Resident Evil 6 “Unable To Sufficiently Appeal To Users” Say Capcom

By Ishaan . February 8, 2013 . 10:00am

At a recent third quarter earnings Q&A, Capcom were asked why sales of Resident Evil 6 have been weaker than expected. Here’s the official response:


We are currently analyzing the causes, which involve our internal development operations and sales operations. We have not yet reached a clear conclusion. We believe that global sales of 5 million units are proof that this is a popular title. However, we believe that the new challenges we tackled at the development stage were unable to sufficiently appeal to users. In addition, we believe there was inadequate organizational collaboration across our entire company with regard to marketing, promotions, the creation of plans and other activities. We will have to examine these results from several perspectives. We will reexamine our internal operating frameworks in order to identify areas that need to be improved concerning development as well as sales and administrative operations.


One of the possible changes Capcom are considering in the future is to focus more on the fear aspect of the series. In an interview with Eurogamer, Resident Evil: Revelations producer, Masachika Kawata, stated: “Moving forward I can see us focusing even more on the horror aspect and fear in the series, and see us making something scarier than we have already.”


“We don’t want to respond directly to, for example, the reaction to Resident Evil 6,” Kawata elaborated, “[rather than] taking a chance to re-examine the series as a whole within ourselves, within the company, and decide where we want to take it from there.”


Kawata also mentioned that Capcom will be watching the feedback to Resident Evil: Revelations on PC and consoles carefully to gauge what fans want from the Resident Evil franchise.


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  • ffboi7

    perhaps if they didn’t take the route like every other developer and try to replicate CoD it wouldn’t have done so damn bad…… They have no one to blame but themselves for screwing up a great series.

    • almostautumn

      It’s nothing like CoD. That has nothing to do with it.
      The issue is that it’s nothing like Resident Evil, or rather that Resident Evil is no longer Resident Evil. The series is in an identity crisis, for both the fans and the developers. The gameplay in RE6 is fine, but the thing is that it isn’t fine as gameplay for an RE game— they need to dislocate the modern status of the gameplay from that of the series it is connected to. RE:R did terrific, because it offered, mostly, exactly what RE is founded on, and delivers best. RE6 is essentially an entirely other game that is wrapped in the shell of a series it doesn’t have any consistency with; it just doesn’t work, it falls flat, it “feels” wrong, whether you are an old or new RE fan.
      Capcom has to maintain delivering highly commercial games, but hopefully they learn from RE6 that any of their series can’t be consistently pushed in a direction hostile to its actual source-material; this is the same rule for all arts, be it painting, writing, etc:. Foundations retain themselves even when the project is completely warped, and when the piece conflicts with its very base it results in apathy. It has nothing to do with the fact that RE6 works and plays fine; it just is off-kilt, distorted.
      They don’t need to reboot or anything crazy like that, but they do need to reassess what exactly “Resident Evil” actually implies, and whether or not their projects genuinely reflect so rooted a property.

      • Guest

        Capcom has even stated that the changes were aspirations to attract the CoD fans to play RE6. Had they not try so hard to attract the CoD fans I think the game would of been fine.

        • almostautumn

          CoD is not a genre

          • Jameel Aboulhosn

            CoD is a genre. It is blasphemous to call CoD an FPS because it’s not an FPS. Other FPS’es at least try to innovate like Far Cry, Crysis, HL1 and 2, Killzone, Metro, Portal, and many others. CoD is a bro-shooter. That is it’s official genre.

        • James Bond

          The sales are close to RE5. And just cause it didn’t reach expectation right now doesn’t mean it won’t sell more.

      • ffboi7

        It’s nothing like CoD but the fact that one of the goals was to attract the CoD fans to the series is just a horrible goal. Capcom really needs to get it together. Talks about making the new Resident Evil open world won’t help it either thats taking it even further away from what makes it Resident Evil. If they can replicate what they did with RE:R then they got a seller, but if they continue down the line of making it like RE5 & RE6 then the RE series is as good as dead.

      • Tails the Foxhound

        I disagree that it plays fine, the controls are way too clunky. You moved like a tank before in the RE series but 6 uses way to many buttons, I always have to reacquaint myself with the controls after the (awful) QTE/ vehicle sections. And holy mother of god that stupid menu, how did it get WORSE from 5!?

      • Curtis Kam

        that I been saying, it’s completely mixing up so badly I have no idea whats the heck is going on and feels the characters are trying to be force reset like Chris and Leon. The game lost the story and the gameplay.

      • Jameel Aboulhosn

        It actually is everything like CoD. You must not have played it because all I could think of during Chris’s campaign was “This is some good CoD.”

        On it’s own, even if wasn’t Resident Evil, the gameplay was atrocious (excluding Mercs). The only good part was Ada’s campaign. Jake did feel a little more classic, at moments, but overall the gameplay sucked ass. I can tell you the only halfway good moments in the entire game: The first few minutes of Leon. Escaping the Ustunak, sort of. Wondering around the facility to destroy the Ustanak. The graveyard in Leon. The entire Ada campaign. And, absolutely nothing in Chris’s campaign.

        If you really don’t think it was CoD, you didn’t play. The game had bountiful, pointless QTE moments, many of which were literally taken right from CoD MW2’s ice climbing. This happened while fighting the last boss (I don’t remember his name nor does anyone because he wasn’t memorable) as Leon/Ada. This happened while in the airplane in Leon. This happened while trying to escape the Ustanak. It likely happened more times too. CoD ice climbing does not belong in RE, not once, especially not three times. That’s only 3, but that’s just the ice climbing. You’ve got other pointless QTEs like the grapple system, the horrible sliding and climbing during the last boss of Chris, and so much more.

        Even the puzzles were completey lazy, such as the church bell puzzle in Leon’s campaign. Did the game even have another puzzle? I don’t recall one. Oh right, Ada’s puzzle in the whatever area, yea, also completely easy and thoughtless. RE6 takes every single thing that made RE popular, and omits it. Limited ammo, startle scares, bullet sponge enemies, low healing ability, low inventory space, creepy atmosphere, intentional anxiety created by the item management system and the fact that you had all of the above, it’s all gone. And let’s not mention that there is literally no story in RE6. Absolutely nothing is explained until Ada’s campaign, and even then to call it an explanation would be offensive to people who explain things, like teachers for example.

        They desperately need to reboot. They need to get rid of all RE characters, get rid of Raccoon, Umbrella, viruses, and everything else. Then they need to go back to square one, in fact, what they need to do is take the Hooked Man beta version of RE4 that they scrapped, and turn that into a game, because the short amount of demo footage of that scrapped version of RE4 was better than RE4, RE5, and RE6 combined.

    • Curtis Kam

      and ignoring Megaman for so long

      • James Bond

        Nope. There are plenty of games for mm. So far there is no mm in 2011 and 2013.

  • solbalmung

    I think it’s quite clear. Fans want somthing more like Resident Evil 2, a game of survival where each false step, bullets count. The fear and survival aspect is one of Resident Evil trademarck thats beginning to wear thin through each installement….

    • I don’t know about that. The response to Revelations has been very good, and that’s somewhere in between Resident Evil 4 and 5. I don’t think people necessarily want the series to go as far back as 2. Just not to the opposite extreme.

      • Shane Guidaboni

        Agreed. I wouldn’t want the tank controls to return. Revelations was the perfect middle ground for me. It brought back the fear and mixed in a good level of action. While the game wasn’t perfect, I think it helped to combine the two sides of the series.

