Why Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Is A $40 Retail Game

By Ishaan . January 23, 2013 . 6:08pm

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen, an expansion to Capcom’s Dragon’s Dogma game, is slated for release this April, both as a retail title and as a download. Dark Arisen isn’t just an expansion, though—it includes all the content from the original Dragon’s Dogma in it as well, and is being released for $39.99.


The response on the Internet has been that $40 seems a little on the steep side, and that this issue could have been circumvented by simply releasing Dark Arisen as a downloadable update for a lower price, like, say, $20.


Capcom’s Senior Vice-President, Christian Svensson, doesn’t disagree, but shares that, unfortunately, “major technical limitations” got in the way of pursuing the digital-only upgrade plan, which is originally what Capcom were aiming for. On the Capcom forums, Svensson wrote:


I get it guys. We went round and round with the team on this topic as it would have been a preferred option from our standpoint too. As it turns out, I’m sorry but unfortunately there were major technical limitations that would couldn’t [sic] allow for a digital upgrade path. The original game was just not designed to be expanded (no hooks in the original code) and so a full-game delivery mechanism was the only option.


We also tried to explore a number of mechanisms to try and otherwise put this full product in original owners hands at a discount digitally but we would have run afowl of a few first party policies (not any first party’s fault, t’was our fault).


So instead, we’re packing more than $20 worth of value in digital rewards for existing users: 100K rift crystals (which in DDDA have a LOT more uses than they did in DD vanilla) the Gransys armor pack and the unlimited Ferrystone. We hope this will be a sufficent  “thank you” for being part of the first wave of Dragon’s Dogma fans given the development limitations we had.


Thanks again for your continued support and I hope to see you in Gransys in April.


Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen will be released in North America on April 23rd and Europe on April 26th. The PlayStation 3 will get the game as both a retail and download title at launch, while the Xbox 360 will get the download version sometime during Summer in Europe.


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  • OverlordZetta

    And I was just about to buy the regular version at full prince for $60.
    Bring it on, I say!

  • Raika Souku

    guess im trading in my orginal one then damn i just wanted it as a dlc but no luck

  • MrRobbyM

    “The original game was just not designed to be expanded”

    Coming from Capcom? Lies!

    • Dick Mountainjoy

      Funny, I remember the game having a TON of DLC.

      I’m pretty sure that stuff is meant to be expansions right?

      I mean, unless they were just segregating content off the main game to sell at a premium price… But that’s crazy talk!

      • Hraesvelgr

        I don’t think any of the DLC was any sort of expansion, though. Most of it was just gear.

        • Dick Mountainjoy

          I was being sarcastic…

      • AJ

        Didn’t Capcom admit that a lot of the DLC was on-disc during the whole debacle with Street Fighter DLC? They said they were going to stop doing that and pissing people off, but Dragon’s Dogma was already coming out with DLC on disc.

        Honestly, that probably explains why the DLC was just a ton of random quests.

        I hope Dark Arisen has all that DLC included.

    • Fango

      It’s a total lie lol. Capcom is just using the same strategy for reselling games with a little extra in it like they have always done… and here is Sven once again attempting damage control.

      • Guest

        Give the guy a break, buddy. I don’t like it either, but developing software is tough work. The game might be designed for little additions here and there, but probably not large-scale stuff (apparently they redid menus, etc.) Calling him an outright liar is a little unreasonable, unless you know something we don’t?

        • Fango

          Oh boy, capcom sure has you hooked on their sucker line, don’t they? Go ahead and continue buying the same games twice.

          • sd28

            here an idea get proof and show us other wise its just stuff you made up to justify your outrage

          • DarthDiggler


            Why don’t you provide evidence of your claims? You are the one that is trying to disparage Capcom. Are you going to break into their office and grab design documents? Or are you just going to keep rattling off assumptions?

