Devil Survivor Overclocked Saves Europe From Doom In April

By Ishaan . March 1, 2013 . 11:30am

Heads up, Europe. Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor Overclocked is headed your way, and it has a release date now. Ghostlight have announced that the game will be released on April 5th for the Nintendo 3DS.



Devil Survivor Overclocked is an upgraded version of Devil Survivor, originally a Nintendo DS strategy RPG. The world is being invaded by demons and is going to end in seven days, and it’s up to an assortment of “devil survivors” who can control demons to try and save it.


The Overclocked version of the game has been updated with voice-acting, additional demons, and a new eighth day chapter.

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  • SirRichard


  • ( `Д´)ノ)`ν゜)

    Almost in time for the game’s 2 year anniversary.

    • KHSoraKeyBlade

      This is our first Devil Survivor experience. Not even the DS games came out here and the first one got release in 2009 …. :l

      • Jisgsaw

        Actually, the DS not being region locked ( <3 ) I played the original back when it was released on the DS.

        Do we have any news for Devil Survivor 2 though ?

        • i know that ghostlight will also bring it to eu

        • KHSoraKeyBlade

          Oh I know the DS isn’t region locked which is great but I never imported the game personally.

          All I know is Ghostlight plan to bring the game to Europe sometime in 2013. When though is another question. Hopefully with Overclocked out they’ll release DS2 soon enough, fingers crossed any ways :P

  • Nightmesh

    Glad their getting it. Its a good game that shouldn’t be missed out on.

  • Tom_Phoenix


  • RaikageV

    “Saves Europe From Doom In April”

    …but Fire Emblem is going to be released in April, too.

    • ….


    • LynxAmali

      That was good.

      You even made Ishaan “Ouch.”

    • It’s going to be a sRPG packed month :)

    • Göran Isacson

      … Wow. That is some POOR damn timing right there.

    • Sentsuizan_93

      I’m getting both, so that doesn’t sound too bad. Besides, the dates are 2 weeks apart.

      • ZeroWalker

        I would say I will get both but I imported my version of Devil survivor over clocked from US like 1 year before they deicide for EU release. All I need now is Fire emblem But I wish more fore a Record of lodos for the super nes to get a remake for the 3ds man that would be nice.

        • Yeah, I was looking for vids of that game, but it’s rare to find. Plus, it’s only been in Japan, so… I guess it will likely not happen.

  • Just Tim

    I know this is a “better late than never” release in Europe; with that said, prepare for Yuzu…

    • I heard she got better in any route except hers one so….. And yeah, face it, most of us will behave like/similar to Yuzu if we were in DeSu….

  • Julien_N

    The trailer reminds me that I think I’ve heard Yuzu’s voice actress in Sakura Wars, but I am not sure which character she was impersonating…

    Oh well, at last we’ve got a release date. See you next decade for Soul Hackers and SMT4. %D

    • Armane

      Next decade? We’d be lucky. I just hope Nintendo takes it on themselves to publish SMT IV in Europe; I really want that XL.

      • Julien_N

        I highly doubt the SMT4-themed 3DS will make it here, there are plenty of game-themed consoles that are released only in Japan. Off the top of my head, I would say the TWEWY DS Lite, the Hello Kitty Dreamcast, or the KH 3DS. We mostly have Pikachu and LoZ consoles. (the Pikachu N64 and 3DS for example)

        However, I can see the FE x SMT project creating a partnership bewteen Atlus and Nintendo, so that Atlus games will be released in Europe, that could be a better alternative than having to wait for Ghostlight to finally catch up with the games’ releases. I simply wonder when such a collaboration would start.

        • Armane

          I guess it depends on what deal Ghostlight has with Atlus, and how the partnership with Nintendo started in the first place. That should make for an interesting Iwata Asks if nothing else.

  • riceisnice

    Better throw out your microwaves.

    • Claud12

      hahaha I was paranoid about my microwave after I played heck out of Desu :)

  • Pre-ordering obviously :D

    <3 MegaTen
    <3 Ghostlight

  • Rodolfo Notmyname

    Is there an option turn the voices off? Because I want to get the game, but this could easily break the immersion and experience for me.

  • I totally forgot this game exist :/ not sure if I want to buy it now. ugh

    • Ofc you want. It’s MegaTen. It’s obviously good :)

      I kid ahah but I could not pass out on this opportunity to spread the love :P I hope you don’t take offense in what I just did ;)

  • better late than never !

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