Fire Emblem: Awakening Has Dual Audio Voice Tracks

By Ishaan . January 15, 2013 . 12:35pm

Fire Emblem: Awakening, like Nintendo’s last major RPG release, Xenoblade Chronicles, has dual audio voice-tracks—one in English and one in Japanese.


Nintendo of America sent us an early copy of the game, and we confirmed the feature for ourselves upon receiving it.


Fire Emblem: Awakening will be released in the U.S. on February 4th and in Europe in April. This Thursday, Nintendo will release a free demo for the game on the U.S. Nintendo eShop.


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  • Hinataharem

    Everybody wins desu

  • epy



  • ronin4life

    Cool. ^o^

  • My body is ready for glorious Sugita Tomokazu

    • z_merquise

      Really!? So who’s character he voiced?

      I remember checking the Japanese site one time and I also noticed one character there voiced by Koyasu Takehito.

      • $29082171

        Wikipedia says Sugita voiced Chrom.

        • z_merquise

          So the main character then. That’s cool.

      • fuzzy_hobo

        FYI, Takehito Koyasu voiced the swordsman Lon’qu and one of the villains, Validar (formerly Fauder). Several VAs were doublecasted in Awakening.

  • Hraesvelgr

    Thanks for confirming it. I saw it mentioned in Destructoid’s preview of the game, but there were some things that were flat out wrong in that, so I wasn’t sure if what they said was true or not.

  • puchinri

    Whaaaaat!? That is awesome! I’m really excited now! x’DDD

  • Andrew Austin

    Well this is pretty cool.

  • KingGunblader

    Thumbs up for Nintendo!

  • LexKitteh

    Was not expecting this, but am very pleasantly surprised!! :D

  • $29082171

    Holy smokes, I did not expect this.

  • Mayjay

    asdafasd the 20 days till Feb 4th can’t come soon enough.

    • Curan_Altea

      I want this game more then I’ve wanted any other game before.

  • malek86

    Speaking of languages, I wonder if Nintendo will ever start dubbing their games in Multi5? They usually don’t, although I think they’ll eventually have to.

    Well, in 3DS cartridges it would be difficult for size constraints, but for the Wii U it would be about time they started.

    • Brandonmkii

      Unless Nintendo decides to use way bigger discs, that seems unlikely. Sound files tend to be huge and one recorded language can take a good chunk of the disc. That’s assuming it’s a moderately voiced game, however.

      • malek86

        I think you are overestimating the size of audio voices. It’s not like you have to make 7 different versions of every sound effect, just the voice audio. The PS3 has had many multi-language game this gen, and the Wii U uses similar 25GB discs.

        Space is really not a problem anymore – frankly it already wasn’t with the Wii.

        • His only talking about the actual voice acting, not the sound effects.

  • YoshEE

    2 more days til demo :D

  • kroufonz

    honestly i am surprised by this awesome move, if only SCEA could did this to, (also stop their random stupid rule like japanese voice only game can’t get retail )

    if they keep this move and wii u getting lots of jrpg I may buy one

    • Quinton Cunningham

      That’s not a rule they have. The Yakuza games on PS3 have all hit retail and they have JP-only voices.
      It’s just that retail copies cost A LOT of money to produce. Let’s not kid ourselves here. There aren’t a whole lot of “casual” players that would pick up a game with JP only voices (or with an anime art style) intentionally, and those are all very big and very real problems that cause niche releases to stay digital only.

      • kroufonz

        it’s SCEA rule Tecmo Koei said it clearly that it’s sony that forbid retail release of orochi 3. it just looks like randomly applied ( some get pass some didn’t most that get pass are exclusive game or psp game)

        regarding “casual” most of this game wasn’t something casual would buy at the first place even with english only release.

        • Quinton Cunningham

          I’m not sure I’m ready to believe that. When I googled it, there was only a single article on it and literally NO ONE else has said anything about it from either the press or development side AND there are multiple PSP/PS3 games that have JP-only voices that came out before the thing with Warriors Orochi.

