Robotics;Notes Anime Season 2 Begins Next Week; Here’s A Trailer

By Ishaan . January 5, 2013 . 1:30pm

The second half of the Robotics;Notes anime is set to begin on January 10th in Japan, and Fuji TV have shared a promo video for the series, which you can watch below:



Robotics;Notes is based on the 5pb visual novel of the same name, where a high school robotics club is attempting to build a robot. The series is set in the near future, where augmented reality is a part of everyday life.

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  • LunarKnite

    Yay! Although it doesn’t seem to have the same kind of awesomeness of S;G, I quite enjoyed what I saw of Robotics;Notes already.

  • Wait what

    This just looks so different from Chaos;Head and Steins;Gate. I really want to try and hold out for a PC version and then an english translation of the Visual Novel for this before I watch the anime, just in case it’s as bad as the Chaos;Head anime was.

    • SupaPhly

      robotics;notes game uses 3d models, so it might be a little longer for a pc release

    • CH anime was bad because it’s only have 12 eps so it’s rushed

    • Aoshi00

      Like amc99 said, the Chaos;Head anime was only bad mainly due to it didn’t have enough eps to cover everything. The Steins;Gate anime had 24 eps + 1 extra, it was an excellent adaptation and had ample time to cover almost everything from the game, except some minor omission.

      I’ve finished playing Robotics;Notes recently and have been catching the anime every week, so far the anime has been better than the game. I expected the 2nd season would be even better than the game, and this trailer just proved it. I have to say the anime really has a better soundtrack than the game *.*;..

      I saw the R;N tweet they were re-airing ep 1-11 as a marathon earlier on NicoNico today and then show this trailer, but I couldn’t watch it from outside Japan :(…

      I think it would be a while before there’s any PC/iOS/PSP/Vita ports.. The R;N game is not as popular as S;N was.

      • Wait what

        Being rushed and short was definitely one of the huge problems with the Chaos;Head anime, but it’s far from the only problem. It was just a sloppy unappealing mess. The writers had no idea what they were doing, characters were completely messed up, important things skipped, things were adapted weirdly, random filler attempt to shove an action scene in the middle of the show ruined the impact of the action action latter on, the ending was completely butchered, and the animation got so bad it made me wonder just how low their budget had actually been. Being rushed is one thing, but this was a whole different level. This was Tsukihime anime bad. I seriously doubt they could have pulled off a good anime even if they had 24 episodes.

        Steins;Gate was great for reasons other than being longer too. The animation studio and writers were much more competent and just better at making anime overall. But after Chaos;Head, I still want to try and hold out for the Robotics;Notes visual novel before watching the anime. The anime could very well be better than the VN, but I always prefer to check out the source material first.

        • Aoshi00

          I definitely prefer the source material first, that’s why I usually read the manga or play the games before watching the anime adaptation (like Level E, I alrdy read Togashi’s manga during the 90s, I never imagine we would get an anime last year after such a long time). IMHO, having played the game, I would say if you have watched the R;N anime, you’re not missing out too much, they really trimmed the fat on that, just lots of details that would drag way too much if they animate it verbatim, interesting details but ultimately unnecessary. Robotics;Notes was not a bad game, but it’s no Steins;Gate unfortunately, nowhere near as gripping. Also the game has 3D models as someone mentioned. The 3D models aren’t bad, but the 2D illustration in btwn were better, and the anime is all 2D and has much more animation that made the story much more interesting (especially in the upcoming 2nd half). the game soundtrack also didn’t stand out and was quite repetitive. The anime soundtrack on the other hand is more diverse.

          Length was definitely a huge factor, each of those games have about 12 long chapters, there is no away a 20 min ep could cover each game chapter counterpart, each game chapter requires at least two anime eps, so something’s gotta give. I have neither finished the Chaos;Head game nor the anime, but I could only imagine. If Steins;Gate were only condensed from 24 eps into half its length 12 eps, everything would be omitted and turned into a mess too, and we wouldn’t have such a detailed classic that rivals the game that it’s based on. Imagine if a Harry Potter movie is not 3hrs, or 2hrs, but 1hr. Even some would argue 3hrs won’t do a long book justice. Of course C;H having a low budget did not help either.

