Xseed Release Android Mobile RPG “Ark of the Ages”

By Ishaan . March 1, 2013 . 1:00pm


Xseed have released an action RPG to Android mobile devices, titled Ark of the Ages. The game sports 3D visuals and puts you in the role of a knight of the Royal Order, who has been sent to Emilie village to investigate a series of recent incidents.


The action takes place in a place named the Tower of Magic, which is a giant tower constructed by a great wizard a millennium ago. As you explore dungeons, you’ll have to navigate traps and pitfalls, and battle enemies. During exploration, the camera will be behind your character but for battles, it shifts to first-person.


In battle, you attack by swiping across the screen, to simulate blade slashes. You’ll be able to find loot and customize your gear along the way as well, and connecting to other players via the GREE service yields bonuses like increased frequency of special attacks.


Ark of the Ages has 24 dungeons and is available on Google Play for $1.99. Xseed say an iOS version will be released in the coming weeks as well. You can watch a trailer for the game above.


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  • Barrylocke89

    Wait, has Xseed ever done any iOS/Android games, or is this their first?

    That said, it looks kinda cool…although that virtual joypad…

    I’ve only played 2 games with virtual joy pads on my iPhone. Baroque…which was kinda crappy, especially coming off of the PS2 version, and Mutant Mudds, which actually played pretty well, although I imagine that the controls on the 3ds or PC version would have been better.

    Hopefully this game plays closer to Mutant Mudds than Baroque…

  • looks in need of some graphical polish.. kudos on launching on android before iOS though.

  • Muddied_Waters

    1.99? Even if it turns out to be not that great a game, that’s a decent price and a good opportunity to support Xseed some more.

  • Thanks I could not find a trailer. But its not like I could play the game in the first place. It’s just cool to know what other platforms are getting.

  • Rainbow Pig?

  • Lilith

    Senran Kagura is fine, thanks for asking.

  • revenent hell

    With so many games for android and iOS devices it almost makes me want to start playing games on them,I dont normally since I just never have and it dosent seem like something I want to start doing,but some of the games look realy fun.

  • That is some horribly inappropriate music.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Level 441? 482? O.o wut the hell is this? Super grinding game?^_^
    While the game does look interesing, i would just avoid playing action game on my Android system here as playing the game without any d.pad or real button is just one of the worst thing i had ever tasted before.

    • Chronosv2

      Actually, I haven’t even been playing much more than an hour and I’ve already got a level 30-something character. Once I made it to 3F in the first dungeon, I started getting levels every one or two fights. Now it takes a couple more but it’s still fast levelling. As for the movement controls, the virtual d-pad is only for walking around, and it doesn’t require twitch skills at all as far as I’ve played. All the combat is is swiping the screen. The only skill that you need to have for combat is knowing when to guard; the rest has basically boiled down to “scribbling” on the enemy with my finger as fast as possible. Pretty fun for a little $1.99 game, and a great first release.

  • Elvick

    Looks terrible imo.

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