          • EmrgncyExitMan

            @DarthDiggler Here’s an idea – work in the software/video game industry, get an idea of how incredibly difficult that kind of stuff can be, and then you can complain about DLC development hooks. Do you know about first-party certification processes? If you don’t like it, don’t buy it. I’m a huge fan of the game and hungry for more content so I’ll be gladly picking this up. Nobody’s digging through your pockets to force you to pay, so if you don’t like it you don’t have to crap on everyone else’s parade. Publishers can indeed be scummy but Svensson has been more open and honest than 90% of video game public figures.

          • CMPunk82

            I’ll be buying it as well.

  • Mazdian

    -_- Aww.

  • Z

    And if we have another expansion? Will we need to buy Dragon’s Dogma + Dark Arisen again? hahahaha :D

  • Good thing I haven’t bought this game yet.

  • Adol Christin is a Handome Man

    Well poot… I just got Dragon’s Dogma and now I feel allll cheated and what have you. Sad face. Meh life goes on… I should have learned my lesson by now…

    • Guest

      I don’t feel cheated. I played a whole lotta that game and had a whole lotta fun. Hope you did too.

    • That gives you time to get adjusted to the game and have fun. After all you can update to the new one when it comes out. Or if you just bought it, can return it and wait for the new one..

  • urbanscholar

    PR spin about no seperate DLC add on. This is like a yearly update shaft

  • Dick Mountainjoy

    Capcom released updated game shortly after the original release.

    In related news, water is still wet.

  • Corey Owens

    Capcom at it again.

  • Well, I guess I’ll be gifting my copy of DD to someone when this drops.

    • That’s the spirit! Spread the love. :D

    • ryebot

      You are a good man.

    • That’s my plan! I’m giving my old copy of DD to a friend. Love the game and probably wouldn’t get jack shit for the game from Gamestop so I might as well give it to a friend ^^

  • DesmaX

    Why am I not surprised?

  • Randgriz

    Im sorry but i dont buy this, Dark Souls wasnt designed to have DLC but we had to wait a little bit extra for the consoles and FROM SOFTWARE made that shiz happen.

  • To be blunt, it was worth it the first time, and I’ll be happy to pay a second time. Hell, I’d buy it on PC just for the assurance of better performance.

    • Guest

      Right on man. I’m okay with paying for this game twice. (Was really hoping they’d also announce Dark Arisen for PC, too!)

    • MooPoint

      When I totally hate the possibility Capcom lying to sell an expansion game at full price, I will still pay for it. The reason is the game is worth every my penny, it not like I am paying $40 for a game that going to fill my cabinet for a very long time. I know I will enjoy the game. I will buy PC version too, if made available.

      • DarthDiggler

        Provide said evidence of lies or STFU please!

  • Richard N

    By the time I beat the original I’m sure Dark Arisen will be cheap as dirt. And looking at the pace I’m going balancing it between 5 different games, that’s gonna be like a year.

  • I’m currently playing this game. It’s amazing, I’ll definitely buy this.
    Also I hope if they’re making a sequel, add ability to transform into Dragon like Breath of Fire!!! Can you imagine it???

  • Juan Andrés Valencia

    I still want a PC version or an option to play the game without a letterbox.

  • Raharu95

    Capcom really needs to do their research when they made statements. Dark Souls was never meant to be expanded, yet the content was simply downloaded into a patch and was able to be unlocked with the DLC acting as a key. What so Different with Dragon’s Dogma expansion that makes it unable to just download de extra content into a patch? That’s usually how they handle DLC, but their DLC is on the Disc to begin with, witch makes it immoral to sell the keys later. I’m glad I don’t buy stuff from this company. None of their games interest me, except for this one.

    • Brandonmkii

      “never meant to have DLC” and “designed not to be expanded upon” could be two completely different facets of coding that I’m not privy to.

      • Raharu95

        Darn it. Forgive me, I wrote that incorrectly.

  • I know this is might not be related to the article, but can someone also answer why Sly Thieves in Time was also at a lower cost? I’m not complaining, I just feel that I’m not getting the full content for some reason. I pre-ordered it, but I just want to know.

    So I can just get DDDA without having to get the original correct? (Clarification, sorry. I did read the article)

    • Yeah, it’s the original game with added on features. Think Devil May Cry 3 Special Edition.

