Assassin’s Creed IV Set In The Golden Age of Pirates, Will Have Blackbeard

By Ishaan . March 4, 2013 . 8:00am


Ubisoft have announced the first details for Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag. As previously reported, the game will feature a new hero and setting, and focuses on a story of pirates.


Assassin’s Creed IV’s story is set in the 18th century. Edward Kenway, a young British private for the Royal Navy, falls into piracy as the war between the major empires ends. Soon, Kenway finds himself part of an ancient war between templars and assassins, and journeys throughout the West Indies during the course of the game’s story. Ubisoft say Assassin’s Creed IV will feature infamous pirates like Blackbeard and Charles Vane, during a period known as the Golden Age of Pirates.


Assassin’s Creed IV will have “50 navigable locations” according to Ubisoft. The game has been in development for close to two years, and is being spearheaded by one of the Assassin’s Creed teams at Ubisoft Montreal. Providing support are Ubisoft studios in Annecy, Bucharest, Kiev, Quebec, Singapore and Sofia.


Ubisoft have Assassin’s Creed IV: Black Flag planned for release on the PC, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Wii U, PlayStation 4 and “other next generation consoles”. The Xbox 360, PS3 and Wii U versions will be available on October 29th in North America and November 1st in Europe.


You can watch a video of Edward Kenway, the new protagonist, above, and a higher-quality version of the game’s previously-leaked trailer below.


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  • The locations for these games continue to get worse. After the awesome setting in Jerusalem and the neat Templar stuff of the first game I never expected this franchise use some a pirate theme. I don’t like pirates. =/

    • Ferrick

      why? pirates are awesome, especially capt. Jack Sparrow!

      • I actually really do like POTC but other pirates stuff just never clicked with me.

        • Ferrick

          well have you played the game of POTC ? (not the movie tie-in version, but the pc game) That’s pretty much what got me into the pirate genre and AC3 pretty much reminded me on how awesome self-controlled naval battles are

    • neocatzon

      really? haven’t play AC3 yest but many said the ship battles is the best part of the game. Maybe they use pirate theme to exploit that part.

      • Yea I read that too. I’m just talking about the setting. Apparently they used AC III to test the waters for the ship battles. It was well received so they’re going all out with it.

        • neocatzon

          pirates is just like ninja and zombies, they might hit many people but not for some. Personally I hate zombies due to impending doom kind of stories. Well, there’s a dire need for good pirate game and this is also a good news that AC universe is very flexible. So, let’s wait for your favorite setting in AC :D?

    • 愛憎

      I’ve wanted a new, quality pirate game for a very long time. I definitely disagree.

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      I respect your opinion, but I’d welcome a legit pirate (or pirate-like) game. If they’re able to tie everything together and have it make sense, then more power to them. Most pirate games are strategy titles or sub-par 3rd person action games anyway, so maybe Ubi and AC can change that… maybe…

      • 愛憎

        That is most of the reason that I am excited for this game. I also hope that it inspires others to create a pirate themed game. My current dream game is an open world action RPG about pirates.

        • Niko Sandwich

          Perhaps done in a Wind Waker style of sailing to islands? Yes? No?

          Personally, I feel a pirate game could be done wonderfully if it was done in such a way, comparing Zelda’s mechanics to your open world idea, of course with its own changes and touches.

          It certainly wouldn’t want to be overdone though.

  • Spirit Macardi

    “Ubisoft say Assassin’s Creed IV will feature infamous pirates like Blackbeard and Charles Vane, during a period known as the Golden Age of Pirates.”

    So in other words it’s set during the GREAT! PIRATE! ERA!
    Come aboard and bring aloooooooong all your hopes and dreams~!

    • 愛憎

      I downrated you for using the English dub theme song. I had to look it up your reference and I was disappointed.

      Edit: In hindsight this was an uncool reply. Although I prefer the Japanese voices, I appreciate that you like One Piece!

