Tsukihime Remake Trailer Features Some Familiar Music

By Ishaan . January 15, 2013 . 11:45am

A teaser trailer for Type-Moon’s Tsukihime remake from the Type-Moon 10th anniversary box set is up for viewing now, and you can check it out below. It shows off the character designs we’ve posted previously, along with a remixed piece of music from the original game:



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  • Wait what

    Man this really brings me back. Nothing like that certain warm yet-slightly-sad-at-the-passing-of-time feeling of nostalgia

  • MrTyrant

    Good old Tsukihime. I missed you.

  • Tachimukai

    Wow, Satsuki was the first girl to show up in the trailer. Isn’t it wonderful, Sacchin? Come on, Satsuki route! I’m a Satsuki fan if anyone hasn’t noticed so I can’t shut up about her possible route.

  • Beautiful. Loving Hisui’s new art, and Sacchin’s.

    The music is absolutely incredible too. Tsukihime’s music was always very simple, but I loved every second of it.

  • Chaos_Alfa

    I think the original is stronger, it has more “personality”. The remixed version has to long stretches where nothing happens in it.

  • João Madalena

    Isn’t it great Sacchin? You are finally getting your long awaited route. Loving the character designs and the cg art, eagerly waiting for this.

  • Bloodios

    Hmm… I still miss Arcueid’s long skirt and Ciel’s forehead… but yeah, that tune is nostalgic.

  • Natat

    Haha this really makes me want to read Tsukihime yet again.

  • BloodyNights

    Mirror Moon, I hope you are preppin that translation! :D

  • Sergio Briceño

    I’m liking some of the new designs but some looked better the first time around. Like Arcueid’s. With her long skirt she looked out of place (or era) all the time, like she had no sense of fashion at all.

  • Triplicity

    SACCHIN! ヽ( ゚∀゚)ノ

  • Closet_Ninja

    i really hope this leads to an anime adaption for tsukihime

    • There is already an anime adaptation for tsukihime…

      • foopy

        No, there’s not.

        • Yes there is http://www.animenewsnetwork.com/encyclopedia/anime.php?id=2938
          No matter how bad the adaptation is, an anime is still an anime.

          • You are trying too hard. Stop thinking that there is an anime.

          • Search your feelings, you know there a Tsukihime anime.

          • Chad Hicks

            Oh there was a Tsukihime anime and it was AWFUL butchered the story and disrespect the orgenil work with its very exsitance,i understand why people state that it never happened becuse it was just that bad and that disrespectful to the wonderfully written original novel.

        • Aoshi00

          That’s crazier than magic eye *.*;.. Hm.. it might not be to your liking, but I did like the anime, although not having played the game. I loved the anime soundtrack and got the CDs too.. Just like Houshin Engi, I wish it could be remade into a much longer series some day (they were gathering petition some years ago).

  • So, is this game all ages or 18+?

    • Aoshi00

      That’s what I’m wondering.. I really wish they would port it to PS3 & 360 to broaden the audience.. I never got a chance to play the original and liked the anime series (no matter how condensed it is compared to the game).. I just liked Arcueid and the soundtrack so much, thought it was beautiful :)

      • nothing956

        It really doesn’t matter if its 18+ or not if it sells well enough someone will just edit out the adult content and put it on the PS3 just like they did with Fate.

        • Aoshi00

          well, usually sex scenes could be avoided/watered down for console ports of VN.. I don’t know how violent the Tsukihime game was, some say Kara no Shoujo would have a hard chance being ported to console as it’s quite graphic in nature, very beautiful but brutal art. I don’t play VN or any game on PC, so I just want this remake to be on console, and 360 is ripe w/ them (I collect 360 VN & shmup). Those who played the original alrdy played this on the PC before. After I watched the anime, I’ve always wanted to try the original Tsukihime game.

    • nothing956

      I hope so those sex scenes were funny and I wouldn’t get that feeling of nostalgia without them.

      • Haha, yeah and I wouldn’t mind seeing the new Akiha…in action.

  • Interesting, I’ve always wanted to delve into Tsukihime. Now, I’ll have a chance to. Cannot wait for this to release, and hopefully there will be an English patch floating about somewhere.

    • Prepare to play the waiting game XD

      There a LP of Tsukihime out there so you might want to read tht while waiting for it.

  • Sam Park

    Ciel Redesign, me likey

  • Go2hell66

    dat new ciel :3

  • Solace Shimizu

    Loving Takeuchi’s redesigns. Now tell ufotable to make an animated opening.

  • darkbartz

    Purple skirt Arcueid is best Arcueid, but I have to say that mini-skirt Arcueid is not bad too. As long as she can give the same feeling as the original, it should be fine. Is she wearing a cross? Christ-chan?

    • It looks like a whistle/necklace to me.

  • Loving it ^_^

  • awakening

    I want to see Shiki.

  • nothing956

    I wonder if it will have voices.

  • “To the next 10 years” I hope T-M is just being sentimental ==;

    Nice BGM! It nice to hear yet its have a bit of sad feel to it… Can any1 link me the original one? And my God, the background art looks so pretty :) (Even though now the Tohno Mansion reminds me of Spencer Mansion ^.^;)

    Akiha, are you channelling Homura there?

  • Chaos_Alfa

    Does anyone know who the artist for the remake is? Takeuch? or the artist from Mahou Tsukai Yoru?

    • Looks like Takeuchi to me.

    • neetyneety

      Basing on looks, yes, I think the artist (Hirokazu Koyama), is the same.

      • I doubt it…. The artstyle looks different. Also the CCC interview in the new TM Ace said tht they (T-M) keep Takeuchi away frm CCC to let him focus on Tsukihime remake. (source: Beast Lair)

      • Ridho Siregar

        no, it’s Takeuchi, the one that also did FSN and the original Tsukihime.

  • Göran Isacson

    To the next ten years… sooo that will mean a sequel in ten years :D ?

    I kid, I kid. I am pretty interested in this though, if only so I can find out if the rumours are false and matters will continue to be sad for Satsuki. Because I am cruel in that way.

  • neetyneety

    I love it when music can invoke such nostalgic emotions in me… this one in particular, it brings me to tears everytime. Not because of it’s sad nature, but because of all the great memories I’ve come to subconsciously associate with it. A lot of my favorite VNs would always have that one great piece that would do this to me: for Tsukihime it was this (I must admit that I’ve forgotten it’s name but it’s tune…. never), for G-senjou no Maou it was Close Your Eyes, for Katawa Shoujo it was Wiosna…. the list goes on.

  • Ridho Siregar

    Now I only wish an english one (official or whoever else do that), voice, and that the visualization is as dynamic as Mahou Tsukai no Yoru.

  • SenoWaffle

    Now if only they could make a Kara no Kyoukai VN :D

  • Hisui looks a bit too much like a redhead saber with blue eyes

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