Why Are Noel And Lightning Fighting In Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII?

By Ishaan . January 17, 2013 . 9:00am

Square Enix have released an extended trailer for Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII. It shows of a lot of the old footage we’ve already seen before but also a couple of new scenes featuring Noel and Lightning battling it out.



While the old cast of Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2 return in this game, Lightning Returns also features new characters such as Lumina. You can read about her here.

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  • Looks like they have different stance.
    Noel is definitely best male character in FFXIII series.
    I hope he will be added in next Dissidia as FFXIII representative.

    • Paradox me

      Noel is definitely best male character in FFXIII series.

      Since when was Sazh a woman?

      • I never understood what was so attractive about Sazh’s character to the point where people say that he was the best character out of everyone.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Sazh fan for sure, but it just sounds… more than it is? Can anyone explain?

        • Locklear93

          In my case it wasn’t that Sazh was great–it was that I despised the entire rest of the cast. Snow struck me as an idiot, Lightning was a bitch (I’m careful with that word in relation to female game characters, but that’s really all I have for her), Hope was pathetic and couldn’t cope with reality very well, and Vanille, whom I really wanted to like, coddled Hope. It’s possible the characters improved over the course of the game. I got Shiva and quit on the spot because I hated every character so much, and because I found Shiva so utterly ridiculous. At the point at which I could no longer stand it, though, Sazh was the only character who hadn’t actually actively annoyed me.

          Most JRPGs have one character I can’t stand, and have to sideline for my sanity’s sake. FF13 is the first game ever to have only have one I COULD stand.

          • amagidyne

            What’s so bitchy about Lightning? She was the only character willing to do what needed to be done: To punch Snow in the face repeatedly.

        • amagidyne

          I think it’s because he’s so bland. Where some characters like Snow and Hope are like licking a dead dog, Sazh is more like a small cup of room-temperature gruel. He’s inoffensive. Usually.

          There was that weird scene where he pulls a gun on Vanille for no good reason, but everyone forgot about that.

    • Armane

      Noel might be the best male character in the Kingdom Hearts series, but I still don’t know why he is in the FFXIII series.

    • amagidyne


    • Sergio Briceño

      Oh she was a he…

    • Sazh is better by default! If Sazh got in Dissidia, he would be Cosmos’s own “Meta Guy” against Kefka. The two will destroy World 2 by lampshading it.

      • Rocket D

        He was actually going to get a spot in Duodecim Dissidia but they choose Lightning over him. (stated on Sazh’s FF wikia article)
        I love Lightning but I think Sazh in Duodecim would’ve been really interesting too. I personally don’t see why they limit 1-2 heroes/heroines per game. They should make another Dissidia for the Vita and/or PS3 and add like 15-20 more characters.

    • Kevin Lor

      Yeah! Noel ftw

  • Seems like it’s the same Noel from XIII-2 based on what he said. With the whole time hoping thing, anything is possible lol.

  • Priscilla Tang

    Whilst Lightning and Snow (both trapped in timeless
    area till now) gets new clothes, Noel (whom has lived through hundred
    of years) retains his old clothes… Da f?

    • ErhmagerdWerds

      I had the same problem in 13-2, you’d travel like 600+ years into the future and people are still wearing the same exact thing they were wearing back in the past. I’m not sure Squeenix actually bothered to take into account 600 years does more than make things a little dustier :/

      • Pythia Brixham

        What about the whole “time doesn’t move anymore except it sort of does since people can move, but they don’t age so time doesn’t move since people don’t age” explanation the Squeenix gave?

        • ErhmagerdWerds

          But in the 13-2 time was moving, it stopped at the end…didn’t it?

      • That’s not true. Only people who travel through time (Sera, Snow, Noel) retained their clothes in XIII-2. The clothes of all the other people clearly changes throughout the ages. There’s an era where people have regressed to wearing only furs and an era where they are wearing high-tech clothes. Other times they seem to wear swimsuits or suits of armor…

        • ErhmagerdWerds

          The furs were like the only era I could see a visible difference and we only saw them once, not thru multiple times. The character model for Academy members and ex-military uniforms was the same in every era. Even uniforms change thru time- if you look at whatever people were wearing in your country 600 years ago, heck even 20 years ago, aside from traditional dress, you’ll see way more drastic changes. It just didnt feel like time passed to me jumping thru 200+ years and seeing the same Academy uniform every time. I’m at the very end of the game, but if I missed something please link me to a YouTube or something because I’d love to be wrong and not think Squeenix is as lazy as that.

  • eilegz

    you are not lightning!!!!!!!

  • MrTyrant

    They are fighting because SE don’t know what to do with the plot.