        • Yeah, the only thing I missed in Revelations was some of the Japan-like cheesiness of RE4 (mainly characters like Salazar and the Merchant), but I don’t think that’s ever coming back.

          That isn’t to say I don’t love RE5, though. That game is some of the best co-op I’ve played.

          • Showmeyomoves

            I don’t know about Japan-like, but there was a hell of a lot of cheesiness in Revelations. I forgot their names, but I’m talking about the two “comic relief” characters. They were so TERRIBLE it was funny again, so I guess it all worked out in the end.

          • Ah yeah, both of those guys reminded me of Bulk and Skull from Power Rangers. They were pretty funny. I would’ve liked them more if I didn’t feel like their sections of the game were too short to really be meaningful and only served as padding.

            Chris’ sections, too, for that matter. I thought the Jill/Parker parts of the game were the strongest, and it’s a good thing that was 80% of the game.

          • Juan Andrés Valencia

            RE5 on co-op at the highest difficulty is INTENSE. And it also supports split screen so you can easily hit their genitals with your elbow when you are running out of ammo.

          • Jameel Aboulhosn

            If by intense you mean retarded and not fun after about 20 minutes yea.

          • s07195

            Have to agree that RE5 co-op is one of the best points about the game. Exchange the ammo with me now, dammit!!

        • Valtiel Ikari

          RE4 still had Tank control, just a different camera angle.

          • BadenBadenPrinny

            Pretty much, there was nothing revolutionary about the controls

        • $36598391

          The controls were one of the biggest parts of the older Resident Evils i enjoyed

        • Jameel Aboulhosn

          I’m not trying to be overly offensive, just offensive…but…if you think the RE2 controls are tank controls, you’re bad at games. And believe me I’ve beaten RE2 easily 100 times, i’m aware that you occasionally run in a retarded arc that you don’t want to run in. More often than not, the controls do exactly what you tell them to.

      • I’d honestly say Revelations didn’t draw much from RE4 aside from the over the shoulder perspective and some other gameplay gimmicks. Everything else about it threw me back to RE 1 up to Code Veronica.

        I can understand the comparisons you drew with RE 5 tho, those are obvious (as I like to call ’em, “The Chris segments”).

      • Jameel Aboulhosn

        Fans want RE2. They want an RE2 remake if not the next entry to go in that direction. If you don’t want RE2 remake or don’t want something like RE2, you aren’t a fan, and you can kindly take your 90s kid post-RE4 faux fandom somewhere else to another franchise so the adults can keep this one.

    • It’s clear that the fans want the franchise to rotate more towards what
      it originally was; the “problem” here is that it’s no longer the fans
      that keep the series moving, and Capcom is always looking to appeal to a
      bigger audience, which doesn’t necessarily like the classic Resi games
      or survival horror games for that matter.

      And as much as it pains
      me, as a huge RE fan to say it, I understand where Capcom is coming
      from. This is a business, they want to make money, so they try and
      invest in whatever gives them the most money at the end of the day.

      Even if I don’t like the way they’re dealing business, and even if I don’t like the way they’re treating this franchise.

      • James Bond

        They cant satisfy everyone. Everyone doesn’t want the same thing.

        • Absolutely. And that is why they try to satisfy the end of the spectrum that gives ’em the more money in the end.

          It sucks for fans like me, but that’s the way the world spins around I guess. As long as they keep throwing us a bone every now and then with Revelations, then I won’t mind as much. They just need to keep in mind that they are tackling a rather unstable market by catering to the shooter fans. But again, I totally understand where they came from with RE 5 and 6, even if I think both games are as good as the previous entries.

      • Jameel Aboulhosn

        Capcom doesn’t understand how it works. Even Nascar, as retarded as it is, knows that you have to give the fans what they want and you can’t make drastic changes.

    • James Bond

      You don’t speak for everyone. Everyone likes certain things. You may want RE to be more like 2, but not everyone.

  • idofgrahf

    I do not think the game is the problem, the problem is they set too high of a sales goal for RE6

  • FFmax

    People just want something like resident evil 4 again. They will probably go in the opposite direction and do something completely drastic and make things worse.

    • Ty Arnold

      I can understand Capcom’s confusion, since RE4 brought the series away from survival horror, and more of a shooter. They must have thought that if they brought it further in the shooter direction, they’d make even more money. But RE4 worked by virtue of being a breath of fresh air at the time.

      Their best options, at this point, are to either go back and find that sweet spot that RE4 hit, or to try something completely different.

      • Hidayat246

        “….go back and find that sweet spot that RE4 hit….”

        what do you mean about “RE 4 sweet spot”?
        partner system, shoulder camera, mercenaries mode, & more action is sweet spot that make RE 4 hit (also appear again in 5 & 6), of course is just IMO.

        • Jameel Aboulhosn

          Sir, RE4 did not have a partner system. It had a talking ball and chain that served absolutely no purpose except that the “point” of the game was to rescue her.

          • Hidayat246

            yes we just save ashley and take control of him find royal emblem but some time leon & ashley is together

            ok maybe i can call “pre-partner system”

  • AlteisenX

    Considering how many QTE’s are in this game… and how broken the story is now… Maybe just go back to basics and create an over the shoulder puzzle solving zombie game again. I get this tried to do that, but there were way too many Michael Bay moments, and QTE’s to get my attention.

  • raulrain

    It’s good to know they finally acknowledge that the RE Series were going to a fitting end, like an action type of game, RE6 it’s good but not that good, but like a “RE game” it’s just bad, so i’s a good time to re-evaluate the Series again, but in the mid-time, RE Revelations!!!

  • Revorse

    I like 6. I’m in the minority, I’m sure. I’ve only played 4-6 and I liked each one. Maybe because I’m not as old of a fan I don’t understand the hate/dislike. I tried playing 2 recently, but I just couldn’t.

    • 60hz

      i dug 6 too but i also understand the complaints, the perception is the game was not survival horror, but it was more action based… i’m hoping they develop this concept but don’t do it as a numbered sequel, make it a gaiden or something… take their numbered sequels back to RE4, this way they keep the fans isolated from any experimentation that they would do on the gaiden line. And we get to see some new concepts developed on the gaiden line and people’s expectations for these gaidens will be a bit more lenient.

  • FitzpatrickPhillips

    It didn’t sell as expected cause you guys set your goddamn sights too high. Stop expecting every game to sell 50million

  • Minos

    I can spare you the research:

    When people dont buy your game is because it is a bad game.

    • raymk

      That’s not true all the time, and people play bad games that sell well so…..

      • Minos

        “Bad” according to who?

        • OkamiKing

          But 5 million- No A MILLION have bought the game. I don’t care if your some megalomaniac company owner or a small time business man. Thats a big ass number.

    • 60hz

      not true, that’s like saying milli vanilli is awesome because they sold triple platinum. All sales reflects is marketing. PLUS the game sold 5 million units, nothing to sneeze at…

      • Minos

        I have no idea of who Milli Vanili is.

        Also, a game needs to sell more than 8 millions for me to think it sold well.

