Pokémon News Coming Worldwide Via Special Nintendo Direct Tomorrow

By Ishaan . January 7, 2013 . 8:25am

Tomorrow’s the big day—Nintendo are set to make a worldwide news announcement regarding Pokémon, and this will happen via a Nintendo Direct video presentation by Nintendo president, Satoru Iwata.


Timings are as follows:

Japan: 8pm JST

USA: 6am EST

Europe: 11am (UK)

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    Very interesting. I can’t wait to see what comes up. There was a rumour going around about a new Eevee evolution but I dunno. I still am hoping for a R/S/E remake for the 3DS.

    • If they made all this hype JUST to announce a new Eevee evolution, I would lose all faith in Nintendo. This coming from a fanboy.

      So 6am EST for US huh? Cool, it’ll be all ready for me when I wake up then.

      • KHSoraKeyBlade

        Haha I know what you mean, it surely must be a new game otherwise it seems silly to do a Direct presentation for it.

      • Haseyo

        Agreed. A new Eeveelution would be nice, but this much hype for it would be almost as bad – no, just as bad – as The World Ends With You website being an iOS remake.

        It better be one of the three:

        – Gen III remake (HD sprites or models, whatever)
        – Pokemon Snap 3DS
        – Pokemon Stadium 3

        I can’t see Gen VI being introduced so early.

        • Curan_Altea

          A Pokemon Colosseum type game would be pretty cool. Especially for 3DS.

          • Yeah, but I get the vibe that if announced, it’d be a Wii U game…

      • komiko12

        You know, they usually announce a new Generation along with revealing a Pokemon from the said generation (Munchlax – Gen 4, Zoroark – Gen 5).

        If they announced a new Eeveelution, then it automatically means that there would be a new batch of Pokemon.

    • Guest

      Lol wouldn’t it be messed up if they announced that they were shutting down Pokemon?

      • Why does everyone keep saying this? Because you want upvotes?

  • kylehyde

    Is more than official, tomorrow Iwata will drop the bomb.

  • Go2hell66

    so much hype and buildup, has to be a new game

    • Krisi92

      Saying that will be something on the 8th of January is so much buildup? …

      • ronin4life

        It all started with one of the big pokemon devs saying he hoped to evolve the world of pokemon in 2013 in a new years outlook statement. Then an announcement was… announced to be happening on the 8th. THEN that it would be world-wide. THEN that it would be a ND.

        Still wouldn’t surprise me if it wad relatively umderwhelming, but I’d say there is a fair amount of built-up hype.

        • Krisi92

          Well… It wasn’t underwhelming at all. :D

  • Brian

    There are only three things that I want from Game Freak Pokemon Snap 2, R/S/E full 3D remake on the 3DS or a new pokemon colosseum for the Wii U. If I get any one of these things tomorrow I will be happy :3

  • Blazkn

    6th gen, with Pokédex 3D Pro models, fast-paced battle system, some kind of connectivity with Wii U and NO fire/fighting starter.

    Make it happen, Game Freak!

    • Curan_Altea

      Sounds nice. Pretty damn unlikely, but would be nice.
      Tangent: Mia avatar?

      • Blazkn

        Well, I would be okay with R/S remakes, as long as it’s in 3D.

        And yeah, it’s Mia! ;)

    • ShawnOtakuSomething

      3 to 4 years to gen 6

      • Blazkn

        BW2 are kinda recent, but B/W will be 3 years old in september this year. Besides, it would be just an announcement.

        btw, that’s just an “ideal scenery for me”, not that I realistically think that’s the more likely thing to happen or something. ^^

    • What’s wrong with Fire/Fighting starter?


      • Blazkn

        gameplay-wise, nothing. It would just be repetitive.

        • I wouldn’t mind another Fire/Psychic type combination like Victini. That was really deadly.

          • Blazkn

            Yeah, and I hope GF will be generous and give us some new combinations as well.

          • Except in the metagame it’s been relegated to Underused because of its typing, much like Mew has been because of how aggressive and hard hitting the game has become. That and Stealth Rocks and the prevalence of dark-typing do a lot to Victini.

            Of course it’s still banned in International VGC play in any case.


          • Not surprised to see Victini banned, but I personally found the type combination to be super useful for the single-player game. Fire basically makes up for Psychic’s weakness to Bug type and both types have some really hard-hitting moves.

