Final Fantasy XIV: ARR Has Music Variations Depending On Time Of Day, Weather

By Ishaan . March 8, 2013 . 12:30pm

Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn will have different music variations for day and night and even for different weather conditions, says the game’s sound director, Masayashi Soken, in a short development blog post.



Soken demonstrates the feature by providing a preview of music from the beta that will play in Gridarnia (embedded above). While the pieces of music featured in the track are mostly the same as the the ones heard in a previous walkthrough for the game, Soken points out that tucked between them is a version of the Gridania theme that only plays during the evening hours in the game.

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  • Ethan_Twain

    Oh man, I absolutely love this feature in a game. Xenoblade springs to mind as the best recent example of how much a music change with the time of day can add to a game. It’s a feature sorely missed in the final third. Another standout example that springs to mind is the Legend of Zelda. Yeah, I know it’s cliche to reference that franchise but they understood right away back in Ocarina of Time how much more meaningful Day/Night was when they faded out the music with the sun, only to bring it back with that iconic intro come the dawn.

    I’ve never even heard of it being done with weather though. If this can be pulled off meaningfully well, I’ll be super impressed.

    • Rudy Soto

      I loved the marketplace variation in Skyward Sword.Where the music would change depending on the shop you visited.
      Anyway, music variety based on conditions adds a lot to the game, so its nice hearing about this.

    • Nivans

      I think FF13-2 had a similar effect with the weather in an area. But you HAD to change the weather, as in it wouldn’t change on its own (i think?) but the music would change too

    • Niko Sandwich

      Why, might I ask, is it cliché to refer to Zelda? I’m just wondering what you mean by that.

      Do you mean its fame causes everything to get compared to it and so its over-used or is there some taboo I haven’t heard of to cite Zelda?

      I don’t mean to say any of that with aggro, I’m just wondering, since I always found Zelda an useful tool to use when comparing things like mechanics.

  • mioko

    At least this finally means that cities in XIV won’t somehow be in an invisible bubble where there’s nothing but inexplicably perfect, clear, cloudless weather.

  • uhhh lemme get this straight.Did they actually get rid of uematsu’s music in ARR???

    • Draparde

      I believe they are still there. and yoshi has stated that Uematsu would most likely be doing music down the road. so i think they’ll have both composers.

      • down the road as in music packs for the game ?

        • Draparde

          Like, as in new areas or in updates the new music for the area would be done by Uematsu (or some cut scenes)

    • They ditched some, kept others and will ask Nobuo to compose more. We do not currently know which ones are gone and which will stay.

      …well, actuall,y there is a certain rip going around that does contain a few 1.0 Uematsu music.

      • good to know that uematsu will continue to contribute to the game.Many people praised 14’s music.And honestly, I think its important to keep have uematsu for the remake.He is part of why people love the franchise anyway.And “Answers” was absolutely breathtaking.

    • Masayashi Soken, is very talented as well. He is just not quite as accomplished as Nobou Uematsu.
      Uematsu is a very busy man, and could not afford to give the amount of time remaking FFXIV:ARR would take.

  • Kalmdaze

    What is the first songs name!

  • The last song is my favorite! =^_^=

  • CirnoLakes

    Now that’s an innovation. Small, but like I have said many times before, it is the small little things that add up to a great game.

    So many MMORPGs don’t even have day and night switches like Final Fantasy XI did. So it is good to see Final Fantasy XIV do the exact opposite and take day and night cycles a bit further.

    More weather is definitely something MMORPGs need.

  • Dagobert

    That’s a nice small feature that makes the game experience a bit better. However I hope the 99% of the game that did suck before has been improved.

  • badmoogle

    Really beautiful pieces.

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