    • Kaihedgie

      Why don’t you slow down and actually wait for the game to come out before complaining.

      Seriously, that’s all you people do. If you don’t like this game, why do bother clicking on links about it

  • gRiMmYdArK13

    I never liked Noel’s default outfit. The pants just ruin it! I wish they gave him a new costume already.

    • Crimson Tiger

      Hellz no! those hammer pants are awesome!

    • lyhthegreat

      ali baba pants lol

  • Masa

    hopefully they kill each other off.

  • Neutron15

    at the start, those people look like superstars with Lighting

  • OatMatadoQuatro

    Poor Noel. He just wanted to be a party member ;_;

    • RoxasTheUnknown1

      I lol’d big time. xD

    • DudeOnly

      I think every character want to be a party member >_>

      • Elemiel

        That could explain why there’s an entire group against her in this game. “Can we join your party? Pleeaaase? Look at what we can do!” *attack Lightning*

      • QBninja01

        Yeah would have been better if they added party members but oh well can’t wish for everything.

    • Christopher Abraham

      I think he just wanted to be the main character again

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    Lightning is going to kick his butt!

  • Ben Sylvia

    So we get to put him in his place in this game?

    Instant purchase.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Noel needed a electric type for his team

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World


    • OatMatadoQuatro

      Geodude is enough

  • Jordan Coleman

    Why does this game look so bad graphically and the world so lifeless?

    • Go back to GameFAQs.

      • Jordan Coleman

        So I can actually try and discuss the game be it positive or negative like a normal person and not a fanboy? Maybe I should.

        I’m sorry, this game continues to look bad graphically and while I wish I could say that could be improved, that wasn’t the case with XIII-2. Early trailers of that game revealed that it didn’t look as polished as XIII and well in the end it very much wasn’t. And with XIII-3 they are trying to do even more. It’s quite obvious that this engine just can’t do what they want and the game looks bad because of it.

        • Ferrick

          gameplay & story > graphics, if you’re gonna play a game, don’t play it for the graphics, if you want graphics, might as well watch a movie. I’m sure that there will be lots of people who will flame you just for saying something like that, so think before you write

          • Jordan Coleman

            This reason dosen’t make any sense? How can story be presented without graphics? If your world is’nt well realized or presented in however the designers chose then well you’ve failed. No graphics are pretty important in setting atmosphere and feeling. So no, graphics aren’t some unimportant thing. It’s pretty equal.

            Also its not going to matter how good your game is if it runs like crap and well XIII-3 does looks like a technical mess so far and these are in preview videos meant to sell a game.

            And lastly, it’s a freaking FINAL FANTASY game. You know the franchisee from Square that they put a lot of money and polish into? For it to not look good, not even as good as it’s Predecessor is kind of sad.

          • Ferrick

            “how can the story be presented without graphics”

            retro rpgs says hi, it gave its story with 8 bit graphics and had no problems delivering them. so yeah, gameplay + story > graphics, and my point still stands

            >Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview Preview, should i repeat ? Preview. In most cases preview =/= actual game. The game isn’t even out yet, and won’t be out for few months

            lastly, its all your opinion, no one cares and no reason to smear it on others and start a flame war for it.

          • Jordan Coleman

            Um, retro rpgs still had graphics and even then you had games like Phantasy Star try and deliver their story with cutscenes, they tried to do more with their graphics.

            And Sqaure in it’s mainline FF games has not just said “oh lets just make PS1 level games on the PS2”. No they realized with more powerful garphcial capalities they can tell more engrossing stories and more livly worlds.

            I very much doubt any of you would play FF15 if it was a PS1 level game on your PS3. Sure you can “oh yes we would, but thats a lie”. A new console FF has expectations Its why you see more retro 2d games as spin-offs.

            Look at FF6 and when it used mode 6 on your approach to Vector or when you get the last airship. Those moments would not have been as great if say there were done on the nes where mode 6 wasn’t available. Or Yuna’s first sending wouldn’t have been as moving in FFIv on PS1 cg.

            Saying graphics aren’t important is pretty foolish.

            If you took Assassin’s Creed and made it look and run like a PS1 game, no one would like it. No because it’s the animation, the detail, and presentation in Ubisoft’s graphic capabilities that make whatever place in history they are presenting come alive.

            And flame war? I actually talking and posting something that isn’t jerking off whatever the topic is flaming? This is kind of why discussion on the internet is weak. I’m not pushing my opinion over anyone, certainly not anymore then someone who is going “FF ROCK! LIGHT SO KAWAIIIIII!”. Yet a posting like that won’t be accused of “flaming, or pushing their opinion” It’s the same thing. No one cares you say, Well if you don’t care then stay out of the discussion.