      • Thanks buddy. Appreciate the clarification. :)

        • Not a problem, whatever decision you make glad it was helpful.

          • I probably will end up getting it. Its just that all of the major games are being released…. again… DDDA probably will be on top of the list due too it’s price. Always wanted to get it anyways so this is kind of a win for me. hahaha

          • I don’t mind buying it again, but given the way it’s programmed, I’d take a Last Remnant style PC Release just for a performance boost, hah. Seems like a great year for action games, regardless. Bayonetta 2, Metal Gear Rising… wouldn’t mind playing through this game again, was fun the first time around. If anything, I’d hope they at least address the performance on, say, PS3, for new buyers. Heard it wasn’t that bad on 360, though.

          • What performance issue was brought up for the PS3 ver.? I agree with The Last Remnant point. Reminds me that I have to get that on PC to play again. Had it on XBox360 and damn those load times were a part of my life, lol.

            Yeah, this year is full of Adventure/Action games from what I’ve seen. GTAV, Watch Dogs, Metro, Tomb Raider (can’t wait), Bioshock Infinite, and so forth. Money flying everywhere hahaha.

          • For PS3 sometimes the framerate gets a bit choppy, and I remember the sound going out of sync for me, but that might just be a personal issue.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    wonder if they can make it 60fps, like they are doing with DmC for pc, but apply it to consoles? it would make it all extra worth while for the ones that got the game before, and for those that like me saw this coming and waited.

    • Brandonmkii

      I think if they could have gotten it to 60fps at all, it would have been a day 1 thing.

      • Valtiel Ikari

        well, capcom did say at one point that with dragons dogma they learned a lot about the fps, so just wondering if they could apply it in this new version.

        • Armane

          Isn’t this game running on MT Frameworks, and isn’t it the same team as that which developed DMC4? How can they put out a launch title that runs at 60 fps flawlessly (as I recall) and fail to do so 4 years later on the same engine?

          As said above, Capcom always have an answer for everything.

          • It’s not the same engine, DMC4 runs on MTF 1.x and DD runs on MTF 2.M (as in modified); they had to heavily modify the engine cause it -did not support- freeroaming areas, remember all those doors that load new areas in DMC4, Dead Rising (MTF 1) and RE5(MTF 2.x)?

            Yeah the engine went through some very extensive, and impressive, modifications; as you said, if they could have it running at 60 they would’ve, which frankly is only possible on PC hardware, just like with RE5/6

          • Valtiel Ikari

            ok, at least some one gave a clear answer instead of saying othger things that really didn’t comvince me, so MTF 2.x could do 60fps only on PC? well, doesn’t matter, still going to get it.

          • Well maybe I worded it a a bit misleading, cause RE5/6 require a bit of higher detail than DMC4 did, I’m sure MTF 2.x can do 60 fps on consoles, but they would have to make some sacrifices; those same sacrifices would allow ~200+ fps on pc, like in DMC4; in fact, the only time it drops below a 100 on my machine is when I use the pc only LDK mode which fills the screen with enemies.

          • Valtiel Ikari

            now you got me hoping for a pc realese for DD:DA

          • Heh I was hoping for a pc release of DD since launch…;P

          • Valtiel Ikari

            maybe they will have a nice surprice, maybe, hopefuly, in a parralel universe.

  • Visa Vang

    Oh, I guess I was wrong about it being like Red Dead. It’s more like White Knight but a 1.5 instead of 2.

    • Zal_Yagun

      Its basically an Updated re-release at this point, I mean, you arent really wrong comparing it to White knight chronicles, but Capcom does have history of releasing a updated version of a game, and essentially making the original release obsolete…

  • Ty Arnold

    I always love it when this happens and I didn’t buy the original game. It doesn’t make Capcom any better, but it certainly does make things more convenient for me.

    The people who Capcom hurts most through things like this are the people who bought the original on Day 1. AKA, their biggest fans.

