Sorry, No Co-Op For Resident Evil Revelations’ Main Campaign On PC And Consoles

By Ishaan . February 8, 2013 . 8:30am

Resident Evil: Revelations will see a few upgrades on PC and HD consoles. As previously reported, the game will have better visuals, a new enemy, a new “Inferno” difficulty mode, and the ability to play as HUNK in the cooperative Raid Mode.


While Raid Mode is still playable in co-op, unfortunately, Capcom will not be adding a co-op feature to Revelations’ single-player campaign on consoles, even though you’re accompanied by an AI partner for a large portion of the game.


A member of Capcom’s marketing staff revealed on the company’s forums: “At this time it’s not planned to add co-op to the campaign side of Revelations.”


Resident Evil: Revelations will be available for PC, Xbox 360, Wii U and PlayStation 3 on May 21st in North America and May 24th in Europe.


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  • Whoomp


    Good riddance.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      yeah because co-op can never be optional like dead space 3 amirite

      • zferolie

        While it may be optional, it’s still hamfisted

        • key word here is optional, hamfisted or no.

          • wth is hamfisted?

          • hell if I know.

          • zferolie

            Informal lacking dexterity or elegance; clumsy

            I associated it with being forced in without care when it comes to games.

          • I call it the synonym of Sodomy.

          • Hamfisted, literally speaking, is like stuffing something, like a Turkey or a Pig, in a rough manner. Like, say, you just take everything you can find in the pantry into a bowl, mix it all into a goop, grab it all with your bare hands, and SHOVE IT ALL INTO THE POOR DEAD TURKEY’S A- *is shot*

        • Luna Kazemaru

          it wasn’t at all not playing co-op does not effect the story at all in anyway or hinder you

      • Whoomp

        Resident Evil 6 was a lesser game played in solo because it was desinged for co-op. The same goes for Dead Space 3. What would you expect from a game that came from the other end of the spectrum other than something ham-fisted?

        • Other end of the spectrum? You have an AI partner with you at almost all times. They may as well give a second player optional control of them and scale the difficulty accordingly. It’s not that big of a deal.

          • Whoomp

            Except that it’s more than just difficulty balance, nothing in the game is designed around 2 human players. Unlike RE5 and 6, Revelations is not built around fast paced linear progression. It would pretty much be like putting co-op into RE0, just the fact that there is an AI character around doesn’t mean the the game would work well if that was substituted with a human.

          • And what exactly would the difference be, were you to substitute the AI with an optional human-controlled partner?

          • Whoomp

            The progression would be different with two people running around collecting key items and scanning the place for resources. But most major: in the sections where you actual are apart from your partner they would have to either expand the game for the other player to make narrative sense or break the atmosphere those create by sticking in someone unrelated just to be there (see Adas RE6 campaign for an shining example). They would also probably force “partner doors” into the game to keep it somewhat truncated and those are just the spawn of the devil.

            Either way it would mess with the flow of the game unless they made changes to the narrative.I used ham-fisted because that is exactly what it would be without straying to much from what the game currently is.

            However, I am just not confident that Capcpom would do a good job with co-op either way so I rather they just didn’t even try but that’s just my personal bias.

          • Frankly, those don’t sound like serious changes to me at all, for what would be a purely optional feature. They could do something as simple as having enemies spawn endlessly while you and your partner split up, so the two of you are encouraged to get back together ASAP. It really would not require that much effort, imo, but I guess you feel otherwise.

          • ForteWily

            Maybe. Maybe not… they would still need to redesign parts of the game to allow for that. As much as that doesn’t seem like a big deal, adding any feature into something that was not designed for it is asking for trouble… especially when this port seems to be the quick and dirty kind.

          • I know perfectly well what it means. But this game has “Resident Evil” in the title and is being released as a retail product in the wake of two very big-budget Resident Evil games. There are certain expectations of the brand at this point, which is why this is a story at all.

          • Tails the Foxhound

            What about the sections of the game where you’re Mr. Lonely (or Ms. in most cases)? They’d have to design whole new pieces of plot for your co-op buddy to do.

            Ignore me, someone beat me to it.

        • eilegz

          i dont know about dead space 3 but in re5 cooperative was completely needed because sheva need to be babysitted and waste your resources, on other hand re6 i could play this alone and it wont affect anything

      • NeoAthanasius

        You are aware of the co-op in Dead Space 3 even if you choose to play single-player. The game still has two of everything, so it does change the game, at least in an aesthetic sense.

        • Luna Kazemaru

          Yet it doesn’t force it on you or effect the game by forcing a AI on you I’m sure no one will care about to suit containers or what not.

      • eilegz

        in re6 having a partner or not meant nothing, the AI does not eat your resources nor bother you, there its even a skill that make it solo, in re5 on other hand forced coop its forced.

        • The AI doesn’t help you do anything and they get stuck in walls and run in place like a idiot and ruin your score like in re6 -_-

  • Thats sucks. Lately I have come to expect RE games to be co-op. Might pass on this.

