Killer Croc Is In Injustice: Gods Among Us [Update]

By Ishaan . February 7, 2013 . 4:30pm

Update: It looks like Croc is just part of the background as well.


Ed Boon, creative director at NetherRealm Studios, tweeted the following screenshot from Injustice: Gods Among Us earlier this afternoon:



Along with the picture, Boon’s tweet read: “What’s this? Killer Croc? Riddler? Penguin?”


Croc looks like he might be a playable character, but the Riddler and Penguin may just be part of a stage backdrop, or part of the story but not playable. A recent promo video for Injustice also confirmed Doomsday is in the game.


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  • Spirit Macardi

    Am I alone in hoping that one of Croc’s moves will be to hit someone with a rock? x3

    • AkuLord3

      Not just any rock….a “BIG” rock :3

      • Valtiel Ikari

        “A GIANT ROCK! OH MY GOD I NEVER SEEN ANY HING LIKE IT! it’s a rock, and it’s giant”
        Sorry, couldn’t resist my self.

  • Huh. They’re using Rocksteady’s designs.

    • Not just Killer Croc. If you look closely, everything in that picture that’s not The Flash is pretty much straight up Rocksteady’s design.

  • Killer CROC!!!

  • Draculoid

    Batman: Gods Among Us.

    • Batman: “I’m in a nightmare.”

  • Ben Sylvia

    Are you really serious?

  • anthony apduhan

    Ishaan are you also gonna also post Shazam? Coz Killer Croc isn’t the only one revealed though… here’s the pic.

    • Hollowkoopa

      Looks pretty nice, i’m not liking the hood but still a great addiction to the game.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Too many Batman characters that aren’t Damian or Red Hood…

    • ToshiChan

      or Hush.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Him too!

      • Heck yeah, Hush must be in!

    • Damian sucks. Tim Drake, Jason and Cassie are the only other acceptable Robins.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Jason’s better as Red Hood. If by Cassie, you mean Cassandra Cain, she was Batgirl. In which case, I like Steph better anyway. :P

        I do like Tim though. Damian’s still a little badass, even if he had to grow on me.

        • Yes, but before Cassie was Bat Girl, she was the fourth Robin. And Damian must have grown on you like a wart. You better see a doctor, then.

          • Solomon_Kano

            True. Seeing as Steph was Robin once too, still liked her better lol.

            Damian is awesome, man. I liked it better when he was paired with Dick as Bats, but still.

          • Well, I don’t blame you. That version of Damian was better. But that was before he was very heavily flanderized in New 52.

          • Solomon_Kano

            I haven’t bothered with the New 52 for the most part, so I don’t even know what he’s like now.

          • Trust me, you don’t want to know.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Guess I’ll leave it be then lol.

    • Personally, I’m hoping for Red Robin. (The one with the full face mask, not the crappy New 52 costume) That was one the highlights of Tim’s solo career. Red Hood would be fantastic, too, though.

      • Red Robin is cool! New 52 is a parody of DC Universe. An Abridged series.

        • That’s certainly what it feels like so far. Like they squeezed 10 years worth of events into 2-3, and retconned certain parts of it but not others. I would’ve much preferred a full clean reboot than how they did it. Sigh.

          • It’s entirely silly, right? Jason being revived because Evil Super Boy punched reality. The Question having his face stolen by angry wizards. Owlman from Crisis of Infinite Earths being canon and part of the main Universe, while also turning out to be Bruce Wayne’s long lost brother. He kinda also acts like Jin Kisaragi. Alan Scott turned gay (no, REALLY!). Barbara suddenly going “LOL, I got better.” A stupid sub plot about Starfire losing her memories of being with Dick Grayson (Your mileage may vary on this one).

            Heck, I could go on and on.

          • Ugh, I have to say Barbara coming out of the wheelchair was really something I cringed at. She was amazing as Oracle. She was unique, and the one really, really prominent disabled character in comics. I loved that about her.

            It made the relationship between her and Dick really interesting, too. The entire Nightwing series (pre-New 52) where he’s carving a name out for himself in Bludhaven with Babs’ help was so good.

            In fact, this might sound really odd but I feel like the entire Bat-family really shines when the focus is taken away from Bruce. Dick was phenomenal in Nightwing, and I thought it was really great the way they made Bludhaven out to be even more of a depressing, crime-ridden dump than Gotham.

            Later on, Tim was amazing in Red Robin when Bruce was “dead”. Seeing Tim take Gotham’s protection into his own hands and start to turn more and more into a more balanced version of Bruce was really interesting. Sadly, all of that ended the moment New 52 hit. Sigh.

