DLC Sales Strong Says Capcom; Resident Evil 5 Pachislot Doing Well

By Ishaan . February 4, 2013 . 10:30am

Resident Evil 6 and DmC Devil May Cry may not be performing to Capcom’s sales expectations, but downloadable content is continuing to do well and helping make up for those titles.


With regard to their digital business, Capcom cited a “big increase in sales from one year earlier because of new DLC associated with major titles and higher sales from primary software downloads” in their nine-month earnings report for April – December 2012.


This echoes the company’s first-quarter report from last year, where they reported that DLC sales were higher than projected. For the remainder of the fiscal year, Capcom say they will “continue to introduce additional content for Resident Evil 6 and other major titles”.


Resident Evil: Operation Raccoon City is continuing to sell as well. Worldwide shipments of Operation Raccoon City were at 2.2 million copies on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, as of December 31st, 2012.


Finally, another Resident Evil game helped contribute to profits as well—Resident Evil 5pachislot. Capcom say that the December launch sales of their Resident Evil 5 pachislot machine in Japan was a record for the company at 35,000 units sold.


Resident Evil 5 pachislot contributed “big increases in sales and earnings” to Capcom’s earnings, with the company pointing to the success of Resident Evil 5 having a synergistic effect on the pachislot game.


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  • Welp seems like not buying capcom games at launch will continue to be the case in the next gen. Gotta wait for them expansions or complete editions.

    • Nicolas Vasquez

      yep, that seems like the smart action to take.

  • Terrible news to be honest…Now DLC is a major component of capcom’s product and its working well.So no matter how much we complain we end up buying it and capcom will probably maximise their DLC strategies by next gen. :(

    • tridus

      “So no matter how much we complain we end up buying it and capcom will probably maximise their DLC strategies by next gen. :(”

      That’s the problem, right there. If you’re buying it, they don’t care if you complain. Your wallet speaks far louder than your keyboard.

  • Godman

    Japanese sure love their pachinko

  • It’s not just Capcom, practically every company is in it just for the money. Next gen I’m betting game discs still cost $60 with a bare minimum of $40 DLC for most games and if the game has hot anime girls then the DLC will at least triple the disc’s price.

    The problem is people think oh look a few bucks for some extra content, sounds good. They don’t think about how things will degenerate 5 years down the line.

    • Fango

      Yeah, it’s unfortunate but I have seen a lot of comments on siliconera where someone will say something like “dam i got screwed by buying (insert Capcom game) game at launch… oh well im just gonna buy this new 1.5 expansion anyways”. So no one is to blame but these types of consumers that are giving these companies reasons to continue such business practices.

    • tridus

      Pretty much EVERY company is “in it for the money”. That is in fact why most corporations exist. Even nonprofit corporations need income (aka: money) to do their nonprofit work, and most game companies are for-profit companies. Their purpose is to make money for their shareholders. Period. (If I wanted to be less cynical, I could instead mention that companies have to be in it for the money because their employees tend to want to do things like eat and pay rent. But I’m not sure how many companies in this industry really care about their employees at all, given the fondness for crunch the industry has.)

      This practice would end real fast if people’s complaining about it extended to their wallets. Unfortunately, most gamers behave like addicts and complain while handing over the money for their fix (not saying you are specifically, but that’s the general way things go).

      If people are buying it, all the complaining in the world is totally meaningless. When people stop supporting this practice by not buying it, it’ll end real fast.

  • epy

    The king of shady DLC practices reports strong DLC sales. Yay…

    • ronin4life

      But those games are underperforming… so it may just be helping break even.

      That may force a shift in policy away from what has been reputation damaging practices including dlc management.

  • Tales_of_Master


  • Luna Kazemaru

    *eats popcorn*

    this going to be good.

  • Kris

    You know, I think a lot of people have a knee-jerk reaction to anything that Capcom does DLC-wise lately, because of some previously terrible practices. They have been improving but they do get vitriol, I mean compare the response to Capcom’s approach to DmC’s DLC (DlC?) to Konami’s handling of Rising.

    Capcom/Ninja Theory: Yo, we’re gonna give you guys some free post-release DLC, you can preorder for other post-release DLC, and/or weapon skins. If you want, you can buy some DLC costumes later, that’d be neat.


    Konami/Platinum: ‘Sup dudes. We’ve got a bunch of retailer-exclusive weapons/costume combos, we’ve got an extended DLC plan, and oh yeah, that DLC is console-exclusive. You cool?


    Obviously that stems from previous bad practices versus good practices (Bayonetta had SO MUCH content on the disc, it basically puts any “Game of the Year” edition game to shame), but I honestly think Capcom is trying to atone for its earlier mistakes where some publishers are just getting more and more mired in paid content. People complain about their iterative fighters, too, but Capcom’s always done that. It’s just interesting to see how angry people get about Capcom’s stuff versus, say, a NISA game.

    • Godman

      Some gamers tend to hold the stupidest grudges

      lol about NISA I’ve noticed that too i.e Disgaea 3 there’s a DLC pack for $50 that contains everything up on PSN.

      And just with them I don’t care to whine I’ll just check and buy what I like then move on when I complete the game.

      But hell its the internet, better have people whining here then having martyrs show up and ruin awesome gaming events. (you know it would happen O_o)

    • Locklear93

      I personally have yet to be genuinely bothered by anything but retailer exclusive DLC. That said, and I realize this is financial statement reporting, not marketing, the best thing Capcom can do with DLC is be quiet for a while. The “terrible practices” you acknowledge (which actually didn’t bother me much, other than $40 fighter iterations) are still in people’s minds and memories. Laying low, and letting people find a new target for their ire is the best thing they could do right now.

      PS, only recently started paying attention to Rising, as I saw “Metal Gear” and skipped over it until bumping into a recent trailer–what’s this about console exclusive DLC?

    • Your post can be summed up as gamers holding grudges and living in fantasy worlds; Bayonetta’s ridiculous amount of content somehow makes platinum’s dlc practices better than what capcom is doing…*shrug*.

      I don’t care either way, if it’s good I’ll get it, it’s business and publishers want money.

      Good post.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      NIS can be pretty bad, and I’ve read/heard plenty complaints about them, but NIS’s games also include overwhelming amounts of content even without that DLC generally, so I’m not sure if it’s a good comparison.

    • Fango

      I might have taken you more seriously if your avatar wasn’t that of a Capcom character. Capcom gets crapped on for far more reasons than just their DLC practices. In just the past couple of years, they have come up with numerous ways to screw over customers, and then follow up with lame PR akin to “oops, we won’t do that again.”

    • gamefreak86

      Listen, I bought the limited edition mvc3 game and 4 months later ultimate is announced at half the price. 1st nail. 2nd nail, vita version for 40 excluding shuma and Jill. 2nd nail. Just stupid things like that and for that ill wait for bargain bin or psn sale to play their games. Except MH.

  • CirnoTheStrongest

    What’s really sad is that Capcom probably put pennies into making that Pachislot game, and it’s selling that good. Showing that the RE name is still far too strong.

    Let’s just hope that bit about RE going back to actually being survival horror wasn’t just a PR stunt.

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