New Job Classes Coming To Fire Emblem: Awakening In DLC Map Packs

By Ishaan . February 25, 2013 . 2:30pm

So far, Nintendo have released three map packs for Fire Emblem: Awakening in North America—the Champions of Yore pack, the Golden Pack and the Lost Bloodlines pack. Each pack contains three maps, some of which are also available for purchase individually. The next pack headed to the game is the Smash Pack, detailed in the trailer below, after a quick recap of the maps released thus far:



In the Smash Pack, Chrom and co. run into a battle between Roy and Ike from previous Fire Emblem games, taking turns to defend both characters’ armies. Successfully completing these maps gives you an item that allows you to turn into the new Bride class, as well as recruit Eirika. The next pack after the Smash Pack will be the Rogues Pack.


All DLC maps for Fire Emblem: Awakening will eventually be available both individually as well as in discounted map packs. Nintendo have not announced release dates for the Smash and Rogue map packs yet.

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  • Miralizmis

    Teez, I will be buying both of these… because Fire Emblem IS AWESOME.

    … And, well, for the characters, and stuff…

  • I can’t wait to pick this one up! Might not be the first day, but I’d like give the demo a try, whenever that comes out here in the EU; the DLC maps will definitely be bought as packs.

  • Can someone tell me what are the prices for the DLC Map Packs are? I just want to make sure that I’m able to get them when I get the game and a 3DS hahaha,
    Also, how does spotpass work? I hear you can obtain new characters if you use spotpass, is it limited time? Thank you~

    • Laith Rem

      DLC maps go for $2.50~3.00 each (depending on the pack) or bundled go for $6.00~7.50 (Series of three maps, you save $1~1.50)

      For spotpass, just have a wireless network and connect with the game’s wireless function every thursday. It’s not limited and it’s free.

    • Sakurazaki

      It’s 4-6$ for a whole bundle pack. Individually it’s 2.50-3$.

      As for spotpass (dubbed Bonus Box), you can ‘summon’ old FE characters to the world map. When you encounter them, you can recruit them either with money or winning a battle. You can also buy items from them, but they will disappear form the map if you purchased anything. It’s not limited time. The list of character you can summon will always be there and will periodically update.

      • Laith Rem also

        Haha, thanks a bunch you too! Yeah, I’m a noob when it comes to the 3DS. I still have my old bulky 1st gen DS, but I think it’s life is ending soon…. D: When I read about getting characters through spotpass, didn’t know if they would be there forever. Still trying to quickly save up and get a copy if any of my goddamn retailers in my area we to be restocked… =(

        Fire Emblem is probably one of the games I’m willing to lend for DLC.

  • AnimusVox

    Yay more Fire Emblem DLC :D

  • Carocaro4

    you know this is about the only game that I’ll dish out for the DLC.

  • DongT

    all of this dlc and references to past characters makes me really wish i played the older games :P

    • Hraesvelgr

      There’s always time.

      • AJ

        I bought both GBA Fire Emblem’s and a used GBA SP for like 50$ on eBay.

        … much as I love these games, turning perma-death off is a really, really good feature.

        (I still play on super-hard!)

  • Ferrick

    can’t wait for the dlc =P

    and dread fighter (demon fighter)… must get this class for Lunatic+

  • Sylveria

    Some of those maps look like a hoot and the money/exp farming ones are serving me nicely, but I’m not sure I’d really want to drop $6 on some of the other bundles. Maybe if there was a little more flexibility and detail in to the historical characters I’d consider it.

  • creid8

    Ahaha, so those gold & experience maps are basically Nintendo selling cheat codes in disguise. Clever.

    • Phlo

      Cheat codes with strangely fantastic dialogue attached.

  • This is DLC done right. I really want to acquire all the maps for FE:A. I love the game so much and this only enhances the experience.

  • Linhua

    … FLUCK .-. I-I didn’t wanna do this… but it looks like i’ll be spending every penny on the DLC.

    … witnessing this video brought me to a painful realization that i’m really missing out here.

    … for anyone who’s interested… i’ve run over the Yen Prices for the entire Series One & Series Two… added them up and used Google to help me break it down in US Dollars.

    (… Anyone who knows Google’s Exchange Rate accuracy better than I can take this information with a grain of salt, but i’m sure it’s not terribly inaccurate since i’ve used it to pay for an order from over seas.)

    … it is as follows:

    Series 1 – 2400 Yen ($25.88 USD)

    Series 2 – 5150 Yen ($ 55.54USD)

    Grand Total – 7550 Yen ($81.42 USD)

    … and none of this includes the packs… so the grand total may be less than this.

    … but this is just me assuming that they are going to keep the prices and content the same from the Japanese releases. So again, EVERYBODY take this information with a grain of salt… maybe two grains.

    … I went dissect-mode on the entire thing and I came to around $33… and I Was GONNA get the $35 eCard… but after seeing some of the content in this video that I WASN’T gonna get… i’m thinking I may be paying the entire 80 somethin’… = =;; …

  • SetzerGabbiani

    I’m guessing Atlus is publishing SMT x FE since Nintendo sees fit to change ‘demon’ to ‘dread’.

