Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F Might Be Coming To North America And Europe

By Ishaan . March 7, 2013 . 7:00am

Hatsune Miku: Project Diva F is headed to North America and Europe, Sega  announced via their Facebook page this morning. Well, sort of.


The Vocaloid rhythm game, originally developed and released for the PlayStation Vita, was also released on the PlayStation 3 in Japan this week, with new upgrades such as six new songs and new modules. This is the version that Sega are looking at bringing over to the West.


This morning, Sega published a banner on their Facebook page, asking viewers to “Like” and share the page if they support the game’s U.S. and European release. While not a definitive “Yes, this is coming” statement, we highly doubt they’d be doing this if they didn’t intend to bring the game over.


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  • Locklear93

    I will buy multiple copies.

    • Locklear93

      …my best friend is lecturing me, because he knows I’ll do it. <_<

      • tridus

        Yes, yes he does. >_>

      • Himiko

        Do it, do it! Because I am too, and I’ll feel ronery.

        • Locklear93

          I buy multiple Disgaea games all the time. This isn’t a stretch. No need to be lonely. <_<

          • Himiko

            Aw yes. Guilty pleasure of mine.

      • SprintsMcGee

        I already set aside money for 3 copies. DO EET!

    • Himiko

      I doubt they’d do this for a start, but one thing I hope is that they have some sort of Special Edition. Only one you could get was on the SEGA JP Store. PA had it up, but it was well over 200 due to their nonsensical shipping prices.

      • Locklear93

        I’d love a special edition too. I’d be happier with something Luka focused, rather than Miku, but I’ll take what I can get. :P

        • Himiko

          Haha. Would be ideal if it was a pairing. Something like your avatar. :p

    • MediaMindControl

      I’m all for you spending your money how you want while supporting something like this. I imported the psp titles for about 70$ a piece, which is comparable to buying two copies here almost. more power to you.

      • Locklear93

        Oh, I imported all of the PSP titles and the Vita title. And the PSP accessory set. <_<

  • Lilith

    Oh wow, day one if it does. That way I don’t have to import~

  • Rudy Soto

    I was more fond of the idea of portability, but I’ll take it regardless.

  • This is a big surprise. Good thing I didn’t click that checkout button yet on play-asia >.>

    • SprintsMcGee

      I know right? I was probably 1 or 2 days away from importing. Time for the waiting game to see what happens.

    • Zeonsilt

      lol,i also made like 95% of my orders in Play-Asia,others 5% is UK retailers.

    • RoseTech

      Play-Asia? They’re for n00bs. I use AmiAmi like the pros.

  • RaikageV

    Like and Share! For grown up Rin. :D

  • DesmaX

    I think I would buy this. Looks like a cool rhythm game (And I don’t really have one for my ps3)

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      Easily one of the best rhythm games out there!

      • Himiko

        SEGA does what others don’t!

  • CirnoTheStrongest

    Yay!!! The best version too!!! This is just…I never expected Sega to pull something so awesome!!!

    • SprintsMcGee

      If they actually localize it, and they aren’t “lazy” about it, I can probably forgive them for not bringing over some of their other games.

  • Very nice, I hope they can bring the Vita version too

  • My copy is already in the process of being shipped today. I don’t think there’s really a need to localize a game as import friendly as Project Diva.

    • kamiyan89

      80 bucks is import friendly?

      • CirnoTheStrongest

        Apparently so xD

      • Himiko

        Import friendly in the sense that you not need Japanese knowledge to play or platinum.

        • kamiyan89

          that’s true but a localization is needed, I’m from south america and without it i could have never bought it, it’s too expensive, I’ve been dreaming for a PSN version for the us store since the first dreamy theather, the japanese one is too expensive and so are the PSN japanese cards

          • Himiko

            Of course! That’s why people saying it doesn’t need a localization aren’t considering pricing factors.

    • I just got my invoice, too, but others should have the chance to play this, too, I think.
      May even close the gap on SEGA localizing their other games they didn’t deem worthwhile before.

