PlayStation Vita Sales “On The Low End” Of Sony’s Expectations

By Ishaan . January 9, 2013 . 12:50pm

Sony president and CEO, Kazuo Hirao, recently took the stage at Sony’s Consumer Electronics Show presentation earlier this week, to show off the company’s latest electronics. Following the presentation, Hirai spoke with the press, where he fielded a few questions, including one about PlayStation Vita sales.


When asked how PlayStation Vita sales were, Hirai responded: “I would say it’s on the low end of what we expected,” adding that he feels it takes 5-10 years before he can say a product has been successful. With regard to year-end holiday sales, Hirai said sales were “pretty much” in line with expectations, pointing out that Sony lowered their sales forecast in November.


November was the second time Sony had to lower their Vita sales forecast. Originally, the company’s goal was to sell 10 million Vitas and 6 million PSPs worldwide by March 31st, 2013. In August, they revised that forecast down to 12 million units of both devices combined, without providing a breakdown of how many sales they expected for PSP and Vita individually.


Finally, November’s revision saw the forecast lowered again, this time to 10 million units combined by March 2013. Once again, no individual expectations for PSP and Vita were provided.


In related news, Vita’s direct competitor, the Nintendo 3DS, recently hit 10 million units sold in Japan alone. As of September 30th, 2012, worldwide 3DS sales were at 22.19 million units. The device should be comfortably over the 25 million mark in worldwide sales by now.


The last sales update we received on the PlayStation Vita was back in August, where Sony revealed that the device had sold 2.2 million units worldwide.


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  • MrRobbyM

    I am so surprised.

  • Letiumtide

    I would have to say that, even though I own a Vita, I never use it. It’s been awhile since I’ve heard of any new releases coming this way. (I own 4 games for a system I’ve owned for about half a year.)

    So I’d say this, Sony, take some initiatives in bringing games over to North America.

    Now, clearly NA is a slice of the pie, but if you don’t give us anything, why would we bother to purchase? I expect Japanese games when I buy a Japanese console, nudge Namco for me a little?

    • ElRobotico

      4 games? you dont use your vita? whats wrong with you? there are good games out there!

      • Micrll

        There are good games but very few that are not ports / rehashes / or available on other consoles (including PS3).

        • ElRobotico

          I have downloaded a lot of games wich are no ports etc etc and I´m fine with them, cant finish them all, I have a lot of time for waiting new ps vita games =)

        • It was the same with the 3DS in its first year. It’s been the same way for most portables in their first year.

          • The PSP, DS and 3DS surely experienced a slow start when they launched. But they all recovered within a year on the market. And they all had great software (especially in Japan) in their first year. And lets not forget that the 3DS had several games that became million sellers during its first year on the market. Vita had none. Fact is, the Vita is selling worse than any of those 3 handhelds mentioned here. So sorry, but if you want to compare Vita with another game system that had a similar underwhelming first year, try Dreamcast. Its selling worse than that console. Sony cannot afford to wait 5 years before noticing that the Vita is in trouble. Its in trouble NOW.

    • Micrll

      I was hoping that with the lack of big releases coming up that Sony would use some sort of carrot / stick and get Namco to bring over Tales of Hearts R and Innocence R.

    • seyEliveD

      As an RPG aficionado both the Vita and 3DS have been shown little love … I only own a single Vita game (Persona 4), and two 3DS games (DS:OC and ToA) and I bought both systems at launch. However, I’ve used the Vita a consider amount to play PSP and PS1 games. I actually showed the device to a friend over winter and he’d never heard of it before and wondered why they didn’t advertise. Sony needs to (1) bring more games, (2) lower costs to compete with 3DS, and (3) create more prominent promotional advetisements. The Vita has a lot of potential and I believe it will have a large user base one-day, but the question is up to Sony how long it will take to get there.

    • artemisthemp

      NA have more Vita Games than EU

    • Testsubject909

      Try making some general use of your Vita outside of gaming.

      I don’t own a tablet for example and it makes a good alternative browser on a highly portable end.

      Really, the more I compare what I do with my Vita to what my friends do with their tablet, the only functionalities that are missing are:
      – Flash
      – PDF readers
      – Txt Editors

      That’s about it. Everything else works for my general entertainment just fine to the point where I carry it everywhere. But I guess it does depend on what you feel like using your Vita for. Skype calls, gaming in general, browsing, youtube, taking videos and pictures, it’s what I usually have it around for.

      Though I do have an advantage… or disadvantage on my end. I’m a multi genre lover. As such I end up playing a ton, and I do mean ton of different games, so the selection feels naturally larger for me.

      What’re the four games you got anyways?

      • cameron forsyth

        agreed. i mostly use it as a reading tool, kindles and other E-books don’t have the kind of books i’m into (japanese ones) and a lot of them haven’t been officially translated.

        man that back screen navigation feels so amazing when reading and it just doesn’t feel right reading something thats not in the palm of my hand.

        as a matter of fact i’ve only got two games due to my curriculum but i never seem to get completly tired of them like i did back in the ps1 era, todays games just have so much replay value.

    • vivaluis59

      Really how much is never? because when ever I hear that I think you just aren’t looking. Here are some good ones. Persona 4: Golden, Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward, BlazBlue: Continuum Shift EXTEND, PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter X Tekken, LittleBigPlanet PS Vita, Rayman Origins, Sound Shapes, Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack, Sine Mora, Super Stardust Delta, Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention, Assassin’s Creed 3: Liberation, Gravity Rush, Jet Set Radio, Metal Gear Solid HD Collection, Touch My Katamari, Uncharted: Golden Abyss, Escape Plan, Lumines Electronic Symphony, DJMax Technika Tune, Need for Speed: Most Wanted, Wipeout 2048, Virtua Tennis 4: World Tour Edition, Everybody’s Golf 6, and Dokuro. That isn’t even considering all of the psp and ps1 games. So i get you might say there aren’t enough games, but to make it seem that you never use it because of lack of quality games is misleading.

      Edit: Forgot Retro City Rampage, Chronovolt, and Earth Defense Force 2017

  • Luna Kazemaru


  • Haseyo

    Well when you don’t have a good game library, this tends to happen, Sony.

    • sd28

      you mean mass a system selling library

    • Cazar

      Just listing some random games of interest…

      Gravity Rush
      Uncharted: Golden Abyss
      Little Big Planet PS Vita
      Hatsune Miku: Project Diva f
      Zero Escape: Virtue’s Last Reward
      Persona 4 Golden
      Super Stardust Delta
      Sound Shapes
      Rayman Origins
      PlayStation All-Stars
      Atelier Totori Plus
      Ciel no Surge
      Disgaea 3: Absence of Detention

      God Eater 2
      Soul Sacrifice
      Atelier Meruru Plus
      Oboro Muramasa
      Demon Gaze
      Dead or Alive 5 Plus
      Phantasy Star Online 2
      Photo Kano Kiss

      I think the game library is good. There are just some localization issues, but thankfully the Vita is region-free.

      • The problem with your list is that if someone chose not to buy a Vita, they wouldn’t be missing out on much. Most of those games are either available on other platforms or not worth buying a new system for, just for that one game.

        The list is for people who are actively looking for an excuse to buy a Vita. It’s not going to convince anyone who has no interest in the device. And that’s 90% of the intended audience.

        • Cazar

          For me, Project Diva f was a system seller. It’s being ported to PS3 now but personally it isn’t the type of game that I’d want to play on a TV console. God Eater 2 and Soul Sacrifice could be potential system sellers as well. But a system seller doesn’t mean you buy a system just for that game, it gives you a reason to justify your spending on the system and then you try other games.

          • The key words being “for you”. Considering the games you listed, your tastes are extremely niche, even within the segment of niche gamers.

          • Cazar

            Well I never intended to argue that the game library was effectively drawing in the masses; the sales figures speak for themselves. Just in my personal opinion, the library is decent and looks to be getting better.

          • The point is, Cazar, that any gaming system needs mainstream appeal in order to succeed. It can’t make it just with core gamers supporting niche games that usually don’t sell a lot.

            Core gamers can complain all they want about casuals and mainstream gamers, but without their support, the most successful gaming systems in history would’ve never been that successful.

            Its like what happens with the Super heroes movies. Those movies wouldn’t have made a huge impact just with the comic book nerds supporting them. They mostly needed mainstream audiences (most of who never even read a comic book) supporting them as well.

      • Herok♞

        Gravity Rush is short
        Dokuro is virtually unknown
        A few of those are imports
        and what’s left is stuff you can get in some form on another device

        • Cazar

          I did mention the localization issues.
          Gravity Rush and Golden Abyss are free on PS Plus now, and many of the Vita bundles include a free trial.
          Also unknown =/= bad.

