PlayStation Vita Will Stream PlayStation 4 Games Using Remote Play

By Ishaan . February 20, 2013 . 3:41pm

PlayStation Vita will let you stream PlayStation 4 games using Remote Play, Sony have announced. Sony say they’re using Gaikai technology to lower latency during streaming.


We’ll have more news on the feature as it is made available.


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  • Whoa, I just felt a massive wave of Déjà vú.

  • Aldorr

    Now they said “any game, any platform”
    Where did I once heard this? Maybe PSVita announce? ;) :D

    • No, I think it was when they first announced the PSP. But, I digress…

    • benhofb

      That “any platform” schtick kinda bugs me though. I have never had the idea, “It would be so awesome right now to play a PS3 game on my phone right now.” Virtual controls = no good for me… I’m totally cool it being on the Vita though due to its actual controls.

  • Elemiel

    Does this mean you can play PS4 games on the Vita?

    • Probably to try and outdo the Wii-U, I’m guessing.

      • ShawnOtakuSomething


    • Kevadu

      That’s exactly what it means. They showed it doing that at the conference.

  • MikeTxn

    With no means of recording Vita footage (outside an expensive capture card), I just hope they make an app like that for the Vita.

    • An App? Try a 2nd Gen Vita, which will include an HDMI port for TV Output.

      • MikeTxn

        Sorry, but unless they “upgrade” it like they did with the 3DS to 3DS XL (retail stores changing your Vita for the new one). I won’t buy another Vita.

        • Afrit

          I’m still hoping they release a peripheral to use the mystery port on the vita for tv outpot.

          In the beginning of Sony’s PS4 conference , they talked about enhancing/bringing (can’t remember correctly) the vita for the living room experience sometime during this year. I think it’s a hint, but could be related to remoteplay thing.

  • Jared Pryatel

    Well that’s great if you already have a Vita, but I’m not willing to spend $600 for both the Vita and PS4. At least, not again.

    • Jared Pryatel

      Calculated that wrong. $700. Even worse.

  • Haku

    Even if the games are missing at the moment, the Vita still holds an enormous potential. I cant tell if this will really work well, since I am not that much into streaming tech’s, but I wont decline it either.

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Trying not to make a wii-u joke here, but thats kool

  • benhofb

    I love this idea of the remote play and gaikai service, but I really
    hope that Sony doesn’t lose sight of what people want for their Vitas:
    native, original, awesome games.

    • Strifeking

      Its almost like they dont understand that game systems need games to sell so the can make money off of it

  • Jrocy247

    Oh Hi Sony, what that’s? You’re gonna call the PS4, the Playstation U? That sound innovative…

  • Sylveria

    I wonder how fast streaming a PS4 game burns through your 3G Vita’s data plan.

    I just don’t see it working or, if nothing else, I don’t see it being practical. Why would I want to play a PS3 game on my Vita through the muck and mire of an unreliable public wifi connection or eating my data-plan? Just give me good Vita games Sony.

    • DesmaX

      … Can’t you just buy a router?

  • So, what about those of us who live in the middle of nowhere?

    Time to relocate to a different continent! :)

  • Christopher Abraham

    awesome! so does that mean Vita is pretty powerful?

    • Krisi92

      No, not at all. It only means that it can stream the audio and the video from the PS4 that the system already prepared for it. So it’s like a computer screen or a TV. Those don’t have to be powerful to show good graphics, do they?

      • Christopher Abraham

        good point. Then I shouldn’t expect too much from Vita, should I?

  • Kevin Tan

    Latency concerns (hopefully taken care of by software side on the PS4) and the cost of entry (cost of the Vita + PS4) make me feel that, unlike the Wii-U, this feature will be woefully underutilized by PS4 games, simply because the audience that has both a Vita and PS4 is too small. :(

    • Afrit

      It doesn’t matter if it will be underutilized or not, the feature will be there for all PS4 games. Developer will not need to account for it when developing. Sony said they made a dedicated hardware encoder for streaming/downloading.

  • Istillduno

    Hopefully it will actually be used this time.

    Gamecube – GBA connection
    Wii – DS connection
    PS3 – PSP connection

    Seriously how much were any of these actually used, I count 2 games for the first, downloading demos for the second and a handful of laggy remote play games which was only useful if you were pulling certain (needless to say unsupported) shenanigans to record footage from your psp and cba to buy a video capture card.

    Still it’ll be nice if they actually make any good use out of it, although since the new controller has a screen anyway…

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