          • komiko12

            Psychic has been now considered quite weak compared to how it was in 1st gen. It is only super effective against Poison (not used much) and Fighting (which is now quite strong and has many ways to counter Psychics).

            Fire, while strong offensively, has also very common counters like Water (the most abundant Pokemon type) and Ground (another hard hitting type.)

            Victini has an awful type combination for many competitive battlers.

          • It’s not so much typing though as it is support and the abilities to help it out.

            Take Alakazam as an example. Before B/W, not considering RBY and possibly GSC, you had him in the low end of the totem pole for UU, now he’s back in OU thanks to Magic Guard being an ability of his. It makes him a fine thing to have for entry deterrence and weather teams if you want to mix it up even if he can tend to be a bit of a glass cannon. It’s still a fast glass cannon.

            Cloyster is another one that got support through Skill Link over time and made it a great way to counter a lot of threats from Dragon types. Not to mention Shell Smash + White Herb makes it a force to be reckoned with and makes things such as Roar/Dragon Tail more common to deal with.

            Game’s always changing. You never know what Game Freak may do by accident or by a stroke of genius. Mostly by accident I notice though but hey. >_>

          • komiko12

            True. simple things can change the game…

            Drizzle Politoed made its way to many rain teams only because of its ability.

            Eviolite made lots of Pokemon more viable in OU and UU like Chansey and Porygon2..

          • In metagame fights, Victini is actually still allowed, but in official Pokemon fights it and every ‘legendary’ that ever came out since Mewtwo is banned.

            Which is interesting because Blaziken and Excadrill is considered an Uber yet is not banned from the official matches (though I rarely see it used). Speed Boost and Sand Rush can be downright terrifying.

    • OverlordZetta

      The problem with Fire is that it has a ton of weaknesses, and not a lot of the things you can pair it with actually help those weaknesses out. Fire/Fighting is one of the few types that helps Fire out and also gives it advantages that make the Pokemon successful – it’s why, objectively, the three Fire/Fighting starters are some of the best starters of all 15, whereas Charizard and Typhlosion are down near the bottom. Fire is just a risky type like that.
      Besides, we had three Grass/nothing and Water/nothing starters too you know, and personally I find that a much more offensive thing than them daring to dual type fire four times, even if they used the same type a few times.

  • SirRichard

    Alright, definitely not a movie/event monster then, if they’re rolling out Directs for it. It’s definitely a game of some sort, and if they’re dedicating a Direct to it then they really want people to know about this one. Here’s hoping for something cool.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Crazy rumor going around already called “Pokemon Trinity” Space travel. New types of pokemon blah blah BS http://www.neogaf.com/forum/showpost.php?p=46058718&postcount=509

    • Suicunesol

      That sounds… really different. It could possibly be true. It might turn out to be alright.

      But the whole “space” thing is a bit too much of a leap. Pokemon has traditionally taken place in modern towns like our own. That’s one of the things that appealed to me.

      Also, I don’t think you can have a digital type without people thinking “Digimon”. ._.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething

        Don’t worry It was confirmed fake. Digimon indeed,and that YellowGiant guy posted that everywhere

    • Guest

      Sounds far more plausible that Gen 6 and a little more than RSE for its timing honestly.

      Like the post reply says, I’d be okay with this.

  • Otoya

    I guess the new thing is most probably going with 3DS. If is the 6th gen, I hope they do something better for starter, like giving an eevee. XD

  • OverlordZetta

    Well, depending on what this is, I might have to finally invest in a 3DS.
    So which version of BW2 is a sequel to White? Probably should get on that.

    • SirRichard

      White 2, funnily enough.

      • OverlordZetta

        Well that’s just shocking. Thank you!

  • Suicunesol

    So in order to watch this live, I have to wake up at 3:00am tomorrow… :(

    PST got the short end of the stick I guess.