          Just like many movie or OVA adaptation before, X the movie was less than 2hrs, it was a digest (sometimes incomprehensible) compared to an entire anime series that could slowly develop the plot and characters. Imagine the R;N or S;G anime being bound by such time constraint, they would’ve needed to cut half of everything in the anime.

          I have not played Tsukihime, I wish they would port it to console some day w/ new art. W/o having played the game, I enjoyed the anime a lot (I know many disliked it), I liked the art design, elegant music, shocking violence, and the mysterious atmosphere. I didn’t like the PC game’s art..

          Steins;Gate was one of the best games or VNs ever, anime was great too, no one should miss that game. R;N while it had many good ideas, the game never explored or realized that potential fully, and the anime is actually improving on a lot of the game counterpart’s shortcoming.

          Of course if given the chance you should try for yourself and see (before I finished R;N, I was skeptical of the lukewarm reviews, but later realized why the complaints, gameplay or pacing-wise ), but it seems that the quality for the science adventure series is like this,

          Chaos;Head Game >>> Anime
          Steins;Gate Game == Anime
          Robotics;Notes Game << Anime

          Chaos;Head is still on my 360 backlog, I'm about half done :(… don't get me wrong though, I did like the R;N universe and chars and didn't regret playing the game.. I still got the drama CDs and nedoroids..

          BTW, the S;G game was completely told from Okarin's PoV, but for R;N, in addition to Kai's, it were also told in other chars' PoV, for me it didn't feel too consistent.. also the Twipo (twitter) system wasn't implemented too well.. I understand what you mean though, for S;N, I played the game first before watching the anime, it's definitely better to play the game first for the unique experience, but I don't think R;N is such a case.. the anime alrdy presented the best aspects of the game and more..

  • I actually like Kona more than Aki, I wish she’s the main heroine XD

    • Aoshi00

      Frau is my fav too, but I’m getting both her and Aki’s nendoroid :) There should be only two I think since S;N only had Kurisu and Mayuri :) They are both interesting chars but Kona is more of a weirdo. The build up of the anime till the end should be very exciting.

  • WingsOfEternity

    Ah so there IS a second season… I was wondering why the pacing was so slow in Robotics;Notes, especially for a 24ep anime

    • Aoshi00

      The pacing of the game was a bit on the slow side, the anime is a lot faster alrdy, so I didn’t think the anime was slow (yes, it’s slower than Steins;Gate).. Also most anime stopped for a bit because of the New Year.. I’ve been expecting Hunter x Hunter ep 61 and R;N ep 12, can’t wait :) From the trailer, the anime really improved a lot on the game.

  • TheRealMalek

    Wait .. last episode i see was robotic notes 10, guess french streaming (real not fansub) is quite late

  • Wow, this trailer was actually really intense. I don’t understand why they did a PV half way through though. From the beginning I was sure they said it was a 22 episode series. If this was their way of hyping me up for the second half of the series though, they have succeeded. I can’t wait =^_^=

    • Aoshi00

      Yeah, I think it’s a really good trailer too. R;N has been off Noitamana for 2 weeks, 2nd season break and New Year. They just did an 11-ep marathon re-run on NicoNico today + showing this trailer afterwards, definitely trying to hype for 2nd half.. some people in Jpn didn’t catch all the previous eps real time either.. at least they didn’t do a re-cap ep :)

  • porkiewpyne

    Alcyone. Electra. Maia. Taygeta. Calaeno. Asterope. Merope.
    By the blessing of the Seven Sisters,
    I descend from four hundred lightyears in space!

  • Frau, wat u doing!? She one of my fav ;_;

    R;N looks like its Knowing + I, Robot + 2012…. Well I guess its time to say: “Sh*t just got real”. And lol, Mr Pleiades wat r u doing?

    Hmm… why do I have the feeling Gunvarrel is produced by GAINAX? :P

  • XypherCode

    Excited! :D

  • Maia Kasoya

    Second season already?
    I’ve really neglected watching R;N… I must go finish watching it!

  • LynxAmali


    Must finish visual novel. Must. Finish.

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