          • Herok♞

            Well I know the localization issues but when you think about it the target audience for the Vita isn’t people who will be doing heavy importing, but rather the fans of big budget games as evidenced by the games they have marketed. granted non of the games you said are bad but nothing there is something that would convince a person to buy a system in the U.S., except maybe uncharted but then fans would like just play it on ps3 instead. Personally I love my Vita but out of the games you put down I only have 2 (Gravity Rush and P4G) and Soul Sacrifice is the only original upcoming game coming to the U.S. so the vita could do alot better especially when Nintendo just announced pokemon.

          • Cazar

            Yeah, I agree that there is plenty of room for improvement to obtain wider appeal. But I can’t say that I’m personally unsatisfied with what there is and is to come.

          • Herok♞

            well unknown doesn’t mean bad but I have nothing noteworthy to say about dokuro which is bad when I own the system and follow niche games. but I do have a wish list of stuff for the Vita and if they come to U.S. or get made I will be happy.

      • $24431191

        You can add Tales of Innocence R, Tales of Hearts R, and the new Ys game to that list. Unfortunately, even though the Vita is region-free, Sony made it an incredible pain in the ass to switch memory cards. Also, not everyone can read Japanese and some of those games would be unplayable without that knowledge. As much as I hate to say it, a lot of these are niche JRPG’s as well. I love JRPGs but this stuff doesn’t produce great sales with the “casual” audience (especially in the West). I still want them to bring over a lot of these games but though I hate to admit it, I can kind of see why they’re hesitant.

  • Well, it was to be expected, but with the releases of some awesome titles for the Vita, this will be a year to remember.

  • ragingmerifes

    Just lower the price and release PS2 games as downloads. Not even the most avid Nintendo fan could ever resist playing Shadow Hearts anywhere.

    • imaguni

      Finally, an easily available method to use to convince people to give this amazing game a chance… I wish.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      its about 200 bucks lowering it any more would do more bad then good.

      • TheRealMalek

        Without memory card so with a usable memory card for games download it’s near 300$

        • Cazar

          That’s one of my few complaints about the system. If they’re going to force a propriety memory format on people they should at least include one with the system, at the very minimum 8GB. Really bad decision on SCE’s part when trying to push a new system onto the market.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          I’m talking about the handheld itself tho I do agree the memory cards are really crazy tho.

          • TheRealMalek

            you can buy a 3ds for 159$ ,inside you can already play some (low interest) gamse and download demos on your INCLUDED SD card. See where i am going ? Vita needs to be 200$ with at least a 4 GB card included. (in fact come back to where psp / ds price were…)

          • sd28

            3ds also has built in storage which is something vita really needs

          • DenjinJ

            That’s just not realistic. The 3DS is so much less hardware-wise. Remember before the Vita was released and people were saying “Wow, that looks awesome. Too bad it’ll be $600-800!” and then it launched at $250 and now sub-$200 isn’t enough? Look at systems with comparable processors and stats like the iPhones and iPads. The Vita is a steal already.

        • Testsubject909

          Vita bundled with a 4GB memory card and a physical game is 250$ here in Canada… I have no idea where the hell you live for it to cost you 300$ before memory cards. Or are you talking about the 3G version?

      • That was roughly the amount I paid for my first DS Lite, so… not gonna lie, that’s not a bad price. Of course, it’d certainly cost more in Norway…

      • Tenno Seremel

        *checks websites here in Russia on price* Twice as much… (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

      • ragingmerifes

        Well. The most important thing is not how much the hardware will sell, but how much games people buy for it. If Sony practically gives Vitas for free and all of these people buy at least one game, they already have some success.
        And here in Brazil, it’s like thrice this price.

    • The hardware itself doesn’t necessarily need the price drop, but you are right that we need more functionality and use for the damn thing. Once I’m done with P4G and Gravity Rush, i’m not sure I’ll even have any reason to bother powering mine on for the forseeable future. :C

      However if I could play my PS2 titles on it through PSN or remote play. . .Well, I do have a bit of a PS2 backlog to clear out. ;P

      • Juan Andrés Valencia

        What about Killzone: Mercenary, Lone Survivor, The Binding Of Isaac, Soul Sacrifice, DOA 5 Plus or Ninja Gaiden Sigma 2 Plus (Fucking long titles)?

      • ragingmerifes

        Well, there is Ys: Celceta no Jukai, Ragnarok Odyssey and Ciel Nosurge too.

      • cameron forsyth

        for me sony is one of those multimedia companies that supports more than gaming needs. i use mine to read light novels, manga on the internet browser and listen to music.
        if i remember correctly aren’t sony releasing little games like lemmings and frobisher says frequently? also the socialising features have been amp’d up with ‘near’ and neat little tid bits like commenting on trophies.
        similar to devices like the ipod there is not one single use for the system, ahh i just remembered when the ps3 had a video editor it wasn’t very advanced but it helped organise my video collection and easily share it with Psn friends.

        play it. but then again thats always been an issue when you run out of games. try virtues last reward! TRY IT, TRY IT!!

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      I could use a Shadow Hearts trilogy with trophies, improved graphics and PS3/Vita support.

    • Testsubject909

      If they know what Shadow Hearts is…

      I tend to meet people who don’t know what Shadow Hearts is moreso then those that do. And since it’s one of those niche PS2 games, it’s not exactly something the common Nintendo fan would even know about.

  • imaguni

    While unsurprising, it’s honestly kind of a shame. The Vita really does seem like a great handheld… There are some games I’m interested in personally, but there’s just nothing on the horizon make it a sure buy for now.

    I’ll hope for the inevitable price drop/new version at E3 2013 now…

  • Guest

    i just don’t get it sony gives us the handheld that we always wanted all and no one buys it

    • sd28

      if this was the case people would be buying it

    • malek86

      I consider it proof that we are not representative of the market at all, not even close.

    • heartless141

      we, i assume you talk about the core gamer, who actually look at specs and stuffs. though there was quite a few points that go against what we want, like price of the memory card, 1 account per console and such. =/

      the mass market for 3DS is the same as wii, soccer mom and little kids, and people who don’t usually play games. and that is a much bigger number.

      • LightZero

        I call BS on that. The 3DS caters to both casual and core gamers just like the DS and PS2 before it. It has more things in common with those two than the Wii. I don’t even know where you got the idea the 3DS is anything like the Wii when its predecessor was anything but a casual only system. There is a reason why the DS and PS2 are the best selling systems of all time. It’s mainly because they cater to boht audiences.

        • heartless141

          can you firmly call BS on “There are more children and soccer moms out there than the core gamers?”

          the machine can serve both audience, yes, i never said the DS was AIMED at them, but the ridiculous number of people buying stuffs like Nintendog, wii fit, wii sport etc, play them once or twice then never touch them again is thing.

          don’t know how many time i’ve said this already, but those people generally don’t even care if the screen can show 10 more pixels, so seriously what the hell are you so pumped about how “catering” the machines are? they simply think of what games they wanna play before they make the purchase.

          • First of all, soccer moms these days play mostly on smartphones, tablets and on Facebook. They don’t need a Wii. That’s why the Wii faded while iOS and Android games reached the popularity that they now enjoy.

            Second, where did you get the idea that kids fit into the casual market? They don’t. They’re the primary target audience for videogames. They have always been. Since the NES days, in fact. Or before, when the arcades were the ‘it’ thing. Kids have been the ones that keep the industry going.

            A recent article came out that showed that most videogame companies produces more E for Everyone games than M rated games. Thus indicating where the devs focus most of their efforts.

            And even with the most popular M rated games, you find them infested with 12 year olds (see CoD/MW3 for instance). So these days, you’ll find most kids playing on the HD twins (PS3 or 360). And when you ask those kids why they like the HD twins, they will almost always mention the HD GRAPHICS.

            You’re branding them as casuals because they’re not tech geeks that will look at every pixel and count every frame or what’s behind the technologies inside a console or game. We’ll here’s news for you: not even core gamers care for that.

            Most core gamers care for GOOD GAMES. And you had good games even on the Wii. But you would’ve only known that if you were a hardcore gamer and made the effort to look for them. Instead of just saying “Nah! Wii is for casuals and soccer moms!”.

            And that’s why many “core gamers” missed out on playing the best JRPG in ages : Xenoblade Chronicles.

          • heartless141

            ok, you might have a point on the soccer mom thing, though i never said kids was included in the casual group.

            “little kids AND people who don’t usually play games”

            Good games you said? explain all those games that was sold purely on hype? the preorders for any new CoD games, the sale of every single pokemon spin offs. the CoD might be one thing, but there are no way of guaranteeing every single pokemon spin off out there PLAY good. yet they still sold hella well.

            gosh, and i didn’t even say anything bad about the wii or the DSs.

            I’m simply stating that when people walk into a game shop, they’d more likely to buy Nintendo stuffs for mario and pokemon, rather than a brandnew console with few iconic games that appeals to the casual market like Vita. didn’t even mention PS2 PS3 Xbox whatever, stay on topic.