    • To be honest many companies do that. I was furious when the Arkham City Game of the Year Edition was announced last year since I shelled out the money to get the Collector’s Edition on launch day and ended up discovering that if I waited I could have gotten everything for less…

      That does not excuse Capcom’s middle finger to their fans with this (and yes, it is far worse I know), but it’s becoming a disturbing trend in gaming in total…

  • Settsuo

    I dumped DD after my first playthrough, the lack of a hard mode really killed replayability. It looks like I’ll be picking this up, me and my pawns shall once again raze the land…. while walking…. a lot…. do I want this game? Yea… I dunno (_-_)…

    EDIT: I want it!

    • There is a hard mode now, added in December. But no matter, since DDDA is coming out soon.

  • Andrew Strozier

    Super Dragon’s Dogma Turbo!

    Seriously though, I’ve yet to get DD, so this works out for me. I liked the demo, but the PS3 backlog was too long back then.

  • konsama

    Good thing i learned to never buy a capcom game before the SUPER gold G version as a port to a different console.

    • Fango

      Lol yeah I learned my lesson when they released SF4 three times….

  • XyzzySqrl

    So does that mean that this’ll come with all that DLC gear/quests from the first one? Because I remember there was that medallion hunt series of quests and a bunch of cloaks/armor that was DLC…

  • Zal_Yagun

    Wait. The last part about xbox, is it download only on xbox for america as well or just europe?

    I know disc space is limited to less than 8 gigs, and vanilla DD is 7.9 installed on xbox….

    EDIT: Checked on Capcom unity, PS3 and XBOX will get retail releases in US and Europe. Download Version will be for both regions on PSN, But Europe only on XBOX

  • Guest

    I mean, people buy new Madden and Call of DutyBLOPS games every year? I’m okay with paying again for an expansion to one of my favorite games of 2012.

    But if you don’t like Capcom doing this stuff, vote with your wallet, and maybe they’ll stop. And if they aren’t… that probably means it’s working.

    • Definitely. There’s a bunch of stuff to look forward to this year that looks worthy of money. Given that Dragon’s Dogma is one of the few times Capcom made a new franchise over trying to rely on their brand (Mega Man, Street Fighter, Devil May Cry, Lost Planet), I don’t really have a problem trying to get something new out of a company that tends to go too far with establishing a brand and all the ideas that come with that.

      A lot of the references to Street Fighter 2’s subsequent updates also tend to ignore the fact that those updates were arcade games FIRST, console games second. No one that was visiting the arcade back then was doing anything other than whining about having to put 50 cents into a different machine. Most of them didn’t understand that those updates gave them a better game, and I really feel that that’s the case for most people who played Dragon’s Dogma and are going to buy this seeming cash in.

      There are so many times where I think people get it wrong with their righteous indignation, this is one of those times. But, eh, what can you do?

    • Dick Mountainjoy

      The problem isn’t the game existing, the problem is people who own the original have to buy it again just to play the expansion pack.

      This is why people give Capcom shit, because they do DLC in the most idiotic, exploitative ways, but the one time a legit reason for DLC happens, they completely mess it up.

      • Guest

        You don’t *have* to buy it though. If the game was released last year and tanked, there would have never been more Dragon’s Dogma. You could probably even wait a few months and get it when it’s $20, or whatever price you’re willing to pay.

        Capcom sucks pretty hard at DLC. But it sounds like this is actually more than just an extra dungeon, so maybe it’s justified. I don’t know. In the end, they are a business and their goal is to make money.

        • Dick Mountainjoy

          That’s not the point, the entire point of legit DLC is to offer people new experiences without making them buy a entire new game.

          This should have been DLC, But it’s just Capcom being Capcom.

          And this is why Bethesda offers GotY editions as an alternative to buying DLC, instead of forcing people to buy what is essentially the same game twice.

          • Pockystix

            well, I think the difference is that DD worked on day one *hides*

          • Dick Mountainjoy

            Well, Bethesda’s terrible bug testing department is a different subject.

    • badmoogle

      I’ll definitely vote with my wallet even though DD was my GOTY for 2012.But i can’t stand greedy publishers who treat their fans as idiots.

      If they don’t fix this and release DA as separate DLC then i’m not going to buy DD2 until it hits the sales bin.

      It’s amazing how they like to punish us for supporting them from day 1.

