New Fire Emblem: Awakening DLC Map Lets You Recruit Leif

By Ishaan . February 22, 2013 . 8:30am

Fire Emblem: Awakening has a new DLC map available this week. “The Lost Bloodlines 1” map is available for download for $3.00.


The map has Marth pitted in battle against Seliph. Chrom decides to aid Marth and completing the map allows you to recruit Leif from Fire Emblem: Genealogy of the Holy War into your party.


Additionally, you can also download all three Lost Bloodlines maps in a single bundle for $6.00. You won’t be able to play the second and third maps until they’re also released individually though.


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  • StarWarudo

    Wish they had put some effort into modelling the DLC characters like they did with Marth(Ike and Lyn) instead of making them look like generic units. Still, it’s a fantastic game and I’m taking my sweet time with it.

    • MrTyrant

      Yeah true. The DLC are boring they look like generic NPCs with the same voices and design. THe extra maps to grind money or exp are interesting. The spot pass character are the thing here.

    • Hitaki

      They didn’t put any effort into modeling Marth’s DLC though. The model they use for Marth is the same as Lucina’s Lord model.

  • Brimfyre

    I was holding off beating the last boss, hoping Lyndis would be this week, but won’t look like that will be for awhile. Guess I will have to wait and have her on my second playthrough.

    • Ephidiel

      Lyn is quite a while away though
      she is part of the Red vs Blue DLC and hers is also the decisive one on the RvsB series

    • Niko Sandwich

      They’ll likely still release them in gradually increasing difficulty like they did in Japan, and like Ephidiel said, Lyn’s quite a ways away.

      • Linhua

        T^T … damn it… damn it…

        … so does this mean they will be spreading the DLC out the same way they did the Japanese version…?

        • Niko Sandwich

          They’ve already mixed up the schedule a bit, releasing dlc faster than before, which is likely due to translation being the only work necessary. But for the most part the japanese schedule is a logical progression, so it’ll probably adhere to the same basic calendar, though I’m already dying for the final dlc to come out.

          Edit: Just checked and we’re actually moving 1 DLC slower than Japan did… so nevermind about that. The schedule is similar, but mixed around, as multiple legacy sets were introduced at one time for them but we seem to be finishing them one at a time.

          • Linhua

            … nothing but sadness and tears to this news.

            … never the less… thanks for the info, buddy.

    • You can do the final chapter as many times as you want.

  • I was wondering if the characters from previous games not released in English would come over for non-Japanese DLC; looks like they will.

    • AkuLord3

      Well we got Roy so maybe (sure we know him from Melee but that’s it)

  • Natat

    Leif was my best unit in Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn, to be sure.

    • He wasn’t in those games.

      • Natat

        Oh, but surely the DLC notification wouldn’t be wrong about this, would it? I mean Nintendo wouldn’t screw up that badly when making notifications on their new DLC!

        • Oh, didn’t know Nintendo made an error and thought you were being serious. Sorry.

  • MrTyrant

    I am more eager to know when are they gonna realese all the spotpass characters. I am replaying the game right know but i will get bored of the game eventually.

    • Aren’t they already releasing the SpotPass characters? Check the Bonus Box under the “Wireless” option on the in-game menu.

      • MrTyrant

        Don’t downvote me for asking. I want all of them, I only see one bonus map and sorry for not being patient enough.

        • I didn’t downvote you. Must’ve been someone else.

        • Ferrick

          press update, it should add more (also check the spot pass notifications on your 3ds main menu, it should say that they gave you more characters)

  • Kuro Neko

    Im a little confused. So the map with for the extra gold and whatnot, that’s dlc and we have to pay for that right? Or is that only part of the bundle dlc? ;~;

    • Suicunesol

      The Golden Gaffe is part of a dlc bundle, but 2 of the maps in that bundle haven’t been released yet. So when you buy the bundle, you’re really paying for future DLC. When the other 2 maps in bundle are finally released, you can download them for free because you already paid for them.