          • I was on topic, fella. Try to focus here. We’re talking about how you defined casuals. They don’t behave as you think they do either. And I was explaining that.

            I am trying to point out here that mainstream gamers actually do play games a lot. Including little kids. And yes, even soccer moms. Its a damn myth that they don’t. Because if they didn’t, then there wouldn’t be such a HUGE, GIGANTIC market dedicated just to THEM.

            There are studies that prove that these people play DAILY (as in going back to playing the games every day) and for hours. Like Soccer moms playing Farm Ville all the freakin time (and other simulation games like it – but mostly gambling games). Little kids getting hooked on Smurf Village and spending hundreds of dlls on it (oh yes they did). And then you got Angry Birds which is a game that almost half of the 1 BILLION who play it, are adults in their 30’s and 40’s.

            So these people are the ones you keep mentioning as casuals. But they in fact play a lot of games. Its just happens that they play games that we gamers spit upon and call ‘casual games’.

            And I didn’t said that you were bashing the DS or Wii. You said that, I didn’t. I merely used the Wii as an example of the flawed way of thinking many self-branded “hardcore gamers” have about systems they believe are casual gamer magnets. Because even the Wii had great games.

            And not every Pokemon game sells a ton, dude. Pokemon Channel for the GameCube bombed hard. As did the recent Pokemon Mystery Dungeon game. And why are you mentioning these games anyway? They’re not casual games. These games require a lot of dedication and hours and hours of playing. I guess you think popular games = casual games? Well okay, if that’s what you would want to think, that’s all you.

            Either way, the biggest flaw from your original post here, is that you think the 3DS has a ‘mass market’ filled with soccer moms and little kids. Which is a pretty silly statement. If the 3DS had that ‘mass market’ and casuals in the bag, then it would be doing amazing in the West and even better in Japan. But the 3DS isn’t doing that great. Because smartphones and tablets took away that mainstream gamer market from the handheld game systems. Its just not there.

            So the 3DS is basically having to survive on just regular old gamers here. Poeple who have been gaming for years or that are familiar enough with gaming. Like the fans of Kid Icarus. Many are old school NES fans. And many are younger kids that got familiar with Kid Icarus by way of the Smash Bros games.

            In any case, Vita and the 3DS need a good balance of casuals and dedicated gamers to make it big.

    • Ethan_Twain

      You’ll find that what “we” (the collective readership of Siliconera) want is VERY frequently a terrible financial proposition for companies. Just making enthusiast fans happy doesn’t earn an awful lot of money.

      • Not to mention that the commenters are only a fraction of the actual readership that isn’t necessarily representative of the latter.

    • Its got plenty of faults, and is certainly not “the handheld that we always wanted”. Wheres video output? Why is there no peripheral to allow UMD backwords compatibility? Why are memory cards so ridiculously expensive? Why the weird region locking on user accounts/memory cards (I’m a bit confused on the specifics of how that works)? Why dont games come with manuals if the cases are going to be so much bigger then the cards? Why is it the only handheld game system ever that doesn’t run all games at its screens native resolution? etc.

    • I don’t think “we” (or anyone) asked for a handheld that developers wouldn’t be willing to support. The assumption was always that they would have Monster Hunter, and that would sell the system and make way for other games. Clearly, that didn’t pan out and it looks like there was no backup plan in place. A system isn’t about the hardware, it’s about the games you buy it for.

      • Crimson_Cloud

        Spot on Ishaan. ^^

      • malek86

        Y’know, if their plan really was just to rely on Monster Hunter, I have to wonder how they were expecting to be successful in the west anyway.

        I always have this feeling that Sony made a new portable console simply because “they were expected to” after the PSP was successful in Japan (and a little bit worldwide too), but maybe even they knew that this time Nintendo was gonna buy insurance and sweep everything across the board before release.

        With the PSV they did so many things wrong, I just can’t shake away the idea that they didn’t believe in it from the start.

        • Maybe one day we’ll find out what the thinking was. We’ve heard so many conflicting statements, too. SCEA says it’s aimed at PS3 owners, but they want original titles and not ports of console games. Meanwhile, SCEJ are providing tools for people to port PS3 and PSP games over.

          You’re probably right in that they saw the writing on the wall early on. PSP had a load of problems, and they never found solutions to those, so they had to have known that Vita would face the same challenges.

          • malek86

            They might have had a ray of hope when initial sales of the 3DS slugged, but that was short-lived.

            Another thing that bugs me is the quality of their own support. Both consoles received/are receiving console-like games, sometimes brought from those same Sony franchises (Killzone, Daxter, God of War, Resistance…) but the ones on the PSP were arguably of much higher quality. Whether it was because they were willing to spend more by putting better developers to work on them, I don’t know, but it certainly doesn’t help the image of the PSV.

            Weird to say, but for now it seems like the PSP was a much better “console turned portable” than the PSV is being. And while the idea of a “console turned portable” is not really the best concept for a successful handheld, it at least had a recognizable identity, something which the PSV now is sorely lacking.

          • I think they probably had the exact opposite reaction when 3DS sales were sluggish, if only because that’s when it first dawned on them that they were well and truly effed. If a Nintendo portable has trouble selling, good luck selling your own device, especially with no upcoming software to push it.

          • malek86

            Yeah, that’s possible too.

            Their efforts to get other devs have also been half-hearted at best. Pushing PSP and PS3 conversion tools? Come on now. Even the PSP at least had its own games. If you are resorting to ports, it means you have very little else at your disposal.

            Perhaps, if they had been in a better economical position, they might have been fighting more fiercely now. Granted, it was always gonna be a tough battle, but they might have had more chances to turn it around. But Kaz has effectively been called in to cut the losses in the company, therefore it wouldn’t surprise me if he just thought “well, we have no resources to pour on something like the PSV, but it’s too late to drop it – so let’s just have it fend for itself, we won’t spend much on it”.

          • Elvick

            None of those were near launch… Daxter was the closest and it was still a year before it came out, and we’ve already got better games than that on Vita.

            Granted no 3D platformer-y games, but we’ve got better overall games. And it hasn’t been (worldwide) a year yet for Vita.

            Uncharted shows what more time will do for game quality, and it was a launch title. It’s great in many ways, granted flawed. However, unlike God of War and Resistance didn’t have a good 5+ years of development knowledge and system availability before it came out.

            LittleBigPlanet Vita is infinitely better than LBP PSP in every single way.

            And the Killzone Liberation is likely not going to be anywhere near Mercenary.

            As I’ve said early, people have selective memory. Whatever works for their argument, they remember. Everything else, forget it.

            If anything, your argument should be to look at the quality that PSP games ended up being compared to it’s early years. And the Vita will be the same way, LIKE EVERY SINGLE SYSTEM EVER CREATED*.

            Allow the Vita time and it will grow far beyond the PSP. The 3DS needed it’s time too. There was hardly anything before MK7 and 3D Land kicked everything off.

            *that’s actually remained in the market of course

          • malek86

            I’m not seeing that many awesome PSV games from Sony in the pipeline. They seem to be focusing on PS3/PSV multiplatform games instead. While I understand that it’s more cost-effective, it also has the problem of not giving PS3 buyers/owners too much incentive to buy a PSV. While the PSP almost always got its own, different games. And they were pretty good in their early years too. Whereas Wipeout 2048 was mediocre, and Resistance apparently too. Even Uncharted was inferior to its PS3 offerings… there is another problem. How comes the PSP games were on par with their PS2 counterparts, while the PSV ones are usually inferior?

            Talking third-parties instead, GTA came out pretty soon-ish and made a killing. Whereas we don’t see any sign that Rockstar intends to make a new game for the PSV. That would be a great asset. But it’s not happening yet. If Sony doesn’t have that kind of support, and it’s not even willing to give it exclusive games themselves, I don’t see how this could be sucessful.

            There’s also the matter of PS+, which I actually consider something of a wild card that could even be a liability, but that would be too long to explain now.

        • Elvick

          In regards to selling in the west. Probably Call of Duty and Assassin’s Creed, with help from Uncharted. Possibly portable versions of sports games.

          Shame that reviewers have such a negative reviewing curve for most Vita games. AC3:L got a bad reputation based on reviews. Could care less if CoD got one, it probably deserves it if Resistance was an indication. (coming from someone who liked R:BS )

      • ronin4life

        ” A system isn’t about the hardware, it’s about the games you buy it for.”

        It is nice to actually see someone besides me say this out loud(…well, type out directly on a forum)
        This is something that should be obvious yet many seem unable to comprehend… maybe because it is so obvious. Regardless, it may be an unnecessary point, but it is still nice to see others actually voice it.