      • And this is why downvotes are the worst idea Disqus has ever had…

        • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

          I dunno about that. Sometimes people need to be reminded of just how retarded and ignorant their comments are. Just as long as people who downvote backup with reasons why they’re downvoting.

          Unless they’re a downvote troll… then it’s like giving them keys to a new Benz… =/

          • The thing is, downvotes do nothing to remind people of that. More often than not, they’re just used by people who don’t want to bother actually understanding or participating in the ongoing discussion.

          • Locklear93

            Yeah, if I get downvoted without posts explaining the difference of opinion, my first inclination is to assume someone was butthurt by something I wrote, and I’m not too concerned with taking that into account.

          • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

            I guess I’m too much of an optimist in this barren land of trolls.

          • 愛憎

            Didn’t mean to upset you, Ishaan. I posted several times on this article though; I am attempting to participate in the discussion despite my blundering downvote misuse.

          • Nah, don’t worry about it. You probably didn’t mean to come off as condescending. I can’t tell the difference any more with the way some people behave. I apologize if I misunderstood you.

            <– Old and grumpy.

          • 愛憎

            Thank you for the apology, but my comment was rude. I shall be more careful in the future.

          • andref

            Come now since when does the internet like to explain complaints. For every intelligent comment at least twice that number is riddled with one-liners meaning to insult rather than give a detailed response for complaints

        • amagidyne

          I’m a little disappointed that I can’t downvote and upvote this at the same time.

        • Symbol de Au

          I disagree sometimes people say stuff like. “Please respond with opinions instead of downvotes” Thing is downvotes are opinions.

          Sometimes you don’t need to explain yourself. You disagree and it should be that simple. Also it’s not really more constructive to add points when sometimes things are obvious(or you think they are) and when things are obvious and people haven’t gotten it trying to explain them only causes more problems.
          It helps avoid a bunch of pointless arguments because someone didn’t believe something that the other person thought was obvious. Now they both think the other is an idiot so they won’t stop arguing until the other agrees they’re an idiot which will never happen.
          Downvotes are a simple disagreement and if you get enough maybe you’ll begin to question for yourself why your opinion is wrong rather than to have some seemingly(or legitimately) condescending guy trying to explain why anyone who like FFXIII is a retard because it “obviously” doesn’t deserve to be a Final Fantasy game because it’s “obviously” crap. These arguments are not constructive and they only make the person more defensive so that they will never bother considering a new viewpoint.

          Downvotes probably don’t do much more to change opinions either but at least they’re short sweet and to the point. “I disagree/I didn’t like that post have a nice day.”

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Yet the absolute hidden nature of the votes limits one’s ability to judge their ideas against well, really anything. There is nothing to respond to or consider, it is just the click of a mouse.

            When things were only likes and it was known who liked, folks could see how others responded, even if they didn’t post. If someone said something that usually got likes from a particular group, when someone said something those folks did not respond to — the silence was deafening. It was also funny to see how troll posters seemed to like troll posts, which enabled the community to see new names who might behave similarly.

      • OkamiKing

        Wait, you’re upset he used the funimation theme instead of the One piece Rap?

        • 愛憎

          Exactly! Hahahah, but I really hope I never hear the rap theme again in my life.

      • Luna Kazemaru
      • Spirit Macardi

        Your argument is invalid because of the voice of Vic Mignogna!

        It’s not like I used “Ya yo ya YOOOOOOOOOO”

        • Niko Sandwich

          …But I love the One Piece Rap! Sometimes the ridiculousness of a dub’s localization creates very “interesting” songs.

          I still don’t understand what they’re really saying though. It always sounded like “Geico! Geico!”… which is why I’ve never forgotten it.

          • Symbol de Au


          • Niko Sandwich

            No joke, I’ve been listening to this song all day since I looked it up for that comment…I have a problem.

            …The cheesy bad rap elements have entranced me.

