Sony Lower PlayStation Vita Sales Forecast A Third Time

By Ishaan . February 6, 2013 . 11:15pm

Sony have lowered their estimated sales forecast for the PlayStation Vita for a third time. In an earnings report for the company’s third quarter (ended Dec. 31st, 2012), Sony mentioned that they now expect to sell 7 million PSP and PlayStation Vita devices combined by March 31st, 2013.


In 2012, Sony initially forecast that they would sell 10 million PlayStation Vita and 6 million PSP devices, for a total of 16 million, by the end of March 2013. Then, in August, they revised that forecast down to 12 million PSPs and Vitas combined, without specifying an individual figure for each. Later, in November, they revised the forecast a second time, down to 10 million combined.


Sony’s earnings report reads:


In the digital imaging and the game businesses, which are positioned as core areas of the electronics businesses along with the mobile businesses, the shrinking market for compact digital cameras, due to the expansion of the smartphone market, and the slow penetration of the PlayStation Vita portable entertainment platform are recognized as particularly important issues.


Sony is working to improve profitability through reinforcement of its high value added products that are differentiated by the use of highly competitive image sensors developed by Sony. In the game business, Sony is working to expand sales and operating income through the introduction of an attractive software lineup and through offering game software on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.


Sony’s forecast for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 2 sales remains the same, at 16 million devices combined by the end of March.


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  • MrRobbyM

    Sigh. We knew ye well, PS Vita.

    I’m kidding. Sony. You know what to do. I keep telling you in these posts on Siliconera that you’ll never read. But there’s a chance to save it.

  • Womp womp.

  • I reaaaaally really hope they manage to find a way to bring Vita’s sales up to snuff. It’s a really nice console and I’d hate to see it die.

    • OneOkami

      I don’t see Sony killing off the Vita particularly prematurely. However, I do think it could use a price cut, the memory cards are too expensive (I realize they went proprietary due to piracy concerns but I think the system still would be much better in general if it utilized standard SD cards) and it could use some more attractive software in the form of original instalments of heavy-hitter IPs rather than enhanced console ports. They’re making efforts with this in-house with Uncharted and Killzone but they need 3rd parties to hop on board as well.

      As is often the case in the early days of consoles, there is a vicious circle of publishers not wanting to invest too much into the platform because it isn’t widely installed, but at the same time the system isn’t widely installed because publishers don’t want to invest too much into the platform.

      • XypherCode

        Lowering the price could really work. But the next problem for the Vita are the games which the handheld doesn’t have much right now and that’s a bigger problem. But of course lowering the price will gain a big boost in install base and devs might consider supporting it now. :)

    • Detrimont

      lower the price, like they did with the 3ds… though, 3ds sales were still good before it’s price drop, it could still work

      • LinkofCourage

        No they weren’t. They just weren’t as bad as Vita’s.

        • Ispheria

          yeah, i’m a huge nintendo fan myself, but i have agree that the 3ds sales were pretty bad before the price drop. i like to think it was mainly because of the lack of software though, which is one the problems the Vita has right now. In my opinion, if they want to sell more Vita’s, they have to lower the price, lower the price of the SD cards, and get more games, specificly MH, but MH is in a 3 year contract with Nintendo, so til thats over i think that the Vita is just a bit screwed

          • Peeka Chu

            The three year contract is rumoured, not confirmed. I don’t see Capcom ever locking themselves away from profit like that. 3rd party exclusivity, for a franchise – not a specific title – no less, is utterly dead.

      • sd28

        they weren’t exactly good but they where higher than the vitas

    • Christopher Abraham

      That’s what I’m always afraid of. I fear Sony suddenly decides to kill off Vita

    • DualCell

      Lower the price = not happened
      Advertise = Working on it
      Great games = Not an issue
      Support from 3rd Part = Better than support from 1st Party

      I love my vita and play it everyday but SONY you f*cked up…

    • tubers

      If they kill the VITA prematurely watch the PS4 be at the bottom of the console race: Sony’d be losing quite some customer/investor confidence.. Media will surely spread the news.

  • Go2hell66
  • DriftSlave

    it only gets worse from here sony….

  • Adol Christin

    Sony needs to lower the price of the system and memory cards. Its a game console and for that reason alone no matter what specs it has, can never justify the current price to gamers. If the Vita was a Tab or a Smartphone then it would be a steal at this price.

    • Peeka Chu

      See my above post on how/ why they should just make it one. Its currently waffling between the two devices anyhow and not particularly solid at being either.

  • Pyrofrost
  • WingsOfEternity

    I still have hopes for the Vita. It’s mostly because PSP was still relatively lively in Japan and is just starting to slow down recently, companies will start making the shift to Vita. The WESTERN Vita scene, however, might be a different story.