  • sd28

    well at lest they admit it so there at step 1 of solving the problem

  • Jake Deerberg

    I’m a proud Vita owner and have bought several games on it. But then again the PSP was in this state for awhile and then look what happened. I have some ideas that may help. 1. Offer Playstation Plus as a freebie for new Vitas. Contrary to what most people think, you can fit multiple vita games on a 4gig memory. 2. Lower the memory card costs or make the 4 gig atleast available for the standalone system. 3. Work on more original titles, while I like the idea of playing console experiences on the go, it’d be nice to see brand new titles built from the ground up. 4. Frequently offer bundles to entice new owners.

    I won’t put lower the system cost itself because in my opinion $250-$300 is a decent price for what you’re getting.

  • Rock Volnutt

    RIP in piece, Vitanic.

    • MrSirFeatherFang

      With the disagrees you are getting is understandable, but aren’t you stuck on the moon? :D

  • Oh but they were nearing expectations before.

  • heartless141

    I like my Vita too. the 32GB memory card was hella expensive though >_>
    3DS got their flagships like pokemon and animal crossings, people are suckers for that, especially in japan. I’ve got lots of friends that bought a 3DS just for The new animal crossing, and nothing else. gonna explode once more next year with monster hunter and pokemon.

    if sony doesn’t have any big games in the pipe, the only thing they can do is lower prices. =/

  • $39420547

    yes the vita sales are not good but i do believe things are going to get better in the future at some point the library will get bigger and better the price will drop and people will start buying it maybe it won’t break any sale records but its not the end of the world(btw am not a sony handheld fan)

  • Vita sold 33k this week in Japan. A minor boost, but it’s something. Sony must kill the PSP.

    • It lives on as a Vampire in Japan.

    • LynxAmali

      Like how they killed the PS2 immediately when the PS3 came out?

      About that….

    • Uh… I’m not sure that’s a sure-fire solution. There are developers still going for PSP, true, but even if the PSP dies down, there’s no guarantee that those developers will suddenly shift to PSV, especially when development costs would increase. Granted, it would eliminate one option so that the other has a better chance, but developers also have another option of not developing for PSV at all if they can’t afford it – or switch to 3DS. And I’m not sure Sony wants to risk a situation where there’s no business from either PSP or PSV, much less one where potential developers jump ship to a competing platform.

    • Pyrofrost

      There is really no need to kill the PSP when it’s still a profit generating console. On one hand, them keeping the PSP alive in Japan is simply earning them a shitload more profit at minimal cost. Just like keeping the PS2 alive for so long after the PS3 release.

  • OathkeeperSoraXIII

    the only games I play on my Vita are Gravity Rush (which I’ve 100% completed and FFVII) other than that I use it for youtube when I’m in bed haha. the lineup this year for it is promising but I just hope the games are longer lasting. I have PS all stars for it too but…meh…¬_¬

    I think with the release of One Piece Kaizoku Musou 2 coming out for the Vita as well as the PS3 I think we’ll see the sales increase a lot for the vita in japan, but for outside japan. not so much. there just needs to be more incentive to get one otuside of japan. Maybe a gravity rush 2? who knows

  • juma086

    All the vita really needs are more games. Its an excellent piece of hardware.

  • xavier axol

    i don’t wanna sound mean, believe me. but i really want to know what’s the reason to even post this? we don’t have an actual sales figure since august and i’m sure that anyone who had log in for past month, would have an idea about the vita sell’s performance compared to the 3ds. this is something that you would find on kotaku or ign, there’s no actual sales figures and only stating the obvious.

    • Well, it’s the Sony CEO’s opinion on how the current figures are doing in comparison to their expectations. I would think an official statement is worth knowing, even if it’s something many already have guessed a while back.

      • xavier axol

        yeah i guess, you could consider that worth posting. but in my opinion, i want to know how many of you at siliconera feel about the vita so far and what could sony do to help the vita. seeing how grimm and complex the problem it’s facing (it’s not just it’s competitor, but smart phones and third party publishers not contributing). or something like a discussion about what’s ahead for the vita or any other platform (knowing that you guy’s have more knowledge in this gaming industry).

        also: why is it that siliconera doesn’t have a podcast? i think that would be a good idea.

        • We’ve discussed this so many times already, though. What more is there to say? PSP lived and died by a few games, none of which are available or relevant any more.

          In Japan, people bought PSP for Monster Hunter and early Square Enix support. The main Monster Hunter games are on 3DS/Wii U. Vita might get late ports/upgrades or a spin-off like Frontier, but that won’t do much good at this stage.

          Similarly, Square Enix are betting heavily on 3DS already. They will obviously release Vita games, but they’re already putting their biggest franchises on 3DS, which will lessen any sort of impact their Vita support could have had.

          In the west, people bought PSPs for GTA, Wipeout, and games like LocoRoco and Hannah Montana. Take Two seem more interested in porting GTA to smartphones. Wipeout, as much as it pains me to say it, is completely irrelevant now, thanks to Sony’s butchering of the brand.

          Meanwhile, games like LocoRoco and Hannah Montana aren’t going to do anything at the Vita’s high price point, and without other similar games to appeal to outlying crowd of casual/younger gamers that pick up those titles.

          On the first-party front, they can give it the usual support. God of War, Uncharted, Gran Turismo etc. But again, how much good will that do in the long-term when Sony have historically shown an unwillingness to put their best developers and products on their portable platforms? Soul Sacrifice is certainly not the answer.

          The only thing they can do is lower royalties, make it easier for publishers to port their games from other platforms, try to secure whatever smaller titles they can get their hands on, and also eventually address the price concerns.

          There’s no real solution for a complete Vita “turnaround”. That isn’t happening at this point. There are small steps that can be taken to give it slightly more appeal, but it’s never going to be the kind of turnaround that people who like the device are hoping for.

          • Elvick

            Yeah, Media Molecule is a third rate terrible developer. Sony should just close them. Ew, get them off of there.

            Tearaway will be tearmeaway from quality games!

          • xavier axol

            oh come on (ishaan), you can do better than that. you’re givin me the history of the psp, it’s irrelevant (seein how the hardware is very different that could present better implementation of software and content if done right). for once the psvita seems to have a better os from the psn store to how you arranged your content than it’s counterpart the ps3. this is where i would see more suppport from the psn (games like journery which has alot of buzz would benefit the handheld, every game site is talking about it).

            sony can do better in providing content, this is where worldwide studios come in (the god of war studios have help create twisted metal, starhawk, journey, playstationallstars, unfinished swan, papo&yo) that’s a lot of titles that were made in just two years from one studio. also sony could make the kit to develop ps vita cheaper or help those other developers to lower the cost.

            “The only thing they can do is lower royalties, make it easier for publishers to port their games from other platforms” sure i would love to play borderlands 2 on my psvita, but that’s not a solution. original content is, games like gravity rush and sound shapes (which was originally a ps vita game and plays better on it) could make the case of, why you should own a psvita.

            p.s. seriously, why doesn’t siliconera have a podcast. i’m sure lot’s of people here would love to hear you guys talk about games and other stuff.

          • Vita dev kits are already cheaper and subsidizing development costs won’t help the device itself sell. Only a large number of high-profile exclusives that the mainstream audience latches on to can do that. If you think there’s a better solution, by all means, that’s your take on the situation. From my personal knowledge of the market, I don’t see a turnaround happening.

    • malek86

      It was part of an interview to Kaz Hirai at CES. Interviews are made so that people can read about them. I guess the article could have included the other questions too, but they were mostly unrelated to games (and besides, they did link to the full interview).

  • Cazar

    Not worrying about this, just bought one last week. There are already enough games out/on the way to justify my purchase – albeit mostly import games. Admittedly the system could benefit if more titles were localized outside Japan, but many of those titles are outside of SCE’s control.

  • $24431191

    I have a Vita and I really wish they’d bring over more Japanese games. It’s a nice system but some of the anti-piracy things are just ridiculous. I do have two memory cards but I have to format them each time when switching between them. I just want to use the second memory card for the Japanese PSN but to even do that is a huge pain in the ass. Still, I wish more people would be interested in this handheld. The display is really sharp and the whole thing is very high quality. Plus, having two analog sticks is amazing. The back touch screen is kind of useless though.

    • Vita just needs MORE games that we cannot play anywhere else. It doesn’t really matter how fancy the hardware is if there are no appealing games for mainstream and core gamers. And you can make a list of all the Vita games available but then I’ll ask you to cross out every game that most gamers can get on their PS3/PSN without having to spend extra on a handheld. And not having to deal with expensive proprietary memory cards.

      • Elvick

        That would imply that every Vita owner has a PS3. There are Vita only owners you know. I’m not one, but they do exist. So if they’ve only got a Vita, scratching off a list of PS3-also games is pretty dumb.

        All depends on the person. Most things I’d rather play on my Vita, and if they were the only things on Vita, I’d have still bought a Vita. I value portability. Everyone is different.

