Castlevania: Mirror of Fate Videos Show Exploration, Combat And Skills

By Ishaan . February 26, 2013 . 10:00am

Konami have shared a number of videos from Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate, showing off in-game footage from the game. The videos below depict the opening sequence just before you get to take control of Gabriel, exploration and platforming with Simon and Trevor Belmont, and action sequences with Alucard.


Opening movie (Gabriel):



Scroll Action (Simon, Trevor and Alucard):



Alucard: Action:



Splendid Action (Simon and Alucard):



A variety of gimmicks:



Castlevania: Lords of Shadow – Mirror of Fate will be released on March 5th in North America and March 8th in Europe. A demo will be available in the U.S. prior to launch and is already available in Europe.

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  • Crevox


    As much as I love Castlevania, in my personal opinion, this looks… not so good…

    • tubers

      It doesn’t.. even the frame rate drops on gameplay specially on cutscenes except close ups.

    • Niko Santos Tolentino

      play the demo first. Its a lot different that the videos you are watching.

  • Looks better each time I see it. I actually bought Castlevania The Adventure on the eShop just to get back in the mood for a Castlevania

  • TheExile285

    wonder why they never remade SotN in this style

  • Ferrick

    i’m confused, why did they give alucard the belmont whip ? even though he’s mostly depicted to be a sword user most of the times he appears

    • Joseph Elisha Venenga

      its a pre sword thing….remember castlevania 3….he used surkens

  • Guess its been endless comments like this, but i wish this was 2D style like the DS games, it just does not seem smooth.

    • tubers

      I also noticed it. It seems to run below 30 FPS.. It barely looks above a PSP game like GoS. :(

      The enemies look very sparse as well.

      I hope the whole game offers much more.

    • Niko Santos Tolentino

      you should play the demo first before anything else. I was iffy too of the frame rate till i played the demo.

  • A wicked night this way comes.

  • Jon McGuire

    Can’t wait to play the demo, looks much better than at it did at E3 last year. This game looks a lot more “Castlevania” than Lords of Shadow did too. Nice to see they listened to the criticism fans gave the reboot.

  • grevlinghore

    My spider-sense is usually great at detecting what games are going to turn out amazing and which games are not. But in this case… I get nothing! It could so easily go both ways oO

    • OkamiKing

      I guess its your venom then huh

  • Joseph Elisha Venenga

    looks great guys. congrats to the programers

  • Sylveria

    That overly happy KONAMI! at the end of trailer kinda kills the mood.

    It looks interesting. I hope the graphical issues are more a result of it being stretched and compressed for youtube and aren’t reflective of the actual quality.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Ohh boy. This game looks really nice and smooth. Can’t wait to get my hand for this game here.^_^

  • Namuro

    The trailers didn’t really impress me, but once I tried the game itself, it really is a fun game! Because I’m still used to the feel and gameplay of the old Castlevania, the combat in this game takes a little to get used to. I also like how they make the enemies harder, even common enemies like the skeleton warriors doesn’t go down in one or two hits and have more attack patterns, as opposed to the old ones that just Gangnam back and forth and throw bones that never really hit you. The Combos are done pretty well and I like that they have air combos and counters as well.

    While the combat in general is pretty satisfying, the jumping seems a little awkward, and the finishing moves are just lame…Both the bosses’ death cut scenes in the demo are so quick and boring. I wish they’d pay a little more attention to this area.

    Overall, it turns out a lot better than I expected, and I’ll be sure to get it!

    Still, I really wish they’d make a Castlevania game with this new combat system and story, but keeps the Ayami Kojima looks and the upbeat music.

  • Happy Gamer

    What I miss about Iga’s style is the subtle (sometimes blatant) humors. I think lots of Japanese games are like that, humor among darkness. Like weird rubber duckies floating in water etc. If they make a 2d castlevania on the 3ds but with really high rez 2d style would be amazing! I will try this game regardless

    • You haven’t seen the scenes with the Fleamen have you? They are hilarious.

      • Humor is subjective, but ever given that, I think you need to look up “Hilarious”.

  • I don’t understand why anyone with skill or good taste in games would still be talking about this game. The demo is out which overly confirms this game has nothing good to offer anyone who cares about depth of gameplay, or pretty aesthetics.

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