Atlus’ Maken Shao Reaches PlayStation Network In Europe This Month

By Ishaan . February 14, 2013 . 12:30pm

Back in 1999, Atlus released a game for the Dreamcast called Maken X. It was a first-person game where you play as a demonic sword. Maken X was later remade for the PlayStation 2 under the title Maken Shao.


This game is being released as a PS2 Classic in Europe on February 27th by a company named Midas Interactive Entertainment, U.K. publisher, Ghostlight, announced today. The game will cost just £3.99/€4.99.


There’s a catch, though. Ghostlight write: “Unfortunately, whilst the emulation runs the game really well, it’s not perfect as the game does experience some texture warping.  We’re hopeful that there will be an update to the emulator in the future, but despite this, the game is a must for all you Atlus fans out there and at just £3.99/€4.99, it’s a bargain.”


Ghostlight also report that their planned releases for Shin Megami Tensei: Digital Devil Saga and Digital Devil Saga 2 haven’t seen any progress, due to the lack of a PS2 emulator that is capable of running them on the PlayStation 3.


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  • xavier axol

    well, those people need some love too. after not getting persona 4 golden and persona 4 arena last year, even i feel sorry for them. enjoy

  • I have literally never even heard of this game. What is it, exactly?

    • Tatsuya1221

      It’s technically a spinoff of the shin megami tensei series(about as much as say, digital devil saga is at least), it’s a hack and slash game, with a pretty good story or so i’ve heard, really hard to find a copy of the dreamcast version (the us never got the ps2 version).

      Heard mixed reactions about it.

      • Skryll Vertex

        It’s not related to Megaten, just shares the same artwork/artist. Whereas digital devil saga is set in the same universe and shares some monsters so technically DDS is a Megaten spinoff.

    • Trotmeister

      It’s a rather crappy third-person slasher with awesome premise and character design. You start the game as a japanese schoolgirl that wields a demonic cyberblade, but at the end of the first stage you transfer your conscience into a russian mutant with naginata. Things only go downhill from there.

      As the game goes on, you meet indian guru with six hands, german nazi mistress with masochistic tendensies, arabian sheikh who uses his stomach parasites as a weapon and, last but not the least, the cybernetic president of the United States, whom you fight in an improvised boxing ring. And, of course, you’re allowed to possess all of them, even the commander-in-chief himself.

      • Peeka Chu

        That actually sounds awesome. But I’m a strange fellow. Gonna buy a Euro PSN card and pick this up.

      • Arcm

        I remember buying this game on Dreamcast back on release because my friend told me the exact paragraph you just wrote. lol

        But, I actually liked the Dreamcast version since it was a first person slasher but the ps2 game felt more like a downgrade than an upgrade when I beat it a few years ago.

        • Yeah, the Dreamcast version sets itself apart by being in the first person. The US version had some dumb changes, like EX moves costing HP and some being altered into Smart Bomb style moves. Really, Maken Shao is a 3rd Person action game in a sea of better 3rd Person action games.

          The story isn’t much to write home about, it’s got style and an interesting premise, but the original game is something I haven’t seen many other games offer.

      • I might have to try this.

    • I personally thought the game was pretty amazing. It came out in America as Maken X for the sega dreamcast. I’ve never heard of the girl’s weapon being demonic however; the story of Maken X was that the weapon was a living sword made from an advanced AI that could only be synchronized with certain people. Kay’s mentor and friends are killed by a rival corporation who wants the weapon, and Kay ends up fusing with it. There may have been a brother involved there somewhere, it’s been a while.

      She goes on this globe trotting adventure to stop the corporation, and the sword has the power of taking over other people’s minds allowing you to play as them at the expense of destroying their psychii and either killing them or leaving them a vegetable more often than not.

      Kay has moral dilemma’s about this and she and the sword converse about the ambiguity of destroying lives to save them over the course of the game. Maken Shao is the exact same game, but with a third person perspective instead. I liked how Maken X controlled better, as Shao didn’t update the controls made specifically for a first person game with one analog so they came across as janky, but it’s worth trying out anyways.

  • Would be nice to see this as an import in the US. How many games on EU is on the service that NA doesn’t have?

    • Luis Enrique

      Just make an European PSN account.

      • If there is enough games on EU shop that US doesn’t I”ll do it. What is a good place for EU cards? I know where to find JP ones…

  • Tatsuya1221

    “Emulator” eh?
    >.> Well at least they confirmed my suspicions.

    As for the topic at hand, i hope this does well for them, as it’s a ps2 game it’s not able to be played on a us ps3 but nonetheless again, i hope it does well, hopefully it get’s brought over by atlus one day.