          As for my casual comment, I was referring to games that have ONLY japanese voices. It’s the same reason some people won’t watch foreign films. It’s an undeniable fact that having spoken language be entirely different than the user’s native language is a barrier to entry which makes it a harder sell.

      • Kevin Tan

        It seems that Yakuza is the exception, not the rule.

        • Quinton Cunningham

          There’s also Hakuoki, Fate/Extra, and the Agarest War games that had JP voices and got full retail releases. Seems more like Warriors Orochi is the exception.

  • Dual Language should be a rule.

    • Oh, come on.

      • Manny Being Manny

        You can’t sell a foreign DVD of a movie without its original language if its dubbed. Why is it okay for games to do that?

        • Because movies and games are of different lengths, make money in different ways and have different royalties that need to be paid off as well. They’re nothing alike and should not be treated the same way.

      • Not looking at the big picture are you. Dual language can extend to dual language text as well.

        • Hraesvelgr

          I think the issue was more that these types of comments generally start unnecessary arguments.

        • For 99% of people, that doesn’t matter in the least. Besides, Europe already gets five languages for text. :P

    • Curan_Altea

      English dubs aren’t inherently bad. There are some really good ones out there. Unless the english is bad I’ll use it over the japanese audio for Fire Emblem.

      • J_Joestar

        I agree they aren’t all bad, but a dual language release is always the best choice so that we can change the ones we don’t like and listen tot he ones we do.

  • Neophoton

    Nintendo, keep being awesome~

  • Spirit Macardi

    I didn’t even realize there was a voice track at all. So I’m impressed in multiple ways x3

  • Does the downloadable version have it as well, or is it just the retail version?

    • Download version has it as well.

  • Anna Scruton

    Party time

  • MrRobbyM

    Oh god yes

  • More great news! Firstly with Ayesha and now with FE: Awakening! Absolutely wonderful!

  • z_merquise

    That’s good to know. But I wonder if the English voice acting is good. I do like the English voices in Kid Icarus: Uprising so I’m hoping they can handle this one well too.

    • puchinri

      The Uprising dub is great to me. It’s not the usual I would actually prefer out of a dub, but it was so cute and hilarious, it was hard to not enjoy it on some level (and I thoroughly have so far).

  • $29082171

    I have a question though, is the art for the cartridge the same one as the japanese one? I remember the original one being 8-bit versions of Chrom and ”Marth” in the same pose of the box art cover.

  • Nickie

    I’m throwing my money at the screen and nothing is happening!

    On a side note, pre-ordered a physical copy AND getting the LE system to show my support even though I have a 3DS already. Make a sequel like this! (ie. a My Unit that can be male AND female and romance options!)

  • MrTyrant
  • isfuturebright

    Thank you Nintendo! Makes me want this even MORE :O

  • kroufonz

    now this game would have true waifu experience

  • Kefkiroth

    There seems to be a lot of hype for this game… I’ve always wanted to get into this series so what Fire Emblem games are recommended for newcomers before playing this?

    • $29082171

      Try Fire Emblem 7 for the GBA, it’s simply called ”Fire Emblem” in the west since it was the first localized game in the series.

    • Ethan_Twain

      None. Zero. You start right here. There’s not really much as far as continuity going on in this franchise (not none at all, but it’s not enough to get fussed about – think Persona 3 to Persona 4 level of connection). You start with this game, play it, love it, and then figure out what your favorite features are and come back to ask the question again. So then it’ll look like “In Fire Emblem Awakening I really like X and Y, but think Z is really annoying. What other Fire Emblem games might I like?” and we will be more than happy to guide you based on your reactions.

      • Kefkiroth

        Continuity is probably not too much of an issue, but when I go back to older Fire Emblem games, I worry that they’ll be more dated or have some gameplay flaws that Awakening improved on.
        If I played some of the older games first, I’d feel like I’d appreciate Awakening more, if you know what I mean.

        I loved Persona 3 (played Portable) and 4 (played Golden), but I definitely wouldn’t think 3 would have as great of an impact it had on me if I played 4 first, considering the vast amount of polish P4G had over P3P in my opinion. In fact, I played P3P due to the hype for P4G before, and haven’t regretted it at all.