          • Christopher Nunes

            Wait… so New 52 is canon or something? :/

            Honestly I don’t read comics, mostly manga, so I haven’t checked up on the load-down on the DC or Marvel comics. To me manga is more stylized and more action-packed and… better with the panels and story pacing, but it varies from author to author and story as well as the comics panel don’t see to be that… impactive (not word I know, but felt like it delivers what I’m saying better) as some mangas do with the characters’ speaks, actions, or deaths or etc.

            I know that Oracle is Barbara, and once known as Batgirl, but it’s sadden to know that she lost her ability to walk due to Joker shooting her spine with a gun. Though she getting better after it, after proving how amazing she is even if she’s disabled, seems to take away the things that made her amazing when she was disabled… only if it was handled differently I would be OK instead of her simply “getting better” without explanation unless it’s explained.

            Also is the New 53 is the same universe as with that one with the “Death Squad 53” or whatever where Harley now has white skin like the Joker and the Joker is dead and his face skinned off?

            Comics… I like to do a superhero comicbook story but one with a concrete story and ending to it. Well more “manga-like” than “american comic” style of it… I wonder how they would be appreciated? Wait, are there already superhero comics like that already? With the manga influence to them throughout the series?

            I know of the Marvel Mangaverse… but not much about it.

          • The beginning of the New 52 was just like every other “Reality-changing” story before it. In all those stories, the worldwide reset button pressing was only done so that they could fix up some story links and messed up plots done by outsourced writers. But now, the New 52 is a cluster F-bomb of absurdities! And I do mean Absurdities!

            The only saving graces of New 52 are the Red Hood and the Outlaws series, Nightwing, and pretty much most of the Batman books. The new Phantom Stranger series is beginning to be interesting, but still absurd as the rest. Flash is kinda good, too. Everything else, especially anything to do with Superman, is ridiculous!

            But let me tell you the difference between Marvel and DC. DC always presses the reset button for their multiverse, by pretty much disregarding EVERY PIECE of work that might have worked along with it. Usually, it was due to Hawkman’s stories, which explains why there weren’t any for him during the 90’s. Then it was with Donna Troy (the first Wonder Girl) in the first decade of the Millenium, and now with Cassie in the New 52. Sure, they finally fixed Hawkman’s history now by simplifying it, shockingly enough. But it appears that the syndrome that Hawkman’s origin stories had got transmitted to everyone else.

            While with Marvel only handwaves a story that might not work in the normal universe as something like it was from another Universe. That’s why Marvel has a Multiverse that goes beyond the 5 digits. And that’s OK, because Marvel chose to be conservatist about it. But their stories sometimes rival DC’s absurdities, as well. Mainly with Spiderman’s “Clone Saga” ordeal since the 80’s.

            All in all, Easter and Western comics share their fair amount of absurdities. Sometimes I wonder if Japan takes their story references from American comics.

          • Christopher Nunes

            That’s interesting… I can see why fans are upset with their dealings of the comic world.

            Was the Spider-Man “Clone Sage” that bad? Honestly I’ve never read the Spider-Man comics but I’ve watched the shows and played the games (yes, even the Ultimate Spider-Man show which as a Spider-Man fan find horrible and too… immature for Spidey even if it’s aimed at kids and the show doesn’t do Spidey justice and show his responsible or intelligent side especially those horrid jokes he says now. Lebob or what the guy’s name is doesn’t know Spidey at all! At least make it educational with the responsible for a bit. Spidey didn’t make his new gadgets (though he refers to his old shooters later on in Season 2) and acts childish and foolish like charging at Doctor Doom with a team of inexperience Superheroes.)

            Though at least manga is constant with their storylines, for the most part, though Japan might take some notes from American comics they still use source materials from their home land.

            Which do you think is better with story handling? Comics or manga?

            I like manga, but I’ve seen a few good comics in my lifetime but nothing that holds my interest for long unlike manga (but there are some manga that don’t hold my interest as well).

          • Brion Valkerion

            I like comic story lines more. Your right though about continuity in comics. They tend to be all over the place with side stories which can make them hard to follow.

            In general comics run in a linear fashion, IE the main Superman comic follows a single continuous story, while Justice League which has Super man in it, is considered a completely opposite storyline within the same universe just at a different time or place ect. Stuff like that can be confusing but thats also why they are sold separately and with different writers artists.

            I tend to like comics more mostly because the characters and situations evolve more and tend to be more intense. Manga can be good, but lets face its, even though the characters are different the same base story and character traits get carried over way to often. If theres a story with more than 5 main characters, you already know their personalities without even reading it.

