Etrian Odyssey IV Trailer Spotlights The Game’s Fortress Class

By Ishaan . January 11, 2013 . 11:30am

Atlus USA have uploaded another character class spotlight for Etrian Odyssey IV, this time showing off the Fortress class, who specialize in shielding their party members and uses maces for attacking. Check them out below:



Prior to this, Atlus showed off the Landsknecht and Medic classes, which you can find here and here. In addition to fighting on the ground, Etrian Odyssey IV also lets you travel across the sky for mid-air battles. The game will be released on February 26th at retail and for download on the Nintendo eShop in North America.

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  • Sperium3000

    Defenders are always good when you have heavy-hitting glass cannons in your team. On another note, are the songs that play in these trailers part of the game’s soundtrack? Because they’re pretty awesome.

  • ElRobotico

    First person RPG its the worst idea ever, its a shame cause the characters design its nice.

    • AkuLord3

      Really just because u can’t see the designs even though u can…that’s a really stupid reason, i understand what you mean but that doesn’t make it a worst idea

      • ElRobotico

        Yes, really, do you like the game? good I dont care, I see you cant respect other ppl thoughts.

        • Locklear93

          Pot, kettle. Kettle, pot.

          • ElRobotico

            Eew, bad joke, are you 10?

          • Nyaa

            Are you 5? Half the comment here is your post bitching about people’s taste in this game and then scream ‘I don’t care’ when people tries to talk to you.

          • ElRobotico

            Mmmm are you sure? cause I just did post 1 comment about this game and then you and other 6 ppl came out of nowhere trying to look like the finest gentlemen ever, thats not my fault.

        • Isaac Newton

          Hey your on the wrong site come this way

          • ElRobotico

            No thank you, what about some porn site?

    • dark zios

      Really? worst idea? the other 3 games are pretty good, i think you should play them before you say anything.

      • ElRobotico

        IDC, crap isnt any good just cause someone likes it, do you like that?

        • Zeik56

          But obviously because you don’t like it it’s bad, right? You seem to be intent on getting people to respect that you don’t like it while having no respect for anyone who does.

          • ElRobotico

            Hey! I just said its a the WORST IDEA EVER, that doesnt mean thats the holy truth! Its just what I think!, jesus! people these days…

          • neetyneety

            “jesus! people these days..”

            ^you know, we can use that same statement on you ya know, but whatev.

          • Isaac Newton

            He’s a troll. I just guess what games he play…

          • ElRobotico

            Do it then, whats the matter?

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Yet, your original post says nothing about this being solely your own opinion or provides any reason for your views. It’s why think before you post is the first thing we ask our posters to do.

            If you had simply said I don’t like first person views in RPGs because it takes away from enjoying the incredible art, none of this reaction would have happened.

          • ElRobotico

            I guess everyone’s post are like that?…no? yeah? I guess theres no enough liberty here to say whatever someone have to say, I didnt insult anyone, did I? did i say something like “nobody should play this game!” or “whoever play this game is an “#$%$#%” I dont think so, they just want to be the perfect gentleman, this is their chance, I said the exact thing in my mind and everybody is like attacking me for doing so? bring it on then, im just replying them, dont like that? ban me now and supress my liberty to express myself without insult anyone. =)

          • Isaac Newton

            May Jesus give a good day friend.
            eehhhh NAAAH!
            Tr* Min* LOL(This is my previous banned comment)!

          • ElRobotico

            Shhh, I dont believe in jesus, why dont you tell me about batman or the flash instead?

    • Natat

      Yeah the Shin Megami Tensei games are sooo bad…

      • ElRobotico

        So you think everyone in the world like those games? mmm…wow.

        • Swaggermuffin

          I can’t tell if you’re a complete moron or an unfunny troll.

          • Isaac Newton

            Leave him alone he’s just ma….baiting people.
            Just enjoy the news instead of reading he comment.
            There are some people just don’t appreciate what people give to them and this is just an example.

          • ElRobotico

            I guess you are running out of ideas to defend yourself? yeah, talking about “idk if you are..” or the troll topic its very useful for this kind of situations.

  • TheSwordUser

    Please don’t forget about Europe.

    • nekocchi

      Oh, but they will. Which is sad because I really wanted this game ;_;

  • AkuLord3

    Kinda take your time with these huh Atlus…oh well still hyped, day one~

  • CirnoLakes

    “Pre-Order Today!”

  • Barrylocke89

    It’s important to have a member of the crew on the team that can take the hits for everyone’s safety.

    I’ll recruit YOU on my team, Fortress!

  • MikeTxn

    Taking (reduced) damage and retaliate at full strength?

    Can’t wait for the rest! <3

  • SetzerGabbiani

    February is going to be busy. Fire Emblem then Etrian Odyssey….yummy!

  • Foryth

    So many games, so little time. Yet this is a game for which I’ll probably drop everything I’m playing when it comes out. :3 I’ve been in love with this series ever since I played the first game. (Which is still my favorite thus far, despite the improvements from the sequels.)

  • neetyneety

    That music is rockin’! Gonna pre-order just for it.

  • Isaac Newton

    Why is there no Atlus for Europe instead some companies publish Atuls Games like Ghostlight or Square Enix and etc.?
    And I’m from South East Asia.

    • Zeik56

      Because publishing branches cost money and Atlus isn’t a very big company. It’s not that surprising that they don’t have a European publishing branch since I doubt they could justify it just to release Atlus games. Atlus USA only stays afloat because they’re basically a self-sufficient publishing company that just happens to have ties to Atlus Japan.

      • Isaac Newton

        I wish there will be an awesome game that sale of the game is so high on Europe that they realize to create a Europe branch for atlus.

  • AndreasStalin

    Good that there is no european localization yet as I’m still on the second game…and its gonna be a while, just reached second stratum.

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