Rock Out To A DmC Devil May Cry Music Video Featuring One OK Rock

By Ishaan . January 8, 2013 . 11:25pm

Capcom have released a new music video-cum-trailer for DmC Devil May Cry, featuring One OK Rock’s new single, “Nothing Helps,” which is the game’s image song in Japan. Check the trailer out below.



DmC Devil May Cry will be released on January 15th for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 and January 25th for PC in North America and Europe.

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  • Curan_Altea

    Surprisingly soft and generic for this game.
    The latest CG trailer was awesome at least.

    • The one where Donte slaps a drink out of a kid’s hand, jumps joyfully over a couple of cars while the city tears itself apart? The one which ends with him delivering a warning and leaving again? I kinda thought it was…. awkward. Also too many overly bright shots and weird angles.

      • Curan_Altea

        I meant more the quality of it. It looked very nice, but certainly had that classic cg game trailer feel where it didn’t make much sense but they tried to show various elements of the game.
        I understand you dislike this game, so I won’t try to justify anything it does to you.

  • Akane Zuliani


  • Seriously I will never warm up with that “Dante” or the game since the mechanics in the demo seemed lackluster. And the idea of Dante being a nephilim is the most cliche and idiotic/boring thing I’ve seen in a long time.

    BUT… that track and One OK Rock …jesus they are still one hell of a band! loved them in the BRS OP and will always love ’em. Nice call for Japan.

    • Richard N

      And being a half human half demon isn’t?

      • Well it at least feels less to me, but that’s just my opinion, not trying to force it on someone else.

        It might be because of the fact that angels and devils are on similar terms with each other while “humans” should seem to them as some lesser creatures. They have no special powers, no defined moral code aka good/bad.

        In DMC humans were always the weaker fellows that needed help, rescuing them from endless destruction or demon attacks. While demons and ‘Angels’ could see things that are not visible to the naked human eye. That’s also what made “Lady” so special, since she was the first Demon Hunter to openly fight against them in the previous series.

        • Tien Ron

          half human half whatever is always used. it’s not always about humans having a savior and what forth. Dante being half human shouldn’t be used as the ‘oh humans are still capable of being powerful beings’ i kinda like the fact that there is a war between angels AND demons and there is this one well two him and Virgil that are the very essence of both races, and that this isn;t any of the human’s business but the’re still a big part of that world.

  • Honestly, this whole Nephilim thing takes out the charme for me already.
    Dante wasn’t that far removed from mankind. His own mother was human, not a damn angel.

    It also meant that Sparda loved a woman “below” his own status, a mere human, no angel from the enemy’s camp, but a human which most demons would consider, well, dinner.

    Replacing Dante’s mother with an angel just to ride the Nephilim-Rebellion train feels cheap and like a justification for Donte to act like a total jackass with all his punk-style and union jacks.

    As for the song… yeah, I really like it, but it isn’t something I’d want to listen to in a Devil May Cry game. Pretty good track, but not something suitable to be more than a theme song

    • Kaihedgie

      Yeeeah, about that human part. The more I thought about it, the more it bugged me.

      Apparently what makes Dante charming or “different” was that because of his human blood, he could still relate to humans despite his demonic heritage and thus his humanity being a prominent the-

      Wait a minute, DMC2 has an entire army demons devoted to fighting for mankind, Trish and Lucia are full-blooded, albeit, artificial demons, Sparda himself had fallen for a human and Dante outright states in DMC4 that a demon becomes more powerful when they have someone to protect.

      Since it’s been an established fact that not only demons can be noble and honorable, but also love and protect, then what exactly is the purpose of making the human/demon divide such a focal point if humans themselves in this series have shown to be just as equally terrible as any other demon since every game since DMC2 has featured a human as the main antagonist trying to obtain demon powers?