          • Christopher Nunes

            “I tend to like comics more mostly because the characters and situations evolve more and tend to be more intense. Manga can be good, but lets face its, even though the characters are different the same base story and character traits get carried over way to often. If theres a story with more than 5 main characters, you already know their personalities without even reading it.”

            And comics don’t?

            I agree with the “character archetypes”, but the same can be true for certain comic book characters and sometimes the situations evolve and get more intense and deadly just as well… if you’ve seen the latest progress in the Naruto manga with the 4th Ninja War going on you see what I mean.

            To me both are good, but both tend to do some of the same things over and over again. But it’s fun to see different character react to the situation they are placed in and see how they overcome it.

          • Calintz YT

            “I tend to like comics more mostly because the characters and situations
            evolve more and tend to be more intense. Manga can be good, but lets
            face its, even though the characters are different the same base story
            and character traits get carried over way to often. If theres a story
            with more than 5 main characters, you already know their personalities
            without even reading it.”

            He’s just described 90% of every comic book series ever made. Then again if you never actually read a manga and live in your own bubble your perspective tends to be skewed.

          • The Clone Saga is actually pretty great if you read it now after all these years. I still have all of my old issues lying around in a box and open it up to read them every couple of years. I can only imagine the kind of torment it must have been for fans at the time, though, because of all the Peter/clone confusion.

          • Ishaan, the whole deal with it wasn’t just the clones, but from the many retcons in-between. You do know there are different variations of the story, right? I think the saga was also covered to an extent in the 90’s animated series. All I know is that I have bad memories of the female Doc Ock introduced in one of the stories.

          • I like both media. I mean, both ARE the same media! Why divide them as east vs west? Because of the writers, art style and/or local pop culture? Well, I can accept the last one. But both sides can do the same as the opposite side, maybe better or worse. We are human, and no one is perfect.

            That said, USM is bad, bad, bad. I think they are trying to do that one gag from Family Guy, trying too hard. Spidey is not like that, and Loeb should be hit with a rolled up newspaper in the nose for concieving this and believing it to be a good idea! No! Bad Loeb! Go stand in a corner!

            As for the Clone saga, it is a bit of a mess, but if you’re interested in hearing about it, you can reply to me by saying so, and I’ll do my best to explain it for you. Or, you can google it yourself! Whichever’s fine.

          • Christopher Nunes

            Indeed, I agree with both comics and manga being good. Though I prefer the manga’s way of handling stories and such with their actions.

            And I concur… what was the guy thinking? Do KIDS really enjoy USM? The Kraven the Hunter was among the only GOOD episodes of USM, but it’s not saving it. Get rid of the cut-aways and the 4th wall breaking… that’s Dead Pool’s shtick.

            And I would love to hear about the Clone Saga… I kinda liked how Jessica Drew was Spider-Man’s clone (Ultimate universe) and she has among the best Spider-Woman costumes in my opinion.

          • agasshsofahfshsh Superman. It’s so sad the way they’ve made Wonder Woman out to be this young, inexperienced girl that can’t get her hands off him.

          • The New 52 writers are having trouble writing female characters in general. Is that why Cassie is practically banned from this reality? I would find it as a justifiable cause, if that’s true.

          • Yeah, they wrote Cassie out completely. And over in the Titans books, they’re doing the Wondergirl x Superboy thing again. I thought it would’ve been way more interesting for her to get together with Tim. Bah.

          • Christopher Nunes

            Wait… what? What did they do to Wonder Woman?

          • Indeed. The Bat Family was better before all this. It was even dumb for taking away Babs’ role as Oracle. And the whole 5 year compression for everyone’s comic history is also riduculous. Bruce starting to adopt some random orphans (the Robins), and putting their age gaps close to being the equal. Tim was never Robin. Damian was made worse. Even the part about how Bruce had him as a son, ruining Talia in the process. Alfred is still badass, however.

          • Yeah, the compression hurts so many things. It hurts the years and years of trust Bruce and Dick have between them. It hurts the years of familiarity between Bruce and the Joker, all the years that Batman and Catwoman have built up a relationship, all of the times he crossed swords with Ra’s. So much.

            If they really wanted to reboot so badly, they should have given the DCU a Batman: Year One-style reboot. Start from scratch. Build it up. Don’t skip out on characterization just so you can rush into more alien invasion stories.