    • Fire.fire.kun

      Look at the big picture, beyond your own personal self-gratification. If project diva is released overseas and does well enough, this could inspire the localization of other Japanese games, but also be a boon to vocaloid fandom, and we could potentially get more vocaloid concerts here in the west.

  • Priority to the vita version !

  • Shinji Kazuya


    It’s… unbelievable…


  • Mohamed Ak

    I’m not really into vocaloid, but i’m gonna buy it if it comes!

  • SprintsMcGee

    Well this is a bit of happy, unexpected news.

  • Zeonsilt

    Awesome news! /supported
    p.s.If they do something like this for Shining series,i will be first in the line.

  • Tooru

    This is amazing news! Let’s hope this really ends up happening!

  • Vincenzo

    So damn happy if this is true. I’ll probably get more copies to support the notion and gift them to some friends that are new to Project Diva ^^

  • Darkrise

    W-w-w-w-whaaaat!? I can’t believe it! Someone pinch me!

  • Chrystofax

    I wonder how they’ll handle it if they do release it.

  • Liked… aaaaaand shared.

  • Do want!

  • Not all fans of Hatsune Miku would have a Facebook account, so I hope SEGA take that into consideration for their estimation of likes/share needed for a chance of localisation. They should expand it to Twitter to help improve its chances.

  • Zonic505

    Hmm, perhaps they’re testing the waters to see how much interest there’d be. Hopefully, there’ll be other ways to show support, like Twitter.

    In any case, hopefully this’ll confirm if it’s coming to the US (wonder if it’ll be digital &/or retail). Wouldn’t have mind the Vita version, but oh well.

  • Miyako Arima

    Holy crap, I imported the Vita version already, but things like this HAVE to be supported.

  • almostautumn

    Bizarre. It’s Japanese music, with an emphasis on Japanese pop-culture (idols). I mean, I think it could definitely be a hit as it will certainly blow a lot of non-import gamer’s minds, but still— just an oddly imaginative decision for SEGA to make.

    • They’ve been considering it since E3 last year. They had the Vita version on the show floor and told us they were gauging interest. Miku has enough exposure in the West now that this could be a fairly decent cult hit.

      • almostautumn

        Indeed. And it will certainly be a wall-breaker. But again, this is SEGA, the company who chose to not bring cult-hit Valkyria Chronicles 3 around. Truly a surprising call.

        • Herok♞

          you find it surprising that they didn’t bring over the 3rd game when the 2nd didn’t sell that well?

  • TruSpindash

    I would buy it, and I don’t even have a Vita or PS3.

  • saxophone15

    I hope they bring the Vita version as well.

  • Endy Operin

    If this game is going to get a localization, will it be the very first Miku game in English or there were some other localized games?

    • Locklear93

      No other Miku game has been released in English.

      • ThomasTruong

        Both Project Diva: Mikuflick games on iOs have.

        • Locklear93

          Huh. I stand corrected.

  • Yes, if they localized the vita version too!!!!!!!!!!

  • SirRichard

    Well, certainly can’t say I saw that one coming, especially with how Sega have been hurting these days, their interest-gauging aside. It’s definitely got a lot going for it (Vocaloid’s growing popularity and being a rhythm game amongst others), but still surprising that they’re willing to give it a shot.

  • Brandonmkii

    Something tells me that if it does come over, it’ll be download-only. Not that I’d mind, I’ll support it anyway I can.

  • Linh Le

    I don’t see how it hurts most of us though :3 If they don’t localize it we’ll just import it

  • Adol Christin

    Would’ve like to see the Vita version localized but this is a start :)

  • Guest

    Yay! I do prefer getting it for Vita, but even if they only bring over the PS3 version, they still get my money!

  • Niyari

    seems to be getting lots of support so far.

  • j_desjardins97

    Wait what ? Hatsune Miku could be coming to North America…Am I dreaming ?

    • CirnoTheStrongest


  • chibidw

    Sega, Y U NO VITA

    • CirnoTheStrongest

      PS3 version has more content. And releasing both would be an even more riskier move than localizing this one. Just be happy that Sega of all companies may be releasing a game that had zero hope for localization from the moment the first game in the series came out

      • Himiko

        Exactly. It’s nice that we’re even getting one version. The one with the most content, too.