    • Cazar

      Western portable gaming is all about mobile phones now… It’s getting that way in asia too but at least there remains decent demographic for handheld consoles. Even with the success of the 3DS, how many of it’s big games are developed in the west? Not many.

  • Peeka Chu

    I said this before and I’ll say it again. Vita XL needs to happen. A larger, more fully featured tablet with built in memory, Google Play support (even if this was a bit more gated than normal – and Google Play already has individual compatibility tags for every device), CONTROLS, and Vita software would reinvigorate the brand. Keep the normal model as a low-end device and bundle it with at least 4 GB of memory. Their tablet division is floundering too, and there really is no reason to have two poorly performing devices, confusing the market and dragging down their mobility lines even more.

    With just “Vita” for tablet/ lifestyle/ mobility gaming, they would actually have a unique offering. The only competing product is that Razor thing and its like $1000. Oh, and even Nintendo realizes that all the games are in the East. Start enticing those developers and publishers to bring their content West. First party stuff won’t be enough.

    Edit: Yes, spam the disagrees without offering a compelling viewpoint to the contrary. The Vita is doing incredibly well and doesn’t need any adjustments to its product imaging or support whatsoever. iPhones and Galaxys aren’t a threat at all, portable gaming is stronger than ever. Nintendo didn’t make any adjustments to their strategy at all. Nothing like a massive price cut six months in to spur demand in an unstable sector. The Vita will sell 20 million units this year. There, fixed for everyone who doesn’t live in reality or understand business.

    • Tails the Foxhound

      I think people just disagree with your tablet idea. Seems like a major waste to me.

      • Peeka Chu

        Yeah, having two under performing products, each with their own marketing + production + placement costs and requirements is certainly a much better idea than having a unified product line and a simplified vision. That was sarcasm. Why do you think Apple is so popular? Because they offer – mostly – one thing: iPads, iPods and iPhones. That is their foundation. Sony is learning this, slowly, that less is more. This quarter actually had Sony back in the black for once after cutting unprofitable sectors and technologies and focusing on what brings in money. My SNE stocks are up 60% this year. That’s what I call progress.

        From a business standpoint it makes no sense to have a grossly unpoular and expensive tablet + a gaming device that sorta wants to be a tablet too. Either sh!t or get off the pot. Right now we have two devices competing for similar attention with nothing to distinguish either line from A.) far more popular iPads, Kindles and Google Tabs or B.) The far cheaper and mostly video-game focused 3DS.

        Its time for something to drop, and not just the price, it just makes no sense otherwise. To clarify, I never said to axe the Vita, I said to continue offering it as a lower end model and to beef up its software and lifestyle support. Its made from cellphone parts, so transitioning middleware and services are hardly a stretch. Then, you offer a slightly larger (7 inch screens are pretty popular), still with the physical controls and pricer “tablet” Vita. What is so unappealing about that? A larger screen? A better battery? Better services?

        • Tails the Foxhound

          Why don’t they just cut the wannabe tablet features out of the Vita and add some internal memory to it? Turning a portable into a tablet seems implausible to me as well. Where do the physical buttons go? No matter where you put them it destroys the form factor of the tablet, then it would lose even more ground to competitors there.

    • xavier axol

      i like your idea about a vita like tablet, but right now the focus should be software and not hardware. onces we see great content caming to the vita, sony can introduce a vita-like tablet (the problem will be the cost of making such product, you’know with the touch pad and the 5′ inche OLED screen that it’s pretty expensive and all).

    • Göran Isacson

      Well, you have MY upvote at least. Because all of this sounds like a pretty darn decent idea to me.

    • malek86

      Like I said before, the PSV would likely not work as a tablet. It’s too thick (likely due to the controls and stuff), the screen res is too low (and if they change it now, it would give compatibility problems with older games), and besides, I don’t think there’s much demand for a tablet with physical controls anyway.

      Devs would also have to compete with App games, making their $50 games look less appealing. And let’s also not forget about the much bigger competition too. Nowadays everyone is making tablets.

      • Peeka Chu

        So the solution is just to let the Vita languish as both a gaming device AND a semi-tablet? PS Mobile isn’t working, they should just add Google Play. There’s an edge for you. Something that the 3DS doesn’t have, thousands of instantly accessible cheap and freemium games. By the same token, the Xperia aside, almost every action title on iOS/ Android, demands, begs for physical controls to make the experience more fluid. And if Square can get away with charging $20-$30 for their DS ports and recycled-sprite games, certainly a “Vita exclusive” like Gravity Rush or Uncharted can charge in the same neighbourhood.