        • OkamiKing

          I’m sorry but can you count to five million? Try it, after a 100 thousand, you’ll realize how large a friggin number that is. The fact of the matter is sales do not, HAVE NEVER, WILL EVER, rate a game. Its an opinion. They were 2 million behind their expected goal. 5/7 of a number. A LARGE NUMBER. It sold. But heres the deal, JUST BECAUSE SOMETHING SELLS DOESN’T MAKE IT GOOD OR BAD.

          Whether Hitler calls it great and how you feel about it is up to you. Its an opinion. Not making their sales mark, probably not that good. But getting pretty damn close? Not that big of a worry.

    • Göran Isacson

      Resident Evil Operation Racoon City.

      Your theory was just, unfortunately, invalidated. I am as sorry as you are for it :(

      • Minos

        That game didn’t sell.

        • Göran Isacson

          … It sold around 2 million copies worldwide. That made it profitable as far as Capcom are concerned, and validated it’s construction in their eyes. It made more money than it cost to develop, it turned a profit, and that means it did, for all intents and purposes, “sell”.

      • Minos

        That game didn’t sell.

  • Go2hell66

    putting the fixed camera angles back is the first step towards making a true survival horror RE again IMO

    • FitzpatrickPhillips

      Nope. That has nothing to do with it, and tank controls/fixed camera is a huge step back. Look at RE4 or Dead Space 1. You can do it with over the shoulder type controls.

      • Go2hell66

        whatever you say man but RE4 and deadspace did nothing for me in terms of atmosphere. wasn’t even remotely scared playing those games, sure the controls might have been a bit clunky but if you really want people to crap themselves an obscure camera angle here and there really go a long way. some good music helps to.

        • FitzpatrickPhillips

          Thats artificially inducing fear into the player and not making it actually fun to play, nor does that create any better atmosphere. Atmosphere is created through the environment sounds, etc. I could understand RE4 but Dead Space 1 had better atmosphere than the classic RE games.

          • 60hz

            lolwut all the fear in a game is artificially induced.

          • What people need is a sense of danger, thats how you create fear not all this control psycho-babble you people keep talking about like you all known anything worth a damn when you really dont.

        • I think there is room for both kinds to exist. I’m a fan of that old school fixed angles too. But I still really liked RE4 and 5, that Mikami magic is gone now though, and it shows.

  • DesmaX

    That’s a nice response

    Not like EA, that said “MOH: Warfighter was a great game, people just didn’t understood it” about the poor sales of the new Medal of Honor

  • D H

    Sorry, everyone here on the internet, but this is hands down my favorite Resident Evil game. And that’s being said having played each as they came out. I don’t even want to go back to 4 anymore, I’d much rather play 6.

    Now, I’ll admit, starting out, it was a little annoying. That feeling didn’t really go away until about Leon 3 or 4, but by then, after getting used to the control scheme, it became a blast to play through, and in four days I put 70 hours into it, and 70 more over the next week, and am currently waiting on the PC version to come out so I can start over again.

    Of course, since the internet doesn’t like it for whatever reason, but I’m really tired of seeing the “it’s not like the first 3” as an argument, when the last two haven’t been like that either… I’m as huge a fan of RE as it comes, and I do not want to go back to the style of 1-3. Those were very painful to find fun, in my opinion, and relied on having to scare the player to find enjoyment out of them.

    Also, again, sorry internet, but I love QTEs, always have, always will. Besides, at this point you can have it set up to auto do all of those for you anyway, so that can’t possible be a complaint anymore…

    • Göran Isacson

      As someone who isn’t fond of them, I’m curious enough to ask- why DO you love QTEs? What is it about them that you find more satisfactory than controlling the action yourself? Are there different levels to your love, like there are some QTEs you think are bad, some you think are good, or do you just love them all whenever they appear? I think I need a different perspective on them, because I just have never gotten the appeal.

      • D H

        For me, it’s the same sheer unpredictability of them that makes other people not like them, that makes me love them. There is never that period where you can get comfortable enough and relax; even during the cutscenes, there is that ever-looming event that spells a change in the story, whether it’s death or just branching paths. Because of that, in my opinion, it heightens my own awareness of the game, both during the QTEs and in between them, enhancing my gameplay. Same with God of War, I feel that I play better because I’m looking for the QTEs, therefore I’m much more aware of what’s going on around them.

        It’s kind of hard to put into words, really, but I think that’s pretty much it, and it’s a really simple reason, but I’m really just a simple person (after all, Duke Nukem Forever kept me quite entertained throughout, and we all know how the ‘net feels about that one)…

        As for the different levels, I suppose there is, but nothing that stands out. I know tons of people hate the QTE sequence in Jake 2 while escaping Ustanak, but I thought it presented a nice change in pace after all the sneaking around. Also, about the “controlling the action yourself” part, I guess that’s just personal opinion; I much prefer the cutscenes and events that play themselves out, fleshing out the characters, than the ones that try to be more immersive by making you play them. While I can enjoy games that do so (I do love and play Elder Scrolls, for example), I much prefer a complete story with predefined characters, than “playing myself.”

        • Göran Isacson

          Huh. That is interesting, because to me QTE’s either makes things too easy if they’re well made, or too frustrating if they’re poorly made. (and yes let us… simply agree to disagree on DNF, I think that’ll be best for our peace of mind ^-^’

          When I say poorly made, I mostly think of games like Bayonetta where the timing and response time was REALLY finicky- I SWORE that I pushed the two buttons (yes you had to push two buttons simultaneously for some strange reason) at the same time, but the game just would not agree with me. And bam- a fight which had up until that moment been ALL about carefully dodging attacks and spinning advanced combinations was lost and had to be replayed, because the game makers couldn’t be bothered to create a functional QTE. Or in some cases, they made on that was REALLY bad at conveying just what you had to do, so I had to fail once just to understand how to play the QTE and retry a whole section.

          That being said.

          The kind of QTE’s that you describe, your God of Wars, your Resident Evils, basically the games in which the QTE’s are functional… they’re just so EASY. I don’t think I can say it any way else- I have master twitch reflexes and I pretty much nail any button press flashing by on screen no matter how random it might be, so there’s really no challenge to it for me. It just takes me out of the game because I know that as long as I hit the buttons I will win. Give me a fight in which I am not guaranteed victory just because I can clue in to the most unsubtle visual display possible, and I am in heaven. Throw up the biggest instruction signs imaginable and I will ace that challenge all of the times.

          ALso when I wrote “control the action yourself”; I wasn’t referring to cutscenes, I was talking about just making gameplay all about YOUR choices in combat, not the kind of automatic choices made for you when the QTE starts (i.e you can only choose to either hit the right buttons in the right order, or fail). Sorry if I got confusing.

  • Wake

    RE7 on a new console? With the focus on horror again? The next RE just positioned itself as a future video game darling. It’s all about execution now.

  • pinta_177

    thats what they get for murdering their own series, hey should now that resident evil is NOT COD, jesus, is that so hard to understand?, damn capcom, get it together already

  • Odin

    Well, for one thing, treating it like CoD means you’re bound to be overconfident. They should probably take a break from RE. I think a lot of fans expected quality from RE6, because they were all decent games in the past. This is a sign to me that Capcom doesn’t see the value in their product, if they treat it like they do.

    Some of the best games tend to only have a few games to the series (Deus Ex. among others), so the quality control is much higher and they come out amazing. They said RE6 was a reboot. I felt I couldn’t really believe that.

  • Asura

    Yes; make it scarier. That would be a nice start; to be afraid in a horror-based game.

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      Who’d a thunk, right? More horror in a horror title!