        • malek86

          True, but Sony explicitly said they are targeting PS3 owners. Which is where I don’t understand their strategy. Are they trying to entice PS3 owners to buy a system… with games they will get on their other platform?

          I don’t get it. I seriously don’t get it.

        • Not talking about everyone here. But its safe to say that most Vita owners (who are gamers) most likely already own a PS3 or an Xbox 360. So its not dumb to have games that are available on consoles, to be ignored on Vita. Especially when they’re usually inferior versions (see the CoD game for Vita).

          My point was (and is) that if you want Vita to succeed, then it needs AAA games (not half-baked ports or adaptations). Games that are unique to the handheld and that you simply cannot get anywhere else. That is what will sell the Vita. Not its screen or fancy hardware features. That only appeals to tech geeks. And they’re not an enough of a big market to keep the Vita going for long.

  • Considering the aggressive line-up that the 3DS is posing, especially come E3 with Pokemon among other things, Sony may just have to wake up from waiting 10 years.

    Just because the PS2 held like a champ doesn’t mean everything else will. That’s all the logic they have to bank on. They need to get with the times.

  • Spirit Macardi

    I’d buy one myself if there was a way to play my PSP games on it without re-purchasing them online (especially since some aren’t available online). A few of the Vita games look rather fun, but without a means for full backwards compatibility I just can’t bring myself to purchase one.

  • SirRichard

    The Vita’s a fantastic piece of kit, but I can’t help but feel that Sony’s approach has seriously bit their rear here. They packed it with so much random tech on top of its own expensive innards like they were going down a checklist; does it really need a back touch panel, does it really need a camera or motion sensors? As for the rest of it, did it really need twice the RAM of the PS3? Then there’s the stupid memory card antics, inflating the price tag even more.

    If it was just a somewhat beefier PSP (as the 3DS is a beefier DS) it’d probably go down better with people, It’d be easier for Sony to play their long game with and god willing it could’ve hit that same sweet spot the PS2 did and let us relive that glorious era for a few years more. They could even keep that gorgeous OLED screen. But no, they had to go FULL POWER.

    I love the Vita as a piece of hardware, it has its flaws but it has the potential to be great. If Sony would only tone it down and try to be cautious for once, it could’ve been great.

    • I don’t know if them building a higher-powered PSP would really have led to another PS2 generation, though. I mean, even with software sales doing really well on 3DS, we’re not quite at PS2 generation levels yet.

      Even if a “PSP2” had been released, software would have been divided up between that and the 3DS. In the scenario we’re seeing now, 3DS is the dominant platform, and the potential for a PS2-like library is definitely there, but there’s still a ways to go.

      We’re already seeing a lot of Japan’s most established and reputed series on 3DS, but there’s no stand-out portable Final Fantasy game announced for 3DS so far. There are plenty of established games like SMTIV, Monster Hunter etc., but there isn’t a whole lot of new IP yet.

      This year and the next should give us a good idea if 3DS will hit that PS2-esque sweet spot for Japanese games or not.

      • SirRichard

        The PS2 library thing is just me being wishful, honestly, hence “god willing”, but putting it that way yeah, the 3DS could actually potentially pull it off years down the line. And I hope it does, because I honestly miss it.

      • “but there’s no stand-out portable Final Fantasy game announced for 3DS so far” –

        To be fair, its not like Square-Enix has been pumping stand-out console FF games either. I wouldn’t expect that in this day and age (a great FF game on consoles or handhelds). However, you got Dragon Quest, Kingdom Hearts and Bravely Default on the 3DS. Not too shabby.

        • Square’s 3DS support has been pretty good so far, but it’s still not as strong as their Nintendo DS support was. Hopefully, we’ll see more from them in 2013. Square were releasing multiple Final Fantasy titles for DS back in the day, along with new IP like TWEWY, Blood of Bahamut and Sigma Harmonics.

          Obviously, the situation won’t be the same this time around, since development costs and the associated risks are higher, but they did put out Bravely Default, and it sold well, so hopefully we’ll see more from them in the future.

          • Elvick

            What did Square have on the DS during the same 3DS time frame? Because comparing the entire DS lifetime support with a year (almost two) of the 3DS is ridiculous.

            And it’s a legitimate question, because it took me awhile to buy a DS.

          • neo_firenze

            I agree that it’s a legitimate question, but it’s true that by this time in the DS’s life Square Enix was releasing/announcing a lot more software. By two years in, they were starting to kick it into high gear and we knew about a lot of the games that were in development for a truly stacked year 3 (FFXII Revenant Wings, FFTA2, Crystal Chronicles, TWEWY, Heroes of Mana).

            In contrast, there was a mini-flurry in 3DS year 2 with Kingdom Hearts, Theatrhythm, and the NA release of Heroes of Ruin (all releasing in the same month in the US – but it’s now been half a year and they’ve released nothing else to the US 3DS). And of course, the significant JP release of Bravely Default. But it’s not as if there’s a crowded upcoming release list to look forward to.

            That being said, 3DS was a slow starter so maybe SE took more of a wait-and-see approach, so we might not see the fruits of their development labor until a little later in the system’s life compared to the DS. Bravely Default seems to have been very successful, and the Dragon Quest VII remake is a very high profile title in Japan. So it’s obvious that they have some level of seriousness about 3DS.

          • neo_firenze

            One possible reason for decreased 3DS support compared to DS is the significant attention Square Enix has given to iOS. I’m not just talking ports and casual games, many of the more in depth original titles they are releasing on iOS are the kinds of games we might have seen on DS several years ago: the Chaos Rings series, Drakerider, Demon’s Score, Symphonica, Guardian Cross, a lot of Taito (wholly owned by SE) releases, etc.

            I don’t think this is any indication of the company abandoning 3DS or Vita, but it very well may result in some resources that might have gone to Nintendo portables in the past now going to iOS. And I don’t really think you can blame them for paying attention to iOS, it’s apparently pretty profitable for them. If anything, SE is one of the better companies when it comes to pushing that iOS can be a home for high end portable experiences that are worth more than $0.99 (and that are pretty well designed for touchscreen play).

            Also interesting that two of the three DS original IPs you mention failed to get localized. Although SE did put out a lot of DS games in North America, there were an uncomfortably large number of games they left behind too (see also: SaGa 2 and 3 remakes, two Japan-only Front Mission releases, Nanashi no Game). Here’s hoping that’s not a trend with Bravely Default and future 3DS releases.

          • “One possible reason for decreased 3DS support compared to DS is the significant attention Square Enix has given to iOS”

            ^^^ That’s it. That’s exactly it. S-E has been focusing on iOS more than anything else recently. I believe some gaming sites reported on that fact.

            Times have changed. And so we cannot expect the same type of support.

            And therefore it makes little sense to keep comparing the DS to the 3DS considering they came out in two different eras where the situation wasn’t comparable to each other. Smartphones and tablets are eating away at the casual/mainstream audience that the dedicated gaming handhelds used to have back in the good old days.

          • Oh, it’s very much because of Square’s increased focus on iOS. I agree with that fully. As you said, though, I don’t expect them to abandon portable efforts. I expect we’ll see less but more thoughtful/significant games from them on the 3DS front and I’m personally fine with that.

            I think it’s great that Square are putting in actual effort on the iOS front, too. There’s all this talk about how phones and traditional portables are going to converge into a single device, and I could see that happening a few years down the line.

            When it does happen, it would be terrible if the market in place on those devices was only willing to pay cheap iOS prices for games. We’d basically get nothing of real substance if publishers weren’t able to charge appropriately. So, I feel like Square Enix are very smartly training their iOS audience to pay reasonable prices for meatier games, using their stronger brands like FF and TWEWY. That’s fantastic, IMO. I’m all in favour of them not joining the “race to the bottom”.

  • I actually love my Vita and use it all the time. I actually have two because one stopped working for a bit, and now my GF uses that to check Twitter and Facebook and play Montezuma or Katamari, or even just to watch Netflix without needing to haul a five pound laptop around.

    People say it has no games but even on my tight gaming budget I do wonderfully. I have Gravity Rush, Katamari, LittleBigPlanet, ModNation (though I’m rather disappointed in this iteration), and am presently working my way through AC3 Liberation. I got PS Plus and wound up with Uncharted and Wipeout, too, and I never owned a PSP or PSX so I’ve slapped a couple old Square RPGs and a chunk of NIS and Sting’s respective libraries on there too. I am a happy boy. Persona 4 calls to me because I never got to play it, and Disgaea 3 would call to me too if I didn’t have 150 hours clocked on the PS3 version that NIS didn’t enable some manner of import for, but that’s not the Vita’s fault.

    Also, Jetpack Joyride is my crack and Colors is the first art app I’ve felt almost comfortable with a touch screen in. I love the apps. I wish more people would appreciate the apps, really. I know a lot of people use their smart phones for that stuff, but I don’t use a phone enough to justify the bill for a data plan and all that so this is like Christmas to me.