      And for that matter, how would being a half-human actually factor as a gameplay mechanic? Quite frankly, as crazy as the half-angel, half-demon thing sounds, at least both sides actually play a significant role in both gameplay and story. The whole human thing seems more or less a complete afterthought considering Dante’s powers keep increasing to the point where he might as well be a full-blooded demon since his DT keeps progressively looking less human. And DMC had more than enough time to actually explore this considering Inuyasha did so well.

      • Tien Ron

        i actually agree in the other devil may cry games his DT were mostly game play mechanics and never really touched up on this. this actually makes it more believable that he has all these powers and putting it to whatever use.

    • Tien Ron

      well…. it is a reboot so they don’t have to follow the laws of the other games regardless an angel or human are still opposites to demons so the fact that he fell in love with one isn’t no different when demon’s see humans and angel’s are lower creatures. it’s not a cheap cope out just because it’s been done already. i think the theme song suits this devil may cry style

    • XiaomuArisu

      I think it was like this:
      “One half Human other Demon…LAME!We need something cooler!”
      “…Maybe replace Human with Angel?”
      “Change a well known aspect from a well known Character?BRILLIANT!”

      • Kaihedgie

        WARNING: Long post incoming.

        It’s not really “well-known” if it’s not actually utilized. How does being a half-demon define Dante or his “humanity” if he’s apparently just like Sparda who fought for humans?

        Inuyasha’s half-human/demon heritage not only defines aspects of his character, but it’s even a PLOT point shared with others just like him, including Naraku.

        People know that Inuyasha originally wanted to become a pure demon because everyone picked on him. Humans were either afraid of disgusted by him and demons thought he was weak. That racism shaped his character early on to become strong so to do that, he wanted to become a full demon. However, unlike Dante, Inuyasha’s human side actually comes into effect both physically and emotionally. During the new moon, he loses his demonic traits and becomes less aggressive, but he also became more sentimental and that had a profound effect whenever he was with, say, Kagome.

        And when he actually turned into a full demon a couple of times, he was clearly terrified when priorities started to shift as he became closer when the story progressed. Inuyasha becoming a full demon was a truly tense and dramatic version because everyone around him, friend and foe were in danger. And when he learned of what would happen if he transformed too much, he completely abandoned his goal to become pure-blooded. Many factors being introduced effectively changed Inuyasha to a different person who went from looking out for himself to being the warrior his friends needed and cared for.

        As for Dante…Dante is so underdeveloped compared to him. We don’t know what happened between the time his parents died and when he started slaying demons and trying to make a profit out of it. No one questions Dante’s hair or anything else out of the ordinary about his appearance and the only characters that do question his hybrid lineage are demons who then quickly retract that statement after they’ve been beaten. They don’t even comment on it after 4 (story-wise). Dante DTing is merely a “let’s kick some ass” moment and an entirely beneficial thing that has no lasting effects on his personality. And as Dante’s powers continue to increase and his DT forms always changing, you begin to wonder what’s the point of making him half-demon if he doesn’t even show any limitations of power or endurance or if it isn’t even a factor into his character if there are full-blooded demons who fight for the same reasons he and Sparda do?

        • >Dante is so underdeveloped compared to him

          Probably because you’re comparing a video game series based around stylish combat and music about modern-day demons and hunters with a 160+ episode Anime series.

          It would be pretty pathetic if Inuyasha was NOT “better” developed than a video game character, considering he is the title hero of an age-long series and 558 chapters of manga material.

          Besides… yes, I see the parallels due to being a half-demon and all, but you’re comparing apples with oranges here.
          Then again, this new Dante / DmC is full-on bananas anyway, so I guess that’s reasonable.

          • Fr33Kingdom

            You can’t make the claim that dante being half human is important to his character then just brush it off when someone points out that it never really mattered to the character. If dante being half human wasn’t important to the character’s story, then it was just something you liked about him, which is fine.

          • I’m not brushing off the claim regarding his half-humanity, but putting the commentator’s comparisons with an Anime/Manga character in question.

