Ghost in the Shell: Arise Anime Event To Be Streamed In English

By Ishaan . February 4, 2013 . 10:45pm

On February 12th, Bandai Visual will be holding an event in Japan, where they discuss details of Ghost in the Shell: Arise, a new anime project based on the Ghost in the Shell franchise. According to an Anime News Network report, this event will be streamed worldwide in English.


Bandai Visual’s event will be 60 minutes in length and will include a promotional video for the anime, along with its opening movie and other announcements. Staff members from the production team will be in attendance as well.


You’ll be able to catch the Ghost in the Shell: Arise event via Bandai Visual’s Ghost in the Shell YouTube channel. It will take place at 9pm Tokyo time on February 12th.


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  • Cool =)

  • Bloodios

    Err…I’m not liking Motoko’s new look, so I certainly hope that other elements of Arise are great enough to keep my mind from focusing on that aspect.

    Personally, I would like Motoko to have her classic muscular body back. I’m not liking all that useless slenderness…

    • Asura

      The anime series Motoko was (visually) pure fanservice though (well, at least in 2nd Gig she wore a full-body suit like everyone else which was sweet).

      I’m more worried about her personality than anything, but I have nothing to judge until that promo.

      • Motoko was pure fanservice in the original manga series as well. Except unlike the Anime version, her original manga version was more uh…

        She slept with a lot of women, but has a boyfriend. And more importantly, her personality was more “sexy” in the manga. While the Anime one is just pure badass.

      • Bloodios

        Yeah, well… didn’t really watch the series. I mean, I saw my cousin watching it on Adult Swim and ended up a watching a few myself but never really finished it. The only ones I actually watched and liked were the old movies. They were absolutely lovely. Motoko was absolutely badass then.

        • Asura

          Did you see the 2nd episode of the first season (with the run-away tank)? Probably my favorite of the series, has a little reference to the first film as well.

          Beautiful episode. They stuck an ass-shot in there for absolutely zero reason which almost kills the scene with how blatant it is, but that’s the only complaint I can think of.

        • I second that

  • Can’t wait to watch this. :3

  • Solomon_Kano

    It’s doubtful, but this would be an excellent grab for Toonami if it gets dubbed.

    • I only hope the eventual dub is half as good as the one for Stand Alone Complex. They did a phenomenal job with the dub for that series. <3

      • Asura

        One of the few series I prefer the English dub for every single watchthrough!

        • Yeah, every single character in that show had a really good voice. Crispin Freeman as Togusa in particular was fantastic.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    It is a new Ghost in The Shell. Hypeeeee!!!^_^

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    I guess I have to get over Motoko’s new look, :/

  • $30632660

    What’s Tokyo 9 pm translated to in USA EST?!

    • Tristan Diaz

      8am February 11th I believe.

  • ZEROthefirst

    Give this series an English dub as good as Stand Alone Complex (or depending on the characters even the same VAs) and this will be a must watch regardless of the Major’s new uninteresting look.

  • Valtiel Ikari

    not diggin the new art style, looks generic as hell, I can forgive that if the series is good.
    But seriously, why is anime art style becoming more generic? what happened to personal art style that fit the story?

  • Not digging the new art style from what I’m seeing, but I’ll wait to judge until the promo.

  • Ethan_Twain

    As someone who never got emotionally invested in Ghost in the Shell previously, I’m gonna speak up with the dissenting opinion and say… I like this. I like that the female protagonist is now dressed such that I wouldn’t be ashamed if someone walked in and saw me watching a screen with her on it. I was kind of okay with it in the movie since everything was so stylized and over the top there but in the show it just did not work for me. TV shows are slower paced and because of that there were lots of scenes with the major wearing this ridiculous get-up just sitting around in the office or whatever. It was a problem.

    • Kevin Lor

      I’m not ashamed if anyone saw me watching this hot babe.

  • Motoko looks like a teen. I hope Mary Elizabeth McGlynn will reprise the role though. What a sexy voice.

  • $30632660

    I hope Origa returns to do the Op <3

    • AlSmash

      The fact that Yoko Kanno is not returning for GitS and Origa has been inactive the last year or so, the probability of that is quite slim.

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