      By George, I think he’s got it!!

  • Just Tim

    Felipe, Fitzpatrick, Eric, yup; expecting a “flagship” franchise like Resident Evil to sell like Call of Duty is an issue right now, especially when RE and CoD have two completely different audiences.

  • Leo121

    Resident evil to Capcom: Moo milk me!

  • phangtom

    Capcom unable to sufficiently listen to fans – Says fan

  • MrRobbyM

    If you ask me, if they want to appeal to the mainstream yet still not have the fans complain that it’s too actiony and CoD-like then all they have to do is to bring the feeling of the old RE games back and make them less like an action flick. Keep the moving while shooting controls but bring back scarce ammo and spookier locales. Also get rid of that horrid, new inventory system. RE4 did it best.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    Well, I haven’t gotten RE6 yet, but I’ll definitely grab RE:Relevations. My vote will be done with my dollars so they get the message LOUD AND F*CKIN’ CLEAR!!!!

  • Giraffe Shenanigans. Nuff said.

  • Curtis Kam

    Uhhhhhh I can name a few what went HORRIBLY WRONG which one was the storyline set up I mean how the hell Chris acting like a sober loser at a bar, Leon women obsession problem, the old clone the character trick the other character and ends up in a weird mess up routine, Wesker had a son??……… Really its like jumping to different realities here folks. I not sure the game taking the storyline seriously. I mean I thought Chris reitre B.S.A.A to hang with Jill and maybe gotten marry at some point and had to call to duty again, that would’ve make a better story sense than mopping in a bar with a few men kill since he is already used to it. And look at this youtube on Wesker reaction on this event:

    The storyline suck real bad that urg word can’t describe, but bad as nexon service support and nexon are real jerks about helping users who been hacked which happen often.

  • Richard N

    I like these comments; “Hah that’s what you deserve Capcom, only 5 Million shipped!”

    • 60hz

      lol i know lol meanwhile some games are happy to sell 100k

      • Paul ‘Chinny’ Chinn

        Shipped != Sold

  • kupomogli

    I’d like another Outbreak game without the ridiculously long load times. If that hit it big then they might have kept the RE4 shooter route and the Outbreak survival route.

    Resident Evil 6 wouldn’t have been a bad game if it was actually developed well. Graphically the game is great, but everything else is bad. Enemies are bullet sponges until you upgrade your skills. Enemies can’t be shot if they’re lying on the ground, eating someone on the ground, etc, until they’ve been “activated.” Way too many quicktime events. Way too many cheap damage locations, so you’d open a door only to get attacked by a bullet sponge zombie regardless if you shoot him in the head or not, or the cutscene in the elevator on Leon’s campaign. The game is way, way, way, way too dark in Leon’s campaign even with the brightness increased. The flashlight that Leon is carrying around shoots out a beam that may as well be from a pen light.

    On the other hand, I’m on chapter 10 of Dead Space 3 and it’s pretty much Dead Space with multiplayer. The game plays extremely well. The first and I think ninth chapters you’ll be playing against humans with guns, so you sort of have two different type of styles. Dead Space style and regular third person shooter style. Both styles do really well.

    It’s clear that Dead Space was inspired by Resident Evil 4 but it’s the better set of action games.

  • Cole

    But the thing is its much harder too scare people now cause we dont scare easy anymore by video games so the horror factor is still good too fail

  • 60hz

    perhaps they should have made re6 and re5 (both good games just not good survival horror games) a new resident evil brand, a gaiden perhaps that’s focused more on action. This would allow for experimentation with their new brand while with the numbered sequels would explore the survival horror paradigms established in re4.

  • AndreasStalin

    At least I know what I do not want any more of from the RE series and thats co-op. Survival horror co-op? Thats just not working for me. You were supposed to be ‘Alone in the Dark’ and thats something that can be really scary. And if Capcom wants to know where they did something right with this series look no further back than the first RE remake for GC. That game was brilliant, and in my opinion the pinnacle of the series so far, including RE 4 which while great didn’t really take the series where I wanted it to go.

    Actually I think they should go back to Racoon City and expand on that mythology even more as the first three games works pretty well in that setting and there is so much more that could be told about what really happened there.

    Escort missions? OK!
    Branchings paths? OK!
    Multiple lead characters? OK!
    Different scenarios for each character? OK!
    CO-OP/multiplay? NO NO NO NO!

    And more Jill. There can never be enough Jill.

    And considering revelations: The part on the ship was excellent. The other parts, sometimes great sometimes ok, but me myself I prefer the ship.

  • NRool

    The problem is fans are too hung up on how things “used to be done” and in particular seem to be afraid of any kind of change, especially with RE.

    RE4 set up it’s own glass ceiling for any future titles in the series, but for me, RE5 will always be my favourite, just for the fact there was no game-play halting puzzles (urgh)

    • RE5 > RE4 easily.
      People just love to apply their nostalgia glasses logic to everything that they thought was amazing just because it was “new” and “fresh”.

      • NRool

        Pretty much got a huge chunk of gamers in a nutshell right there. thing is, I think it’s silly to judge a new game on it’s predecessor in the first place, why should I judge say … Grandia 2, based upon my experiences in Grandia 1? I adore Grandia 1 for it’s lighthearted opening plot, however Grandia starts off serious and keeps it dark throughout the game, does this make Grandia 2 bad?

        HELL NO.
        Grandia 2 is in my opinion the greatest dang JRPG of all time, so why do people judge games by the ones that come before them? it truly makes no sense to me

        • Because they feel like every new entry should recreate that first time experience they had, even though that experience is largely the way it was because said first time was “new”; memories of things you’ve enjoyed in the past also tend to be largely better than how it actually was.

          Not that I don’t enjoy playing, let’s say, King of Dragons again nowadays, heck I still believe it’s one of the finest sidescrollers ever released on the snes, but in my childhood memories that game was apparantly the greatest epic adventure…till I revisited it.

          I mean look at my comment above, apparantly the person I replied to believes RE4 controls are superior to that of RE5…..even though RE5 has the exact same controls (with enhancements ofcourse).

          Sure RE4 was fantastic when it launched, but if you would compare them point by point, mechanic by mechanic, anyone who hasn’t made up their mind already could see that RE5 does everything RE4 does better.

          Oh and to be fair, Grandia 2 is pretty goddamn fantastic.

      • RE4 Controls were better than RE5. The game was meh.

        • That’s funny, seeing how RE5 had the -exact- same controls; thanks for proving my nostalgia glasses argument ;].

          • If someone cant tell the difference between two separate control schemes, where the default one is crap then may the grounds of flow lay your mode to rest

        • Ironically, Revelations has controls closer to a shooter than RE5 does, yet the game is held in much higher regard than RE6. :P

          (In Revelations, you can aim in first-person and you can also strafe while shooting.)

      • eilegz

        RE6 the best modern RE improved anything over re4 and re5 but people just hate it because “its not scary” such a shame the game itself was pretty good

    • Sylveria

      So you didn’t really want a Resident Evil game, you wanted a Gears of War game. Just running and gunning as a guy who can punch boulders and maybe some jump-scares.

      This same argument came up with DMC. It’s not people rejecting change. It’s people rejecting change that turns the series in to something else entirely.

      It’s not nostalgia goggles as narrow-minded people like to dismiss it as. It’s a series losing what made it what it was. Those puzzles you hate were part of Resident Evil. If you don’t like puzzles, you’re playing the wrong game.