  • d19xx

    “Why Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen Is A $40 Retail Game”


  • dahuuuundge

    and I was contemplating about buying DD after playing DMC4 too. Thanks for the news.

  • revenent hell

    “As it turns out, I’m sorry but unfortunately there were major technical limitations that would couldn’t [sic] allow for a digital upgrade path. The original game was just not designed to be expanded (no hooks in the original code) and so a full-game delivery mechanism was the only option.”
    If you can patch in different modes and items then there are obviously “hooks” in the game for wich to make a DD upgrade.
    You cant claim one thing and ignore everything else …or was previous DLC forgotten about?

  • Should check out shopto if you still want this in the UK. They have it for just under 18 quid right now, 55% off. Probably a mistake, but nonetheless, nab it while its down.

    • TrevHead

      I snapped a copy a couple of days ago from shopto £15.80 good deal considering the price of the game has risen again elsewhere. (although I wish I didn’t buy the bloody thing now and waited till April)

  • kupomogli

    There’s always a technical issue.

    Resident Evil 5 somehow couldn’t implement Move support so those who wanted to use Move were required to get Resident Evil 5 Gold.

    Street Fighter 4 couldn’t have an add on for Super Street Fighter 4 some reason or another. Same with Ultimate Marvel vs Capcom.

    Now Dragon’s Dogma.

    Here’s a post from Siliconera about the UMvC update which even refers to the SSF4 update.


    Capcom’s always has an excuse for everything. People were complaining about no Vita RE Revelations HD. Capcom’s reply?

    “when we were developing Revelations for new platforms we really wanted
    to hone in on the experience you get with a large format screen,
    surround sound, etc. This type of setup really helps players get sucked
    into the horror vibe and enjoy the game to its fullest extent.”

    Another excuse pulled out of their… excuse machine. We know that it’s one of two reasons. Possible sales or because they probably had a contract with Nintendo. Capcom isn’t one to give up money so I’d think it’d be based on the release of Revelations to the 3DS and maybe in a contract Nintendo didn’t want it on the Vita. It’s certainly not sales because 34 Vita games have sold 100,000+ already while only six Wii U games have sold 100,000+. More Vita games sold 100,000+ in the same time frame as the Wii U. Assassin’s Creed Liberation sold 500,000+ while Assassin’s Creed 3 Vita sold 100,000+. This isn’t any sort of knock against thte Wii U, just fact showing that the sales for Resident Evil Revelations would be just as good as it would on the Wii U.

  • MickyT

    What happens to DLC weve purchased for the original is that just gone? What about importing saves?

    • MooPoint

      I want to know the answer too. Anyone know?

    • @Aueberon:disqus @disqus_69KXkn0iHA:disqus You can import your save data and characters.

  • LaserVision

    Dissidia did it and the Naruto games do it every year. Ask anyone who has ever bought a Final Mix of the Kingdom Hearts games. If it bothers you so much just don’t buy the publisher’s games anymore. People sure love to complain. Give me a break.

    • Kaihedgie

      They just love to complain about Capcom period. All I saw were people jumping for joy for the already on-disc DLC for Dissidia 012 when it was discovered.

    • XiaomuArisu

      Dissidia did it?
      They gave us a Sequel with the story of the first.Awesome in my book.
      BTW I will buy Dark Arisen!

    • zferolie

      All fighting games do it. It’s almost expected now. And with KH… America never got those. But really yes, I agree that it is bad in the KH sense.

      I think people are just annoyed that it keeps happening. Personally, I’m not that upset, since I never bought the first one, but I can understand why they are.

      Plus, for capcom NOT to include a way for them to update there game in this day and age is just plain dumb

  • badmoogle

    No problem Capcom i understand.

    Because you see i have a technical issue too.Somehow my wallet doesn’t open to fork 30€ for content that i have already bought in full price on day one.

    Maybe my technical issue will be solved when this is on sale for 10-15€ or something.Or maybe i’ll just buy it used and you will not see a penny of my money.

    Oh and something else.I might also experience some technical difficulties in the future that will not let me buy a Capcom game on day 1 ever again.

