Simon Runs Into His Grandad, Dracula, In Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Video

By Ishaan . February 21, 2013 . 5:00pm

Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate’s story goes through three generations of heroes—Gabriel Belmont (now Dracula), his son, Trevor, who goes after him and then turns into Alucard, and finally, Simon,Trevor’s son who sets out to avenge Trevor’s supposed death. A previous trailer showed how Trevor’s journey got started, and this week, Konami showed the same for Simon:



Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate will be released on March 5th in North America and March 8th in Europe. A demo for the game is available via the Nintendo eShop in Europe now and will be available in North America next week.

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  • artfv95

    Trevor sets out to avenge Trevor’s death?
    Edit: Also, I thought Trevor became Alucard.

    • Ethan_Twain

      I think that’s a reasonable assumption within the Lords of Shadow mythos… but I think it’s also reasonable to assume that Simon doesn’t know that. I mean, do you reckon Trevor just walked home after getting himself bit and said “Hey son… guess what? I’m a Vampire!”

      Nah, the proper response to getting turned into a vampire is to get all broody and solitary and not talk with anyone you knew or loved. That’s just how vampires work. Emo little punks every one of them.

      • Testsubject909

        Emo would indicate that their personal grief and misery is baseless and without any form or substance outside of just wanting to be miserable for the sake of misery or for completely superficial reasons.

        Failure in your quest, eternal damnation as one who can only sustain themselves by taking the blood of others, turned into a worse parasite on earth and cursed in the eye of god when being in a religious order with the possibility of having your family name damned even further by the revelation of that information causing anyone to become broody and solitary…

        Is in zero way emo.

        Please. Stop misusing the word emo. Or the word gay for that matter while I’m at it because people online just loooove to toss those two words with anything that doesn’t sit well with them because of their oddly limited vocabulary.

        • Göran Isacson

          On the one hand, you have a point that using the word emo or gay as an insult is wrong.

          On the other hand, abandoning your son without answers is just plain irresponsible, and I don’t much care for the implication that leaving little Simon without answers was in any way a better choice, since it always, ALWAYS leads up to whoever was abandoned to grow up angry and lost and make the same mistakes their fathers did before them. Forewarned is forearmed. True, it WILL all depend on how the game handles it. But if the game says that Alucard stayed away from Simon because he thought giving him answers and closure was bad, WELL… I’m going to call “emo”, because that does indeed strike me as self-centered whining.

    • Fixed!

  • Love Simon’s design so much.

    • Ethan_Twain

      I love all the designs so much :) Moving Castlevania to a Spanish development studio was a gamble that’s paid off SO well. The art in these Lords of Shadow games is simultaneously faithful to the gothic aesthetic that’s so cliche in video games, and unlike any video game I’ve seen. So so good.

  • Ethan_Twain

    Man, this is such a weird game! This has got to be the biggest budget 3DS game getting made outside of Japan (Luigi’s Mansion being the only possible exception). Normally western developers don’t make games for this platform, or if they do it’s a licensed game or spin off of some sort. We usually don’t get A game material… but since Konami’s in charge of this and they DO have a long history of success on Nintendo’s handhelds they put their western Castlevania studio to work on a full scale project!

    So in this trailer we have a really unusual mix of elements. We’ve got full (excellent) Scottish voice acting, but because of the hardware we don’t have full lip sync. But rather than the old “pull up a 2D art still of the face with a text box” method of communicating emotion, they just animated the face on the model directly into the sorts of emotional stills you would expect. This means that the camera is doing different close ups and angles to capture these, but the characters aren’t animating below their waists. It’s a static talking head style cutscene, but presented like something bigger budget.

    I’m not sure I’ve ever seen anything quite like this before, but I sure want to see more!

    • Pain777sev

      You nailed this post. To be honest Luigi’s mansion is system seller type cool. I really like that game for the 3DS.

      • Ethan_Twain

        Well gee, thanks.

        I’m actually super curious about how Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon is gonna pan out. I’ve always seen the original as Nintendo’s take on a twin stick shooter, albeit with elements of Metroidvania exploration and room puzzles mixed in. But the basic controls you used to interact with the game were clearly designed to show off Nintendo’s new dual analog controller. Actually the other big focus on the original game was the graphics… again, this was a Gamecube launch game and a lot of those dust and cloth effects the game loved to show off were totally unprecedented at the time.