      • saxophone15

        That kind of annoys me about the PS3 version. Why does it have to have more content. I really want to get this for Vita but the fact one has more content than the other makes it hard to actually go through with it. I own both systems so that’s not the problem…I just really like the portability of the Vita.

        • Kevadu

          It has more content because it came out half a year later. And there’s DLC for the Vita version to add the missing content.

          • saxophone15

            The PS3 and The Vita version cost the same (¥6,600), but to get the new songs on the Vita version (that the PS3 version comes with) you have to pay an additional ¥3,000. Do you not see the problem there for potential new buyers?

          • Kevadu

            What do you want from me? You made it sound like the content was not available at all on Vita, I pointed out that it was, and now you’re talking price all of the sudden…

            The DLC isn’t really intended for new buyers. Most people (in Japan) who haven’t bought the game by now are probably just going to go for the PS3 version anyway. The DLC is for the early adopters who bought the Vita version so they’re not completely locked out of the additional content.

            I wouldn’t be surprised at all if at some point down the line Sega does a re-release of the Vita version with the DLC included. That’s the kind of thing they would do…but not right away. They’re pushing the PS3 version right now and don’t want to distract people from it. Maybe by the end of the year…

          • saxophone15

            Sorry for the miscommunication. I was just really looking into buying the game and I’m the type of person that likes to get the most for my money if possible. Clearly the best option is to go with the PS3 version in that regard…and that makes it hard for someone like me who would prefer it on the Vita (assuming I don’t eventually get both versions).

            I think it would have been better if they offered the new songs on Vita for free, even if only for a limited time. I would even be ok with the ability to get the songs on vita free if you buy the PS3 version and Vita version.

      • chibidw

        Irrelevant. http://www.siliconera.com/2012/06/06/why-is-there-a-translated-demo-of-hatsune-miku-project-diva-f-at-e3/

        They already have all of the important parts(read: menus) translated, they just never got off their asses to bring it here. Translate the lyric subtitles, shove ’em in both versions and let’s go. And as noted below, all PS3 content is available on Vita via DLC.

    • It may also have to do with the fact more people have PS3s than Vitas, and they’re hoping to make a good profit if enough interests is generated from this.

      • chibidw

        Yeah, we really need to give people more excuses to not bother with a Vita.

        • Doesn’t matter, they want to make a good return on this. It’s better to go and release a niche product, (and this kind of game is, no matter how much you want to deny it) on a system that most people have. Specially if this is a first attempt.

  • Yes yes and yes more. I’ve always been considering importing these games for the PSP, but this would just be plain awesome if it happens!

  • TheSwordUser

    Dear Sega,

    if you happened to be drunk, high or whatever at the time of this annoucement, please stay like this. We won’t mind.

  • Kotarou Tennouji

    Wait… huh? This is really unexpected, but I would get it in a heartbeat!

  • Brimfyre

    Sega, after so many years of screwing up, you have finally done something to put a smile on my face. Thank you.

  • Andrew McDowell

    Booyah, so glad I finally got a ps3, I was sick of my laptop. I have the original, and this would be awesome fun to platinum. So very close to importing, patience is a virtue.

  • Andrew McDowell

    When I said original, I meant Project Diva F on Vita

  • Talearc

    I’ll be waiting for release news, SEGA

  • Finally! =^_^=

    SEGAs announcement is equivalent to Aang’s trick because it’s not a definite yes, but still very happy they did it lol


  • fds_nextdart

    It’s great that one of these games has a chance to -finally- come over, but it’s sort of a slap in the face that they wouldn’t consider bringing the PSV version over~.

    • neo_firenze

      The Vita game is region free and quite import-friendly for non-Japanese speakers. Just import it?

      • saxophone15

        Importing is expensive though…

        • neo_firenze

          You have a good point. If it’s a matter of cost, then yeah a domestic release is fantastic.

          But it’s not really a “slap in the face” to fans like the original post said when they’re: (a) talking about releasing a localized version of the game on one platform, and (b) if you really want game on the Vita so badly it’s pretty easily accessible if you’re willing to pay the import cost.

