Twisted Metal (PSOne) And Twisted Metal: Black (PS2) Headed To PSN

By Ishaan . February 10, 2013 . 6:30pm

Twisted Metal and Twisted Metal: Black are headed to the PlayStation Network this week. The original Twisted Metal, released for the PSOne, will be available as a PSOne Classic on the PSP and PlayStation 3.


Meanwhile, Twisted Metal: Black, which was originally a PlayStation 2 game, will be available for the PS3. The game has 14 vehicles and over 20 deathmatch maps. Both games will be available when Sony update PSN this Tuesday.


Also available this week will be another PS2 Classic—Rebel Raiders: Operation Nighthawk. This is a flight combat game set in the distant future where you fight to free the world from a tyrannical joint government.


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  • Just to clarify, this is the same Twisted Metal Black that came with limited edition copies of Twisted Metal last year. It is not Twisted Metal Black Online.

    • kupomogli

      I wish Sony would patch in online to the PSN version of Twisted Metal Black.

  • NeoAthanasius

    I hope Twisted Metal will work on the Vita as well. I have very fond memories of that game.

  • Wake

    I just have to post this here.

    I’ve always wondered why Jaffe stopped making these big blockbuster epic games that he was capable of. This keynote delves through his thought process in creating games, and this sort of epiphany he experienced which explains the shift in the way he approaches games now. It’s about an hour long, but it’s worth listening to.

    • I have very few nice to say about Jaffe after all the mistakes he made with the PS3 Twisted Metal. I’m glad hes sticking to smaller games now.

  • Zero Shift

    I might just pick up a Twisted Metal game for my Vita just for nostalgia’s sake. One thing though, I don’t remember which of the PS1 Twisted Metal games was the overall best, so help me out?

    • FetusZero

      Twisted Metal 2 in my opinion.

      • kupomogli


    • Elvick

      3 was my favorite.

  • FetusZero

    Oh man.. I still have my original copies of these games. TM Black was just amazing and quite a come back, especially after TM3 and 4, which were.. yeah..

    • kupomogli

      Yeah. TM3 and 4 were terrible. My friends and I still played them, but we were usually playing TM2 and Rogue Trip.

      • Up vote for mentioning Rogue Trip, easily one of the best car combat games ever made.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Tempted to get Black, but the last game was the only one I’ve cared for outta the ones I’ve played so I dunno that I’ll actually end up liking it. Hm…

  • TMB offered me and cousins an amazing amount of replay value. I think right up until I bought an HDTV I was still playing that game (I didn’t have a component cable at that time for the PS2).
    Is TM2 already available on PSN? I actually played that one online on PC, gosh, over a decade ago. It would have been great if that was made for online matches, too. Great soundtrack, as well.

  • Speaking of… has anyone here played the Twisted Metal PSP game? If so, how is it? I’ve been considering picking it up for a while now but I’ve never gotten down to doing it, just because my backlog is already killing me. (Although, I finally managed to get Radiant Historia out of the way today!)

    I generally find pick-up-and-play games like racers or fighting games very addicting and play them in between other stuff for a change of pace all the time (especially if they’re portable), though, so if anyone has nice things to say about the PSP version of TM I’d consider giving it a go, since I’ve more or less exhausted Wipeout and MotorStorm on my PSP already.

    • TM: Head On? It resembles TM2 a bit; the art, map layout, even some characters and vehicles are a throwback to it. I only played with PS2 port of it, so I’m not sure what was added in that compared the PSP version, but I think you’ll enjoy if you’re already familiar with the Incognito touch of the series.

    • alixraen

      TM:HO picks up where TM2 leaves off, and follows the “canon” of the series. As such, it’s not so dark like TM:B but still has the morbid humor touch of the original games. It has a lineup featuring all the classic vehicles, and the maps are some of my favorite in the entire series and very interactive and dynamic. The soundtrack rocks as well.

      All in all it’s a solid game, a shame it gets overlooked as much as Small Brawl. If you can get the PS2 version, it comes with TM:Lost, which makes it worth it.

      • @twitter-243496702:disqus @matman125:disqus Thanks, guys. I guess I’ll check it out, then. I’m out of “in-between” games to play in between all of my other stuff. I’m gonna go with the PSP version, though. I just find portable gaming much easier to do these days, especially for quick-fun games like these.

  • gamefreak86

    Honestly, they should have made Black 2 instead of that last release.Glad original is coming out. Still got my TM 4 disc.

    • kupomogli

      There wasn’t a problem with Twisted Metal when it came to “most” of the cars, the stages, and the gameplay. Playing outside of story mode you could choose stages to play and go through them as you would any Twisted Metal with up to four player offline giving you even more options to mess around with.

      There’s one minor issue that people don’t like about the game and a major issue. The major issue is the online and the reason why Twisted Metal PS3 no longer has a community larger than 100 people. It took six months for the online to get fixed. It works pretty good now and you can get into a match fairly easily now, and the game actually plays well when you’re in a match.

      The minor issue, although major to some people and I don’t understand why, is how there’s less characters in the game. Now I liked how each driver had their own storyline in the older games, but this isn’t the older games, and let’s be real. The stories in the other Twisted Metal games, even Black, were pretty short super low budget storylines. The ones in TM2 and TM Black were good, nice to watch, but they weren’t worth boycotting the game. The ones in Tiwsted Metal PS3 are far better, and even though there’s three, technically four if you count the preacher, I’d much rather watch those than the others. Basically, I like it for the gameplay, not for the back story.

      You can find Twisted Metal for pretty cheap now. If you’re a fan of the series and don’t own it, it’s worth owning. It’s my favorite in the series, with Black being a very close second and TM2 being a very close third.

  • Elvick

    I hope they release Twisted Metal 3 at some point. It’s my favorite.

  • ddh819

    any suggestions on whether I should get TM Black or the PS3 TM if i just want single player and local multiplayer, not online? just realized i don’t have any vehicular combat games

  • Hehe to bad I already have Twisted Metal: Black on my ps3 and also have it on CD. Already bought TW2 tho and can’t wait to buy the original now !

  • Other then that I pretty much liked every Twisted Metal except for the fourth one which has absolutely NO positive points in it. TW3 might’ve been bad but atleast the maps were original and enjoyable. As for black the gameplay was quite fun and the stories were INSANE. TW1 was the average one hehe but hey it also was the first one. And as for TW2 let’s not even speak about it, whoever played it as a kid KNOWS it is the best Twisted Metal. I wish they would remake an TW2 HD.

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