        The 3DS, however, is neither a system built to support dual analog controls nor is it gonna blow anyone away with graphics technology (though we shouldn’t rule out the possibility of some cool 3D tricks). Whatever the strengths of this new Luigi’s Mansion turn out to be, they are not going to be the same strengths as the original.

    • Because if they dont put their all into it they are going to go under
      Glad I pre-ordered the game XD

    • Relytgninroht

      They totally could have gotten full lip sync working…. Kingdom Hearts 3D does it on the same exact hardware, so dunno where “because of the hardware we don’t have full lip sync” comes from… Seriously, it’s probably just because the devs were too lazy to bother with it, or it’s a stylistic choice- the cut scenes have a comic book styling to them.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I can’t wait for the ultimate scene on……… ” I AM YOUR GRANDFATHER”

    • Saadman Ahmad

      Preferably it should be set up like that Darth Vader and Luke confrontation scene.

    • Ethan_Twain

      For poor Simon it’s kinda a double whammy isn’t it? Not only is his grandfather evil lord Dracula, but (presumably) his dad got bit and turned into a Vampire (Alucard) too! I feel like at that point it’s not even worth fighting anymore… it’s more of a family tradition. A family of vampires with Scottish accents. I can think of worse stuff to get born into :)

  • anthony apduhan

    Simon: What a horrible night to face my father…

    • Testsubject909

      What is a father? But a miserable little pile of I don’t know, joke ran dry right there and then.

  • idrawrobots

    What is the deal with the two different art styles

  • Letiumtide

    I don’t know, I simply cannot make the jump to this. The story sounds awful, graphically it’s really boring. I already know that it’s going to have QTEs which are the bane of modern gaming.

    I simply cannot choke this down, RIP Castlevania, you may have died at Lords of Shadow, but now I know you’re dead.

    • Zhizn Snake

      I wasn’t gonna bother clicking on anymore news about these Lord of Shadow games, but sometimes I do just to see how response from Castlevania fans is. I don’t know if it’s just that fans are warming up to them or people like me are just tired now and wish to ignore the series as it is now, but seeing so many positive responses persuaded me to check the video out…

      I cringed all the way through. I don’t know, maybe I’m getting old, lol. Or maybe not old enough…

      • Letiumtide

        Oh I cringed all the way through myself, and yeah, sometimes I think I’m getting too old, but I tend to be of the opinion that people in general have lowered their standards? I don’t know.

      • Testsubject909

        Depends on how you view Castlevania.

        Castlevania 1 and 3 are closer to each other. Castlevania 2 is an oddity. Castlevania 4… well watch sequelitis on Youtube. You got the gameboy Castlevania game that got wiped out of canon with a female Belmont. You got the N64 Castlevania which I’d say is far more alienating then Lords of Shadow ever was (don’t control a Belmont and you fight skeletons on motorcycles in an era where steam power was probably the best they could even think of mustering).

        If you’re an old school guy, usually you think Castlevania died at Symphony of the Night or Aria of Sorrow, where they went away from the more classical Castlevania genre and went deeper into the metroidvania that it’s far more known for.

        If you’re going from a purely 3D Castlevania view. This game is a modern interpretation of 3D Castlevania games as they have been released, where Lament of Innocence was at the time bashed as a DMC clone before eventually being embraced and enjoyed by an increasing community, Lords of Shadow was compared to God of War and in parts Shadow of the Colossus (Understandably), but a lot of the bile seemed heavily misplaced and misinformed or just blinded with rose colored glasses of nostalgia that ignored roughly half of the existing canon Castlevania game just so that they could provide themselves excuses to keep on whining about how the game didn’t fit their perfect vision of exactly what is needed to be a Castlevania game. Some even just pulling the “It’s not made in Japan so it’s not Castlevania” card…

        Makes me wonder what people think of Metroid Prime then…

        • Zhizn Snake

          Alright, I’m back to this again.. XD

          “If you’re an old school guy, usually you think Castlevania died at Symphony of the Night or Aria of Sorrow”

          Good thing you said, “usually”, at least, since not everyone in defense of LoS refrains from completely generalizing. But even still, I notice a lot of supporters of LoS bring up this idea that those who dislike it simply dislike change. My first Castlevania was when I played the first game on the NES at a friend’s house before the age of 7, and quite soon after that I bought a used copy of Castlevania II, then later played IV and Dracula X on the SNES through rentals. I actually played SotN before Super Metroid, and to me it felt like a natural extension of Dracula X, like a natural evolution of it. The change was in gameplay and design and artwork (only in the game through character portraits during dialogue moments), but the style and mood of the games still felt like the old games to me. The 3D castlevanias also felt like Castlevania games brought into 3D for me. Also, none of those games went and told us “ok, ignore everything you played in the previous games.. yeah, I know you were waiting to see this and that, but nevermind all that now!”. So yes, as a fan from Castlevania I to OoE and Legend Rebirth, I feel like Castlevania as I knew it “died” with LoS, but mercury isn’t sticking with the franchise for the long run apparently so maybe it’s only in comatose.