      I just adore the “You’re afraid of change” argument people.. until something they love changes in to something they don’t like, then they’re the ones “afraid” of change. Let’s change your hamburger in to a cucumber sandwich. What? You didn’t order a cucumber sandwich cause you don’t like cucumber? You want your hamburger? Stop whining and accept the change.

      I don’t like RE games period. Not the old tank control ones or the new cover-shooter ones. I don’t sit here and say RE would be better if it was a turn-based RPG because I know that’s not what the RE series is. It is okay not to love every series ever made because some series just aren’t for you. Let the people who like that stuff have that stuff. Go find stuff you like instead expecting existing stuff to mutate to suit your tastes.

      • NRool

        Man, gimme a cucumber sandwich over a burger anyday.

        In all seriousness though, I’ll first say I apologise if what I said came across kind of offensively, to anyone, didn’t mean it to sound that … offensive, but well, I think your way of comparing RE5 to Gears is really just … well as somebody who adores RE5 but hates Gears, put it this way, they besides having guns and shooting, have basically nothing in common (Cover in RE games, hah!)

        Also, I do love RE4, don’t get me wrong, I even like RE2 and Code Veronica, but the change of controls and perspective really highlighted the series for me, made me interested again, then add the option for a more social gameplay experience (Co-op) and remove the time consumingly boring puzzles inbetween sections, and you have RE5 obviously, but for me, this was the pinnacle of the series, it had done everything, FOR ME that I could’ve wanted it to, (OK now I need to establish the fact I do NOT want to cram love for RE5 down peoples throats, if you don’t like it, fair do’s, I can understand why, really I can) but like many other games out there these days, I feel RE5 gets a lot of negative schitck because of nostalgia, Final Fantasy suffers in the same way, as the internet has grown, more fans have become more vocal, and as such gamers are harder to please, and the common one I see is “THIS series is doomed!” why? “Because this new game is different” I see it all over the place, in Magazines, newspapers, internet forums and news blogs, all complaining over nit-picky little things that differenciate the game from its predecessor, but things they hate on almost aimlessly, like you said, in DMC, Dante has black hair, 5 minutes later he is “OMFG EMO DANTE, BOYCOTT BOYCOTT” I mean, seriously? do the people that write these kind of things even think about what they write? and then, it ends up spreading like wildfire, because, unfortunately that’s how a big chunk of gamers tend to act these days, not everyone, but a chunk, a very vocal chunk, that seem to drown out any informative or positive opinions or views.

        Well I kinda drifted off-topic there but … you get why I have the views I do on games and gamers, personally I’d just like to add I would love for the RE games to go back to their roots if they can do it right, not totally back there, but to an extent, experimentation and originality are the keys to making new and better games, take the good with the bad and all that eh?

        PS: sorry for the long-winded reply, truly.

        • Sylveria

          No problem about the long reply. I always enjoy reading thought out responses beyond “stop whining u entitled baby.”

          Here’s another problem with the “OMFG EMO DANTE, BOYCOTT BOYCOTT.” group, not only does it drown out praise, it also drowns out the people who offer thoughtful criticism. Frankly, and especially in DMC’s case, the people who support the game are acting just as obnoxious as the screaming detractors. Most fan-bases completely ignore that people even can see negative aspects in their product – DMC, FF13, any of it.

          All criticism based in “what a series used to be” is almost always immediately dismissed with “nostalgia goggles” or “fear of change.” I do not believe in those positions. I believe in appreciation and respect for the core concepts that make a series identifiable and familiar to the people who’ve played it for, in some cases, decades.

          I hate FF13, not because I love 6 and 7, but because I think FF13 is an absolutely awful game from top to bottom. I’ve written at length as to why, point by point, and do you know what my responses are usually met with? “Well I think it’s good, you just didn’t want change.” or some other such dismissive tripe. I’ve never in the past.. what.. 4 years since FF13 came out? had anyone accept my points and “I disagree and here’s why,” beyond the aforementioned “Well I thought it was good and fun, you’re an old whiner,” or “It sold well so you’re wrong,” or my personal favorite “If you play it for more than 25hrs, you’ll see it isn’t an rpg and appreciate it”. Side note, I played it for like 45 hours. I finished it. I do not appreciate it. If it is not an RPG once you get to Pulse, then it’s a really, REALLY bad Monster Hunter knock-off.

          I’ve played games I know are good but I don’t like. I’ve played games I know are terrible but I adore. I don’t consider a game good or bad based on my enjoyment of it nor do I judge a game based purely on the game-play. There’s more to games than just how they play. Games are an art-form, they have a history, each series has a history and a concept that gives it its personality and I believe those parts of the piece need to be respected by both the gamer and the developer. Some day in the future video games are going to be part of art-history class or they’re own study all together. In this current age, so few people who support the medium as consumer or journalist give a shit about that history and it will be looked back upon as a huge black stain on the art-form. Even with all the rage and furor about how games are art and need to be protected as free speech, the vast majority of gamers can be summed up with “Is it fun, bro? Cool,” and then we wonder why people don’t respect games as art when even we, the gamers, the proponents of it, don’t

          To the rest of your point, I’ll direct you to my above post to Drakos. Feel free to ignore the portions that are directed in nature rather than applying to the conceptual portion of the discussion.

      • “Let’s change your hamburger in to a cucumber sandwich. What? You didn’t order a cucumber sandwich cause you don’t like cucumber? You want your hamburger? Stop whining and accept the change.”

        That example doesn’t make sense; eating at a restaurant and buying a game don’t work the same way. If you’re talking about what you already paid for being swapped for another, that’s more analogous to a game store employee swapping the game you just paid for with another game after the deal was done – that’s more akin to breaking an agreement, which is a different, separate issue altogether.

        If you’re talking about the composition of what something used to be being changed: Most of the time, news releases about a game usually make sure people get to know what they’re getting into, so there’s no room for uninformed bait-and-switch. Both old and new products are gonna have their own shares of supporters. Not everybody liked the old products either; there’s no point in making up rationales about how something should stay as it was before – that’s just appeal to tradition.

        In the case of games, nobody’s being forced to buy something they don’t like, and there are means to sell the items back if they don’t want them, unlike food.

        • Sylveria

          I’m curious what restaurants you eat at that you pay before you get your food and you can’t send it back if it you don’t get what you ordered or it comes out bad. Think you need to look for new eating establishments.

          Allow me to clarify my analogy. You order a burger from Burgercom. It’s a special kind of burger. No one else makes a burger like this one. There’s a few others kinda like it, one made out of dinosaur meat, but it’s a poor imitation and you’re pretty sure that one isn’t made anymore. Your food comes and you get your cucumber sandwich. You say you got the wrong food and they correct you, no, that’s a burger now. Same name, entirely different make-up. What you wanted to get no-longer exists because cucumber “burgers” are all the rage. Cumbervision across the street sells millions of cucumber sandwiches every year so they decided to change their unique product in to something they think will sell better. Your burger is gone, this new thing with the same name has replaced it. You can eat it or you can leave.

          Perhaps it is an appeal to tradition. Is that a negative thing? Like we both said, not everyone liked the old stuff. I certainly didn’t like old RE, but as I said, that doesn’t mean they should twist the series in to something else entirely to appeal to me. Why even have a game series if the components are freely interchangeable? Isn’t using the setting of a series with different components the whole reason spin-offs exist? Modifications, tweaks, even some experimenting is fine, but changing the series in to an entirely different genre?