            There’s a huge difference between 558 chapters of character development and action games, so no amount of Inuyasha will provide a solid argument.

          • Kaihedgie

            I repeat, this series has been out for over a decade, has several WRITTEN works (novels and manga) and an anime series. That is still no excuse for lack of character development or exploration. And yes, action games can have a terrific and expansive story. Metal Gear Solid also has a total of four games under its belt and guess what; EVERYONE gets character development. Hell, same goes for the Tales series. Blazblue, despite being a fighting game, is VERY story-intensive as well.

            Simply because a game is in a specific genre does should not ever excuse any lack of any sort of character development

          • Kaihedgie

            “Probably because you’re comparing a video game series based around
            stylish combat and music about modern-day demons and hunters with a 160+
            episode Anime series.” Therein lies the problem: If you don’t care about the story so much as you do gameplay, then pray tell why should we care and throw a ruckus of whether or not the whole franchise gets rebooted

            Both Devil May Cry and Inuyasha are over twelve years old now. DMC has had more than enough time to develop its characters and explore themes in the exact time frame as Inuyasha did. We have various manga and novels and a 12-episode anime meant to tie the games together or provide further background, screentime and development for the featured characters and yet…none of them do this really do this. DMC3 was the first to actually try and tell a story…but did not take the opportunity to delve into the same issues Inuyasha did, both anime and manga alike. Went another round with DMC4 but it wasn’t focused on Dante and we’re not even sure how much demon blood is running through Nero’s veins.

            I compare Dante to Inuyasha because there’s too much alike between the two. White-haired, red-clad, rebellious, snarky, loud mouthed and wields a giant sword originally given to them by their father’s, but eventually became an extension of their being. Their brothers are also terribly alike; both are rather fancy with their aesthetics and fighting style. Both happen to wield a katana also passed down by their father which so happens to have the ability to cut through space itself.. Both want the legendary power their father left behind without actually knowing what made them so great in the first place.. Heck, they even used their siblings to try and get to where said power was being held. While I would go on to compare how much better Sesshomaru is, it wouldn’t be fair considering he’s been in one game only what with DMC1 being he’s just a puppet with little personality and no dialogue

        • Fr33Kingdom

          God i want to watch inuyasha….

  • Prinnydoom

    no way i am missing out on this

  • Anyone else spot the Vergil boss?

    • Cameron Alt

      That’s actually another minor enemy called a Drekavac. Here’s a better image of it.

  • shuyai

    Yay One Ok Rock make everything 10x more exciting! good choice, good choice capcom

  • What is the meaning of image song?? Is it like Dragon’s Dogma Into Free Dangan?? This trailer looks very exciting.

  • this track maybe good , but other Soundtrack when fighting is bad , totally not fit with Devil May Cry , completely crazy ( not in the good point ) , man !! If NT think one track can save the whole game music than they are deadly wrong !

    • That’s kinda harsh but I have to agree from what I heared in the demo. I kinda miss that gothic/distorted and dark feeling of the past, that we could listen to for hours to come. Especially since the atmosphere was totally different in 1-4.

      Well it’s a different developer and capcom has never been utterly kind to their franchises (which we can see in Megaman, Breath of Fire and RE). *sigh*

  • neetyneety


  • Fr33Kingdom

    At first it felt like it didn’t fit, but i liked it more and more as it continued. I already love One OK Rock though. Still, maybe they should have gone with japanese metal? I guess at the end of the day One OK Rock can’t really be bad.

  • eilegz

    fan of one ok rock, but as the song name nothing helps this game….

    • Cameron Alt

      (reads the lyrics, looks at reviews) Yeah… you keep thinking that.

  • Lashawn Williams

    ONE OK ROCK has a new song!!!!!
    well i just got sold on a game i didn’t even care about

  • Michael Revis

    Do the visuals in the trailer seem to randomly go haywire to anyone else, or is that just Ninja Theory’s desperate attempt to be “creative” messing with everything?