        • Suicunesol

          Fire Emblem 7/Blazing Sword, definitely. It has a literal 7 chapter tutorial, and seems designed to bring new players into the series without making it too easy. The story is also good, and those who have played 7 first usually regard it as better than 8.

          As for continuity, although each game has an independent story that can be enjoyed on its own, a few of the games are actually connected to each other as sequels/prequels and do share characters. For instance, 4 and 5 are connected, with 5 being a direct sequel of 4. 6 and 7 are connected, with 7 being a prequel of 6. 8 is a standalone game. 9 and 10 are connected, with 10 being a direct sequel of 9.

          So why am I not recommending 6? Fire Emblem 6 (starring Roy) was never localized, so the only way you can play it in English is through shadier means. (Google: fan translation). Fire Emblem 6 is not considered one of the best Fire Emblems, though.

          So play 7.

  • gsnap

    Cool. I’m sure the english voice acting will be fine, but it’s good to know we have the option.

    • fireemblembeast

      Agreed, I’m sure it’ll be great, but I just prefer the Japanese language over English. I find it, idk, more beautiful and graceful and melodic! Which is why my iPod is 99% Japanese songs XD. What I can’t stand is dub- haters. I think dubs have really improved over the years, and maybe they’re just mad because they don’t get an option.

    • shah ajim

      Played the demo, the English voice over is great. Nicely done

  • Darkrise

    This is nothing short of a gift. I wish I had a 3DS now…..

  • Ethan_Twain

    Really, this release seems to have everything doesn’t it? Day one digital release? Done. Pre-order art book bonus? Done. Free day one DLC? Done. Dual Audio Tracks? Done. Snappy looking hardware bundle? Done.

    Nintendo’s publishing half has outdone themselves here… now I’m just waiting to see if their development half can hold up it’s end of the bargain. There was a time when I would have faith in an Intelligent Systems title unconditionally, but Paper Mario has been in decline lately and Fire Emblem hasn’t been at it’s best either.

    • Kevin Tan

      This Fire Emblem is amazing (coming from someone about to finish the main game in the Japanese version)

  • solrenoid

    This is awesome news! I really dislike english dubbing. Somehow it makes things seem less believable…

  • キロ

    Ooh, that is a nice option to have for people interested in how it sounds in different languages.

    Also, that is nice how they send early copies of the game to Siliconera. I did not know it was a site that qualified for that sort of treatment. I wish I was in something like that. ^^

  • Ladius

    Nintendo being awesome once again, I would have never expected this level of support for Fire Emblem Awakening.

  • forweg

    YES! I’ll be buying this now!

    • raymk

      Why were you not going to buy it at first? I ask because FE doesn’t have much voicework its mainly just all characters in battle have spoken lines and the most important scenes.

      • forweg

        Hmm, thanks for the reminder. It’d been a while since I’d played a FE game.

        Well, I’m currently studying Japanese, and I can only justify spending time playing games with at least JP voices. So it’s still a good enough excuse, lol.

  • Akai Ringo

    Halle-fucking-lujah. this is great. now i can buy this and play it without feeling like i’m being cheated out of anything in the original Japanese copy!

  • Guest

    Oh yeah!! First day buy!!
    Japanese ftw!

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    My body is not ready for all this awesomeness.^^

  • fireemblembeast

    Is this real?! I’m not dreaming, right?! I just quickly checked siliconera (no other site I saw had this yet, you guys are awesome) for anything new after I woke up from a nap. I’m really sick and I feel crappy but that all doesn’t matter now! (ok so maybe it does but throw me a bone here) I don’t know what else NoA could be doing for us with this game!!! 1st of all, we get it! 2nd of all, all DLC we also get. 3rd of all, we get extra club nintendo points.4th of all, we get really good advertising so more people play the game and support it. 5th of all, every day almost we hear something new or have another profile on facebook. 6th of all, we get the custom system package we thought would stay in japan! 7th of all, we get a preorder artbook from gamestop/eb games! 8th of all, we get a free demo after tomorrow! (I’m gonna be nocturnal that day so I can play it, lol) And now we get this! Ah, it’s a beautiful day to be a FE fan! Just finished Code of Princess today, too, and so my 3DS (and my body) is ready!!!! >:D