    Meanwhile, everyone hates on the system, and I kind of get it. The in-store software options are limited and regardless of taste in genre or something it’s slim pickings and sometimes kind of awful. People neglect PSN, though, and even though they’re smaller games, there’s some decent stuff to be had in there too. I wish people would see the system as more than what’s on Wal-Mart’s shelf, because then maybe it would sell better and people would stop treating the Vita like some huge joke.

    Or at the very least I wish people would acknowledge humans have different taste and not all of us choose our handhelds based on Pokémon, I guess.

    • Micrll

      One point my friend makes is that right now the Vita has almost no games ot call its own. I feel that you can’t really argue there are “no good games.” However, i think there is merit to saying that there is a complete lack of games that are not ports or rehashes of games that were or are available on other consoles. I have a Vita and have been enjoying P4 Golden immensely and I think the hardware is great but for the most part there is nothing unique coming out for it that really make the hardware sing. Gravity Rush is a nice exception and I will get to that after P4.

      Jetpack Joyride is crack though :), again a port of a iOS / Android Game

    • Suicunesol

      “meanwhile everyone hates on the system”

      I think very, very few people here genuinely hate the system. You’re exaggerating. We all agree the hardware is great, the screen is pretty, the analog sticks feel good, and there are some great games available for it. It is, however, expensive, and there isn’t really a flagship title that the public can feel attached to. Gravity Rush can be considered the Vita’s flagship title, but I don’t believe Sony pushed it hard enough.

      • Elvick

        The system isn’t expensive to me, and many others.

        Memory cards are the only thing that can’t be argued as anything but expensive and overpriced.

        • beatmanny

          good for you and many others that the system isn’t expensive. but im sure there are many, many others who can’t afford it since they have to buy memory card which is kind of overpriced and expensive. couple that with gravity rush being touted as system seller (what’s that?) and not much else and you can see why the system isn’t selling so high

    • NTaiyokun

      I actually want it, but it’s WAAAYY out of my budget.

      I have Persona 4, but my PS2 decides to break down before I even opened it. Tha’s why I want Golden, and a vita.

      Plus Tales of Hearts R.

    • AndyFe

      I agree with all of this (maybe minus the apps) I do see a lot of negativity about the system, I think it’s just the trend to jump on sony at the first sign of weakness but that’s not to say there isn’t some gripes to be had, Hopefully this year will bring more original titles which i think it will

    • People don’t hate the hardware itself. Only the lack of video out. The biggest obstacle keeping the PS Vita down is the price and the lack of games. Then you have important titles that could really boost the sales of the Vita going to the 3ds like Monster Hunter.

  • Crimson_Cloud

    You can’t expect it to sell well when there are no… games, duh. With only 3-4 that peeks my interest I really don’t want to put my money on the table. It’s still sad though, even if I own the ps3/psp, my vast collection of games stand proudly with the psOne/ps2 console. How about we get a generation with rich games like that.

  • pinta_177

    well im not surpriced, vita really has almost no games, its only natural, while 3DS have a lot of great games and a lot of new ones are coming (dragon quest VII remake, and others), sony really needs to step it up with the vita

    • saxophone15

      The vita actually has almost 100 games out, but most of those games people don’t care about (I’m talking games in all territories).

  • eilegz

    well i hope they improve the expectations and the game library…… lower the price of the memory too….

  • 3 things.
    1. Memory card prices are steep. Wished they went the SD card route like Nintendo. The handheld price is okay but you have to remember that there are games that require a memory card so you have to put down extra cash on the spot.
    2. Lack of shelf space. At least where I went to the box store selection is poor (no Persona 4 at Walmart for instance) and they seem to treat it like the PSP so it gets the bad shelf placement. Gamestop has some of these “missing games” but they shoved the handheld at the back corner of the store, really easy to miss.
    3. Library-wise it could use more mainstream original games and sequels as well, it seems like they really hit home with niche but when your heavy hitter like CoD fizzled in reception that is no good. Companies got to treat the platform right to get things rolling!

    I do want the handheld, I loved my PSP and I am finding games to play already.

    • saxophone15

      No. 2 is certainly a problem. I got around it by starting to order games online. Amazon and Newegg often has what I’m looking for (I also have a place to go for import titles). Newegg sometimes has games for up to half off and they aren’t all just junk games…they have some legitimately good games on sale sometimes.

  • JMaster3000

    Reasons are cause the Vita is expensive, second it has almost no games and third the new VITA CARD!!

    I wanted to get Vita cause of the weird rear touch screen and the graphics but then Nintendo released 3DS XL and i could not resist to buy it.

    • Testsubject909

      Do define what is Almost No Games.

      Please, entertain me.

      For the rest. I don’t deny it.

      • JMaster3000

        What games does Vita have?
        And have u seen the Europe release list?
        Its empty….

  • Ive always dream of playing my PS2 games in portable console.Now imagine playing fatal frame on your bed while covering yourself with blanket in the middle of the night.
    well If sony can atleast do that, i believe it can top 3DS in sales

    • Kevin Tan

      There’s the concern that the Vita doesn’t have enough power to properly play/emulate PS2 games. The Vita isn’t as powerful as the PS3.

      • Elvick

        I wish PS2 games supported remote play like PSone Classics. Then we’d at least have that.

        Not ideal, but better than nothing if it’s impossible to do natively.

  • Sebastian Lothian

    I generally use my Vita to play PS One classics so to me it was a good purchase. My 3DS is the handheld that I’m not using that much because there aren’t as many games that interest me that are available for it.

  • MrRobbyM

    Sony needs to learn that the only way to increase the sales of the Vita is to not only lower the price, but try to localize some games themselves. Especially some Japanese ones. A new, not so spin-offy Ape Escape needs to happen!(Vita or not!)

    • Elvick

      A traditional Ape Escape would be so awesome. Regardless of where.

  • Eric Harris

    They are on my low end also. I think a few main reasons

    1) Price of unit + high price for storage (game carts don’t actually save into themselves like 3DS)

    2) Japan is still more than happy to support PSP + 3DS as they are simular in power. IE: They don’t want to jump to the next portable gen with higher production costs

    3) compitition. If a company can put a $5 download on the IOS who has millions of owners or a 3DS game which has a large user base already, there isn’t enough Vitas on the market to encourage developement. And the reason is those listed above.

    4) Sony isn’t supporting it enough. They should start doing Ico and Jak collection type games for VITA as well. That’s not a system seller but more support from the company who made the system would help.

    • Testsubject909

      Can’t say much about the others since I tend to agree but the first.

      There’s a lot of bundles out there already that includes a 4GB memory card which is something you can handle. I’ve been comfortably gaming for the past year with my Vita just fine with my 4GB.

      But the price of upgrading that initial memory card is indeed on the pricey end.

      • Eric Harris

        I decided to splurge. I told myself, I want this to be my amazing portable of physical + digital games. So I got the 32gb. I’ve already bought a few PSN, all of the pinball arcade games + more. Problem is there is just not enough to chose from. I’ve already filled up 20+ gigs on my 64 gb touch.

        Lowering price might be the only solution now. They need to stimulate sales and they need to do it NOW.

    • Elvick

      $5 games on iOS isn’t the norm. $0.99 is.

      • Really? I thought $FREE was, even on the App Store.

        Though, $5 USD average does sound a bit more accurate, considering that most iOS games these days usually offer in-app purchases.

  • MrTyrant

    Those expensives memory cards and having few good games it’s killing the Vita. How many vita games are going to be realese this year? compared with 3DS, sony has so little, it’s sad.

    • Watahashi

      Games in Japan, or over here? The white one’s the Japanese console release schedule up until March. The orange one is a list of current and upcoming Vita games for both NA and Japan. Can’t wait for portable Totori and Meruru. Soul Sacrifice and Phantasy Star look pretty neato as well.

      • MrTyrant

        Ports and ports. Soul Sacrifice looks good. Phantasy Star? I think ill play that in my pc. Also those incoming titles from Japan we don’t know if they are gonna release them this year or if they even exist. Some of them are just rumors like SRW, Terada said something about doing a SRW for vita you cannot trust him that much.

        • Watahashi

          What’s wrong with ports? They’re still games, you realize. If they’re just as good (in this case, better) than their home console versions, then what’s so bad about them? That you can play them on a different console? What if I’ve never played the original versions before? The portability aspect is a major plus as well.

  • Buying a Vita this year or waiting when prices will drop… Tough choice. I got my PS3 and 3DS, but I’d love to play PSP games and Persona 4 Golden (have never played PSP games before) as well… choices.

    • saxophone15

      I think it’s worth is to get a psvita, especially since you haven’t played any psp games. I know everyone is waiting for “killer apps” (for North America/Europe), but I think those will come in time. The more people that buy the vita, the more it will be supported.

      • Testsubject909

        Waiting for a killer app.

