Persona 4: Golden Reaches Europe On February 22nd

By Ishaan . January 24, 2013 . 3:58pm

Persona 4: Golden has a release date in Europe. NIS America, who will be publishing the Atlus RPG in Europe, announced this afternoon that Persona 4: Golden will be available in Europe on February 22nd.


If you want to grab the game slightly earlier, you can opt to buy the downloadable version. A download version of Persona 4: Golden will be made available via the PlayStation Network on February 20th.


We covered Persona 4: Golden in great detail leading up to its Japanese and American releases. You can catch up with our coverage here.


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  • ragingmerifes

    Which means a rise in worldwide sales for Vita.

    • raymk

      I wish It meant that, this game didn’t exactly save the game in the states but I guess it is the best selling vita game.

    • Farid Belkacemi

      Not really : I bought P4G but no VITA yet :p

      • ragingmerifes

        So you’ll have to buy a Vita to play it.

        • Farid Belkacemi

          Yeah, but the increase in sales will have to wait :D

    • That’s a good joke.

  • Even Golden is coming out before Arena in Europe.

    Come on guys, get this together.

    • Shouldn’t that be more impressive? European players will be able to play through 4 first and then go into Arena!

      • Samurai_Heart

        Oooooh boy, you’ve poked a bear, BAIL OUT! BAIL OUT! XD

        • I realized that after I posted it XD

        • Herok♞

          Wait when did Teddie get poked? I am beary unsure of when that happened

      • That…well. I can’t argue that logic I guess.

    • Roxy

      Golden came out before Arena in Japan. Your point?

      • Guest

        point: it would be preferred to release the two persona games chronologically as people like me would have to put off arena until the remastered version of the original is released to avoid spoilers. but i don’t see how the fact that japan did the same thing effects anything.

        on another note this is old news, it seems online retailers weren’t using placeholder dates this time.

      • My point was that P4A was supposed to come out even before Golden did in Europe but it hasn’t still.

  • SirRichard

    And Devil Survivor Overclocked was said to be around the same time, though knowing our luck that’ll be hit with a delay.

    Shouldn’t take this long to bring these over in this day and age when it’s not even going to have any other languages aside from English.

  • Already bought the US version.

    Didn’t know that NIS America was publishing this in Europe though >_> Great job NISA.

    • artemisthemp

      Been know for a long time

  • DesmaX

    Atlus should make NISA publish their games in Europe.

    They seem to make a way faster job converting the games to PAL than other publishers

    • The catch is, I don’t think NISA are interested in non-PlayStation platforms, and the lion’s share of Atlus support has been on 3DS lately.

      I expect NISA will be interested in Dragon’s Crown, though. Rising Star are probably eyeing that, too, since they published Muramasa in Europe. I don’t think Europe will need to worry about that game.

      • DesmaX

        … Oh yeah, that. I forgot about that detail.

        But they, It would be nice if they managed ATLUS PS titles. They did a surprisingly nice job with it (Compared to Devil Survivor 2, at least)

        • Yeah, the whole Devil Survivor situation is really unfortunate for you guys. I hope you don’t have to wait as long for SMTIV. That would really suck. Maybe if you get lucky, Nintendo will publish that in Europe, since they’re publishing SMT x Fire Emblem.

          • SirRichard

            Don’t start making me daydream about the possibility of Nintendo of Europe localising SMT games, it’ll only end in tears.

          • Well, this time it would actually be to their benefit, since SMTIV is obviously going to be done well before SMT x Fire Emblem.

            I don’t know about Soul Hackers but I could see NOE realistically being interested in SMTIV from the perspective of giving the series some exposure before the crossover hits.

          • SirRichard

            That would make sense, that way the 3DS would have one title from both series in the crossover for those interested that don’t know about one or the other (or both). It’d be awesome if they decide to do that, now I’m all hopeful that they might!

          • Don’t come after me if they don’t, though. Even Edgeworth-level logic fails sometimes. :P

          • Samurai_Heart

            I beleve in you Ishaan =), it’s a logical conclusion seeing as Nintendo of Europe keeps publishing 3rd party games lately, recently Castlevaina publishing deal was announced.

            And Nintendo did publish the Trauma Center series over here, but stopped before Trauma Team…..='(….so…..

            …if you ever interview Atlus please ask them to open an European office or get a publishing deal here T.T.
            I’m just gonna go cry in a corner on how little Atlus cares for the European gamers…T_T

          • I’m sure Atlus already know you guys are unhappy with their European publishing situation. We can always ask when the time is right if they have plans to do anything about it.

            In the case of NOE, though, what they’re doing right now are distribution deals, not publishing. So, Castlevania is still being published by Konami, but NOE will handle sales and marketing for it. They did the same for Tekken, DOAD, and a few other 3DS games.

            SMTIV’s situation is different since it doesn’t have a European publisher at all. But yeah, hopefully, NOE see it worth their while to help bring it over there.

          • If they even intend to release SMT x FE over here. I guess that depends a whole lot on their FE: Awakening sales as well.

          • DesmaX

            What? No, I’m not european

            I was just commenting

          • Oh, whoops!

          • I will not get my hopes up for that.. no I won’t.


      • Dyne

        If you take a look, NISA has 2 games on steam.
        so they are some what interested in non-PlayStation platforms.

    • phangtom

      But then we’ll never get any kind of collector’s or Limited Edition for the games.

  • i dont work in this industry, and dont know the specifics on how this is done, but after doing it for this many years, one should have thought they found a way to release things around the same time without delay.

    • More languages = more localization time.

      • tubers

        Oh damn! Thanks for reminding me.. Whenever I hear EU I always think “English”

      • Tom_Phoenix

        Except this game isn’t getting localised into multiple languages. It’s the same game that North America got.

        That said, however, the lack of a European branch of Atlus means that a European release is impossible until a third-party publisher decides to pick it up.

        • Oh? NISA sent out PR saying they were putting out trailers in French and German and whatnot, so I figured that there would be multiple language options.

      • Makes sense, but i thought they added the same language options in US and EU games?

        • Huh, odd. NISA’s PR said they were doing French and German trailers so I thought they would include those languages in the game.

          • Nope, they sadly never include any other languages besides those that are on the US version in their European releases. Or at least so far they never have (and P4G will be no exception it seems). But hasn’t the release date been known for a while already? At least basically every EU online shop where you could pre-order the game had February 22nd set as the release date… since weeks. ^^;

            Wonder why it takes so long to get the game over here… didn’t take as long for Meruru. :<

          • artemisthemp

            Because Meruru was NISA alone, while P4: Golden have Atlus to slow it down

  • Terr

    I don’t know anyone who wants this who hasn’t already imported it from the US.. myself included

    • Koji Kabuto

      Me too, I always import all Megaten games because I don´t want to wait.

    • artemisthemp

      My friend don’t have US version, but then again, he first get Vita next week

  • Go2hell66

    well i’ve played and finished the US version multiple times already, fortunately the localisation was very fast this time around, but this is one game i just couldn’t wait for

  • Roxy

    1000 years later~ Europe get EXCITEEEEEEE!!

  • Neppygear

    Please support NIS, y’all. They’re 2kawaii.

  • Isaac Newton

    Congratulations from Asia!
    Now you can feel the Swag power of the epic Brotagonist

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