELSE is listening, and he takes advice from the letters that he sees in the cream inside his coffee. And yet he’s STILL a pretty damn smart detective, sent to solve a string of murders in a remote mountain town and the answers he will find… well, let’s just say that it’s a story you WILL want to experience. I only played it at a friend who owned a 360, and I will definitely be buying this for my PS3 if it becomes available.

      Soo yes, after all that gushing what I want to say is that this game is strange, was developed on a shoe-string budget and as such doesn’t look very pretty or play very smooth. But by GOD, it was made by someone who had a VISION of what he wanted his game to be and the creators personality and talent just SHINES in the story and in the town you investigate. It’s a gamble, the kind of game that you won’t really know if you love or hate until you play it. But for what it is worth I totally love it and recommend it, even if I totally understand the ones who played it and didn’t like it one bit.

  • JustThisOne

    Whoo hoo! Improved controls! *high fives all around*

  • March huh? I’ll keep this in mind.

  • SirRichard

    Everyone’s got big news about their games to talk about in 2013, looks to be another busy year. Here’s hoping it’s a new slab of madness from the guy, and I’m definitely getting that Director’s Cut!

  • Göran Isacson

    All I want for the next year is this on PS3. I will relive this story on a console I actually own, won’t even care if I’ve seen it all.

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    3D support? A sequel? A localization of Lord Of Apocalypse? Any of those would be awesome.

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