          • Ferrick

            1. you CAN have a good story WITHOUT graphics, like i said retro games were capable of that, hell there ARE games which doesn’t have any graphics on but is capable on delivering amazing plot. So my point still stand.

            2. its not a discussion, you’re just smearing your opinion upon others, you started off that way, still doing so.

          • Jordan Coleman

            I’m done talking to you. You don’t seem to be intent on making an actual point here. I never said graphics were the be all end all. I argued that graphics can 1. Greatly help tell a narrative and 2. Square has always been graphics and polish hevay.

            Your reply “games can tell stories without graphics’. )I guess you mean good graphics, because well then they are just text novels with nothing else.

            Ok wtf does that have to do with what I’m saying? Games can tell stories without real gameplay so I guess gameplay is unimportant as well? Do you not actually understand the argument here?

            And yes I’m smearing my opinion? How again? By stating it? What the heck are you doing then?

            Eh whatever, you obviously aren’t capable of disusing this. We’re done here.

          • Ferrick

            its pretty obvious that you don’t bother reading the point I’m making, i was against your point on “graphics is everything”, that you said so yourself

            “Why does this game look so bad graphically and the world so lifeless?”-in case you forgot on what you said

            i think you’re the one who doesn’t understand anything on what we’re arguing here, and judging on how you can make that many spelling mistakes on such easy words shows that I’m pretty much correct.

            another fun fact, i never once mentioned that gameplay is unimportant, even when you brought up the assassins creed thing, that’s your own doing. Learn on how to understand the argument here.

            (and yes, i do mean without graphics on my last reply)

          • Jordan Coleman

            I never said graphics were everything. Like I said “this game has bad graphics”. Thats not saying that graphics are the end all. FF is a graphically intense series. Main ones and even spin-offs no matter the systems are incredibly polished and good looking games. It’s worth asking whats up with their most recent installments. You expect a FF to look great.

            Your entire point in that graphics come last compared to story and gameplay right? Well I think that’s very wrong and kind of stupid. I argued that graphics are equal in the equation and can greatly add to the story. Yet, you keep on ignoring that point and keep yelling “games don’t need grpahics blah blah look at retro games’. Ok that doesn’t really have anything to do with my point. So I mentioned well here’s some retro games that with better graphics made particular moments far more impacting. Again your reply is “games don’t need graphics’. Ok? I don’t think you actually even know what I’m saying here.

            But hey now since I guess your just going to critige my spelling. Yep that turly helps your point here.

            I understand the argument, I made it. Of course you didn’t mention gameplay. Can you read what I said? It was a comparison to your point of not needing graphics to tell a story. Since you think gameplay and story are more important and your point is “well games stories can be told without good graphics” then if that’s your logic I guess actually gameplay is’nt as well. The point of me mentioning that is because well your logic dosent make any actual sense, as you have game’s with stories, but very little gameplay. My point here has been that they are pretty equal and you have yet to actually dispute that one.

          • Ferrick

            eh FFT-0’s graphics were great, so is FFXIV (but can’t say more due to NDA), and personally, i think that the Crysta system is no longer being used anymore, which is kinda apparent from the trailer, so that’s probably why the graphics look like it was downgraded.

            graphics are nothing more than catalysts for a great game, if the graphics is much more prioritized, you would get something like 13 all over again (the part where 80% of the disc’s storage was used towards the CGs, which was written on an article long time ago), a game would be best if it has a good balance between the three factors. As for the “no graphics” part, i guess that’s something already extinct from this generation, since back then games were all text based and our minds and imaginations were the graphics card.

            the “Ok wtf does that have to do with what I’m saying? Games can tell stories without real gameplay so I guess gameplay is unimportant as well? Do you not actually understand the argument here?” was the one that triggered the retort about “gameplay not important”. Gameplay is still equally as important as the story (that was the point i kept on pasting on my last retorts), and like i said in my second paragraph, that logic is a logic that’s already extinct, but it was capable of delivering great storyline and good gameplay too (though back then speed typing was the gameplay for those games). Man i do feel old now…

          • Jrocy247

            I’d just like to point out I think a game that would help out your argument is Asura’s Wrath example. Which is really told like an CGI anime rather than gameplay, sure there are here and there, but most of the time, its just QTE’s. Another game I think I could point out Heavy Rain, again, that was more about graphics and story telling than gameplay itself. Also so is L.A. Noire.

          • Jordan Coleman

            You also say preview. Um, the things meant to show off the game and look good? And this is what they chose to show? And lets be real, the game is coming this year, there’s a very good chance this is what it looks like. Same thing happen with XIII-2.

