Atelier Ayesha: Alchemist of Dusk Gets Musical With A Trailer

By Ishaan . March 5, 2013 . 8:30am

Atelier Ayesha: The Alchemist of Dusk will be available in North America today and in Europe this Friday, and Tecmo Koei have released a trailer for the game that summarizes the game’s story involving an alchemist  named Ayesha Altugle whose sister, Nio, goes missing. Watch it below:



Atelier Ayesha: Alchemist of Dusk has a new artist working on character designs. Instead of Mel Kishida, Gust got an artist named Hidari to work on the game. (Note: Tecmo Koei, who own Gust, brought him back for Toukiden.)


Atelier Ayesha will be released with English-language audio in the West.

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  • Joshua Myers

    I need to get to work on Totori XD

  • That was a beautiful trailer =^_^=
    Anyone know if there is a special edition floating around somewhere for the English release? Just want to make sure lol

    • Brandonmkii


    • In the UK, at GAME, they offer an art book as a pre-order bonus. Other than that, nope there is nothing.

    • Wesley Kenneth Houpt Mattingly

      PSN(US) Preorders got a dynamic theme.

  • DesmaX

    Hey, look, marketing.

  • grevlinghore

    The soundtrack was the strongest element this game had going for it. In fact I`d even say it`s one of the best game soundtracks I`ve ever heard, but other than that, the game was very mediocre.

    • DesmaX

      To be honest, I was just going to buy this because of the soundtrack… This series never really caught my attention

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      I found the game amazing, the best in the Atelier series so far possibly. But, everyone likes what they like *shrug*

  • This looks amazing, I wish I could find more reviews for this game but it seems to have been overshadowed by tomb raider which is a shame

    • grevlinghore

      I`ll give you a brief rundown. I might not be ign or gameinformer, but here goes:

      The story in Atelier Ayesha is basically: “Your sister vanished a few years ago, but if you can get good enough at alchemy you can save her”
      Atelier Ayesha is about learning the lost art of alchemy (synthesizing) while travelling around on a world map with the allies you encounter throughout the game. Travelling feels kind of like a board game, except that there`s an element of time-management to it.
      There are three major cities in which you set up your atelier and synthesize items for people (quests), as well as buy / sell ingredients.

      The most noteable characters include:
      – Ayesha: The protagonist. Too many jokes throughout the game revolve around her forgetting to eat breakfast.
      – Keithgriff: Is one of the few people left who still practice alchemy. He`s Ayeshas mentor, and also a real badass.

      Other characters feel not-as-important and include: Wilbell the witch, Yuris the Hunter, Regina the miner-girl and Linka the Swordsman (girl) to name a few – Linka is really badass too.

      Conclusion (Pro`s and cons):

      + Amazing soundtrack (which you also unlock as a bonus feature on the disc as you play)
      + Some cool characters
      + Synthesizing gets addicting
      + Optional bosses that can be really challenging

      – Time management is not for everyone (the game inevitably ends after 3 years of in-game time)
      – Too much talking compared to actual gameplay
      – The environments aren`t very interactive (you pick flowers, and that`s about it.)
      – Many characters and npc`s feel superfluous
      – The game is clearly aimed at the group of people who call themselves “otaku”. By that I mean that pretty much everything is overly cute and not very convincing / believable.

      Final verdict: 5 / 10

      • CirnoTheStrongest

        The point of an Atelier game is that you can control what sort of experience you have. My own playthrough was filled with Wilbell and she felt like a large part of the story (even if in regards to the main main plot she didn’t have a huge part), and it just sucked that I messed up on getting her ending :( My second playthrough is focused on getting her ending though!

        • grevlinghore

          Well getting her ending is awfully easy really, as long as you have enough time left. After beating Yggdrasil you just meet up with her in the main city, and then take her to one of those islands before the Salt Dessert.
          Anyway, the “kind of experience you have” really just comes down to who you like to use in combat (I used Wilbell a lot myself, she`s a good support character ability-wise) and what dialogues you get as you travel around the map (I tended to skip many of them anyway) But getting different dialogue doesn`t really help you out much when everything is so cutesy and off topic. It also just balls up on itself and gets frustrating at times when you really just want to have some fun actually playing.
          You`re basically forced into a new dialogue for every screen you move, and that really ain`t fun in the long run.