    Downloading all of this.

    • Ty Arnold

      There’s also the fact that this game doesn’t have any demons, so Demon Fighter doesn’t really make much sense as a class.

      • Suicunesol

        The Risen aren’t demons?

        • Arrei

          No, they’re just zombies. Magically animated ones with no free will, at that.

  • I didn’t planned to get the DLC until I finished my first playthrough but this looks like an awesome way to train! Plus, would really love to have the DLC characters already just for nostalgia!

  • Oh wow. I didn’t realize that. Now I think I need to buy these DLC packs too. I was hoping to get away with just the Champions of Yore, Golden and the Support Convo Packs

    • s07195

      Support convo pack? I didn’t see it mentioned there… That would be awesome.

      • It wasn’t mentioned in the video, but it’s coming. It includes Harvest of Bonds, Summer of Bonds and Hot Spring of Bonds. There’s also an alternate-reality pack set in the future Lucina & co. come from.

        • s07195

          You mean the fanservice pack. :P

          • Exactly! That’s the one I can’t wait to get!

  • Man, they should totally go back to this game and drop a Shin Megami Tensei character or two in as DLC, just to get people talking about the crossover.

    • MrTyrant

      And date Demi-fiend xDD

      • Ferrick

        or Yu Narukami XDD, though that would be the hardest date target XD

        • Nah, I think they’re staying away from Persona in the crossover. They didn’t even include any characters from the SMT spin-offs in that teaser. Just SMTs I, II, Nocturne, IV and If. That could change, obviously, but even then, I think Atlus view Persona and MegaTen as having two separate audiences and I’d prefer they remain that way. Much as I love P3 and P4, I don’t want Persona bleeding into SMT too much. :P

          • Ferrick

            awww, no Sister-Complex Kingpin of Steel in SMTXFE makes me sad XD, but atleast “the silent demi-fiend” is back =P

  • Ben Sylvia

    Dread Fighter < Demon Fighter.

    Just saying.

    Hope Infinite Regalia comes this week, I want my Silver Card :D

  • KyoyaHibari

    Wow these DLC plot lines are EXTREMELY redundant, but w/e, they give me unlockables.

  • Niermyico

    I just hope they give Roy an actual character model. That portrait of him is beast!

    • Arrei

      The portrait’s based on the Mercenary outfit, though. His character model pretty much matches it, only the art is naturally much more detailed and shiny.

  • Suicunesol

    I picked up Golden Gaffe. Amount of gold was staggering… I almost feel like I’m cheating.

    At least my Master/Second Seal deficit was solved.

  • Niko Sandwich

    Wonder why they threw in a Smash Bros. pun with the ‘Smash Bretheren’ set.

    I mean, they can, but it’s just there all of a sudden.

    • Ferrick

      O u nintendo =P

      • J_Joestar

        Smash 4 Newcomer Masked Marth confirmed?


        • Niko Sandwich

          Actually just heard it’s Roy vs. Ike for the story… so the Smash Bros. – Marth… who probably still finds his way in there considering all the characters.

    • Owain Dark

      Correcting a mistake made in the original language. I think the maps were just called “Red Vs Blue” in Japan.

      • Niko Sandwich

        Yeah, they were, and I guess that ‘red’ means Roy and ‘blue’ means Ike, or so I’ve heard. Those would be the ‘Smash Bros.,’ ’cause I’m sure Marth’ll end up in there somewhere and then we have Fire Emblem’s SSB Reps.

  • sugarum

    I want that Bride class so bad.

  • kaizin

    woot been waiting for this dlc i got the other ones but this is the main dlc i have been wanting hope it comes out soon.

  • Strangely enough, I don’t mind paying for this DLC.

  • Masa

    Bride class……what the hell

  • Don’t think, buy. That’s all I do when FE DLC arrives. I want Nintendo to be encouraged to pump out more Fire Emblem in the future ♥

  • Omg, I totally glossed over Lyn’s name… I have to get this game… I want my Lyn back D:

  • AJ

    I’m still mad that my male Tactician and Vaike can’t get married.

    Sweet, sweet Vaike……

  • Göran Isacson

    Not sure how the game is going to justify you switching sides and fighting these people for vague reasons all the time… but maybe I should just say to myself “it’s just a game, I should just relax”.

    • s07195

      They are not real, basically.

    • Owain Dark

      The plot explanation is that the legacy characters are really Familiars summoned from trading cards. The ones where you’re switching sides between maps were summoned without masters and have been fighting each other for no reason forever, so Chrom and co step in and turn them back into cards through violence.

      • Göran Isacson

        Ah, that settles it. A pretty easy way out, but it’s a way out nonetheless.

  • YoshEE

    I am very interesting in Bride class.

  • Tails the Foxhound

    I like how the Ike/Roy packs are called Smash Brethren. I see what you did there Nintendo. (Does this mean I get Roy back in the next Smash?)

  • P 627

    >.> by the time all the maps are released North america will be rolling very close to 2014 >.<

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