Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn’s Gamepad Controls Demonstrated

By Ishaan . February 24, 2013 . 4:30pm

A Final Fantasy XIV video shared by Square Enix has a demonstration of the game’s controls with a gamepad, instead of a mouse and keyboard, with commentary from the developers provided alongside. Watch the video below:



Regardless of whether you’re playing the PC version with a mouse and keyboard or gamepad, or the PS3 version with a gamepad, you’ll be able to configure the game’s controls as you like.

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  • Corey Owens

    Beta starts tomorrow! Can’t wait to sit in character creation for the entire duration.

    • Zarx

      That’s what I’ll probably end up doing too.
      Shout outs to Oyasumi Punpun

    • Draparde

      i’m gonna at least spend a couple of hours in there for sure XD

    • Mar Mar

      Spend your entire time on character creation. Ending up deleting your character after 5 minutes :D

      • True, because one of the reasons for deleting the characters after each phase ends is due to the character creator getting new options and settings each time!

    • QBninja

      Hey did u you or anyone get an email yet? Cause I haven’t got mine yet :(

    • Luna Kazemaru

      going to be doing that myself

    • DanteJones

      I-It’s not like I’m jealous or anything.

  • Solomon_Kano

    This looks fantastic! The only MMO I’ve played on console was DCUO and I wasn’t fond of how that controlled. Yoshida’s team really has something here, I feel.

    Really hope I get in for Phase 3. Can’t wait to give the game a go!

    • Dunno about you, but I will play this game with an Arcade Stick!

      • SpecDotSign

        Haha. Are you going to pull off 1 frame links on them Malboros?

        • I plan to do OTGs and Dive kicks (if any). Cancelling is possible even in most point and click MMOs nowadays, so yeah, I will pull those 1 frame links into a Meteor spell! Provided nobody nerfs the Disciplines of Magic jobs even more than they were in 1.0. Dat Charge Tiem and Cooldown.

    • Draparde

      I felt the same way. when i first heard the controls would be different than XI/1.0’s i was alittle nervous about it. (along with the somewhat confusing way it was described before)

      but seeing this video, im 100% for it…in fact…i feel more MMO’s should have controller set-ups like this XD

    • SirTeffy

      It’s actually very similar to how DCUO controlled, right down to L2/R2 selecting the side of the bar you’re using, only with the ability to use different hotbars, and mapping all 8 possible buttons rather than just the 4 face buttons. And the ability to create macros.

      I always felt DCUO did a good job of using the controller layout to its advantage, glad to see FFXIV taking a page from its book rather than FFXI’s horrible mess.

      • Solomon_Kano

        Similar, true. The use of all 8 buttons and different hotbars is what I’m liking over DCUO here.

        Also, though this was more an issue with the battle system than the controls themselves, I didn’t like the melee and ranged attack setup in DCUO. This having auto-attack like FF XII feels better to me.

  • The more I see this new version of the game, the more I see it like FF XII, but somehow superior.

    • MogCakes

      Square seems to have learned a lot from past games (XI, XII, XIV 1.0). That and the director apparently knows his stuff, so good news all around.

  • Mnstrzero00

    Why is it called a gamepad?

    • Nightmesh

      That’s just the term for controllers designed for the pc.

  • mpgeist

    I never played the original FFXIV, but find myself drawn to ARR. Maybe it’s the nostalgic FFXI feelings taking over…

  • Suzaku Kururugi

    I hope there is a m/kb option for ps3…

  • Cul Marquez

    Is the Beta version will still be free?

    • MogCakes

      Yes, the beta is free.

  • Carocaro4

    dood. Was the character’s name Marco?! From Radiant Historia? haha

  • Adol Christin

    Is the beta free for all? thanks.

    • MogCakes

      Yes it is. Betas never charge money for anything I don’t think.

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