          No, I don’t dislike Lord of Shadow just because it’s not made in Japan, although it’s obvious that a lot of what I liked about the games before Lord of Shadow is more likely to be lost if the series is being taken over by ANY new developer, especially a non-Japanese one. But that’s not what happened with Castlevania Adventure Rebirth, and it’s not what happened with Metroid Prime. It happened with the likes of Lord of Shadow and DmC. It actually kinda surprises me why the DMC fanbase is all over putting that game down but when the same has happened with Castlevania the fans haven’t really reacted as powerfully as DMC’s fans have.. maybe it’s because it came at a time when some castlevania fans seemed to be getting bored and wanted something fresh… ANYTHING fresh. It’s strange, because despite the series not moving away from “metrovanias” for so long (as it has been criticized for doing by both critics and fans), each release had been stellar (at least, the last 4 games generally did well, both critically and among fans and sales). I wanted a some change too, but not in the direction of LoS… I don’t know what it could have been, it could have been anything (maybe even something worse?).

          Maybe it could be proven in a court that LoS is indeed a true Castlevania game, but it doesn’t matter to me, because I tried it and, more than with any other game with the “Castlevania” title in the past, I did not feel like I was playing a Castlevania game, and I know I’m not alone in feeling that.

          If I could have had a vote in a new developer to take over Castlevania after IGA, I’d have suggested the likes of inticreates or wayforward, at least as far as 2D goes. As for 3D, I loved both Lament and Curse of Darkness so I’d have loved to see a third game in that vein from IGA, I’m sure they could have improved on it further.

          Unlike with this trailer, I have never cringed at the so called “bad dialogue” in SotN. I always thought it was awesome, it reminded me of something out of an old 90s cartoon/anime. On the other hand, since the first LoS trailer I have cringed at every word. It feels like the most cliched attempt of a modern film trying to be “epic”. In fact, every aspect of LoS made me feel like that. While monsters and creatures of lore usually had a bit of a japanese anime style twist to them in the previous Castlevanias, now I found all of their designs quite bland and like something out of other western games. I admit, I do have a taste for the former over the latter, even if I do like both, and Castlevania was always of the former. I loved to see the youkai and maid monsters next to the western lore ones. Every little thing lends to the mood/tone and atmosphere of a game, at least for me.

          If only it wasn’t titled as a Castlevania and wasn’t trying at all to be a Castlevania and instead tried to be it’s own game, it’s own IP, even if the developers said that it was heavily inspired by Castlevania. and then the familiar Castlevania series would still be there too. A win for everyone.But would I have been able to warm up to LoS if it wasn’t trying to be a Castlevania? Chances are no, not with the dialogue, screenplay, and QTE filled gameplay that would undoubtedly remain.

          Hmm, i think that covers everything. I’ve actually said much of this before here and there in various places, so I’m repeating myself, to each and every LoS defender I come across, so I guess that’s why I had decided to just think of the series as dead and let those who enjoy LoS to just get on with enjoying it… the fans who aren’t getting on the wagon are just gonna have to forget about it and move on to something else, I guess. It would just be nice if LoS fans could understand why certain fans aren’t on board and not just chalk it up to ignorance or some other scoff. Anyways, I’d laugh if Konami themselves thought that every fan would be all over this big change in the series…

          • AaqibRawat

            fantastic post.

    • Testsubject909

      Died at Lords of Shadow?

      Really I’ve talked about this extensively back when it first released and I can note down the two major things to change that would’ve made fans accept Lords of Shadow with wider open arms.

      A more Castlevania like music track. Castlevania has a lot of renowned songs and music is feeling and emotion. With a music track that would match more previous Castlevania games, a lot of people would’ve felt more in the mood as opposed to the more ambiant soundtrack that they’ve gone with.