        Yes, because there’s no extremely unique experience that can only be played on the Vita (Gravity Rush), no interesting multi cooperative action game out there to have fun with (Ragnarok Odyssey), no mind tickling entertaining strategy game for anyone out there that’s of any good value (Orgarhythm/Disgaea3/New Little King’s Story), no incredible RPG to enjoy (Persona 4 Golden), no good Pick up and Play portable gaming on the go (Earth Defense Force 2017) And… okay you get my sarcasm now I think, I can keep going for a long while.

        I’m also amused when people say that it’s library is limited… (Cross play PSN game single purchases for obtaining both PS3 and PSV versions/PSP library of games/PS1 classics/PS Minis)

        I don’t deny though that there is no large extremely popular widely appealing to the mainstream huge sales garnering SINGULAR title. But the Vita has slowly increased it’s library to a very satisfying degree and it’s still guaranteed to grow in the next few months. It’s slow building but it’s steady… Honestly though.

        I would love it if they pressed the fast forward button and really focused on the Vita for a bit, really force out some extremely good games at a constant enough pace to give it some great value to more people.

        • The term “killer app” is meant to signify a piece of software that not only demonstrates a piece of hardware’s abilities, but is synonymous with that hardware itself and part of its identity. Monster Hunter is a killer app. Animal Crossing, Mario and Pokémon are killer apps. Dragon Quest is a killer app. Gravity Rush is not a killer app by any stretch of the imagination.

          But then, you already knew that.

          • Testsubject909

            Sort of what I was saying with popularity and appeal to a large mainstream audience.

            There are games that could be synonymous with the hardware itself and it’s identity, Gravity Rush is the first to come to mind, but if it doesn’t garner the appropriate attention or wide sales or whatnot, it’s not going to be dubbed a Killer App, it’s going to be dubbed a Cult Classic or Sleeper Hit.

            I get slightly annoyed with the focus on nothing but waiting for a Killer App, waiting for a singular experience when there’s a slowly amassing number of experiences each great and entertaining that as a whole is better then a singular Killer App.

            On another note. This shows just how quickly my mind can deviate off the subject. One phrase and I went off on a tangent.

          • Except… what people are saying is that these so-called “number of experiences” aren’t something that’s worth buying a system for. That’s why killer apps exist. You buy the system for the killer apps, and then, when you have the time and are willing to spend more money, check out the list of B-tier stuff.

            The problem in Vita’s case is that there is no killer app, and a whole lot of B-tier stuff which consists mostly of older games ported onto it, with a few gems in between. If this were enough to convince people to buy the device, it wouldn’t be in the predicament it is.

            You’re speaking from the POV of someone that was looking for an excuse to buy the Vita regardless of what support it got. That’s not what 90% of the intended audience is like. For most people, hardware is simply a means to play games they want very badly.

        • $29082171

          I think the issue is more with exclusives, I see people talking about enhanced ports (sometimes inferior ports like PSO2) most of the time. It needs something that actually warrants getting a Vita rather than something that could be played somewhere else, especially due to the Vita’s price and the need to also get a memory card.

      • Tylor Boreas Makimoto

        So, you’re basically saying everyone should buy this product so that it could maybe get more games in the future? I kind of lol’d :3

        • saxophone15

          It may be funny, but if everyone would buy a vita, there would be AAA games. Even if the vita does struggle all throughout it’s life…it’s hard to imagine that there would never be a single game you would want to play on it. Every system had something I wanted to play sometime during it’s life.

          • Elvick

            Not necessarily. Look at the Wii.

            What matters is the attach rate.

            If the Vita’s attach rate was higher, it’d be fine. But it’s kind of hard to track sales (and thus the attach rate) on a system built around DIGITAL everything and the physical release being the option that publishers can forgo.

            Only Sony tracks the digital sales and they don’t release numbers on that.

  • negineBIT

    Guys, admit it. PSPs are glorious because it was hacked. (outside Japan, of course)

    I mean, really, who would spend roughly $40 on games that we ourselves aren’t sure that we’re gonna enjoy it?

    Meanwhile, for 3Ds, they have Pokemon and Mario, etc which are essential to 3Ds sales in the market. So… I blame Sony.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      What is this…I don’t even..

      • Minos

        It is called “Truth”.

        If Vita lacks a killer game on the same leage as Pokemon or Mario, sells wise, is Sony’s fault.

        • Watahashi

          Sounds like a biased “truth” to me.

          • brian

            Keep in mind that (at least in NA) Sony has kept text-heavy games from their portable systems, and those may have also helped them sell.
            I think they overestimated the power of their launch lineup and games following it.
            And a similar thing seems to have happened with move.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Because they need something to match the rehashes of Pokemon and Mario right. The systems need games is the only thing I can agree with.

          • Testsubject909

            Remember, human nature plays into a lot of things and any basic art classes will tell you that humans are fearful of innovation. Innovation is best handled when it’s only halfway married with tradition.

            Long standing franchises builds something familiar to hold unto and innovation made upon it can be appreciated and taken in more easily, it’s less alien and more approachable, less of a gamble and despite what you might think, people generally hate to gamble. Now, on the more familiar end for us gamers. We’ve also got the fans, dedicated fans that will purchase the games and make a guaranteed profit.

            But yeah… The Vita DID have a game in the same line as Pokemon and Mario.

            That was Little Big Planet.

            The other? Persona 4 Golden. But that was on the more niche end where LBP was on the more mainstream end… There’s a variety of other factors though and I’m having trouble focusing on things for two reasons:
            1: There’s a movie playing half a meter away from me.
            2: There’s my nieces trying to get my attention half the time.

  • Minos

    Bu..But it has 2 STICKS!

  • Hang in there Vita. Your time to shine will come.

  • Testsubject909

    I still feel that they could’ve helped themselves a tad bit by actually Advertising their launch a bit better… By that I mean the week early launch, the one that released on Valentine Day of all days. Barely ANY news of it was around for the common folks and any occasion is a good occasion to put an ad for it, so to spark some interest.

    And then there’s the typical problem with Sony’s ads that just don’t seem to garner much positive response other then the Kevin Butler ones… who got sued by Sony.

    Sony. I love your products but… really, you’re letting some obvious opportunities slip between your fingers and then you go and do some questionable things that you just know are not going to be seen as all that positive by the fanbase.

    Ah well… Still loving my Vita, still loving the games I have and the games that are coming out for it. Just… Don’t drop the ball would you? It’s a very nice ball, it’s an awesome ball with buttons and dual sticks and good times to be had and region freedom and I know it can survive a 4 feet drop from all sides, back and front as demonstrated by a Youtuber, but still, don’t drop the ball.

    • Elvick

      Sony’s advertising isn’t effective. That’s the issue.

      Kevin Butler’s ads ended up going that way too. It just focused on his character and left the game in the background. Look at the horrible Resistance 3 ad. You can barely even see the game on a tv in the background.

      And there’s no general Vita ad that I’ve seen. ie; One advertising the hardware in general, and a variety of games on it. Just game specific ads like CoD and AC3:L.

      They need more Vita SYSTEM ads. To advertise the SYSTEM. And they need to not make it so abstract with 90% people doing weird things, and 10% the Vita and a game.

  • darkfox1

    When was Pokemon X and Y coming out EVERYWHERE AT THE SAME TIME? October? I don’t know but the Vita is gonna and is in a lot of competition. The 3DS in Spring is gonna be so godlike with Soul Hackers, Luigi’s Mansion, Castlevania, Etrian Odessey, Fire Emblem…. Even upcoming Japanese games that are heading to it. MH4 and Shin Megami Tensei IV? Even as I type this I still cannot even grasp the whole thing. We will just have to wait and see what happens to the Vita. I hope nothing bad really goes down but from the looks of things it’s bad.

    • James M Wallace

      I know that I’m late to the party but my friends and I were saying the same thing since seeing the 3DS’s Spring 2013 lineup. The Vita is a nice piece of hardware but there’s not enough original software to back it up.

      And there’s no way to justify the high pricing of the memory sticks, plus the fact that the games can’t save on their own cartridges. I would love to play niche titles from Falcom, NIS, NB and XSeed (games that will never appear on my 3DS), but God, those prices of entry…

  • $29082171

    Man, this caused a lot of comments in a short while.

    • Testsubject909

      We’re talking the future of a handheld console made by a large corporation that’s in direct competition with two other titans on different fronts, with the 360 on the current generation’s home consoles and against Nintendo on the portable end, with a lot of loyalties put up, a lot of criticism to review over again and a lot of wishes, disappointment, enjoyment and a variety of other such emotions and subjects to lay out here.

      I would be far more surprised if there wasn’t a lot of comments.

  • psycho_bandaid

    They need to figure this thing out. Its too good of a platform for them to just let it die on the side of the road.