    I just find it funny that I had no second thought that we wouldn’t and couldn’t get dual audio, but here is the proof-NoA goes above and beyond to give us the dual audio we didn’t even ask for! And meanwhile, the Tales of series, which we’ve been screaming for years to get dual audio for, hasn’t ever had it! >:I I mean, this is the first FE game with significant voice acting, and we get it without a second thought! Who would’ve guessed?! Oh, I just want to hug Reggie and all the other people involved with this! (^o^)/ <3 I love you all!

    I can't wait to hear my favorite seiyuus like Yuu Kobayashi, Miyuki Sawashiro, Tomokazu Sugita, Daisuke Ono, and all the rest!!! At least if (and God would I be pissed off if) Tales of Xillia doesn't have dual audio, I can still have this game with Miyuki Sawashiro and Tomokazu Sugita. They make a nice team! :3

    Woah, I sure wrote a lot. Well thanks for reading if you did, and if tl;dr then w/e. I'm just so happy about this. It just came out of left field! Thanks NoA, and I can't wait to throw my money at you! :D

    Learn from this, Namco Bandai! NoA loves their fans! :)

    • puchinri

      HAHHH!? Yu Kobayashi and Miyuki Sawashiro are in this!? OAO
      You just made my excitement shoot up above 1000%. >u<

      • fireemblembeast

        hahaha glad to hear

  • Hraesvelgr

    dat incomprehensible spam

  • XypherCode

    That’s great! :)

  • Don’t care, would have gotten the game even if it didn’t have voiceovers in any language. I may be picky about when I plan on getting a game and on how much I plan on spending on it–especially considering half the time I don’t play a game as soon as I get it–more Fire Emblem is always welcomed.

    Now to find out where I can get a special edition of the game.

  • Spider-Man


  • Bobthegreat

    Here’s hoping they’ll keep that in the EU version. Oh wait who am I kidding, we’ll get French, German, Italian and Spanish voices instead!.

  • Tiramii

    You are amazing Nintendo. <3

  • Maumac77

    I wonder if people would not buy the next entry if it doesn’t have dual audio as well?? I want to see the results!

    • fireemblembeast

      I’d still buy it.

      • Maumac77

        So would I, I’m sure though that at least one person would complain about it is all :p

        • fireemblembeast

          lol yeah they’re just missing out

  • NLucafs

    Awesome! I won’t be using it, but it’s nice that they put it in for the people who might.

  • I really love this option. If the english voices irritate me too much I can switch!!

  • fyi1191

    Best news ever. I love dual voice options.
    Makes multiple playthrough worthwhile.

    • Triplicity

      Yes, I agree with this!

  • Namuro

    That’s what I’m talking about! It’s great when they give consumers choices like this. Now those who like the original Japanese voice and those who prefer the dub which sounds more natural to them are both satisfied. I think this is one of the things that every game companies should always look into, to keep their customers happy.

    Now, if we can get a dual audio for Rune Factory 4 as well, that will be great!

  • Izzy Miyake

    Well that was unexpected, such a pleasant surprise.
    This just keeps getting better and better :)

  • Anime10121

    WANT! And will buy :P Need more 3DS games as currently, all I have are 3 (KH3D, Sonic Gen, and Epic Mickey).

  • Christopher Dean

    I wish Nintendo would send me early game copies….. :(

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    This well make W………happy, lol

  • Oltheros

    Special edition Fire Emblem 3DS, check. Dual audio, check.

    Nintendo, you’re doing just fine in my eyes

  • shah ajim

    Nice. Awesome. Great. Love it. I hope Rune Factory 4 will have the same feature~

  • XypherCode

    Hmm you only mentioned the audio voice tracks. Can I assume the english subtitles for the cut-scenes are available as well?

  • LegoBaka

    I need a 3DS…

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