        Plus nothing that you’ve said addressed Sony’s failing tablet division, which is also a concern. There are two failing product lines here, and eventually one will be cut. That’s just how it is. I’d rather see the Vita endure in some iteration. I’m also not sure how you think that the Vita wouldn’t function as a tablet, when its almost the same screen size as my Galaxy Note II and were it not for the clunky operating system, its certainly the screen that I’d prefer to use. And again, the “normal” Vita would be a low end model for entry level purchasers. Its no less awkward to hold than a 6-7 inch tablet; thicker yes, but it has more space for the hands. Furthermore, the resolution is fine, in fact its almost on par with most low-mid end phones and tablets. Galaxy Tab 2 is 1024×600, which is just a slight off Vita, and that thing sells in spades.

        I’d also argue against your statement that there is “no demand” for such a product. I’d say that there is precisely that demand, and yet no manufacturer seems to be filling it at a viable price-point. Why else do we see attempts with the Razor and Nvidia’s Shield projects? Or that other Google tab that isn’t out yet and still misses the mark at like $1000. Sony is in a unique position to offer a unique, affordable product to fill this demand and distinguish themselves from the competition. If they don’t, someone else will. And it will be successful, you can bookmark this and quote me on that. Whether its a mini console/ tablet hybrid with a Bluetooth controller and wireless HDMI out, or something with physical controls attached, that’s where we’re headed.

        Usually, Nintendo tend to lag behind technological trends, but with the merging of their home and portable divisions, maybe they’ll be the ones to strike gold and make such a product first.

    • Sony’s OS isn’t nice for tablets. The Vita’s key features (AKA analog sticks and rear touchpads) aren’t nice for tablets. And people are allowed to disagree without offering a counterpoint. Don’t be a pretentious ass.

      • Peeka Chu

        A pretentious ass? I was having a reasonable discussion and stating my point without resorting to name calling, like some people. Usually, in a conversation, which is what these internet dialogues are, if broken up a bit, one person says something, the next verbalizes their agreement or disagreement. That is how dialogue and debate occurs. Its quite easy to spam click the “disagree” button and another matter entirely to steer clear of insults and offer a compelling counterpoint or viewpoint.

        Now, fishing through your rant for a kernel of discussion, I’d have to say that since the Vita hardware is built around off the shelf mobile parts, coding for it is not difficult. OSes can modified. And even if they outright switched to Android the marketplace and accessibility options that they would open themselves up to would far outweigh any negatives.

        I’d like to know your suggestion for turning their Vita and tablet products around. Go on, let’s see if you have any. Oh, and if Sony’s OS – and quote – “isn’t nice for tablets”, please explain Mr. Hira’s words, found here:

        The president of SNE seems to think that the OS would work quite well with mobility solutions. But I’m sure that you know better.

        • “Edit: Yes, spam the disagrees without offering a compelling viewpoint to the contrary.” This makes you a pretentious ass.

          “And people are allowed to disagree without offering a counterpoint. Don’t be a pretentious ass.”

          Since it’s didn’t seem to get through the first time. I’m allowed to disagree with you all that I like without having to come up with a better plan than the Vita tablet. I think Sony is better off challenging Nintendo with a handheld and Microsoft/Google/Apple with a tablet than they are trying to on all of them at once. I mean, it didn’t work out for Nokia’s N-Gage. Yes a unified approach can work in some cases, but I don’t think this is one of them. Plus I’m fairly (read as: completely) certain that whoever is making decisions for Sony has a good deal more understanding of how business works than you do.

          • Peeka Chu

            Your assumptions are just inferences made by your own slanted mind. You must have missed the “edit”, which I added after getting about 3 disagrees in the span of a minute after my first post. Just like you apparently missed SNE’s mobility and portable results. You know, the ones in the thread that you’re commenting on? Because their business plan is failing. Unequivocally. So yes, the great minds at SNE clearly know what they’re doing (read: not at all).

            No one said you don’t have the right to disagree. I just don’t think that you have a credible argument of basis of fact to back up anything that you’re saying, nor do I see the need for spastic, frothing responses. My portfolio is up around 250% overall, and the majority of that is in hand-picked stocks. Therefore, I DO think that I have a fantastic understanding of how business works. At least from the angle of following consumer trends in electronics.

            The problem with Sony atm, is that they’re barely surviving in the two arenas that you mentioned, and their current products are not geared for adequate footing in either. Why are you arguing what is blatant fact? These products are struggling, period. They are not what the market wants.The N-Gage failed because of its developer support and because it was a product that could not properly compete as either a gaming device or a mobility one. Sort of like the situation that the Vita finds itself in. The N-Gage was a device before its time, and without the tech to support its dream, or the resources to market and support it. In 3-5 years a more refined omni-device will hit the market with major support and you’ll see what I’m talking about.

            And please wake me when someone actually creates a proper mobility/ lifestyle device. They haven’t. But if you paid attention – to Nvidia, to Nintendo’s shifts – you would see that this is where the technology is headed.