    • Mister_Nep

      It’s not surprising really. To Sega, this is a gamble right now. So the safer of the two versions will be to bring the console version. The west is more console-centric so this is the best they can do for now.

  • epy

    It would be a great idea, not much text to translate and they’d selling to an audience that needs no convincing or much promotion aside from a couple of trailers to tell us when to buy it so… DO IT SEGA!

    Also… Yakuza 5, where? I mean, come on!

  • Federico

    Now I see this -_- I literally just hit the checkout option a few minutes ago. Oh well i’ll buy a second copy ^_^

  • TheExile285

    Id buy it for Vita but not PS3. This isn’t the type of game id want to play on a home console

    • Himiko

      At the very least, like the page. :p

      • TheExile285

        Oh i did, i also asked for the Vita version. At the very least, this is good for the PS3 fans

    • Kevadu

      I agree. This is the sort of game I prefer on a portable system. Well, it’s not like I didn’t already import the Vita version…

      • TheExile285

        How is the language barrier. Are someof the menus in english?

        • Xerain

          No, but there is a unique icon for every option. So technically you could play it even if you were illiterate.

    • Xerain

      As an owner of both versions…. (Well technically the PS3 version is int eh mail, but I played the demo…) The PS3 version has to be seen to be believed….

      • chibidw

        High def and surround sound is great and all, but I much prefer my rhythm games to go. Quick song matches are much more conducive to short play sessions on handhelds than consoles.

  • Kefkiroth

    Something tells me they’re too scared to bring out the Vita version. I hope they take the risk.

    • Locklear93

      You’re likely correct. Vocaloids are very niche to start with, outside of Japan. For their first major release, they probably want to go the safe route. With luck, some success will grow the niche, and a Vita release will be more comfortable, but I still kind of fear it’s a very long shot.

  • SupaPhly

    sorry to burst some bubbles

    well, these kind of games don’t need to be translated to be enjoyed, so pretty much most people who wants this game already imported it or is deciding to… unless sega makes it quick to localize it and makes it cheap :3.

    I’m guessing it would be a digital release only

    • People really need to stop throwing around the false assumption that importers of Japanese games make up any kind of significant community. They really don’t, even with a lot of games that are easy to understand without knowledge of Japanese. This game coming over is a good thing.

      Yes, a select few people import, but the vast majority certainly do not.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        Oh my you saved me the time

      • SupaPhly

        guess you’re right, It can be really expensive to import games from japan, and sometimes problems can occur. I ordered the limited edition ps vita version last year from amiami, but it never arrived, got lost in the mail :(
        it got sent back to them only last month and got my money back though thank goodness
        I’ve always wanted to see the lyrics in romaji while playing, so ill just have to wait instead of shelling out another $80 for the ps3 version that got released this week :P

      • neo_firenze

        I’m certainly not saying it’s a bad thing that it’s coming over, and you’re right that the vast majority of people aren’t going to import. The vast majority of people probably won’t even be aware of the game unless it gets a release in their region.

        But I also take a bit of an issue with people who are invested enough that they do know what the game is and have enough time and opinion about it to gripe online about it not getting a localization, or complain that we get the PS3 version localized and not the (easily available to import) Vita one. Don’t act like it’s that hard to play a region free rhythm game with minimal language barrier that you can get on a website and order in a couple minutes from multiple easy to find import shops. It costs more than a normal domestic release, sure, but that’s kind of the price of being into obscure stuff.

        This isn’t a game like Yakuza 5 or Valkyria Chronicles 3 where the language barrier is a bigger factor to being able to competently play it, or a 3DS or 360 game where the Japanese release is actually region locked.

  • Mister_Nep

    I really hope their facebook gets slammed with likes and shares. I really want this to get localized. I have no problem buying the game twice. If it’s a physical release I’ll buy it twice. If it’s digital….I think I’ll give someone else some PSN money so they can buy a copy.

  • PersonaSpace

    I really hope this isn’t another one of Sega’s goofy PR stunts where if we don’t show enough “interest” nothing will happen. Like Valkyria 3, Yakuza 5, and getting versions of Phantasy Star Portable that aren’t missing half their content.