  • Not sure what you mean Ishaan, you’re definitely don’t have a partner at all times in Revelations. A lot of the time, ya, but there are more than one instance when you’re alone. The first Rachel bit from the top of my head is one example.

  • Go2hell66

    No Co-Op!?
    Hell Yeah!

    • Ippoletta

      It wont sell as much. trust me. co-op is what makes resident evil.

  • Akane Zuliani

    While a lot of people seems to hate RE5, I had a lot of fun on it because of the co-op, kinda disappointed this one doesn’t have it, such wasted potential.

  • tubers

    Nice! I’m almost done with DS3.. I love shooting these grotesque humanoid things :D

  • ddh819

    is the raid mode co op going to be local or online?

    • Kyle Fedora


  • MrRobbyM

    So…yay? The game was designed to be a solo experience so it only makes sense. If I want to play a co-op RE game I’d just play RE5.

  • GuyAlpha

    The only Resident Evil game that needs co-op is Outbreak, and we’ll never get another one of those.

    • Tails the Foxhound

      I don’t understand why they didn’t just bring those back this generation instead of ruining the main franchise.

  • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

    So wait, what do they have to be apologizing for? Isn’t this what fans have been asking for for years now?

    Horror, immersing, and (most importantly) SOLO?!

    • M’iau M’iaut

      And here I thought you had been posting long enough to know logic is never the answer. :P

      • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

        Lol I know, right? Sometimes I surprise even myself when i think clearly and long enough.

  • Jimmy Dean

    Sorry? Adding co-op to RE was a horrible decision in the first place.

    • Tonton Ramos

      No thanks to Ashley and Sheva.

    • RoaringStorm

      stop being selfish if you don’t like coop just don’t play just because you don’t like coop doesn’t mean it should be removed. there are a lot of people out there who want to play with their friends. you can go and play call of duty if you don’t like coop.

  • NeoAthanasius

    I was wondering if those who played this game on 3DS feel that there is enough content to justify a full retail release of this game? I didn’t get around to playing it on 3DS, so I’m curious to hear people’s opinion.

    • AndreasStalin

      yes there is enough. Its like a full RE game only broken up into episodes to fit the handheld format. It works well. There are some awesome boss encounters too.

      • NeoAthanasius

        That’s nice to hear! I’m looking forward to it. Something new to play on WiiU is never a bad thing. :-)

    • Personally, I liked the Jill portions of the game very much. The Chris sections are weaker, but luckily Jill accounts for 80% of the single-player campaign. Length-wise, yeah, there should be enough to keep you happy. Being able to start a New Game+ on a higher difficulty is nice, too.

      • NeoAthanasius

        This is most excellent! I somehow completely missed that Chris was in this game. I think the chapter system will end up being a good thing.

        • Mmm, I think the mileage may vary on that one. I like Chris but it annoyed me each time I had to step out of Jill’s shoes. Revelations is largely focused on her and her partner, Parker.

          • NeoAthanasius

            I’m usually not a huge Chris fan. Especially after what I played of his campaign in RE6. I’m glad to hear that you play as Jill through most of the game.

  • Crevox


  • Kyle Fedora

    “even though you’re accompanied by an AI partner in the game at all times.”

    This is incorrect, no you are not. Over half of the game you’re Jill by herself, with a few random moments in which Parker is with you, then the later half of the game is pretty much a consistent AI Tag-along. This is why there isn’t campaign co-op, cause they’d have to redo the bulk of the story to make Parker and Jill be permanently paired.

    • This is true, and I meant to edit it previously, but somehow it got left out. Fixed! You are accompanied by an AI partner for a large portion of the game, however.

    • Ippoletta

      Well they had time. oh well i’m still not buying it till they patch it in.

  • s07195

    Well, that makes sense, I think. I don’t think Revelations is as co-op oriented a game as RE 5.

  • eilegz

    now that its epic fail there…. oh well i will still enjoy his like re4 but re6 its still the best modern re

  • Paul ‘Chinny’ Chinn

    I am still curious(and hopeful): Will the console versions support 3D?

  • :( I would still play single player most of the time but I really wanted to play with friends in campaign mode…. that sucks it gives more of a horror aspect to it without co-op but when you know the whole story it may get a little boring and the AI is soooo annoying -_- I just don’t want the AI to ruin it for me…… well I guess I can only play co-op in raid mode makes sense I guess….

    • Joseph

      Same here! They should have at least made some of it’s campaign mode Coop. Where the AI is controlled by another player. Did the Ai ever ruin it for you before?

  • z. barf

    i don’t mind if the main campaign has no co-op. but the raid mode would be great if it had offline co-op play because i prefer to play with the person sitting next to me as opposed to someone in a different country or state. also, offline raid mode co-op would give the game infinite re-play value. hopefully they will change their minds and offer offline co-op in raid mode as dlc in the future.

  • RoaringStorm

    I hate how selfish idiots like the decision of removing the coop. they always think about themselves only they don’t care how it affects to other people.

    if someone doesn’t like coop just don’t use that feature but insisting or wanting to remove it sounds selfish because there are large number of people out there who enjoy playing on coop mode. so no coop is a big slap across their faces.

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