  • enorka miho

    Own a psvita for only a month.. and i really love the device.. its powerful beyond my expectation.. the multitask ability is very high and i can see how much effort they had pour in it.. heck i say psvita is so much better than any tablet device out there for any avid gamer or non gamer alike..

    Of course it had its own drawback..which i thnk is the reason people hesitated in getting it.. i mean the app store is still weak.. so is their marketing direction.. the game library is still fairly small due to sony not having a strong development studio like nintendo or adventurous enough to invest in third party.. i mean if they strengten all these factors.. many will start joining the party..

    I hope sony will buckle up in these coming years now that they are under new management..
    I pray that every effort they make is still in time..

  • veegeen

    I’m just going to say, from a journalistic perspective, this article seems very biased. What was the purpose of mentioning the 3DS’s successes in an article that’s about the Vita’s shortcomings? To incite argument, and thus hits? Yes, the Vita isn’t living up to expectations, but to include a paragraph that would obviously incite arguments just seems very unprofessional from a site that reports news in a generally unbiased way.

    • MediaMindControl

      Welcome to the site. Enjoy

    • Elvick

      It’s not the first time, won’t be the last.

      ’tis journalism in 2013.

    • Not gonna lie: I did think the paragraph about 3DS is disjointed from the rest of the piece. That said, console wars aren’t allowed here to begin with.

    • sd28

      this is the unfortunate reality of most video games journalism as unbiased and professionalism seem to go out the door extremely fast along with facts and proper research .

    • Because you need something to compare to, when saying sales of a device are low. Vita sales are low in comparison to 3DS. Wii U sales in December were low in comparison to Xbox. These comparisons are important because they help people understand the standard by which success is being judged.

  • Sony needs to come out and gives us some real numbers. No more hiding behind all these PR statements. Sony needs to first get the Vita some games other than stuff you can buy on PS3. Next price cut do it yesterday!

    • Elvick

      It does have them, but people have a selective memory.

      They only remember what will allow them to validate a complaint. Whether true or false.

  • Göran Isacson

    Man oh man, things are not looking good… like, I bought Gravity Rush and played it… on a friends vita that I borrowed. And I had fun, I really did! I love the game. But the machine is just WAY too expensive to justify a purchase when there is NOTHING else that really draws my interest that I haven’t already played or bought for MUCH cheaper on other formats. I wonder how many others out there think like me, and how much that is hurting the Vita… ah man. I do hope for them to at least put out some good games and competition for Nintendo, but quote Hayiore Nyarlko-san: the most advanced console NEVER wins the race.

    Okay so maybe it’s better to say SELDOM wins the race because I’m sure it’s happened some time and some know it all will show up to rub it in my face, but you get the point.

  • shogunknight

    More games, affordable storage and a price cut maybe should do the trick. I really hope for the vitas success. Its a very good handheld

  • If developers would stop whining about things like “The Vita doesn’t motivate us to make games for it!” it’d actually be able to get some decent sales. It’s a perfectly good system. I’m looking at Square in particular. Put freaking Type 0 on it for us already.

    • I don’t believe any developer has made that statement.

  • The thing with Vita is that its really a great device. What sucks about it is the games that are released under the said unit. Sure, when compared to the 3DS the VITA is indeed SUPERB but the games and the features that 3DS has is fully backed up by Nintendo themselves by providing better content as much as possible and as quick as possible. That difference itself made a huge difference as to why VITA sales are in the dumps while 3DS sales are soaring high.

  • crozz07

    I’m one of those proud vita owners and haven’t regretted buying one. It’s one of the most advanced gaming system ever and its visually stunning and plays great as well. Can’t argue with people about the lack of games though because it really lacks games but its still early to ponder on that.

    On a side note, looking at it, there are tons of good games released in Japan that need localizing which I think would bring life to the system. A portable ps2 would also be great and would be a must! I think it would attract a lot of gamers especially since the ps2 has a huge array of games which like psone can be played over and over again.

    Lastly, I would have to argue with the price of psvita being too expensive. Come on guys, the psp debut at a more expensive price and I actually got my psp at a more expensive price than what I paid for for my psvita (32 gb memcard included) and that’s just 2 years ago. So people saying the vita is expensive should really think it through especially since they’re getting a really powerful system which is very enjoyable to say the least.

    I can’t really understand why developers haven’t flocked to the system yet as they did with the previous playstation system. In time, I hope the vita would get more love and the attention it really deserves ^_^

  • tubers

    Let’s just hope they pull something great.. no; mind blowing during next month’s Playstation Destination event. Then there’s still E3.

    With all the big titles offered by the 3DS this 2013.. I don’t even want to think how they’ll be pulling more ammunition at E3 or some other press conference this year.

    If 3rd party devs can’t step it up, I hope Sony’s 1st party development teams show something truly amazing soon if they still the VITA to be relevant in 2013.

  • Nightmesh

    Even though it wasn’t made for it I keep thinking if they’d push for a localized Final Fantasy Type-0 and add a crap ton of stuff to it just for the vita(Like a real multiplayer mode) it could have been their flagship title. With the space their new game cards have they could have easily added something for the NA to justify making it a vita only release.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    While i haven’t get a Vita.(Due to the fact that Sony themselves mentioned if i am not mistaken that they are going to lower the price for Vita this year.)

    I can’t understand why people keep saying Vita has no game. They do have game and it is not little too. But i would agree if some said that VIta games lack the mainstream power to pull in many gaming fans which had no loyalties toward company.

    Nintendo had Mario, Mon Hun, Zelda and of course Pokemon that is able to make all fans both young or old to get the machine however for Vita, they are severely lacking in this aspect. We can’t hope for Uncharted to compete with Mario surely or God Of War againts Zelda.

    I just hope Sony can try to come out with some big franchise that will be able to touch all demographics here.

    If Sega is able to do this with Sonic.(As even my family like my mom who is not interested with game also know who Sonic is.) Why can’t Sony?

    • Elvick

      Um, the assumption for any console and handheld is that it will drop in price the year following release.

      • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

        I can’t remember where i read it but it does mentioned that Sony is going to cut the price of Vita just like how Nintendo cut 3DS price. Why should i go to buy first then now if i can get it cheaper?

        • Elvick

          Yeah, and that never happened did it? ie; a radical super early and overbearing price cut on obviously overpriced hardware.

          Everyone “waited” for it and it never came. It’s still not here.

          Now, we’ll get the normal next year price cut that would have happened regardless because that’s how the industry functions.

  • Lord Highawesomeparty

    Quite a shame.

  • MediaMindControl

    Alright so sales are low, a slow start for an expensive piece of hardware in a saturated market in a “Booming” economy… Especially here in the states. You can blame Sony, you can blame Nintendo either way it is pretty irrelevant to the bigger picture. Personally I got one on Launch, with credit, because like many people I am broke. I have since bought Gravity rush, Ragnarok odyssey, LBP, P4G, soundshapes, and of course zero escape, due to a constrained budget, with emphasis on gaming and a hit in the quality of life department. I chose this system over 3ds Because there are only two titles I would purchase a 3ds for, pokemon, which looks okay thus far, and monster hunter.While understanding that these are *My OWN* tastes, I can’t help but feel that the vita doesn’t have something for gamers, and offers a unique type of hardware which I prefer over a tablet or smart phone. I have sold a few vita’s to friends and they are all very happy with them so I’m hoping sony won’t mess this up and as the economy and game library pick up, more people will grab the system. It seems people choose what system they purchase based on the game they want more, and not the potential. I felt I’ve made the right choice for me, and that any hype or sort of media rage about this or that, opinions of games or systems only live up to be just more garbage than the sales figures themselves. As if we need Sony to tell us, or Nintendo to tell us what to buy.

  • Suzaku Kururugi

    Release Type-0 on Vita. Problem. Fucking. Solved.

  • Josh Strange

    game devs need to realize you can NOT launch a system filled with ports. The 3ds did it and it almost failed. You need at least 5+ games (at launch) that make people want to buy a vita, hopefully the vita’s price drop with some big hit games coming out soon will “save” the vita.

  • akiko_sakuraba

    Lower the price a little and I’ll buy.

  • If you really look around you can find some good deals for the Vita, I found one at an after Christmas sale (used) for 150 + tax w/ a 32gb memory card, and I love it to bits~

  • SerendipityX

    Vita is a great piece of hardware Sony, but the software leaves much to be desired.

  • OverlordZetta

    As much as I love my Vita, there are two things they need to do before they can expect squat:

    1.) Get the rest of the PS1 Classics up and running for the thing, and seriously upgrade the PSP library online with older stuff.

    2.) Actually take advantage of what the damn thing can do. There’s no reason PSN games should be coming out now that are for only PS3 – and for that matter, older PSN games should be getting remade for PSV as well.

    More games would be nice too, but hell, at least – at LEAST – let paying customers enjoy the system with the same benefits that a pirate gets to enjoy and only can via pirating right now.

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