    Thanks again for your continued support!

    • Crimson_Cloud

      That should be an official statement from us consumers, signed my at least thousands of us.

    • EmrgncyExitMan

      Because the development team of a software product should never continue to work on a game after launch that hardcore fans might buy. They should just work in one huge long protracted development cycle to get all the work out that they possibly could envision, operating on a budget not at all bolstered by the games’ sales (because remember, it’s not out yet). Furthermore, in the 1-2 months that the game has gone gold master, and is waiting to be pressed and shipped onto discs, the development team should also sit on their hands and idly wait to be laid off. Please, tell us more how you think the industry works.

  • Ferofax

    LOL, Arisen is Dragon’s Dogma + Expansion pack. So you’re buying Dragon’s Dogma again, the expansion pack just comes as a bonus.


  • TrevHead

    Well atleast it isn’t $60/£40 although $30/£20 would be a better price the same price as Anarchy Reigns & ZOE HD.

  • Naux

    Will the game feature the whole content from the original game? Like the quests etc. Because if it does it’s time to sell my Dragon’s Dogma somewhere. xD

    • They did say it will have the entire original game in addition to the expansion content.

  • PRGamerCub

    So the retail game is the Full Dragons Dogma game + Dark Arisen? …. thats cool i’d get it if thats true

  • sd28

    as long as the new content is worth the price tag to me i dont really care

    • MooPoint


  • British_Otaku

    I’m getting the feeling that outside of remakes of games from the PS2 era and prior, I should just wait till Capcom’s games have been out for a few years or been re-released once at the least till I buy. Long enough for a price drop and long enough for the special edition to be announced.

    Yeah, this applies to a lot of other high profile games like Arkham Asylum, Oblivion and their successors. Still, Marvel vs Capcom, Street Fighter (I guess they never changed in retrospect), Dragon’s Dogma, Street Fighter X Tekken and so on… >_>

  • Hmm…guys…Eurogamer claims this game will sell for 20£ on Europe.
    That’s 25eur, give or take a few cents, and I believe that would ammount
    to 30usd?

    Sauce: http://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2013-01-23-dragons-dogma-expansion-dark-arisen-out-on-26th-april

  • Learii

    oh so is downloadable game not as a disc huh?

  • TheCynicalReaper

    “and is being released for $39.99”
    I can dig it. Not a big fan of rebuying the game, since I still have mine (and the useless strategy guide because I like the game so much), but I’ll go for it at 40 bucks. Hell, it’s cheaper than what the original is going for now in most stores!

    I don’t know. I can see the usual CapcomCrappery here. I doubt it will be as big of a change as Persona 4 Golden (the BEST way to resell a game EVER!!), but I’m really looking forward to it. I appreciate the in-game swag for original buyers, too. Unlimited Ferry stones? Yes, please.

  • Fango

    Honestly, who the heck develops an open world game like Dragon’s Dogma and not design it for expanded DLC from the beginning (especially in this digital generation)? I find it utterly amazing how many times people can be fooled by the same company. lol

  • I don’t mind rebuying since its a physical copy. Plus if you already have the game you get $20 extra content. I guess that means your old save data will be the trigger for this?

  • Hossi Blumengaarten

    Capcom, EA if the east

    damn man!!!

  • CAPCOM is breaking off part of Dragon’s Dogma and reselling it to you as an expansion.

  • l777l

    Great, now they apologize for releasing a disc-based game. I like disc-based games. Apparently technical problems are quickly becoming the last safeguard against DRM and DLC. Hail technical problems. (Except the ones in Bethesda games.)

  • Tianyu Wei

    I wouldn’t’ mind paying the full price again if they fix the god awful Frame-rate issue on Ps3… Some battles are like 5 fps…. >_> how do people play like that.

  • zero254

    Saw this coming which is why I was able to wait on this game.

    I’ll probably wait for the arcade release then grab the full package edition.

  • Schwer_Muta

    Maybe if somewhere else said this I would be inclined to believe it, but Capcom being what they are means they don’t and shouldn’t get the benefit of the doubt.

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