          You seem to be of the position that as long as someone likes what a series becomes, it’s fine. Screw the people who supported the series to the current point if they don’t want to buy it in its new direction. There’s plenty more people to buy action-horror than survival-horror. Or, it’s a good game, shut up and buy it you whiners, right?

          When does it go too far? Can RE7 be realistic military FPS set in Iraq? Umbrella is a Taliban terrorist cell. Zombies is a code word for enemy combatants. All your soldiers have the same names as characters from previous RE games. It’s still an RE game, right, cause it says so on the cover and pays lip-service to the previous series entries? How far does a series have to diverge from what it was until it’s more than “just an appeal to tradition”? I’m sure all the CoD fans would say it’s the best RE game yet, who cares about the people who liked the survival horror or even action horror RE games. Forget them

          Of course, look who I’m trying to pursue discussing the destructive effects that a series abandoning their core concepts, themes, and their history in a quest for mass appeal and higher sales can have.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Yet the RE burger hasn’t been a tank burger for ten years now. No one is being told their meat is cucumber.

            And will this line also apply to say I don’t know — Platinum games for their turning their back on tradition, throwing MGSs ‘real’ fans under the bus and creating a game that is a far more different genre than RE6 or DmC are compared to what came before them? Not saying I agree one way or the other, but if that’s the argument folks wish to die around….

          • Sylveria

            Is Revengence called Metal Gear Solid 5? No, it’s a spin-off. That’s what spin-offs exist for – taking an existing universe and letting you explore with different characters and different styles. It’s profoundly saddening that a moderator on a site like this can’t tell the difference.

            Did I say that RE6 should play exactly like RE2? No, I even said that refinement and changes are fine until those changes become so radical the final product becomes unrecognizable by altering core concepts and themes. RE6 didn’t become unrecognizable as an RE game because you didn’t have tank controls. Please stop trying to be condescending by willfully misinterpreting or ignoring my points.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Yet RE6 is far from unrecognizable from RE5 or RE4, in fact, many concerns regarding RE6 are that it doesn’t provide the same ‘you and your buddy against the zombie hordes’ experience of 5 or the tight run and gun experience folks liked in 4. RE6 also rocks a bit of the craziness and implausible actions of the movies. The ‘tradition’ RE6 played to (albeit not as successfully) is still a Resident Evil audience, just a different RE audience than the one you are invoking.

          • “You seem to be of the position that as long as someone likes what a series becomes, it’s fine. Screw the people who supported the series to the current point if they don’t want to buy it in its new direction.”

            The fact that you think people who supported the initial direction are “screwed” is really skewed in itself. They supported the initial direction because they like it; others will support the new directions if they like that. It’s just business. People paid for a product, not a contract from companies to keep appealing to them in the future. They’re not special just because they came first; if a series started differently, different people would have supported it, even if not on the same scale.

            “[…] It’s still an RE game, right, cause it says so on the cover and pays lip-service to the previous series entries?”

            That’s another fallacy I’ve been seeing lately: People associate identity with titles. That’s understandable as a common practice, but identity of a series is only as important as the IP owners consider it to be, whether anybody likes it or not. So what if an entry in a series plays differently from previous entries? It just means the new entry is in a different part of the series not necessarily aimed at old fans. If people can’t take the fact that their favorite series has a fraction appealing to a different audience, well, they’ll just have to deal with it.

            – – – – –

            “That’s what spin-offs exist for – taking an existing universe and letting you explore with different characters and different styles.”

            Semantics. You were just arguing against entries in the same series title with different style. You could argue that they’re made “intentionally” – except for the fact that no game is ever created “accidentally” (i.e: without a clear intent).

            “No, I even said that refinement and changes are fine until those changes become so radical the final product becomes unrecognizable by altering core concepts and themes.”

            Again, arguing from a vague limit that isn’t really definable, and from identities that are in the hands of IP owners to decide.

            – – – – –

            I’ve said most of the stuff I could, so I’m done here. If you drop more ad hominem in conversations with any other user, you’re getting a warning.

    • mirumu

      I don’t think the problem is anything to do with people being afraid of change. Personally I’d quite like to see Resident Evil progress in new ways, but to many horror and the pacing were completely core to their interest the series.

      If you like the heavier focus on action I’ve no problem with that. You’re clearly the market Capcom was aiming for, and I’m glad you enjoy it. I certainly wouldn’t say you shouldn’t buy the game or anything. What I see when I look at Resident Evil 6 is simply a game I’ve little interest in buying/playing and that comes down to my tastes. I would argue however that it’s not fans of the original games like me who prevented the game from hitting it’s sales targets. Capcom would have known they’d lose some people with the changes.

      Survival horror releases are few and far between, but there’s plenty of action games to choose from so when Capcom used to be a big fish in a small pond with RE, they’ve now entered a market with much more competition. The big players in that field know their audience well while Capcom is really just starting out here. When people say that Capcom set their targets too high, I think they’re right on the money. Capcom just misread the market.

  • They sold a lot of copies regardless, I think their expectations were too great. They wanted like CoD numbers.

    • eilegz

      agree its a shame that industry overall want a cod numbers. i think this its such a improved game over re4 and re5 but then people make it seems that its broken, bad and unplayable….

      • Jameel Aboulhosn

        Mostly because it is all three of those. It was playable, I’ll give you that, but by no means was it fun.

  • XiaomuArisu

    RE4 plus more horror is….
    maybe RE7

  • Kuro Kairi

    I’m dumbfounded that they still don’t know why people don’t like their game.
    All they have to do is listen to fans, or even just one fan, they could explain everything to you capcom, to the finest detail.
    Analyzing this from afar is not going to help in any way, its not about whats in the charts, its about what is in consumers heads and what they think about the game.
    Play a good game capcom, maybe even one of your own… See the appeal in them and realize your mistakes in your shallow approach.

  • Aztec

    RE6 was very similar to RE5 and yet RE5 is the best selling RE title ever. I for one dont think RE6 deserved the hate it got, although I’ll be the first to admit the Chris campaign sucked.

    I did, however, enjoyed a LOT Leon’s campaign. It was eerie, atmospheric and almost scary (almost). Bring more of that and less over the top CoD wannabe action from Chris’ side and you’re practically done.

  • Brion Valkerion

    Start with your B-movie action scenes and uncharacteristiclly sloppy controls Capcom. Unpolished presentation and out of nowhere plot next. THEN look at the team who made it. RE6 clearly needed another year of development at the least and they pushed it out anyway and were surprised that its sold like crap and got horrible responses.

    Crappy games=lower than expected sales, you think at least one Japanese company would just come out and realize it instead of “analyzing the solution” or even worse… giving it to a western dev because “they know what western audiences want”.

  • Brandonmkii

    It’s a shame really, especially with 6 being better than 5.

  • dahuuuundge

    of course the CoD audience isn’t going to jump ship to other games because they have have yearly CoD to satisfy them already

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    Well at least they are honest.

  • sakusakusakura_nyo

    Resident Evil Revelations is way better than Resident Evil 6.