      The other is the removal of Hideo Kojima’s involvement. Their original plan from their alpha stage sounded a lot like what some Castlevania fans would’ve enjoyed more, a badass character with a focus on wrecking havoc in Dracula’s castle. Then Kojima stepped in and acted as an advisor which got the script to alter primarily because one of Kojima’s advise caused the main character to alter heavily, causing in turn the entire story to move with it.

      Gameplay wise though, presentation and general content, it’s a Castlevania through and through… with a few awkward meme spaced here and there, but hey, still felt better then Curse of Darkness to me, though it doesn’t beat Lament of Innocence.

    • Solomon_Kano

      If you felt it died at Lords of Shadow, why even bother to look into its sequel? If Lords of Shadow killed the series for you, this definitely wasn’t going to be the game to bring you back into the fold.

  • Pain777sev

    They should have stuck with the cartoon art style for the whole game. I don’t get why they went with the realistic polygon look. The game looked better in the cut scene than in game.

  • It’s really awkward how their mouths don’t move. He kinda looks like Flapjack when he’s surprised :D

    • Zhizn Snake

      Yeah, it seemed comically exaggerated to me, actually… XD not to mention that silly looking thing he’s talking to. So, I’m really scratching my head over the tone of this game now. I haven’t been keeping up with this as much as others here probably have, but this vid really made me think of a pixar or disney film… (or, at least a cutscene from a modern game based on a pixar or disney film) Is that normal for this series since LoS? Cuz it seems to really clash with my thoughts of castlevania, lol…

  • Yohann Piga

    The Castlevania series is now being developped by americans… and it shows…

    • Solomon_Kano

      That’s interesting. MercurySteam is actually a development team of Spaniards, not Americans. But I’m sure that shows, right?

    • Testsubject909

      But… The team is part of the Konami Europe branch…

      Are you one of those weirdoes who claim that Castlevania Lords of Shadow is not a Castlevania game?

      I could write a thesis on how it’s a Castlevania game and on how there’s barely any linking threads between any and all of the canon Castlevania games in existence or how LoS is a welcome addition to the library of 3D castlevania game and falls roughly between Lament of Innocence and Curse of Darkness, with the latter falling lower due to the much slower pacing of the game while Lament of Innocence, if you ask me, is still the superior one despite the fact that at the time it was accused of being a DMC ripoff yet somehow the fans eventually swiped that under the rug and began to praise it in due time. That and the sub-weapons feel far more significant in there then it does in Lords of Shadow.

      • Bentan

        must be same anti dmc club people hahaha

      • AaqibRawat

        apart from the kitchen and the laboratory you weren’t really in a castle. in lords of shadow

  • gamerdude

    I know I’ll get some hate for this but here goes:

    I love the composer! His work on CLoS was THE reason why I even bought and played the game and it’s why I will be playing this too. His work is amazing.

    • Solomon_Kano

      I actually liked it, too. His composition, that is. Sure, the game could’ve used some more of the classic CV tunes, but the soundtrack was very fitting for the kind of scale the story was told on.

    • Testsubject909

      No shame in that. The music was good, definitely.

      When I usually bring up Music as one possible factor to change to make it more acceptable to the people who try their best to come up with reasons to not like LoS or to try to explain how it’s not a LoS game by bringing up reasons that are present in other canon Castlevania games in existence. I’m never saying the music is bad. Just that… For a lot of people. It’s just not Castlevania music.

  • Testsubject909

    Why do I keep on picturing Jedi Mind tricks being used all throughout this video by that masked thing… Also. Dat Lip Sync!

    And I’m also in agreement with those who’re confused about the two different art style or those who think the first style shown is more pleasant, at the very least for this game anyways.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I wonder how long before LoS2 this takes place? I just remembered Alucard being in the LoS2 trailer, so it occurred to me that maybe we’ll see more Simon there as well?

    I mean, Alucard’s an immortal vampire, so that doesn’t mean much, but I’m hoping Simon’s only appearance won’t be here. The different protags makes me hopeful that we’ll at least briefly get to control one of them in LoS2 as well, but with that being the end of Drac’s origin, I’m thinking that’ll be a no. I’d be interested to see how Simon plays in 3D though.

  • XiaomuArisu

    …That celshading style looks better then the actual gameplay graphics….not goodXD

  • Vash bane

    wait what? trevor is alucard o.O

  • Good Gfrief!

    They are remaking Castlevania’s universe using the best Marvel style on doing so!

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