      • Stop insulting people.

        • Fine, fine. I’m letting this go anyway, as my point is being missed :<

    • Hound

      In other words, turn the Vita into a WikiPad with a massive back touchpad? I don’t think that’d fair too well… and it’d probably hurt it more to retro-actively copy something else.

  • If it keeps going this way, in a year or 2 , a “sudden” CFW will apear so at least it will boost hardware sales.

  • Lazulis

    I like the Vita. I just don’t like the memory card bull. I do hope Vita picks up though. It’s a good console. When the Vita’s library expands, the consumers will come…

  • KHSoraKeyBlade

    They should lower the price of those memory cards while they are at it. It’s my only gripe about the system since the first day I got one.

    • Really? Your ONLY gripe is the memory cards?

      • AyaisMUsikWhore

        That’s was mine as well. The Vita isn’t a bad handheld and what it does, it does well. Price isn’t an issue, the games that I wanted wasn’t an issue, ONLY memory cards. What else could there be?

        • The lack of support for certain PSP games (like PSP2). The long lack of support for PSone games. The lack of quality original software. The price of the hardware. The lack of an ability to delete save files. The battery life. Shall I continue?

          • AyaisMUsikWhore

            Certain* Psp games are subjective. I love the games that’s there. If the rest of them aren’t, that isn’t Sony fault but a publisher fault. Sony can’t allow what they aren’t given permission. Lack of ps1 games? The Vita went 3 months without it and now it’s here, give me a comparable service that promised those same day. Lack of quality original games? This one is very funny to me because the Vita has nothing BUT original games that no one wants to give the time of day. Instead people want more franchises of the same thing. Look at MH, a franchise that people wanted, but then you have games like Gravity rush and mutant blobs attack, or Knytt Underground and Viking Attack and Machin(spelling?) and all other original indie games that people don’t want to give a whirl but have the nerve to say they aren’t original… The delete saved files? To me that’s nothing to get pissy over but that’s your grip and last but least, battery life? Which comparable on the market handheld has better battery life? Are we serious right now.? The vita does good things and the only thing holding it back are memory cards plain and simple. That’s an extra fee on top of the device fee that really held it back. Everything else you mentioned are hardware and timed scheduled plans that came out in due time.

          • Certain PSP games because a lot of them work, but some of the ones that would most benefit from the dual stick option (aka any one with camera on the dpad and movement on the nub) don’t work.

            The save files thing is kind of a big deal. The 4GB stick that came with mine can hardly hold more that one game at once, so if I want to delete a PSV game, it needed to be finished cause I can’t just delete the game install, I have to lose my save as well. Now if you happen to have a compatible PC (which I don’t) or a PS3 ,you can back up the saves to that.

            Furthermore, you asked “What else could there be?” and I listed off other gripes people could have with the Vita. Don’t get snippy if they happen to not apply to your situation. I’m not saying the Vita is bad (I don’t buy bad products) but it could be a lot better. Oh and my biggest gripe is the shitty way they handle the PSN accounts. I wouldn’t be so irritated if it was locked to the mem card, but forcing a memory wipe to change accounts is bullshit.

          • Adol Christin

            I never had any issues with the battery life, its a bit better than the 3DS and 4-5 hrs is good considering its specs. Try playing a complex 3D game on a iPhone see the battery life vanish.

            Most of the issues u mentioned have been resolved. I understand you want to play all your fav games on one portable console but that’s a privilege.

          • PoweredByHentai

            Heh, more like just playing Infinity Blade on an iPhone 4 will drain the sucker’s battery in 2 hours or so, and that is just a glorified Fruit Ninja game.

      • KHSoraKeyBlade

        Yes. The games I have for it are perfectly fine. I don’t need to play PSOne games on it because I have my PS3 or PSP for that. If the memory cards were cheaper I could easily fit those PSOne games on the system along with actually download digital versions of games but I can’t. The price of the system is perfectly fine or what I paid was. Sure I love my 3DS more than it in terms of software but that doesn’t mean it isn’t a fun console. It’s only been out a year, cut it some slack.

  • Mar Mar

    PSP top selling games

    Monster Hunter
    Crisis Core
    God of War
    Gran Turismo

    GTA V Vita? God of War Ascension Vita? Gran Turismo Vita? umm,, no way no way!


    • Why does it have to be GTA V vita or GoW Ascension vita? Cant the vita just have a spin off like the PSP did?

  • PABLO Rapetti Perez

    I dislike the vita but I do not want to see it go out f business. I believe competition always brings up the best of companies (Nintendo/Sony). My question is, how were psp sales doing around this time in relation to the Vita?

    • Better than the Vita, but still poor. It’s the reason I’m not worried about the Vita: people were saying the PSP was dead in ’06 and ’07. Sony could certainly be doing things better, but things will turn around.

