See Fate/Extra CCC’s New Costumes For Saber And Caster

By Ishaan . February 13, 2013 . 11:00am

Last night, a Famitsu magazine leak reported that servants will be able to don additional costumes in Fate/Extra CCC. Now, we know what two of these look like—here are two new outfits for Saber and Caster, courtesy



Fate/Extra CCC has a “My Room” where you can hang out with your Servant and change their costumes. The room looks modest at the start of the game, but you can build up the interior as you go along by performing “Tiger Quests” for Fujimura Taiga.


Additionally, as previously reported, if you have save data from the original Fate/Extra, you can use it to unlock gym clothes for your protagonist, as well as the Servants’ costumes from the previous game.


Fate/Extra CCC is slated for release on March 28th for the PSP in Japan.


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  • “Fate/Extra CCC has a “My Room'” where you can hang out with your servant and change their costumes.”

    O_O! Looking at Caster, that might be dangerous.

    • Locklear93

      Especially since her personality is already such that she kind of throws herself at the player…

      • TheFoolArcana

        I wonder if you can actually accept her advances this time… hehehe…

      • That’s one of her beloved traits =^_^=

        • Christopher Nunes

          That’s what I love about her… and her slight Yandere personality. I’m not usually fond of yandere characters, but Caster is the exception. ^_^

          Caster is my waifu! <3

          I wonder how "erotic" her clingliness will be this time around.

  • Mithfalath

    Y u no have extra costume for Archer? :(

    • ZEROthefirst

      This is from a leak “so far” there will probably be costumes for Archer and Gilgamesh as well.

  • Caster, the bra! It looks like it will drop anytime soon! But this IS Caster we are talking abt so….. And this just make me curious on whether or not they will srsly give Archer a speedo…..

    AW YEAH.

    • Christopher Nunes

      Why did you bring that up again? ;-)

  • Raze

    Caster is quite dangerous

  • phangtom

    Already have the CE pre-ordered. Can I throw more money at them?

  • malek86

    “here are two new outfits for Saber and Caster”

    I don’t see any outfit on that Caster.

  • Aka Saber! :D
    Seriously to this day it’s the only Saber class servant I immediately loved beyond any realistic means. Talking more with her will be absolute bliss.

    Usually I prefere the Rider class servants like FSN Rider, Extra Rider and Zero Rider.
    She’s so elegant, caring and understanding despite being a bit eccentric.

    Very happy I preordered it and thus still hoping that I’m indeed able to afford the collectors edition in march… without being forced to black market transactions that is (like donating internal organs or an arm *lol*).

    Cheering for Aksys and Ghostlight to translate and publish it as soon as possible or any other good publisher who is willing to! xD

    • Rudy Soto

      Glad to know there are other Red Saber lovers out there.
      Down with Blue! Up with Red!

      • likewise! It’s always nice to know that we are not alone! Bet Aka Saber loves the extra attention as well! :D

      • Syn

        Red Saber FTW, i find her more relatable(albeit a bit eccentric, but thats what makes her awesome!!!), I especially love her noble phantasm, the music in that place is off the chain!!!

  • Zypharium

    I don’t care about the other Servants in the least, ’cause I’m only hot for my Saber. She is just THAT hot, that I don’t want to cheat on her. At least get released in the USA, that would be enough for me, since only the language is hindering me from importing the Game.

  • Clifford Michael

    JEEZ. Caster is just fanservice all the way. I didn’t mind it personally, until I noticed the outline of her nether-regions between her thighs. Little too far IMHO.

  • lozffvii

    Even for you! That swimsuit! *Blush*

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    My heart just skipped a beat! Dat Caster and Saber. Fine I’ll tranlate it my self Otaku mode is full 360

  • Kevin Lor

    Click on the link and saw Sakuras CRAZY BIG BOOBS!!

  • EmptyWarrior


  • chibiwall


  • Mavalex

    That Saber swimsuit makes her look ADORABLE(er).
    Also Dat Caster indeed

    • Prinnydoom

      Id say there more pyjamas since she’s wearing shoes

      • Symbol de Au

        Except no one wears shoes with pajamas…what she’s wearing is a dress.

        • raymk

          Glad someone told them that, I mean how does it look like anything other than a dress.

  • Christopher Nunes

    Good lord, man… those costumes… 0///0
    Caster-chan my lovely waifu…. that swimsuit is TOO dangerous… I love it!

    And Saber is as lovely as always!

    Why…? Why can’t there be a Harem option in this game! >:3

    I want the game now! By the way… you need save data from the first game to unlock their original costumes? You can’t unlock their original costumes without it?

  • Sebastian Lothian

    Yeah, I definitely prefer Saber’s one.

  • DanteJones
    • fds_nextdart

      The amount of fan service in CCC is a tad overwhelming. The boobage is silly and the three Sakuras look like porn themed Barbie Dolls~.

    • IsaacGravity

      Annnnnnd thanks for that share! As curious as I am about other potential costumes I’m also glad the previous looks are available via data importing.

    • Christopher Nunes


      Goddammit Caster! Why must you be so sexy?! 0///0

  • OverlordZetta

    Chances of localization…?

    Possibly about the same as BRS ever coming out.

    • fds_nextdart

      Not entirely, Fate / Extra was localized and with a digital only version of the game that could be played on the PSV Aksys might consider taking a chance again~.

      BRS on the other hand, I guess that one died~. =/

      • Christopher Nunes

        I would’ve been nice to know if that game’s localization canceled until of being left in the dark about it.

        Who was handling the localization? NISA?

        • Binah Moore

          Black Rock Shooter comes out 4/23/13 in US

          • Christopher Nunes

            Thanks for the update! ^_^

    • The first game apparently did quite well for Aksys, so they’ll probably localize this one too. They’re also releasing another UMD game next month (Hakuoki: Warriors of the Shinsengumi), and today the Class of Heroes 2 survey for a UMD release for that became a success so I doubt they’ll forsake retail fans either.

  • Honestly, this was less creepy when it was just a porn game.

    • I think this is not the suitable game for you, the exit is at the left btw.

  • Caster is as wonderful as always. This Saber is much more modest than Nero, though.

    I hope there are many, many costumes in the game. I love that sort of thing.

    • Himiko

      That’s what I love about this Saber.

      And yes Caster is <3

  • Raltrios

    Forgive my lack of an articulate response to these pictograms, but… yum.

  • Himiko

    CASTERRR <3 Saber, too :D

  • Go2hell66
    • This is the most perfect response.

  • O.O


  • s07195

    US version F/E save data probably won’t work, right?

  • Adam Zaorski

    I like this because of the plot.

  • awesome, hotness

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