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            I have no doubt that you’re not the target sort of audience for these games. I mean, I would never complain about a ‘cutesy’ dialogue.

            And I ran out of time. I beat it just barely before I was out of time xD

            And why would you skip the dialogues? The character interactions are a key component to an Atelier game…

            Might it be you’re one of those whom are still waiting for an Atelier Iris or Mana Khemia-esque Atelier game to show up?

          • grevlinghore

            Clearly not.
            My Japanese is not at the level where I can effortlessly comprehend everything that`s being said at all times, so I`d focus my concentration on the dialogue that I knew would be relevant to my progress. And then there were these pointless characters like Lanan, Ernie and Nanaka that I really didn`t care to chat with at all…
            Honestly, Ayesha was my very first atlier game. The ones before it hadn`t appealed to me at all, but this one seemed like it might have been worth trying out, so I did. It ended up not really impressing me though, other than the soundtrack which was incredible.

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            Ah, okay, you were new to the series. Well, the next Atelier game miiight appeal to you, cause they were talking about it being handled more like a traditional RPG. But definitely research it a lot first.
            why are you people voting down the comment of someone whom is just stating their opinion?

          • grevlinghore

            I suspect that many developers have hired agents to vote down or remove anything that could be conceived as negative feedback on their products on social media, so that only the positive reactions are left visible for the public.
            I don`t know if that holds true for siliconera in particular (I guess not, since my comments are still here), but I know for a fact that Namco Bandai does it.

            If that`s not the case here, I guess there are just a lot of people who are so blinded by their own otaku conviction that they`ll refuse to believe that anything coming from Japan could be anything less than amazing.

            Frankly I don`t really buy into all this “target market” stuff either. I mean my videogame collection is about as varied as can be – every genre and age group is represented.
            I generally know a good game when I play it, and in my opinion, Atelier Ayesha is just not it. There is nothing about the gameplay, structure or story that strikes you as amazing :p

            Anyway, yeah… I might look into the upcoming title I guess, but I don`t think it`s likely that I`ll return to the franchise.

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            Well, everything has a target market. Sometimes the appeal can spread out beyond that, but if you don’t have a target market, then chances are your creation will feel like a mess, trying to appeal to too many at once. A target market doesn’t single a game out from different groups, it just means you put your efforts towards appealing that group that you chose as your target market. If others end up enjoying it, then that’s great, but it’s not at all the expected outcome.

            Like say…the Neptune series, they’re obviously targeting the Otaku market. And it shows in their games. But, they can appeal to those outside the market.

            And one last thing, there are very very few things that can be judged objectively. You can judge audio quality, and graphics, and anything beyond that is where opinions start to come into play. A lot of people will say that you can judge a story’s quality, but you really can’t without injecting your own opinion.

            So, what I’m trying to say, is that when someone says a game is a ‘good game’ or a ‘bad game’, it’s quite normally entirely their opinion. There might be a few exceptions out there of games that really are just terrible in every aspect, but even then I wonder? Anyway, I get you didn’t like the game’s story/structure/gameplay, but there are those of us who absolutely love the time management aspects of it and find the structure ideal. And those of us who love the story. So, to us, it IS a ‘good game’, even an ‘Amazing game’.

            The main problem is really that you’re just not the sort of person this is marketed towards. And that’s fine, not everything’s for everyone.
            (why does it always turn into a WoT? xD)

  • raymk

    Love this :D, also inb4nodualaudionobuy.

  • CirnoTheStrongest

    A wasted chance to show off the dub if there ever was one…(the JP trailer had voices in it)

    • puchinri

      Well given that the dub isn’t full, we don’t know what parts they’d have to show off?

      • If they put some of the english dub in this promovideo, they’d have nothing left for the game :O!