  • Please don’t make one memory card locked to one account without formatting it!!!

  • Damn, and I surely thought Rocketbirds would be a system seller!

    Well at least we can import on the thing, can’t say the same for Nintendo.

  • Romangelo

    really? really? still don’t want to lower the price?

  • After buying that “Let’s Fish” game, I don’t care what happens anymore. I can never get that money back, and shame on me for thinking that would tide me over.
    Thankfully, on the other side- there is Fire Emblem now and Monster Hunter soon. Hallelujah.

    • xavier axol

      1) why would you ever buy that game? was it by mistake?
      2) there’re games caming that are just as great (while at the mome it might not be exclusive as one hope to be, who cares really? if it’s a great game that happen to be in other platforms, will it stop you from getting it? right now i’m enjoying sly cooper thieves in time (the vita versions looks and plays like the ps3, but i can take the vita whereever i go and that’s an adventage).
      3) having ps plus is a must and it help me try other games that i might not get, if it wasn’t free like ninja gaiden sigma plus. i also found ways to enjoy my vita by playin older games and it amazes me how well it works on the vita compared to the ps3 console (you customise the buttons layout by touching the screen for a few seconds). i never realized how many ps1 games, i had miss and i sure it would be the same for you if you just happen to browse the psn store. square enix has discounts on ff games that will play mighty fine on your vita.

      • I’ve owned a PS1 when it was new- I still have the discs of those old Final Fantasy games, and the cartridges of the other ones. None of those games are new to me.
        I do understand what you mean though, the Vita games that got the most time out of me were awesome ports (Disgaea 3, Persona 4G).

    • I mean, you bought a game and it’s somehow Sony’s fault? Don’t blame others for your issues.

      • There isn’t much else to pick from. I’ve played the games I like and can’t beat them any more than I did.

        • The PSP is a thing that exists. Trails in the Sky upscales pretty okay. Also, this sounds like a good time to expand your gaming horizons.

  • Shiki

    I hope i won’t regret buying a PSV! Because, if this situation continues, I feel Sony will treat the device as PSP in the west + will only release games digitally, which is the worst, Not many japabese localized games and most of it in digital form … HORRIFYING!!!!

    • sd28

      as long as you can play games you enjoy with it then you have gotten your moneys worth.

  • Raharu95

    This just gets sadder and sadder. Sony need to get their act together.

  • Pretty sure you can get a brand new Nintendo DS for the price of a 32GB Vita memory card. Maybe instead of lowering their sales expectations they could lower the price on those cards…

  • Kevi Johnson-el

    Price cut,afew more games that isn’t on the ps3 and more advertisement

  • This is Depressing, but as long as they make some money to keep making games it’s all good. I never regret my vita, I use it all the time. I have a good feeling when Soul Sacrifice and other Japanese apeal games come out in jp then it will pick up. I have high hopes for ys and Killzone in the west too.

  • Sylveria

    The console and especially the cards are still over-priced. I love the way the Vita looks and feels, but the price is crazy. I only have one cause I got it used and barely touched with a game.

    It also isn’t helped by the fact there’s no games for it. Yeah there’s a nice digital library, but with such small/expensive storage, that is not a selling point. If Sony wants this thing to start moving, it’s going to have to start convincing companies that make games that move consoles (Square with a Dragon Quest game or Final Fantasy game that isn’t 13 or 4, Capcom with Monster Hunter, so on and so forth) to start getting some games on this machine that are worth the price and not digital only releases.

    • MogCakes

      I’d say it’s really the memory card prices more than the base system, but otherwise I agree.They could probably stand to lower it to $200 now to lessen the impact of comparing the systems’ prices side by side (in addition to slashing the memory card prices in half).

  • And yet, still no price drop! I would get the damn thing if it were a little more affordable.

  • eilegz

    how about more games, more rpgs, cheaper memory, maybe that would help

  • RovCal

    SONY announce some AAA titles for Godsake on destination playstation. like
    no doubt we will get
    Soul Sacrifice
    Killzone mercenaries
    and they will be awesome!… but you gotta throw us some more original stuff Soul sacrifice cant do it alone. And learn from nintendo they have awesome exclusives Fire emblem, bravely default etc…. sigh…

  • Brion Valkerion

    Lol, if they want this thing to sell they need to wake up and realize they are 2013, not 1995. Get rid of those effing over priced memory cards have that crap inside the device with options to expand, actually promote the damn device, and lastly STOP LETTING DEVS RELEASE GAMES FOR PSP AND VITA. Seriously theres no point in buying a vita if the same games are coming out on the PSP a system someone already owns.