      …or you can just buy the Golden Gaffe map by itself for 3 dollars, but if you plan on buying more maps, you should get the bundle.

  • Seraph

    Heads up. Leif (Leaf in fan translations) was also the protagonist of Thracia 776. He did play a big role in Genealogy of the Holy War though.

    • I picked Genealogy because, chances are, more people have heard of that one. I actually hadn’t even heard of Thracia myself until a few months ago.

      • Seraph

        That’s cool, to be fair you’re also technically correct as Genealogy was released before Thracia 776.

        The latter did introduce a number of features that we’ve come to know and love in the GBA games such as fog of war.

  • If you bought the Golden Pack before, you can play EXPonential Growth right now too. It doesn’t show up in the shop, you just select it from your maps. Found it strange this wasn’t announced at all.

  • Brimfyre

    I’m really happy I went with the eshop version of FE, so I’ll always have it ready to play when this DLC trickles out.

  • My main character is abstaining from marriage until one specific spot pass character (not gonna say the name) is released.
    I want to fiddle with that “Conquest” ability >_<

    • Suicunesol

      Um, spotpass characters can’t marry. What do you mean by this…?

      • Niko Sandwich

        The special ones can. You have to be at the endgame before you can even access their missions though. It’s a different deal, as they’re all real characters with models and voicework. The only supports they can have though are with MU and Morgan if you marry them.

        They get released over time though, and it’s full on chapters (paralogues).

        • Suicunesol

          Wait, you’re saying there are marriageable spotpass characters with models and voicework, and the paid DLC characters are not marriageable with models and voicework?

          • Niko Sandwich

            Yes. There are some reasons why they have all that though, which you’ll find out later. It’s spoilers. There are only about 5, and they’re technically part of the game’s support log already.

            And canon-wise, the dlc characters aren’t real people, and a lot of them have their own relationships, so if you want that excuse there’s that, but practically, it would probably require too much work, programming new emotions, sprites, confessions, etc. It’d be cool though.

    • You’re going to die old hehe. Wait a second….your name looks familiar…I didn’t know you had a 3ds and Fire Emblem! My femMU is already married to Chrome so I’ll probably save that for another play-through.

  • Suicunesol

    Not to start up another DLC argument, but I really think $2-$3 per map/character would be much more attractive if each character got a unique model, class, and some voicework. Maybe new support conversations. As it stands, they’re really quite faceless… so I don’t use ’em.

    Granted, I’m still buying all of the DLC. but… I expected more than a pretty mugshot. >>

    Hubba is pretty amusing, though. He makes it kinda worth it.

    • Considering the appearance of the woman Hubba is dealing with, I’d… I’d likely give her all my stuff too >_>
      I find him pretty amusing as well :D

    • Sylveria

      I’m of a similar stance. I got the one that were giving away for free, obviously, and I got that All That Glitters pack or whatever it’s called that has the gold, exp, and weapon farming maps. While Pr. Marth is decent as a unit, he’s really uninspired and now that I have some grind-able maps, I see no reason to spend money on extraneous units and other maps.

    • AJ

      I think the gimmick is that you can grind the DLC maps forever without using the rotten box item or waiting for random spawns or just plowing through the quest.

      I’m not gonna lie, I spent money on the first two DLC packs just for that reason. Because I hate to let my B squad not get any fighting in.

  • Ben Sylvia

    Was so funny that map, Leif went towards the bottom group of green units solo and slaughtered them all. lmao was so funny.

    Still wish the DLC chars weren’t head swaps T.T oh well still buying them all XD

  • Ferrick

    demon fighter class ! F YEAH!!!!

  • Zenthos

    3.00$ for a character and map just for the sake of a nostalgic experience? Uhmm… nope, lol. If they were to want people to buy characters, the asking price should be around 25-75 cents. I would get more enjoyment spending those 3.00$’s on cheetos than a generic unit that I cant make space for in my overflowing roster.

  • Linhua

    … not sure about Leif… but I definitely like his blade.

    … I gots like 17 of ’em… XD

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