          • Akarnage

            Gameplay: Yes. To date FFXIII’s battle system is one of the most polished and intese quasi-turn based systems I’ve ever seen. (Kind of ruined it with XIII-2 with those low HP values. Grimoire Hat + Potion kinda broke the point of the Medic role)

            Story: Nu-uh. Just no.

            Graphics: This is Final Fantasy for God’s sake. Some time ago Final Fantasy was synonym of polished, beautiful, breath taking. Do you remember when XIII came out? That game broke barriers.

    • M’iau M’iaut


      Please read our rules before posting. Explain your concerns rather than just post to fan flames. Warned.

      • Jordan Coleman

        Sorry, my mistake. The slowdown in this game is worse then it was in XIII-2, by the looks of it. Why give Light a fancy new outfit with all these physics and crap if the game looks like it’s falling apart when you run? Why attempt at some type of open world game if your world textures are going to look so flat. If this is attempting some sort of Assassins Creed type game then Square needs to up the effort. This looks bad right now.

        • David Thompson

          Graphics aren’t everything you know. It isn’t going to have as much polish because it isn’t a big budget title. Considering I was happy with how ps2 games looked, I don’t see anything to complain about here.

          • Jordan Coleman

            It isn’t a big budget game? Um yes it is. This is a console Final Fantasy from Square. All FF is a big budget jrpg made by Square, big budget is basically whats separated it from the pack. Square’s games regardless of them being spin-offs are notoriously polished and fans should expect the same for pretty much all their internally developed games.

  • M’iau M’iaut

    Hey folks, I hate those thread reminders, but with some of the posts below one’s got to do what one has to. If there are concerns, share them, but with recognition of someone else perhaps wishing to respond with questions and discussion in mind.

  • I’m rooting for Noel. He’s going to feed Lightning her own face to the ground.

  • Steven Higgins

    1. Given how it looks like most people in Luxerion dress like real/normal people, I’m surprised that the girl in the background didn’t give Lighting a weird or dirty look for wearing such a revealing outfit.
    2.Looks like they finally fixed Light’s lopsided bust!

  • DCBlackbird

    so lightning are you just the conquering superpower of protagonist now?…gee whiz

  • Randy Marsh

    I see Noel’s sporting a new “Peppy le Pew” hair style. Okay what gives, I thought people couldn’t age in Novus Chrysalia?

  • I’m not sure how excited I am for this game. As I was going back over videos for XIII, I remembered what was so engaging about that game (the antagonists were awesome) and now it seems like the story is falling apart. I’m glad they’re trying to do something different gameplay wise (combat looks interesting), but I think they’ve dragged this story on a bit too long. That and I would have preferred to see a conclusion to Noel and Serah’s journey instead of Lightning being forced back into the role of protagonist (having her as an antagonist for Noel would have been interesting story wise).

    Anyways, Square’s still got time to build the game up and make it stand out. Hopefully they do, I really want to be hyped for more than just FFXIV from them this year, but until they do I’m going to keep my expectations tempered.

  • Riian

    Noel! :D I never got the chance to play 13-2, but I really liked Noel and his relationship with Serah. He looked really distraught at the end of the game and hr probably feels like he failed Serah. Here’s hoping they get their happy ending this time around!

    • GaiunxWolfenX

      serah is married O.o to SNOW the biggest idiot of the first game (in my opinion and lightning’s) now call me crazy but this battle system isn’t it very similar to versus’ system? not the dressphere thing but the combat

      • Riian

        I never said it was a romantic relationship, and them getting their happy ending doesn’t necessarily imply otherwise :P though I admit, I sort of do ship the two of them, but I can accept that Snow and Serah are canon

  • I must buy this game! I must know how Lightning’s story ends. I love the XIII saga.

  • Daniel

    I swear this isn’t the real Lightning, and if it is, something has been done to her.

  • Ali

    Didn’t Noel die??!……………………….. #psyche!

  • So Noel is with those rebels?

  • komiko12

    Hope that Odin appears…
    Lightning looks great while riding that horse.

  • Sakurairo

    Was that Hope’s father getting off the train in the beginning? Same suit anyways…

  • Jrocy247

    Why is Noel fighting Lightning? Probably because he’s getting tired of this sequel bullshit as well as other people, he want’s to end it early.

  • vespe

    Noel: You going to have to die for our future! So SE moves on to moar epic titles!

  • Thomas George Hadfield

    he was jelous he diddnt get epic new clothes

  • I giggle at this because the trailers don’t make sense to me, but I guess I’ll just wait for it to come out to complain.

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