    • They can’t “stop” developers from making sound business decisions. If they stopped them from releasing PSP games, all those game would just go to 3DS instead, not to the Vita. The final trickle of PSP games is the reason Sony’s making money off portable software in the first place.

      • Peeka Chu

        Or the games would just end up on mobile platforms. I’m not as convinced as you might be that the 3DS will have sustainable momentum through this year. I hate to sound like Patcher, but I sort of agree with him that mobility is hitting the casual end of the portable business pretty hard. Particularly in the West, and I don’t expect that to improve.

        • Except… the majority of worthwhile portable software comes from Japan, not from the west. The discussion was about Japanese developers moving from PSP to other platforms. There are no developers focusing on PSP in the west.

          • Peeka Chu

            Well that’s not exactly true, and we’ve covered this before. Gree and mobility platforms get more Japanese games/ day than probably both portables combined get in a year. I would honestly expect IPs to shift to mobile before the 3DS. Look at Squeenix’s latest. FFIV remake “with more to come.” I bet you that an iOS/ Android FF VI hits before – if – any of the portables get it. In fact that publisher in particular has released more games on iOS/ Droid than the 3DS in the same time-frame, I’d wager. Let us not forget that Namco has Tales making the mobility jump too, with that tactics game.

          • OK, clearly you’re not interested in focusing on the discussion at hand, and instead going off on your own, unrelated tangent, so I’m going to drop this subject now.

          • Peeka Chu

            How is that a tangent? He mentioned how the PSP devs would move to the Vita. You argued that they would not, and would move to the 3DS. I disagreed and put forth an opinion that they would migrate to mobile platforms before the 3DS. There is no tangent, its a pretty easy chain of conversation to follow.

          • Because they wouldn’t move their successful retail titles, which they can sell at full retail price, exclusively to iOS devices. The iOS/GREE market, devices and pricing models aren’t suited to games with reasonably large development budgets. Not yet.

            Do you see Capcom foregoing Monster Hunter retail games for iOS? No. Do you see Namco replacing their retail Tales games with iOS versions? No. Do you see Atlus putting a halt to retail games and moving Shin Megami Tensei or Persona to iOS exclusively? No. Do you see Marvelous dropping Harvest Moon and Rune Factory and making them iOS-only titles? No. Do you see Tecmo Koei doing that with the Warriors games? Again, no.

            Will publishers in Japan continue to make iOS games and social games and port their portable titles to those platforms after retail release? Yes. Are they/will they forego retail releases for a iOS/GREE-only strategy? No, they will not. A healthy market for portable games still exists in Japan as has been demonstrated over the course of the last year.

          • Peeka Chu

            I think its naive to expect that trend of support and releases to continue, when all evidence points to this being one of the final portable generations. That shift is happening and it will continue to escalate; at least that’s what I think. One market (domestic) can not support an entire software ecosystem. The portable market in EU and NA is dying, certain releases (Mario, Pokemon) aside.

            And again, SE are already doing what you claim Japanese publishers are not. Releasing full priced – exclusive, in many cases – $15-30 retail mobility games. Why would they stop when if you glance at their recent financials, that sector is quite profitable for them?

            Anyway, my point is not to argue, so thank you for your opinion and we can revisit this in Dec 2013 once the year has played itself out.

          • And again, SE are already doing that. Releasing full priced $15-30 retail mobility games. Why would they stop when if you glance at their recent financials, that sector is quite profitable for them?

            Square Enix are releasing ports of games that already exist and have made their money back years ago at those prices. It isn’t the same thing at all.

            Also, Square are in a unique position where they’ve lost an incredible amount of money these last few years, and have been forced to halt development of several projects, leaving them with no choice but to port their legacy titles.

            And yes, of course the trend is going to continue and a shift is happening. Who says it isn’t? Eventually, portables and phones will converge. I’m saying it’s not happening right now; not in Japan anyway. Not to the extent you claim.

            You sound like you’re saying this stuff so that you have something to say, not because you’ve put any thought into your actual argument. All current evidence points to publishers still being very willing to debut new I.P. on successful portables, as we’ve seen them do on 3DS.

          • Peeka Chu

            Chaos Rings 1, 2, Omega, Drakerider, Demon’s Score, All the Bravest (awful, but still) and the unannounced FF games for iOS/ Android. Most of those were announced/ released in this year alone. All are mobility exclusive. I’m not making things up, you’re just not paying attention. The shift is happening faster than you realize, if you watch the market, you’d see that Appstore, Google Play and Kindle marketplaces are exploding. The latter two will almost double in revenue size this year (Apple’s is a bit static, but not yet contractile). To think that developers won’t start moving their IPs into that sort of ecosystem is wilful aversion of the facts and I’ve already given several examples where this shift of major IP is already taking place. Regarding revenue:


            (I think that’s the one that shows like 90% of all App Store/ Play income is from games too. If not, I can pull another.)