  • AaqibRawat

    revelation was scary. = good game :)

    resident evil 6 was not scary= action game = fans not happy :(

    • eilegz

      since when being scary or not make a game good? re4 didnt scare at all and it was a success and re5 sold more than re4, now that re6 improve everything over those its bad, unplayable and a mess or at least thats what biased reviewers and fans of classic re says

      • AaqibRawat

        last time i checked people played resident evil games because they were scary.
        your just macho

        those regenerators in resident evil 4 scared the shit out of me!


  • Revelations on the 3DS is far better than 6. I am not saying this out of a biased opinion. You guys will enjoy it on consoles and pc.

  • Tonton Ramos

    Legends 3 says “It’s the fans fault that they don’t get enough support for this game” RE6 says “they are unable to sufficiently appeal to users” I wonder what DmC reboot will say?
    Seriously Capcom fix RE with survival horror and fear like “give us a heart attack” fear then bring back Megaman to us whether he’s in a fighting/crossover game or a “real” Megaman game and give us back Old Dante in the “real” DMC5.

  • noctis_nox

    Kawata also mentioned that Capcom will be watching the feedback to Resident Evil: Revelations on PC and consoles carefully to gauge what fans want from the Resident Evil franchise.

    Translation if RE: revelations sold millions then Capcom will gauge from that.

  • miyamoto

    this is just sad….

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Sir, you have already been asked to keep the baiting and meaningless comments off the site. This is a second warning and friendly reminder that there won’t be many more chances.

      • miyamoto

        “this is just sad….”
        What is baiting and meaningless comment about that, my friend?
        What do you want me to say “this is just happy news…”?

        Are you happy about what is happening to Capcom and their franchises like Biohazard and Devil May Cry?

        I have been an avid follower and huge supporter of Capcom and I know their games since Mega Man on NES up to their Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles on PS3. It saddens me to see RE:6 not living up to their expectations even though I saw it coming. Same with them giving DmC to Ninja Theory instead of the Japanese making it. Capcom has been making unfavorable westernization of Japanese games and its sad to see them fail.
        Can’t you people see that?

        • M’iau M’iaut

          I am asking you and any other poster to tell us why and understand not everyone believes in ‘this is sad’ or is unhappy with the changes. To recognize that there are those who don’t mind the new style and that the change in ‘style’ for either RE or DmC go further back than these two titles. In the case of RE especially, this is the style going back to at least RE4 and also side games like the Outbreak titles.

          There is a line between “I don’t like these changes because” and the idea all folks don’t like the changes simply because you don’t.

          • miyamoto

            Look, We wouldn’t come to Siliconera or any Japanese gaming site if we we are not passionate supporters about Japan and Japanese made games specially at these trying times of misinformation.

            We comment or criticize not to troll but to bring out positive results for Japanese made games cos if Japan goes down we all go down. Like the Japanese gaming community,if there is praise worthy we praise it and buy it. If there is something wrong or bias or a threat to Japanese gaming we correct it.

            Voicing our honest opinions is as good as voting with our wallets.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            You won’t find bias here towards anything but having fun with a game. Regarding misinformation, few posts come down quicker than ones spouting ‘the truth’ without anything to back them up — regardless of position. If you really mean to achieve honest changes, that first post won’t do any of it.

          • miyamoto

            “You won’t find bias here towards anything but having fun with a game. ”

            Really? Have you read Ishaan’s comments?

            Quite shocking for a Japanese games site, really.

            Its a surprising bias towards a huge company whose purpose in video games is to stop and destroy a very important proponent of Japanese games all around the wold…

            “If you really mean to achieve honest changes, that first post won’t do any of it.”

            Come on, really? Are you serious?

            Better keep up with the Jones. Look around you, Do not underestimate the power of the voice of gamers in this Information Age.
            Like I said voicing our honest opinions is as good as voting with our wallets.


            Banzai Nippon!

  • OkamiKing

    Someone below said COD is not a genre. That should have the most views and responses right now. Because I dislike COD, BUT DAMN!

    “perhaps if they didn’t take the route like every other developer and try to replicate CoD it wouldn’t have done so damn bad…… They have no one to blame but themselves for screwing up a great series.”


    Is RE6 a first person shooter? No

    This aspect while trivial is an extensive part of why a lot of people can immerse themselves in a game. But that’s aesthetics which honestly you can look up and study your damn self. But the overall point is 3rd person gameplay can never successively emulate 1st person gaming. THIS ARGUMENT ALONE SHUTS THAT COMMENT DOWN!.

    Is RE6 the first deviation from survival horror? No

    Can it even really be called survival horror?! NO

    I’m sorry.

    Fixed camera angles do not make a game scarier, it just obscures your view and adds a different surprise effect. FINDING A ROCKE- A MACH- ANY HEAVY ARTILLERY IN A ZOMBIE INFESTED CITY/TOWN/COUNTRY IN ANY OF THE RE GAMES IS NOT REASONABLE. You wanna talk survival? Beat any RE game with a knife whenever possible. I wanna see someone packing a crossbow in a survival situation.

    Clearer and more sensible version:

    There has always, I mean always been an extreme amount of unrealistic weaponry that the main protagonist has found in dire situations in order to “Survive” in Resident Evil. There have always been bosses. There have always been Rockets. There have always been action. The only real survival aspect were the clunky controls that made you walk terribly slow and inhuman in a survival situation. Theres a guy on the Capcom Forums who wrote an entire blog on actual survival horror (Anti Umbrella Activist) and how he implements survival aspects towards it.

    Is COD more realistic? You should know this answer

    In every RE, you are given unrealistic amounts of supplies (Even being scarce on ammo, the fact you find the amount needed for the gun you have is rather unreasonable). You are given an unreasonable protagonist with an obscene amount of skills(The only sensible team was in RE outbreak, where they literally took pieces of the main protagonist and split them up into genre based characters IE: Jock, scaredy cat, packer, cop, builder etc) You are always given some sort of happy ending.


    While there is a multiplayer focus in RE5-6, it is based more upon cooperation than that of COD. In fact, I believe the only reason they used the term for attracting COD fans is because

    1. The game sells well. It does.

    2. They want to attract their fans to get money. When you aren’t making new fans, attract others.

    3. COD is currently the representation of action gaming.

    3 explained

    COD is possibly inhumanly popular in America. In America/The USA, action sells. That is blatantly obvious within their culture. COD provides access to multiplayer (A large amount) to a large amount of people. Its simplicity attracts others who have a short learning curve, and its continuous development (Arguable) keeps old fans. If theres a company making honey, and your making sweets of some kind, your gonna want either A. Some of that honey to sell, or B. Emulate a similar feeling.

    I truly believe this is a reasonable step for a ridiculous series that is known as Biohazard/Resident Evil. It didn’t start with 4, and it sure as hell won’t end with 6.

    Final note

    Its a company. Its a large company. ITs goal is to make products that people buy. It is well and possible they don’t care about quality in the fans eyes. It could be true. Not like we know their honest opinion. But as long as they are making a game to make money. They are doing their job. They didn’t sell a bad amount. They sold what some companies want/should be selling. You don’t make a game to appeal to a certain group.

    You make a game to appeal to a majority.


    • Jameel Aboulhosn

      Your comment is wrong in parts, and ignorant. You’d be surprised what kind of hardware you’ll find in any town, small or huge. Except New York and Chicago where the mob and socialists have banned guns (and pretty much every other country besides America).Maybe in your crushed-soul country where people have resigned to be sheep, you won’t find grenades or machine guns or whatever, but you certainly will here in the USA.