        • puchinri

          Hah! x’D
          I really do wonder how much of it actually got dubbed. . . ;u;’

  • brwcrw

    Nice to see TK Europe actually putting in some effort here, while TK America has done zero marketing and cant be assed to even update their site and mention their game that was released today. Really pathetic.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      TK America even existing is in pretty heavy question I’d say.

      • puchinri

        I was starting to think that recently.
        They technically seem to have more power than TK EU, but their updates and everything are so minimal.

        • not unless it’s for one of their “big 3” (Gaiden, DoA, “melee spam repeat ad-nauseum” games)

          • puchinri

            Ahh. That’s what it seemed like. That’s a shame.

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            Even then…the last trailer their Youtube account posted was Dead Or Alive Dimensions. The last time they posted on FB was sometime in 2012. And December 2012 was the last time they used Twitter.

            I didn’t base it solely on how little they did with Ayesha, but their entire company. The official site does get updates though.

    • puchinri

      This. It is really disappointing. I feel absolutely terrible for TK EU.

    • OverlordZetta

      …. It was released today!?

      I happen to be an American gamer who was really looking forward to this and I had no freaking idea.

      • Maumac77

        I know. Luckily I pre-ordered it a while ago so I found out……that I was the only person who did. Only one copy in that store and it was MINE

    • AJ

      I live in Canada, and there appears to be no way to buy this game. No Amazon Canada, no EB Canada, nothing. What the hell?

      That’s some good work there, distribution guys.

      • Elvick

        I got it from EB Games… not sure what you’re talking about. is terrible in general, so it not having a game isn’t surprising in the least.

  • Sai


  • Randy Marsh

    Wait a sec, this barely came out today in America? I saw this game in Gamestop since last Tuesday.

  • Nitraion

    First time….Atelier game that feel just “snake out” in release ==
    hope TK don’t do this in future… No official site and The twitter barely mention this game too mostly DOA,NG3 or dynasty wariors

    • MrTyrant

      No even limited edition.

    • Alexander Marquis Starkey

      I wouldn’t expect much. Tecmo Koei sucks at marketing from what I gather, and the Dynasty Warriors crowd tells me that anyone could put a better marketing campaign together…just not TK…take that how you will.

      • Probably anyone could using a free website builder like many were available back in the 90’s :/

  • I kind of hope they stick with this new art style for the next few Atelier games. Mel Kishida’s designs kind of get hard on the eyes after seeing them so many times. This look is so much more… pleasant?

    • Nitraion

      I say its the color… is not too “bright” in my eye…
      although the cutesy is still in there but color itself really giving different atmosfer…
      yup i kinda like this way too..

      • You’re right, it is the colours. So much less pink and yellow and orange. I like the slightly more muted colour palette. It’s a nice change. It’s also the characters. They look cute, but not “cutesy” like Kishida’s art has a tendency of appearing.

        • Nitraion

          == and it’s sad its kinda treated badly marketing in the west…
          oh well hope for the best…. i don’t really mind the have only english audio although NISA doesn’t really have decent voice like Tales series or Level-5 game….but at least make official site like past atelier games convince me TK make me want to buy the game!! *le sigh*

    • Juuu

      I assume he will reprise. Generally, an artist stays through a cycle or trilogy of Atelier titles, [though the DS titles and I THINK one or two of the older games is an exception–some artists have never had a reprise] so assuming that tease we saw a while back is indeed pointing to Awhatevernumberwe’re on, we’ll find out for sure soon. c: But for now, I’d rest easy. I’m sure doing character design for the Sasami anime didn’t take up ALL of Hidari’s time!

      I also hope the art stays, for what it’s worth. I was a fan of Kishida’s design, and Hidari is a perfectly worthy successor. REALLY lovely muted look, sort of reminiscent of like…idk, a watercolor painting. Good stuff.

      • puchinri

        That’s a good point. It was the case for Salburg, Gramnad and Arland, huh? But isn’t it usually because those are more than one lead/title long? (Although, did Annie, Lina and Liese share an artist too?)

        • They did. And actually, Jun Futaba was lead artist from Atelier Judie all the way to Iris 3! So they’ve definitely had artists stick around for a while.

          It’s safe to say that Hidari will be back for at least one more title. And I can’t wait because the style looks fantastic.