            Anyhoo, I ‘m out. Again, let’s leave this for NY 2013. I’ll gladly eat humble pie if I’m wrong and the market hasn’t drastically changed by then. I think you really underestimate the clout and aggressiveness of some of these electronics makers like Samsung. But we’ll see.

            I also don’t see the need to be insulting. Please keep in mind to attack the argument, not the person behind it. I’ve put plenty of thought into what I am saying and I’m not so flippantly disregarding what you are saying in return, but answering it with courtesy. Reciprocal behaviour would be appreciated.

          • This is the last I’ll say on the subject. I don’t see the point of your argument because it’s completely unrelated to the ongoing discussion, which was about retail titles in the first place.

            If a game was being planned for the PSP, and then all of a sudden, that particular device ceased to be a viable market, the developer would choose to move to a different device where that game would still function as intended and be a success. At this point in time, the 3DS is that device.

            Will things change in two years? Probably. Are things that way right now? No, they are not. Publishers are still releasing retail games. Are they also releasing iOS games? Yes. But retail and iOS will continue to co-exist for another year or two at least. Beyond that, who knows.

            I’m not disagreeing with your argument, merely pointing out that different games follow different development and pricing models. Not all games are meant for retail. Not all games are meant for iOS/GREE. This particular discussion was about retail games in particular, and I thought that was blatantly obvious.

            The reason I come off as flippant is because I didn’t see the need for you to begin injecting your entirely different discussion into one that was already ongoing and was about a different subject altogether.

          • Ethan_Twain

            What happened to Square Enix that they lost all that money? And how do we know that they cancelled some projects mid-development? Were they games that had been announced?

            Or was it just all the money they spent to acquire Eidos left them short on cash for development for a couple quarters?

            I know FF XIV was a big bust, but surely that’s not all?

          • FFXIII and XIV cost them a lot of time and resources. XIV in particular led to them being unable to develop a lot of other games. Some of this is publicly available info (most of which we’ve broken ourselves) and some of it is just stuff heard “through the grapevine”. FFXIV did a heck of a lot of damage.

          • Ethan_Twain

            Sorry, I’m afraid I don’t go back with Siliconera that far :)

            This is just getting background from before I started watching the industry as closely as I do now. Thanks for the info!

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Sony is honestly hurting the system with lack of games and the memory cards the system its self is at a reasonable price I don’t see why they don’t see this,

    • fds_nextdart

      In the West, the PSV isn’t any more deprived of games than the 3DS is. Sure, they got the most excellent FE. But what else did they get these past months? Mario Sticker? KH: DDD? Yet it outsells the PSV by a long shot. it all boils to price, the PSV isn’t lacking games. Not in the West~.

      • If it’s just the price, then how come selling Vita at a lower price than 3DS leading up to the holidays still resulted in lower sales than those of 3DS? Price is one problem, but games are definitely an issue.

  • Retention of old customers is an issue too. The people like myself who had hope at one time and bought this thing early, are selling them off.
    You could easily buy a used Vita for $175 and get a great deal. They all look the same.

    What I’m saying is- more colors. Can’t hurt, right?

  • Kefkiroth

    This is quite depressing. In a few years, I think more Japanese developers might jump ship to Vita if the PSP dies down a bit, which will hopefully give the Vita a more expansive library.

    I hope Soul Sacrifice does well considering the amount of marketing Sony has done for it in Japan; it could very well be what determines the Vita’s fate, at least in the short-term. Of course, I want it to actually be a high quality game too, and I can see it happening with Keiji Inafune on it.

    In general though, Sony should reduce the price of the memory cards; the system itself is fine for its hardware at $250, compared to insanely expensive unlocked smartphones that might just have similar or slightly better specs. The OS could be better too. The internet browser in particular suffers from frequent unwanted disconnects when switching back and forth from apps.

    If Sony can master both the gaming and smartphone-like aspects of the Vita, I’d see it selling much more.

    • Solomon_Kano

      From the looks of things, I’m thinking it’s more likely that devs are gonna jump ship to 3DS once the PSP dies down. Namco Bandai is the biggest name still supporting the PSP, and they’ve very little on Vita. So, unless they surprise me, I’m thinking they’ll opt for the system with the larger install base. Capcom’s already made their choice, and Square Enix has as well. Konami’s not really doing much on portables at all.

      The Vita’s already getting some of the smaller folks like Falcom, NIS, Gust, and Compile Heart. What’s hurting the Vita, apart from the memory card prices like you mention, is the big guys being unwilling to touch it. Capcom saved the PSP, but they aren’t on Vita at all. Square Enix delivered on of the PSP’s last big games in Type-0, but they aren’t on Vita. Namdai’s got all of their anime titles on PSP still, so they aren’t ready for Vita. They won’t touch the Vita until its install base is larger, but I’d wager that the install base won’t grow without them.