    • sandra10

      How else do you think Sony gets PS1 classics to play on the PSP/3/Vita?

      Also, PS2 classics are playable on any PS3.

      • Tatsuya1221

        That’s not really my point, it means that the ps3, including slims, can emulate these games, thus the system has some form of internal ps2 emulator that sony locks to digital copies only (there is no difference between a disc based and digital game when you get down to it).

        Either way though, i’d rather not get into a long discussion about this in a topic that it shouldn’t be discussed in.

        • Skryll Vertex

          The emulators used for PS2 emulation on PS3 aren’t internal (i.e not built into the hardware) they are part of the digital copy itself. Though it wouldn’t stop Sony from releasing it as a standalone program so we could play our old games rather than re-buy them as digital copies

        • SeventhEvening

          There’s no difference between disc based games and digital games? You don’t even need to know as much about computers as I do to know that isn’t true. Disc based games are, by nature, physical. That means they require hardware to be able to run. An absence of hardware means that a disc based game won’t run. Even when we had “backwards compatible” PS3, they came in two flavors. The most expensive one had a more extensive hardware solution with PS2 games, and that was the first model. To run PS2 based hardware (disks) the system needs to have an Emotion Engine CPU, or at least a Graphic Synthesizer GPU. The PS3 slowly phased out those components, which is why the PS2 computability began dropping sharply. The more the PS3 relied on software emulation, the less compatible it became with PS2 disks.

          At this point, late term fat PS3s, Slim PS3s, and the new 4000 models don’t have Graphic Synthesizer GPU and only run the “PS2 Classics” because the emulator code is written into the digital version and is designed to be compatible with the PS3. The disk based versions were NOT designed around running on the PS3, because the PS3 didn’t exist when those games were developed. Even if you don’t believe what I’m saying, consider this: If the emulator software was internal and was locked to digital copies, wouldn’t almost the ENTIRE PS2 library be available for download? After all, if digital and disc is really identical, then all a company needs to do to put out a “PS2 Classic” is put a disc in a hard drive and rip an image and presto! It’s like printing free money.

          • Tatsuya1221

            I didn’t want this to become a discussion in this thread >.>.

            Nor do i want to get into a fight about this, but i will explain and then leave, believe me or don’t, your choice.

            Mods, if this is too informative or problematic, please delete the post.

            Beware, wall of text ahead.

            Disc based games are merely the same code as the digital ones with at most a few lines of drm or specific locks to prevent copying that a hard copy needs but a digital one doesn’t and vice versa, no difference unless there is a need to swap discs, internally that is the simple truth of the matter, when you install windows from your windows disk, it’s nothing more than the software code, which you can download legally from microsoft’s website right now, you pay for the serial key and the right to use the software, the disk is merely a delivery device of the product.

            As for emulation, well technically sony could have an emulator that ran nearly every ps2 game, but it wouldn’t make any difference if the ps3 didn’t have the hardware to run it at full speed 100% of the time (which, it can’t, the cell may be able to handle the EE to an extent, but the GS would require a pretty powerful gpu/rsx, which the ps3 does not have).

            So then what’s my point?

            Simple, most of the games on the ps2 classics collection either do not use alot of power in general (Odin Sphere, Disgaea) or are more reliant on the EE than the GS (God Hand, GTA Vice City), games like god of war,, SOTC, ZOE2, have fairly high reliance on the GS and EE,as such even if the ps2 emulator on the ps3 can run them, they probably would be unplayable, the RSX cannot match the ps2’s GS’s bandwidth, even some of the more powerful pc’s at the time of the ps3’s debut wouldn’t have been able to, even if the power was 1:1 (which is pretty much impossible to do with emulation in general), or even using speedhacks(a computer term which means to cut corners on certain basic functions that aren’t needed to be ran when using specific tools/software to give a boost of speed, many programs use these), the RSX’s bandwidth is not strong enough to compensate.for the data transfer speed of the GS, even though the GS is almost 10 years older.

            In other words, the ps2 emulator is probably only able to run 30-50% of all ps2 games at most (being generous), and how many of them perfectly is anyone’s guess, but no matter, the fact is that there most certainly is a full software ps2 emulator in the ps3, but it probably isn’t able to run enough games for sony to release it to the public for financial reasons and for saving face (which i find foolish, it destroyed all trust and loyalty i had in sony, but that’s irrelevant).

            Finally, emulation, even if only for one game, will usually effect other games, disgaea 2 is probably using the same code as disgaea 1, as they probably use the same instruction sets.

            As for why aren’t all ps2 games on psn?
            You could say the same about ps1 games, the ps1 emulator works for nearly all games.