          • Symbol de Au

            Don’t worry about it. I liked that song when I was a kid. I’m not listening to it now cuz I’m afraid I won’t like it anymore…

          • Niko Sandwich

            Hahaha, I hadn’t even heard it for the longest time. I haven’t even paid attention to One Piece as a whole for years…But I never forgot the song!

    • DHInc

      Assassin’s Creed IV: Kaizoku Musou. Also you get an up vote from me because i like any version of We Are! Japanese or otherwise.

  • Dietrich

    Must…Not…Squee…*squees* DAMMIT!!

  • 愛憎

    Yar – har – fiddle-dee-dee, being a pirate is all right with me!
    Do what you want ’cause a pirate is free, you are a pirate!

    In the gaming scene we’ve had our zombie fad and dragon fad… can’t we have a pirate fad now?

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      If only I could give you +50 ^’s for that reference… =(

      • 愛憎

        Thanks for the appreciation although some seem to dislike references to children’s television series.

        • Niko Sandwich

          Took me a while to get the reference, but then I got it… and then I realized I’ve sung that song out loud many times, which made it even weirder.

  • Chris Yuen

    The time is the Great Pirate Era. Countless pirates fight desperately for the One Piece, the great treasure left behind by Gold Roger, King of the Pirates. Edward K. Enway, a boy whose body turned to rubber after he ate the Gum-Gum Fruit also takes to the sea to become the next King of the Pirates. As Edward and his assassin friends overcome numerous adventures, the templar is less and less able to ignore their existence. “This is exciting! What kind of adventure is waiting for us next?” The crew, on its way to the New World, will speed along the Grand Line again today!

    • eilegz

      ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) good story bro, Dai Kaizoku Jidai

  • Sergio Briceño

    But. Will it have Jack Sparrow?

    • natchu96

      Apparently at some point you get marooned with another guy on an island with some rum and a loaded pistol . . .

      That’s it, though.

    • There should be a “Captain” in there somewhere.

  • Godman

    Pirates? So much yes! Naval battles were my favorite part of ACIII and now pirates are involved X)

    I see his last name is Kenway so he must be Haytham’s father which makes him awesome by default!

  • Demeanor

    I’m personally not thrilled by the settings chosen for AC3 and 4, and I feel that Ezio’s chapters have more than enough covered their time period. It’s time to bring the fight to OUR time, I’d definitely be interested in that. Also, major recent historical events like the French revolution (possibly with a girl main? that’d be awesome) or WW2 would be REALLY cool.

    • Steven Boivin

      If you want to fight in our time, go get Watch_Dogs. Seems to be pretty close to AC in modern time and theme. AC’s main point, however, is the historical events and periods being reimagined.

      • Helepythia

        That’s how I saw Watch Dogs, and I do believe it’s being made by Ubisoft Montreal. So, as disappointed as I am with AC3, I like to blame Watch Dogs as the cause of that.

    • Sergio Briceño

      Me too mate, problem is once they take the fight to present time, there is no turning back. The cash cow is officially dead once Desmond becomes the last main.

    • BL4CKSH33P

      I disagree, a modern Assassins creed would be lame. It would betray what makes the game so cool.

      I think watchdogs looks great, and I think it would be cool to add more assassin like aspects like sniping. Hopefully that stuff is in the games we haven’t seen much of it. But keep modern shit out of assassins creed. I’m Glad Desmond is dead never liked that part of the story and it gives Ubisoft more freedom.

  • Zarx

    This is one of the few times that I’m actually interested in Assassin’s Creed, pirates and seafaring are right up my alley.

  • Raltrios

    Argh. I’ve had AC3 since launch and I still haven’t gotten around to playing it. My body is not ready.

    • s07195

      You mean, ‘ARRRRRRRRR!’

  • TatsuyaKyo

    Personally, I hoped that the fourth one would be set during the Roman Empire or the Middle Ages, but since this one has pirates, I guess I can live with it.

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