      The protagonists in Resident Evil aren’t unrealistic, insofar as their abilities. The way they are written and the fact that every single one of them has amnesia, every single game (Like Leon who STILL is too STUPID to shoot them in the brain without a seconds hesitation)….or the way that RE6 completely, entirely omitted just why Chris had PTSD-induced long term amnesia. You would apparently be surprised by just how multi-talented any single human being can be. I’ve seen the same moronic arguments playing tabletop RPGs with people who look at character sheets and go “Oh you can’t know 4 languages and know how to also fire a gun.” Uh, yea, you can. You very easily can.

      What is unrealistically stupid about the games is the sheer number of enemies you face or how well armed they are, or how every pissant 4th world country and guy with 15 bucks in his pocket can somehow purchase an entire grand army of soldiers and BOWs (in the newer games). Resident Evil 1, 2, 3, CVX, these at least made sense. They had a conceivable frame of reference, a multi-national mega-conglomerate Umbrella, who is no different than say Microsoft or Apple or Google or a great deal of companies, does this research and is responsible for viral weapons. That story was old hat when the first game came out anyway, Andromeda Strain literally was published 27 years before RE came out and had already made it okay and edgy to talk about viral weaponry and top-secret labs. Many other books came out like it, before RE, so it’s not like it was this far fetched completely unrealistic idea.

      Those games made sense within their frame of reference. It made sense for there to be so many zombies or BOWs in Raccoon City. There were labs everywhere, the virus leaked right under their noses. It was a story involving creepy ass mayors and police chiefs with sick fetishes and creepy mansions and a love of puzzles and the occult. The atmosphere just worked.

      Now we have pure garbage ,and the closest thing to good RE is RE4 and Revelations. Two very successful games. Take the hint, try to go back to that.

      And CoD is most certainly a genre. It has literally held the FPS genre back so badly that it is now its own genre. It stays exactly the same, exactly as terrible each time, while other FPS games have moved on – yet outsells every game there is. CoD is like that high school friend you have who is an immature, low-life, unsuccessful piece of shit who does cocaine and heroin and spends all of his money on drugs, smokes weed with all of his free time when he isn’t at work, yet gets girlfriends like he picked them up at the corner gas station.

      It seems I need to explain to you what CoD means. CoD means shallow, empty, copy pasted, effortless dreck which has no creativity, no artistic soul, no thought whatsoever put into it. For a good example see CoD3, CoD:MW, CoD:WaW, CoD:MW2, CoD:BO, CoD:MW3, CoD:BO2, CoD: Vita black ops. The game is an arcade FPS. There’s no skill, no thought, no decision making, no story involved in the player’s experience, no puzzles, no requirement of using your brain to solve problems. This matches RE6 entirely (although we can all agree that there is at least still some art involved, hopefully, those among you who have the art book and have really looked at the level design and characters). Yea, they put some effort into the game, that much is clear. Unfortunately, that doesn’t stop the game from being CoD. It’s nothing but contrite trash, even more so than RE5 was.

  • Namuro

    If they want to change and “evolve” the gameplay styles and mechanics, that’s fine, RE4 and RE:R uses the new gameplay style and they turned out fine, amazing in fact.

    The problem with RE6, while being a decent action game, is that it’s too much of an action game and not enough survival, nor horror in the game. The only survival parts in the game are basically where you have to defend yourself from a horde of enemy for a set amount of time before moving on, and then rinse and repeat all over, compared to the original where each bullet and herb count, if you can’t manage your inventory or know when to run away, you’re screwed. Now, that’s terrifying (not to mention the feel of the environment, sound, enemies, etc… Man, that Lisa Trevor’s moaning still creeps me out to this day).

    I really have no idea where CAPCOM will be taking RE to, but I do hope from the bottom of my heart that they will try to bring the survival horror aspect back into the series, and I mean true horror, not just jump-scare stuffs.

    Thinking back to the original Japanese title “Biohazard”, it brings to mind of the dangerous and unpredictable element that mankind is tampering with, resulting in an uncontrollable disaster. I think this is what CAPCOM should be focusing on, the horror that comes from the unknown, the unexpected. The first RE has a hell broke loose situation in the mansion with terrifying monsters that are born from unfinished experiment or even accidents and went out of control. The second game takes things on a massive scale which makes yourself feels so small and helpless amidst the chaos. The third has a more human-boss but nonetheless very scary as he chases you down like a mad creature that cannot be reasoned with. Meanwhile, in the newer game, since CAPCOM decided to progress with the story and make it so that the so called “Biohazard” element is controllable now, we have people injecting themselves with virus and transforming left and right, so we’re not really fighting monsters now, we’re just fighting powerful evil people. A lot of the new monsters look very impressive, but not scary and memorable, in my opinion.

    Another important thing that takes away the horror element is definitely the CO-OP gameplay. While it is fun to be able to play with someone else (I had a blast in RE5 playing CO-OP anyway) but having a partner there with you, A.I. or not, drastically reduces the tension and fear that you’d feel if you were alone. All the other RE leaves you stranded with minimal human contact, which always put you on the edge. Even if you run into someone, it won’t be long before your companion is brutally murdered or gets separated from you. But with CO-OP, you feel much safer, knowing someone’s got your back. When I play RE5-6, sometimes I didn’t even care looking who’s behind me as there’s a good chance that my partner is already taking care of them. The thing is, I think CO-OP should be an option, and not part of the main gameplay.

    Well, that was a long one. I hope that CAPCOM will really make an attempt to revive the true RE and give us all a good nightmare again!

    Oh yeah, and bring back Barry and Rebecca as well!

  • James Bond

    Every game appeals to someone. It didn’t appeal to some, but it doesn’t mean there aren’t gamers out there that didn’t like it. RE6 has an audiance, but some want the old style REs. They could make one RE for 1 audiance and another for the other audiance.

  • Jameel Aboulhosn

    Really you’re investigating. I tell you what. Fly me to Japan, shack me up for literally 7 days and fly me back on the following Sunday. I’ll tell you in depth, minute by minute, what is wrong with RE6 and why it didn’t succeed as much as you’d hoped. You would still spend less money than you are analyzing.

  • Jameel Aboulhosn

    Capcom doesn’t need to go back to the old “tank” controls. They don’t need to change camera angles, either. What they need to do is learn how to translate the old style to the new style. Don’t make every enemy drop a box of ammo. Don’t make every box have an item. Don’t make the majority of the enemies straight up silly BOWs.
    As god awful as Operation Raccoon City is, the game still stays closer to survival horror than RE4, 5, and 6. For a squad shooter to outdo a “survival horror” game at it’s own genre is pretty sad. For example, when you get swarmed by zombies, you get SWARMED. There are literally points in the underground lab where 150 zombies will swarm your ass and those are just the ones that will fit on top of you – there are plenty more on the way. Even the BOWs like lickers and hunters are hard to kill, like they always were, they are bullet sponges. Is that necessarily the best way to introduce challenge? No, it’s a horrible way. They also jump around and hit you with their tongues and whatnot, yea. And it’s not hard to get ammo in the game but it still balances out by the sheer number of things that need killing.
    There are so many things that can be done without even rebooting the franchise. Just get rid of the ammo bounty, get rid of the easy kills and bad cameras and forced game mechanics. If you really want to appeal to new kids, put in a classic difficulty mode.

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