            I won’t post any more in this, i have already posted too much on an off topic subject in this thread,but this is the best explanation i can give at the moment, as it’s already too long.

  • Captmotorcycle

    Wonder if this is region free?

    • Testsubject909

      It’s on PSN so it technically is.

      Make yourself an EU PSN account, buy yourself a PSN gift card for EU accounts, purchase the game, download it, install it, then play it on your PS3.

    • Tatsuya1221

      If i remember correctly, ps2 games on psn are still region locked, but i’m not going to claim to be an expert.

      • ivanchu77

        I bought Persona 3 FES on the american store and I can play it in my european ps3 without any problem, I think it´s safe to say that ps2 games on psn are region free

        • Tatsuya1221

          Thank you for correcting me then, might have to pick it up myself.

  • LegendaryLos

    Forgot all about this game.

  • cj_iwakura

    YES! WILL IMPORT! :D (Once I figure out an EU account)

    Seriously people, Maken X is amazing.

    • Strain42

      Heck to the yeah! ( ^^) / (^^ ) been wanting to play this game. Here’s hoping it’ll work.

    • 60hz

      loved this game, tho this is 3ps version right?

    • Strain42

      Did you get around to picking this up and trying it out? Does it work?

  • Strain42

    I know that to download this game I just need to make a European PSN account, but is there anything special I’ll have to do to actually buy the game? Like can I just use my normal credit card, or do I need to specifically buy a special PSN card or something for the region?

    • Arizato

      I live in Europe and I had to purchase US gift cards for buying stuff on the american PSN. I think PSN blocks credit cards that are from another region. You can buy PSN codes online which will be sent directly to your e-mail account.

  • new_tradition

    So wait, CAN I download this off the EU PSN and play it on my NA PS3? ‘Cause I DLed some PSOne classics from the EU PSN, but they wouldn’t run on my PS3 (I got some kind of error message or something). Also, I’m using a BC model (wuv you, my 60GB stud *hugs* ♥), so I figure I had the theoretically best system in terms of playing as many games as possible :/

    • Mister_Nep

      It’s questionable. I know that EU TVs are different from US TVs. Which is why US never got that PS1 Micky game that EU got. There was an issue with TV compatibility. That’s also probably why your EU PS1 games don’t work.

      So with that in mind, it’s questionable if it’ll work or not.

      • new_tradition

        Hrmm… I know you basically needed a hdtv with 720 dpi to play the EU PS3 games for some reason, but the only thing I can think of for digital games not working is that the cd and dvd games have region protection, and I can only assume that it remained even in the psn releases.

        • Locklear93

          If you have an HDTV, you should be able to play an EU game, because 720p is 720p, the world over. If you have a standard def TV, you won’t be able to play a game from EU in NA, or vice versa. It’s not about region lock; it’s about display format. North America uses NTSC, and Europe uses PAL. A US TV displaying NTSC is 480i (480p would be “enhanced definition, or ED). An EU TV displaying PAL is displaying 576i (or p), which a North American TV doesn’t know how to display. Similarly, a PAL TV doesn’t know how to display 480.

          With PS1 games, like @Mister_Nep mentioned, you’ll never play them without a PS3 from the right region, because PS1 games are ALL 480 or 576–there’s no 720 “universal” to go with. Even if you have an HDTV that supports both 480 and 576 (those exist!), the PS3 only offers SD resolutions meant for its native region–so 480i/p in North America, and 576i/p in Europe. It’s not region locking per se; it’s hardware compatibility–but it has the effect of being a defacto region lock for old games without high def display support.

          • new_tradition

            Bummer. Thanks for the info, though.

  • Dave Postma
    • Göran Isacson

      Oh man, these boss designs. I owned this game for the PS2 WAY back when, and they inspired in me a deep and lasting love of Kazuma Kanekos bizarre style… and a general love of outlandish bodymorphing protagonists in general. Really loved how even the “heroes” of this game seemed so monstrous- there was no one hero that looked like they were knights in shining armor, all of them were really freaky.

  • amagidyne


    For anyone who likes Atlus and hasn’t tried this game: DO IT. It’s some of the most inspired lunacy I’ve ever seen in a game. The EU turns out to be run by a nazi dominatrix with a robot horse. You fight the pope. Bollywood stars mind-control the populace with TV broadcasts!

    Also remember to use the shoulder buttons for targeting. The controls are definitely iffy in many different ways, but they’re okay as long as you can utilize the lock-on function. Music is pretty rad too.

  • Keyanf

    Wasn’t the translation for this REALLY awful? Not merely broken English, but often complete nonsense?

  • zero254

    Hilarious that I was just playing this on(X) dreamcast the other day.

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