Youkai Watch Trailer Gives A Look At Level 5’s Next Major RPG

By Ishaan . January 17, 2013 . 7:40pm

Level 5’s next 3DS role-playing game is Youkai Watch, which they’re setting up as another of their multimedia franchises that will span games, manga and other media. Recently, the publisher released a new trailer for the game at the 2013 Winter World Hobby Fair, and have shared it to the public:



Youkai Watch takes place in Sakura New Town and stars a protagonist named Keta, who’s joined by two ghosts—Jibanya and Whisper. The game will allow you to explore the town, go into people’s homes, interact with the residents and so on. Using Keta’s special watch, you track down other youkai, including friendly and evil ones, and do battle.


Youkai Watch doesn’t have a release date yet.

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  • Sounds fun and a bit like Pokemon… it is Level-5 so yah.

  • Ethan_Twain

    This looks cool! Wouldn’t ever mistake it for anything but a Level 5 game – the kid friendly but still high quality art and the Dragon Quest look to the combat (minus that wheel on the bottom screen, which was pretty out there) evidence the fingerprints of other Level 5 projects.

    I see a little bit of Earthbound in this, with the premise of a turn based JRPG set in an idyllic domestic setting.

  • Strain42

    Everytime I see this I think the same thing…MegaTen and Earthbound had a surrogate baby…and their doctor was Level 5.

    Now hurry up and announce this for localization :P

    • DurableTomb

      Let’s hope for another Giygas again then.

      • Göran Isacson

        Quite. The new generation of children needs something to traumatize them, so that they can understand how we felt while growing up.

  • Permafry 42

    Definitely want. I really hope this will be localized since I’d get it day one for sure.

  • alundra311

    Holy crap! This looks amazing!

    Level-5 are releasing so many awesome games. I’m hoping (and begging) that they localize this.

  • Suicunesol

    The field graphics are a step up from what I saw in X&Y for sure. Hrrmm.

    I like how a car just drove by while a youkai battle was going on. XD I don’t know if it means the youkai are invisible or it’s just that no one cares.

    Also, the wheel on the bottom screen is a pretty clever use of the dual screens. I’m impressed with the ideas, though I don’t think I would actually buy this game. The protagonist is just too young for me to put myself in his shoes.

    • I believe the youkai are invisible, I remember reading about it earlier on when this game was announced.

  • Kalis Konig

    wow the overworld really craps on PKMN X and Y’s. I love these collect em all rpgs and on top of that it’s Level-5 so yeah!

    • Steven Higgins

      To be fair this is the first time Pokemon has moved away form the flat overworld in the main series. I’m sure the next generation will look much better.

      • Kalis Konig

        Actually I’d like to revoke my previous statement. the recent trailers show X and Y’s overworld exploration to be fantastic

  • CirnoLakes

    Youkai: A Japanese mythological source of constant awesome.

  • Keta? Hm, could that be a reference to GeGeGe no Kitaro?

    On a different note: Furigana text again!

  • Level 5 games are the best !

  • isfuturebright

    Level 5 is releasing amazing games!

  • To the people who compare this to the overworlds of Pokemon X&Y. The main games have a set style to them, they vastly improved upon them while still keeping them true to the what that style is like.

    On topic: this game looks amazing, another amazing product from Level-5

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    The music had those vibes of Inazuma series.^_^ And of course the battle system looks a lot closer to DQ series or SMT series. Hope this game will come here as i believe many of Level-5 fans would love to try this game.

  • Level 5 is really hitting it out of the park. With yet another gorgeous looking game with an intriguing story and amazing soundtrack I am so pumped for each and every one of their releases. Youkai Watch looks like it could be a winner, especially with all of the intriguing combat mechanics (at least from what I can tell) and the awesome overworld.

    In specific, the use of the watch to cycle through Youkai that you have looks so freaking cool!

  • dark zios

    Another awesome game from lvl 5 is coming and we still don’t get bravery default

  • Learii

    ok…. i don’t get how the battle work in this game is not like dragon quest oor monster quest where you choose their commands

  • Sergio Briceño

    Ben Ten… Tuturutuuu…

  • puchinri

    I like how playful and cute the music was. I’m really excited for the game. Since Layton is ending, I’m wondering what series they will really start to focus on the most.

  • Göran Isacson

    Was that a Fist of the North Star kitty and a muscular block of Tofu? Because that is awesome and I want it. I do wonder however how you decide the attacks. Do you just cycle through available Yokai and then have them auto-attack?

  • Elvick

    Why did Nintendo have to region lock the 3DS? ): or, why can’t the world appreciate more of Level-5 so we get all their games released outside of Japan?

    Also, that battle system seems like Jade Cocoon 2 to me. (didn’t play the first)

  • Zeether

    Level-5 better localize this. Their US division is so far being really terrible with fan feedback, not even caring that people are shouting at them about SEVERAL games like Layton vs. Wright. If they can’t localize this then I don’t know why they bother with opening an international division to begin with.

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