Star Trek Had To Be A Co-Op Game, Says Executive Producer

By Ishaan . February 15, 2013 . 11:50am

Digital Extremes and Namco Bandai are putting a Star Trek game out this April, and executive producer, Brian Miller, says it had to be a co-op game, due to the differences in personality between Kirk and Spock, which are the two main characters you’ll get to play as. Hear his thoughts on the game in the short developer diary below:



Star Trek The Video Game will be released on April 23rd.

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  • Z3

    I hope this won’t suffer the same fate as Aliens:Colonial Marines

    • TheExile285

      Was that bad? I didn’t even hear about the game till it was released

      • Ceci “Ruzuzu” Kiyomizu

        If you mean Aliens then yes it was pretty bad the story is just horrible and the characters are unlikable also you can even run though the stages and complete them with out fighting anyone because of the bad AI.

    • AJ

      I think of it more like the “Avatar” games. The devs (allegedly) had access to the filmmaking process early on to avoid making just another crappy movie-tie in, and had a normal amount of time to work on the game.

      And……it was just a movie tie-in game.

  • TheExile285

    This is either going to be really bad or really good…

  • kactaplb

    that 3rd person shooter enterprise…

  • AJ

    Judging from past Star Trek games, you’d think that Star Trek HAD to be a boring tactical starship game featuring the voices of the cast of the TV show phoning it in.

    ……..Sorry, I’m just bitter. I like the “idealism and philosophy” Star Trek, not “BIG GUNS SHOOTING AT THINGS!” Star Trek.

    …….Okay, “Star Trek Legacy” was pretty good. Just needed an auto-save feature and a decent instruction manual because good God did that game get complicated.

  • Christopher Hughes

    Nobody ever gives Bones the credit he deserves as the 3rd major part of ToS’s character dynamics anymore.

    • Suicunesol

      Absolutely right. McCoy is literally Spock’s foil–not Kirk. Mccoy is supposed to be the emotional one, while Spock is the logical one. And Kirk is the one who keeps the peace between them by adopting both their philosophies in making decisions.

      In the recent films, Kirk has been made the foil of Spock. But in doing so, Kirk’s personality has changed to be a lot more of a rebellious type. In my opinion, that kind of brash, cowboyish Kirk is not Captain material.

      • M’iau M’iaut

        It would be nice to know if Pine-Quinto-Urban have any dealings outside of the movies. That was always the story behind what made Shatner-Nimoy-Kelley work, that they were acting out their own friendship. Those three also had the companionship of similar experiences TOWARD the days of Star Trek, which for all of them came after their careers had matured.

        Pine certainly must have some background watching his father perform and Urban the early success of having a significant LoTR role, but it is not as if they ‘came through the minors’ together like some in the original cast did.

    • tim

      I agree. Especially since Karl Urban was (imo) the best part of the reboot…he really captured the original McCoy’s personality while also making it his own.

      And while I like Uhura, I hate how her love interest with Spock has overshadowed McCoy’s part in the reboot. It throws off the emotional/neutral/logical dynamic that McCoy/Kirk/Spock had.

  • I’m really worried about this one. I have a sinking feeling the computer AI for coop won’t be what it needs to for single player games.

  • Ferrick

    many red shirts were harmed in the making of this game =P

  • UnderstandingIndustry

    didn’t like how this video was so hollywood-style in it’s approach – i don’t want to hear some douche from the movie company talk about star trek, and how the game meets his criteria for the brand of his paymasters. i want to listen to the developers themselves and understand from them how they went about delivering those brand criteria in their work on the game development. this wasn’t a making of, more a puff piece. and the game looks OK; seems polished enough – but it’s kinda by the numbers. what’s new? no doubt digital extremes needed to play it safe in order to get around the film company’s stupid approvals procedures.

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