Nintendo Push Animal Crossing: New Leaf In South Korea With 3DS Bundle

By Ishaan . January 12, 2013 . 2:00pm

Animal Crossing: New Leaf is headed to South Korea. Nintendo will release the 3DS game in South Korea on February 7th.


They’re also going to be releasing the limited edition Animal Crossing: New Leaf Nintendo 3DS bundle in that region. The game even has its own Korean Twitter account, just like in Japan, which began tweeting earlier this week.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf will cost 44,000 won in South Korea. The limited edition 3DS bundle with the game will cost 318,000 won.


Animal Crossing: New Leaf is also headed to North America and Europe in the first half of this year, but doesn’t have a release date yet.

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  • Vaati

    I just want a release date ;~;

    • JMaster3000

      Weird that Korea gets it sooner than Europe and USA lol

      • Kristina Wright

        I know! It kind of gets me mad! I want to play this game so bad it’s not even funny. I’m still super excited for it to come out though.

        • benhofb

          All the animal crossings games are seriously like crack for me.

      • $29082171

        I think it fits seeing as how it’s closer to Japan, but I’m sure there’s other factors involved.

    • benhofb

      Right?! I need to talk to that poodle-assistant-thing RIGHT NOW. Not to mention I unlocked everything in wild world. I need my animal crossings fix, Nintendo!

  • Anna Scruton

    If this bundle reaches NA, I might just finally switch over to an XL. I want Animal crossing as a DL title anyways so pre-installed is ok with me!

    • Wake

      I don’t think the bundle’s an XL though. I’m thinking of switching to a 3DS XL but I really don’t like the available colors right now. I hope they release more colors/XL bundles this year.

      • Kristina Wright

        If I’m not mistaken the bundle is an XL. i watched an unboxing for it and it had 3DS LL on the back. I can’t wait to download this from the eShop. Animal Crossing is definitely meant to be a downloaded game, that way you can always play it whenever you want and still have your cartridge slot free for whatever! :)

        • Wake

          Just watched it. So it is an XL! Sweet. It sucks a bit that the 3DS is region locked, I hope this makes it to the US.

          What you said about AC and how it’s meant to be a downloaded game does make sense. The collector in me however just can’t pass up a physical copy.

          This game just can’t come soon enough.

  • ronin4life

    About what is that in yen/dollar?


    • SeventhEvening

      Roughly 318 dollars.

  • ffboi7

    Lets hope they release this over hurr

  • neu

    Hahaha, nevermind, found the missing original post so I’m editing it to keep from having double posts xD

  • neu

    (I posted this, but it disappeared o_O, so here it is again.)
    On Gamestop, there’s an Animal Crossing game for the 3DS with a release date of 5/1/2013. Is it for the same game?

  • Tails the Foxhound

    Why is Korea getting this before us again? I’m usually not the one to say this but what exactly is NoA doing? We got only one special edition over here (finally got a second coming though), and Fire Emblem and Animal Crossing took waay too much time (especially the former). Our bodies were ready for the longest time Reggie, what are you doing?

    • Yvonne Tsang

      USA doesn’t always have to be first, you know…

      • Tails the Foxhound

        I’m not saying we have to be first, Europe Australia and North America are getting this after Korea. The 3DS is only barely treading water world wide, they should be doing all they can to bring out all first party games and special editions faster to ALL regions of the world. Seriously though, those three markets are larger than the Korean ones, they SHOULD come faster. The only reason I singled out NoA is because that’s the branch that matters to me, though I’m sure NCL is to blame in a lot of decisions.

  • Cazar

    Anyone know if they’ll be selling physical copies over there as well or just digital copies? Curious to know if there has been any progress on the SLC NAND shortage issue.

    • They’re selling physical copies. No further word on the NAND shortage issue, but my guess would be that the US/EU release date was affected by it.

  • benhofb

    Can someone ban this bot or something?! It is bugging me…

  • Tiramii

    I just really want this. It looks so cute. ;w;

  • Becca Pine

    The more places that get the 3DS bundle the more hope I have that it will be released here!

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