          • puchinri

            I hope so~. I know that for at least Annie and. . . Liese, was it? They were in the same world and had a small connection, so I’m hoping that even if this game won’t be as connected to the next title as some of the other ones are to each other, we get some kind of similar connection (and more Hidari art, of course!).

    • puchinri

      Hidari is great with a diversity in character design and has a nice hold on color schemes and I love his coloring in general.

      Being a fan of Hidari, I do really hope that they keep him as the artist for some time. Though I can think of some other artists that I would love to see on Atelier projects.

      • Suzuhito Yasuda’s been turning up everywhere. Maybe they’ll use him next. :P

        • puchinri

          Nooo, don’t say that! ;u; / TTvTT
          I was actually hoping for more Kuroboshi Kouhaku, because another Annie (and Lina/Liese) like title but with his art would be great.

          (Although I have quite a few dream artists/teams I’d love for the games~.)

          • I actually like it more when artists have a sort of identifiable style, but you can’t tell if it’s them or not right away. Like, I had no idea that Fire Emblem’s characters were done by the guy who did the characters for No More Heroes. And even once you find out, you can kind of see it, but he has enough range that it isn’t super obvious.

            In Yasuda’s case, he’s a little too like Toriyama in that he basically has one or two character designs that he modifies and recycles in different ways. I like his art, and I think he chooses projects that suit his style (Devil Survivor, Digimon World, Durarara) but he could do with more range.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      I really really like Ayesha’s style~ I loved Mel’s work too, but I overall thought the art style on Ayesha was better than the Arland games. Glad there’s other people like that, cause I got a lot of hounding for saying that elsewhere xD

    • I really liked the details and somewhat gray-ish hints in Mel’s drawings and coloring (which makes the coloring a bit subtle), but changing artists and styles after a period is a recurring pattern for the series by now, so. And the shift was made into the hands of a capable artist anyway.

    • Anime10121

      I can kinda agree. While I LOVE Kishida’s art, this new style translates much better in game. Basically I’m saying Kishida makes better art, but the models could never do his work justice. This style looks MUCH better in game than on paper.

    • Xerain

      I like his designs over all, but if you look at his artwork across all three games, it seems he puts less effort into his character art as the series progresses. It makes me wonder if he got busier after doing the art for Rorona, so had less time to spend on the drawings for the sequels.

      The portraits and stuff in-game are fine, I’m referring tot eh official artwork.

  • Ladius

    I love Ayesha’s art direction and atmosphere, as much as I liked the Arland trilogy I think Gust made a wise choice in trying a new style like they did with the Iris and Mana Khemia games. I really hope the game can be successful, its improved battle system, more fleshed out story and new character design could make it the most widely appealing Atelier game localized as of yet (of course the lack of marketing, especially in the US, is going to damage it).

    • puchinri

      Ayesha’s general style reminds me a lot of the Salburg titles, though I can’t entirely say if its atmosphere does.

      I want it to be successful here too, but I don’t know if I can feel excited about it anymore. I might have to import and get a copy here, just so they know I support the series (but write a strong, sensible letter letting them know that they can’t do something like this again).

      • Salburg wasn’t quite as… muted as Ayesha is. Generally, the Salburg titles had a literal “storybook” atmosphere to them – Elie and Lilie especially were designed to look like they’d *literally* come from an early-20th-century picture book, straight down to the event scenes being done in *watercolor*. It’s really, really effective.

        • puchinri

          That’s true. While Ayesha reminds me of Salburg a lot (especially Marie), it wasn’t quite as muted.

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            May I ask what you mean by ‘muted’?

          • puchinri

            To me, it’s that while there’s a number of bright colors, the way that everything is portrayed is kind of “toned” down (almost as though it’s been sepia filtered?).

            Like in the first trailer and on the (JP) website. It’s not that there aren’t bright colors, but the atmosphere combined with the colors is a lot “quieter”.

            Of course, that’s how I interpreted it, and I’m not sure entirely if that’s also what SpaceDrake meant by it.