  • 3DBudgie

    There’s a demo on the JP PSN if anyone wants to try it first.

  • pimpalicious

    I’m not interested but know a few people who would buy this. I just want Yakuza 5. I might even get it depending on how the gameplay is. Come to think of it I don’t much about this game(other than being Miku related of course) since I never thought it would come here.

  • Andrew Arndt

    hey if it comes over ill galdy pick it up :D sadly no Fb any more i closed it long ago

  • transferstudentx

    ……am .m am i dead am i in heaven ??!!

  • ArOne

    Just the PS3 version? My vita is hungry for content.

  • transferstudentx

    DUDE i swear if they release it i buy 10 copies and do a free giveaway on youtube

  • I would have preferred the Vita version, but there’s no way I can turn this down.

  • AnimeRemix

    I’m not really the biggest fan of Hatsune Miku, but I’ll sure buy this. I watched SEGA japanese live stream where they were showing this game off and it looked pretty fun. So yeah, I’ll buy this when it’s released. Will also like and share the picture on Facbook when I get home.

  • Zoozbuh

    Waooo, I remember playing the PSP version of this game way back when… If it ACTUALLY gets localized, no doubt I’ll buy a copy :O

  • YES! I hope they localize the Vita version too, that’s my system seller.

  • If they brought over the Vita version as well that might be a system seller for me. Not gonna get a PS3 for it though.

  • Quinton Cunningham

    I was just a few clicks away from importing the PS3 version but with this, I’ll wait til we get a definitive yes or no before I do.

  • Robert Cisneros

    i was joking of this, saying thatit was coming stateside yesterday do to the Aniplex concert bluray…..
    Am i Haruhi now?

    seroiusly this is the greatest piece of news i have gotten since the announcement of Ni No Kuni

  • I really like the Vita version so I’d be willing to give it a try on the PS3, too, although I don’t play home consoles anything like as much as handhelds.

  • awaiken

    Fine I’ll buy it, but only under protest and my need for incredibly catchy jpop songs

  • Leon_Tekashi

    Sega is starting to make their move on localizing their JP only games huh? Gotta keep pushing Sega!

  • Raltrios

    Well, damn. I completely ignored the newsposts about this because I knew it’d be Japan-only.
    But it looks like I’ve screwed myself. Now I don’t even know enough about it to decide whether I’d want it. I’d need to buy a Vita first, though…

  • nghtmrsrph

    Sega please do it and I still won’t forgive you about VC3… but you’d be really close.

  • Nyandroid

    Oh please tell me Im not dreaming! More money to set aside because Ill be getting a copy of that! =^w^=~

  • RmanX1000

    I really want the Vita version too. I dont have a PS3 YET but… Soon….

  • CirnoLakes


    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World


  • YES I”ll def support this.

  • Kronos

    A reason to use my Facebook account. Do it Sega!

  • Awesome idea is awesome. However, I do hope they will also give 2nd Super Robot Wars OG for the PS3 a chance. https://www.facebook.com/OperationHotblood?ref=hl

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      That is Bamco which is sadly had quite a bad record on releasing any mecha game outside of Japan.T_T

      • Nonetheless, it’s better to do something than nothing. Also, if we all work together, our voice will be stronger — and heard!

  • Neppygear

    I would actually give away my first-born for this to happen, if I had one.

  • artemisthemp

    i will buy PS3 and Vita version, if they brought it over

  • Sentsuizan_93

    Oh my… This, I would gladly support.

  • Bio_liquid

    As long as new version comes to vita as well they can have all my wallets!

  • tubers

    I can’t believe it! I hope this happens!!!

  • They should bring the PS Vita bundle as well!

  • Nightmesh

    m….my body was not ready for this. At all.

  • edomon007

    I will buy it if they put alot of effort and money to liciensing the music 4 the US/EU release

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    Myyyy……..body is not ready for this Sega.
    It seems, the time for the great Queen Miku to rule the world is finally coming lol.^_^

  • Kai2591

    The likes are already over 9000!!

    Will buy to show support!

  • biskmater

    but not 7th dragon!? come on Sega, if you are gonna give us Miku, then you might as well give us all the Mikus you can.

    • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

      Please be happy with this first. After all, everyone have been keep asking for this for as long as i can remember.
      For 7th Dragon, blame PSP dying outside of Japan here.T_T Maybe if the next one is released on 3DS or consoles, we will have more chance seeing them coming here.^_^

      • biskmater

        A PSN download would not be so objectionable, but I don’t own a PS3 so I can only be happy for others.

        • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

          But PSN download would also be costly here. Not to mention, there are also some gamers who will only purchase game if it is physical release.
          Not to mention, the cost of translation, voice acting, legal problem for bringing some of Miku’s song to the west and of course marketting cost too.
          Not to mention too here, PSN is also prone to piracy as pirate can just DL the game once and spread the game all over the net causing the game sells to drop even further.

          • biskmater

            ah, yes, the small army of voice actors used to voice this game, i had forgotten, but quite possibly the biggest reason for it. Also, you don’t need to run the budget through me, that applies to any game regardless of dragon content.

  • brian

    I wouldn’t support it, since I suck with rhythm games but I’m glad Sega is still considering niche games like this.
    I may get it for really cheap/used though.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    After reading all the comment here, i can only hope that this move is going to bode well for Sega here as i see many gamer here seems to be asking for Vita version rather than PS3 version even though everyone should know that PS3 version is much more complete here.T_T

    • Himiko

      I wouldn’t worry too much. Communities like these are a small fraction, likewise with facebook. Plus, even if some people ask for it, they still will buy. There’s also outside such communities that don’t visit/comment.

    • Complete or not, i dont see the point of playing this kind of game on PS3, seriously, playing this on home console ? It fits perfectly to Vita, and its a vita game before being a PS3 game !

      • It certainly does play well on the Vita (and PSP as far as the earlier games go) but not only does Miku and the gang look gorgeous on a big screen, DualShock feels a bit more responsive and accurate as a controller.

      • Himiko

        It was also announced for PS3. And there’s many plus for playing on a console over the handheld. I feel I’ll play better compared to as I play on Vita for example with the dualshock and as mentioned, the upres on the visuals is great.

    • Elvick

      I don’t care if the PS3 version is “better”. I have little, to no, desire to play the game on a console.

      So it’s Vita version or nothing for me. But if they brought both, I’d buy both to support it. Can’t see me buying the PS3 version alone though. Since I wouldn’t play it on PS3.

  • nonamekeyblade

    sega? are you drunk?

    • 古戸ヱリカ

      Drunk on love.

  • Sylveria

    I wish companies did this with more games. Put up.. something.. to gauge interest (and spread the word).

    • If they did, most people would mistake it for an announcement/confirmation and then throw a tantrum if things were to not pan out as planned.

  • kaizin

    omg thank you Sega i was going to just import it but now i dont have to i shall buy 3 no 4 copies of this.

  • i would buy every single copy of all the gamestops near me im already saving my paychecks

  • Anesia Hunter

    So, basically if they get enough likes and shares, they’ll localize? If that’s the case everyone spread the word already!! >.<


  • fireemblembeast

    I actually just played the demo for this today and its SOOOO good!!! You can dress them up and play as a bunch of different characters, which sets the title aside from other music games. I’ve never really been interested in the genre, but playing the demo made me REALLY want to get it! If I hadn’t heard this news, I’d have gone and ordered it from Japan. I’m really surprised and happy. Also, it seems that they won’t have that much to translate, except for DLC stuff and menus! Probably subs for songs, too…

  • considering the fact only certain people would buy this PS3 is the best move considering the majority of Vita owners in the USA would not buy a game like this do too being FPS shooters. Vita owners here and Vita owners in Japan are two seperat demos. This makes up for Sega trolling us with that Sonic game last week :)

  • DenjinJ

    I really liked the first PSP game, and it was so packed with unlockables that I totally ignored the 2nd game because I’m still working on unlocking everything. Even then, even assuming PD-F is even better value, $80 for a Vita game is totally ridiculous. Even if it was my favourite game I probably wouldn’t pay that much. I would have to LITERALLY love Miku to go that far beyond the norm.

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