  • eilegz

    the trailer seems to be capcom works, giving some hype, but still….

    Anyways full of spoilers typical capcom trailers which its not bad at least capcom its doing “its part”

  • Muffum

    Er, correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t One Ok Rock a Japanese band? Why use one of their songs in what is supposed to be a Westernized reboot of the series? It’s not as if Capcom has been averse to using western music before this (just look at Street Fighter x Tekken).

    • eilegz

      one ok rock its a japanese band that have so much western influence but retain its japanese style which its why its so special and it fit very well what capcom trying to pull out, Too bad everything in this game looks like a HD remake of dmc2, but this new trailer its good and somehow im kinda interested from previous meh.

      BTW the song itself its in english….

      • Tien Ron

        graphics isn;t everything my friend and not all games have to look like final fantasy! it’s a game first and foremost IMO.

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Dante didn’t swear?!

    • Cameron Alt

      If I recall he swore in the anime, that counts.

  • Demeanor

    Wow, epic, this game completely turned the tables over time; releasing early prototypes, firing up the sh**storm and then adjusting things based on user feedback turned this into something really appealing.
    Also, with the tornado of releases due in Q1 2013 (I’ve counted like 15 I mean to buy) getting it out early is a good move imo.

  • Sebastian Lothian

    I simply enjoy the fact that Dante and Vergil are working together in this trailer/storyline from what has been shown. It’s a nice change from their relationship in the original storyline and I’m looking forward to see how it turns out for the both of them.

    • OatMatadoQuatro

      It would be pretty awesome if Dante and Nero had a co-op mission

  • “This is it, Dante. We have to put our lives into each others’ hands completely, without hesitation. We are brothers, after all.”

    Wow, that bit actually felt quite “Japanese” in tone. Admittedly not something I expected from DmC.

  • Göran Isacson

    See, THIS? This was a pretty awesome trailer. The one with all the prerendered scenes that was slow, sluggish and had utter unexcitement written all over it, that I can have or lose. This one actually made me kinda pumped! Occasional dumb line, the song kinda reminds me of a Sonic-song, but it has energy and the images are fastpaced and actually show some nifty action. Also, were those lyrics in English or Japanese?

    Also, I have to admit I am liking the scenes of Dante and Vergil actually looking like they get along and fight side by side… just wondering how long THAT will last.

    • Kaihedgie
      • Göran Isacson

        Yes, yes, I know. Any friendliness between them probably won’t last long. Not long at all ;_;

    • Yeah, I liked this trailer, whereas I was indifferent to previous ones. It actually feels pretty similar to many Japanese action film trailers these days too; especially the Rurouni Kenshin trailers. Also, Dante not swearing might have helped…

      Not sure where in the game we can expect this song to appear though, if at all.

      • Göran Isacson

        Yes, Dante not swearing was, I will admit, a big part. There was actual DIALOGUE in this one, and not cussing competitions. Always nice to know that the Succubus bossfight won’t be representative of the script as a whole… I hope.

        I really, really hope so.

        • Guess I’ll find out soon; I ended up going for a pre-order despite initially planning to wait, since I happened to come across some spare cash.

          • Göran Isacson

            OOOH maybe while I have your attention in that case, I can ask something I’ve been climbing all on the walls of the internet to find an answer for: Vergils Downfall. I have HEARD that if you live in Europe, all you have to do is preorder it, but there seems to be inconsistencies as to wether you have to preorder it in a PHYSICAL store or if you ONLY get it as a preorder bonus if you preorder the game as an online download. Any idea as to what is what there?

          • My pre-order was made on Zavvi, so Vergil’s Downfall apparently comes with the game, along with Gold and Bone weapons. Amazon UK also gives VD as pre-order bonus, but not the weapon packs.

  • revsoulx3

    OOR is one of my favorite bands, so it is welcome in any of my games/movies/etc. :3 ♥

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