  • Josh Strange

    its going to be a pokemon game for the Vita, 360, and Ps3 only. it’s quite obviously really :D

  • ZEROthefirst

    Pokemon WiiU in 1080P, you can go through all regions from Red/Blue through Black/White… Plus a new region and more to exploooooore!!!
    Just kidding about the HD thing. To me Pokemon in HD just sounds and feels weird, but I would love to see everything else up there for a 3DS game or something :D (I’d also love a R/S/E re-make sometime in the future, because I’m sure a big worldwide announcement like this isn’t going to be for a re-make)

  • PhilliesFlyers89

    I’d be happy with anything as long as the pacing is better than B2W2. The linier style the Unova region had was fine in Black and White, but man, I couldn’t even finish B2W2. Kinda has me hoping for a Hoenn remake, but I would like a gen 6 game as long as its not to story based and a better region design.

  • Andrew Arndt

    will probly pop it on via wii u if im not playing a game on it

  • Anesia Hunter

    how many of you think this’ll be iOS?

    • TiredOfMyOldUsername

      This is nintendo not Square-Enix.

      • Nameless App 1989

        There was a Pokedex for iOS, that gave us access to Meloetta on Day 1, and I believe there was a tutorial app for the TCG.

      • Legit point here. I can’t remember if there was an iOS Pokedex app yet or not, but a *major* announcement for Pokemon is going to be something that strengthens the 3DS, not iOS.

        • Elvick

          They released an official Pokemon app last year, it’s more expensive in the long run than the 3DS version though.

      • LOL yeah. Being a Nintendo IP, I don’t think we’ll see this in iOS or Android or anything that’s not Nintendo or owned by Nintendo in a while. Unless Nintendo were to partner with Apple but I really don’t see it happening.

        And again, that was a rather lulzy reply :D

    • It won’t, Pokemon is going to remain a Nintendo exclusive.

  • As long as its not a another gree mobile game or social game then im good with anything

  • JMaster3000


  • It’s time to celebrate with the best track from Pokémon B/W:


  • Hinataharem

    Nintendo reveals they successfully created a real clefairy

  • I’m trying not to get hyped for this, as it could very well be like a teaser for a new downloadable legendary pokemon of sorts.

    Then again, I was never the biggest pokemon fan. I like red/blue and black/white, and I love those because they were the first pokemon games which, imo, actually improved on the old formula. So I really hope the next Pokemon entry will do even more to improve on all of that.

  • komiko12

    Pokemon is so famous, it gets to have it own Nintendo Direct.

    • $29082171

      Actually there’s a whole category for this, it’s called Nintendo Direct Mini, they’re the same as the normal ones except they only focus on one game.

      • komiko12

        From what I’ve seen in Serebii, it is a special Nintendo direct called “Pokemon Direct” so I assume it is a Direct solely for Pokemon. Haven’t seen anyone mention about this presentation being just a a “mini”

        • It’s what @Heistt:disqus said. It’s a Nintendo Direct Mini or a “Chotto Nintendo Direct” as they’re called in Japan, but since Pokémon is so huge, they’re just calling it “Pokémon Direct” instead.

          • komiko12

            Even just a small announcement from Pokemon would create lot of hype so they thought that a full Direct would overkill fans?

  • Otoya

    Dont care what it is, ppl will complain about it and will still buy it. I will just buy and play. Buy it if you are a pokemon fan. XD

  • School, if only you didn’t get in the way of so many nice things.

    • Herok♞

      how do you think I feel I have to get up 45 min early to see this in school you can at least hide your phone/ipod to see it.

      • Now, that would work if we didn’t have such small classes, the teachers can see everything. Besides, I have midterms coming up next week and we’re still learning things, I need to absorb as much as possible.

        • Herok♞

          well then that is a bad situation then but good luck on your midterms and don’t worry the annoucement will still be epic if its unspoiled.

  • salvapot

    Guys. Guys. Guys. Hear me out: Generation VI, 3 versions, 2 versions for the 3DS, one version for the WiiU. Kind of like Monster Hunter, you can play local with the 3DS with friends and Online with friends with the wiiU version. Wouldn’t that be AWESOME?! Also, just updated graphics, but the same over the top view

  • Suicunesol

    Have a look at this, guys. A word from Junichi Masuda regarding the presentation tonight: http://www.gamefreak.co.jp/blog/dir_english/?p=556

    • I caught that earlier but I didn’t want to mention it, lest we got people’s hopes up any further. This thing has been hyped up to some pretty dangerous levels by now, haha. But yeah, if Masuda is talking it up, it’s gotta be something neat.

  • What if they are announcing that they are cancelling the Pokémon project :o

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