      Soul Sacrifice, provided Inafune’s name REALLY sells it, could give the Vita the boost it needs to get some of the bigger guys on board. But it really has to sell. Sony’s marketing it better than any game on the system thus far, better than the system itself even, so I’m confident in its chances at doing that.

      I think the smartphone aspects of the Vita would help it sell more in the west, but it won’t be a driving force behind sales. It’d be more of an added value sort of deal, like on top of the games. First and foremost will be the games though. I don’t know how P4G or Uncharted sold in the west, but right now Assassin’s Creed looks to be the system’s best-selling game overall. A big game from a big name. More of that and the Vita can get some momentum. Once that happens, it’ll be fine.

      • I’m really surprised that people are investing more faith in Soul Sacrifice than God Eater 2. Sure, the latter is a PSP game as well, but the Vita version has a higher chance of boosting Vita’s short-term sales than Soul Sacrifice does.

        SS is way too grotesque in its visual style to be appealing to any kind of wider audience, if you ask me. At least God Eater is an established series and caters to Japanese tastes.

        • Solomon_Kano

          To be honest, I don’t see God Eater having any real impact on Vita sales. If they’re 9k the week before, maybe that bumps them to 12k, but I don’t see it really doing anything. I just can’t see that many people choosing to buy a Vita for a game they could just as well play on PSP. If nothing else convinced them, that doesn’t seem like it would either.

          On part of Soul Sacrifice being too grotesque, I suppose, but then Resident Evil is still highly popular. That’s an established brand, of course, but I don’t see SS’ visuals doing much to put people off of it when there are other titles that have succeeded with similar looks. What SS has in its favor, I would think, is Sony’s most persistent marketing to date and Keiji Inafune. I’m not exactly sure how big his name is in Japan, but I do know that they look more at individual creators where we in the west look at whole teams like Bungie or Rocksteady. I think his name, them pushing it as a Monster Hunter-alike, and the marketing will be enough to give the Vita a short boost.

          I see God Eater 2’s PSP status cancelling any other appeal it might have to someone looking to get a Vita. It’ll sell, and it’ll probably sell systems too, but they won’t be Vitas.

          • Mmm. I think the reason Resident Evil does so well, despite being heavy on the gore and uglies, is because of the characters. Leon, Chris, Jill, Claire, Ada… they’re what draws players in. Resident Evil, I feel is kind of unique, since it’s also one of the very few series that Japan prefers on consoles as opposed to portables.

            Soul Sacrifice doesn’t really have that emphasis on characterization. It just looks like a grotesque co-op game, but then, who knows… it may surprise us. Sony are pushing it heavily, what with the 2-in-1 packs and all. I guess we’ll find out!

      • eilegz

        agree, but overall japanese industry state right now its keep on recycling ps2 era assets and for that 3ds seems to be the wise choice, the vita would require higher development cost similar to HD console which japan overall its being bad position. I wonder how next gen will be but right now its all dark and gloom

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’m interested to see what their forecast will be for next quarter. With the reality of the Vita’s situation, a raised number would imply that they have something planned or that they expect the PSP to pick up again. A comparable or lower number would indicate to me that they don’t have anything coming that would boost sales. This quarter won’t end well, but I’m hopeful for next. So let’s see.

  • darkfox1

    I actually WANT a Vita but dat price…. Dem memory sticks…. I bought a 3DS like two years ago but that was because I had a summer job. I love my 3DS to death but I also want a Vita!

  • The console needs to be priced more competitively. $200 USD would certainly make it very attractive to those debating between a 3DS XL or a Vita. ($249 is a bit too close to what a 360 or a PS3 costs without being able to play all the titles its big brother can play.)

    The proprietary memory cards need some serious re-evaluation on those prices. 4 GB for the price of a 16 GB SD (Class 10) card at Best Buy (and BB isn’t too known for blow-me-away deals or anything)? 32 GB for $80-$100 (depending on promotions) is just insane to anyone, I think.

    There certainly needs to be some competition, though. I mean, you can’t play physical PSP titles (UMD). 3DS can play any DS title just fine. That really helps when you wonder if a certain console’s library is strong enough. With the 3DS, you’ve got the entire massive DS library to fall back on. With the Vita, you’ve got whatever Sony allows, with some of it only being possible if you enable it through remote play on your PS3, if you’ve even got a PS3 (I bought a Vita anyway without a PS3).

    I’d love to see the Vita get many more titles, though. I sure hope they expand Remote Play for PS4 (or whatever they’ll call it)!

    And I think we can all agree that all these problems would go away (more of a: “You made me happy enough where I’ll forget the flaws” sort of thing) if there was more localization going on.

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