          • CirnoTheStrongest

            Ah, I sorta figured you were talking about the colors, but I’ve never played the Salburg games, so I couldn’t be sure.

          • puchinri

            Ah, yeah. Kind of a combination of colors, but especially the atmosphere.

            I don’t have much experience with the titles myself, but I do feel that Marie and Ayesha especially are close in palette and atmosphere (as compared to other Atelier titles in general, and for Salburg comparisons).

  • SpecDotSign

    I really miss NISA’s marketing and publishing already. The game looks great, I’m picking it up today, but no special edition is a real downer for me :( I have all three special editions of the Arland Trilogy and I love the art books and soundtracks. It’s really unfortunate.

    • Locklear93

      I can understand deciding they want a larger share of the income and self-publishing, but yeah–if you’re going to take a franchise from the company that established it for you over a period of years, at least live up to the expectations they set.

    • Same, i managed to snag two of those 3 but cant find one for Rorona, so i ended up getting a regular disc. However it does have Dual audio so that’s a plus.

  • Want it and love the theme song. :3

  • puchinri

    It’s so great that it got some attention on the day it came out. :/

    I feel really bad for Ayesha. This is the title I looked forward to the most since before the Arland trilogy was coming out, and it’s just not being treated very well at all.

  • Kyosuke Yoshino

    Sorry but no Japanese audio = no buy for me…
    I’ll rather import the original Japanese version, thank god PS3 is region-free.

    • Ladius

      Are you able to read Japanese? Because the Atelier series is fairly complex in terms of systems (especially crafting), and playing its Japanese release without a good grasp of that language will make the game almost unplayable and difficult to enjoy.

      • Kyosuke Yoshino

        Yes, I can, I often import games from Japan, but of course 1) it would be cheaper to buy it here, 2) I can read English faster, but reading japanese isn’t a big problem either, as I learn the language for 4-5 years already. For me it’s a big turn-off if I can’t enjoy the game with the original voices, how it is supposed to be, and sadly NISA’s dubs are usually not too good either.

  • Still nothing from Tecmo Koei *America*, of course.

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      Technically they’re “Koei Tecmo America”

      • Elvick

        Tecmo Koei sounds better though~

  • Akai Ringo

    Upset that this game is lacking the original JP voice track. When you take the Japanese out of the anime, all that’s left is a strangely acted cartoon with a lack of important cultural signifiers.

    • But… those cultural references only make sense when you understand the meaning behind it. That’s like hearing a speech in Japanese with subs and translator’s notes that help it to make sense to non-speakers; however, take that that same speech, in written form, with no translated help – would it still come across well?

      Some dubs do a good job of incorporating a good – or sometimes better – replacement of things that are hard to translate over.

  • Lazulis

    Two weeks ago, I asked if my Gamestop had any Atelier titles in stock (no), but they asked if I wanted to reserve Atelier Aleysha.

    Me: …It’s coming out in March???????

    I’m picking it up tomorrow or…Friday when I have time. Funnily enough, their automated Gamestop calling thing that reminds you that you have a game to pickup…they didn’t even attempt to say the name. “Your game *slight pause if someone wants to record a name* is available to pick up Tuesday morning”.

  • LDM

    I honestly forgot all about this game until now. I attribute this to the lack of marketing and notices from Tecmo Koei. Do they even care about this game at all?

  • Should’ve been released 3 months ago, not impressed TK, not impressed. Also on the no dual-aud bit… yeah I guess I was “born” into the Persona games without it… I think i can blend myself into this series without DA starting now… &^%$ it, i guess i better go pick up my reserve.

  • Göran Isacson

    Have to admit, I really like the song here. It’s… different from what I was expecting (some kind of cute J-Pop song OR something very folksy with medieval instruments, probably a lot of flutes). This sounds like something you could hear in some downbeat bar, just a girl and her guitar… striking, I’d say. Not sure how well it flows with the storybook like graphics, but the song is still pretty darn memorable.

  • Raltrios

    The art’s nice, but I can’t say I got enough out of this trailer to make the game feel interesting. Visually, it looked good, but if this was supposed to describe the story to pique interest, it kind of failed for me.

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