      • Solomon_Kano

        I’d like to see Red Robin if they care to add any more Batman characters. Personally, I liked Tim best with the Teen Titans (none of whom are in the game since Cyborg is JL…), but Red Robin was cool too.

        • Well, when you think about it, even if Cyborg is part of the JLA, he was a Teen Titan. Also, Nightwing and Raven are in the game. All the game needs is a few more characters to complete the set. Maybe Donna or Wally as well! Though, I think this game’s Flash might be Wally.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Raven’s in? Oho!

            I meant the more recent, pre-New 52 Titans though. Not like anybody ever, though I would be happy to see Donna. I’m talking the Bart Allen, Cassie Sandsmark-era Titans

          • I know which one you mean. And I believe Static was part of that team, too!

          • Solomon_Kano

            He was! I’d like to see him at the very least. Beast Boy would make for an interesting addition, but I know he won’t make it in.

          • Well, yeah, not before Starfire. Unless the Doom Patrol is also involved in here. Then, it would be a maybe for Beast Boy.

          • Solomon_Kano

            Even if the DP are involved, I just don’t think they’ll put in the work for BB. His powerset makes him a completely different beast from the other characters. Literally.

            Starfire would be cool to see though.

            Also, it appears that we’ve upset a fan of the New 52 with our talk lol.

  • Strain42

    I’ve pretty much given up all hope that any DC characters I actually follow will be in this game. That’s what I get for liking the more secondary characters over the iconic ones lol

    I still might pick this up though. I dunno. Maybe I’ll just wait for the inevitable upgraded version.

  • Shadowman

    Static Shock or Black lightning, or Hawkgirl

    • Hawk Girl is practically confirmed. If you watch the story trailer closely, during the scenes where the characters are clearly fighting in-game (not in cutscenes), Hawk Girl appeared in a blink-and-you-miss moment.

    • ToshiChan

      There’s so many people they can and should be using that they’re not utilizing instead of the super mainstream Batman chars…

      Sinestro, Grodd, Martian Manhunter, idk Starfire etc etc

      • Shadowman

        I was thinking that Starfire should join the game.

      • Well, Sinestro is confirmed. Maybe Starfire might get in, as well.

  • Cameron Ward

    not that im complaining, but how many batman villains are going to be in this game?

  • Brion Valkerion

    Most likely a story scene than a fight is my bet.

  • Learii

    Doomday FTW lol

  • Dynami

    I’m going to go with the popular theory that Croc (and perhaps other inmates) are enviornmental hazards/weapons/whatever in an Arkham Asylum stage. Croc’s model doesn’t look too detailed.

  • Mecha_the_Hedgehog

    shocked it took them this long to show off the Arkham stage.

    Now where is Power Girl she won that poll Boon made with all those female characters. I wish she or Starfire were playble so far out of the female characters Catwoman is the only character i would want to play as. Well maybe Harley if they have a extra costume that lets me use Classic Harley and not New 52 inspired version.

  • TheExile285

    game needs more Suberboy….

  • Leo121

    the character models look like they were pulled straight from Arkham City

  • Göran Isacson

    Yeah, that better be environmental hazards. We already got too many Bat chars as is, don’t need any more in my opinion. Seeing captain marvel is a godsend in that regard… I just hope there will be more ladies soon. Starfire preferably, if only because Power Girl is a bit too superman-like in her powerset, can’t really see how she’d play any different… then again, maybe that’s why I’m not a fighting game designer.

  • The Confirmed characters who will be in the game are:

    – Superman
    – Batman
    – Wonder Woman
    – The Flash
    – Cyborg
    – Solomon Grundy
    – Harley Quinn
    – Catwoman
    – Nightwing
    – Green Arrow
    – Deathstroke
    – Green Lantern
    – The Joker
    – Lex Luthor
    – Bane
    – Hawk Girl
    – Aquaman
    – Doomsday
    – Captain Marvel
    – Black Adam
    – Sinestro
    – Raven
    – Ares

    And a few others who aren’t mentioned by Ed Boon yet.

  • Brion Valkerion

    Calm down everyone they are part of a stage not playable (which is kinda apparent given how little detail there is on them in comparison.

    • I thought as much. They clash with the game’s art style, anyway. Alt Costume theory or not.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething
  • TBH, DC is completely irrelevant to me after New 52. The only DC stories I care are the ones created by Brianne Drouhard and Lauren Faust.

    Well, my big brother will get this, so I guess I’ll check it.

  • Xaxal_Ravenguard


    Seriously, I know Arkham Asylum and City were great, BUT SERIOUSLY!?

  • This game needs some Static and/or Cassandra Cain in this camp.

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