Darkstalkers Resurrection Producer Discusses Possible Series Compilation

By Ishaan . March 9, 2013 . 1:30pm


Capcom recently held a press event in Japan for Darkstalkers Resurrection, at which producer, Tomoaki Ayano, discussed the game with the press. At the same event, Ayano also discussed the possibility of updating more of the Darkstalkers games for new consoles according to a Game Watch report (via: Shoryuken).


With regard to a Darkstalkers compilation featuring all five games in the series, Ayano explained that Capcom decided to go with especially popular games for Darkstalkers Resurrection, with the intent of not fragmenting the active userbase across too many different games and their arcade versions.


Provided that the reaction to Resurrection is encouraging, Capcom will consider a compilation of all five Darkstalkers games to date. Ayano also believes that a positive reaction to Darkstalkers Resurrection will help fuel demand for a new game.


(Note: A year ago, a rumour from VentureBeat claimed that a new Darkstalkers game was in development at Capcom and was being built using the Street Fighter X Tekken engine.)


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  • endril

    We’re satisfied to have Vampire Savior, thanks. Make a new one!

  • Zarx

    As @twitter-289288100:disqus said, the arcade perfect VSav is good enough, a new Darkstalkers would be sick. Now if it was a Project Justice/Rival Schools compilation, maybe.

  • MrJechgo

    “With regard to a Darkstalkers compilation featuring all five characters in the series”

    Huh, you meant “all five GAMES in the series” right?

    I don’t see the point of making yet ANOTHER compilation with all 5 games. Might as well ask Ayano and Ono to make DS4 with all characters from the series with some new ones as well. If you ask me, what they could do instead is to release a “patch” or “mode”, which would allow gamers to use Donovan, Huiltzil and Pyron in DS3, just like in the console port.

  • Hours

    I just want one game on a modern console where I can use all the characters in the same game, including Dee and Marionette. I still can’t believe that Capcom didn’t include an option for that in Ressurrection.

  • This is fine, just make a new game.
    Fighting game collections are nice and all but usually just end up playing the best and/or most content entry.

    • Istillduno

      Considering Capcom’s track record most recently and Ono’s interest in Darkstalkers, chances are the best entry will be the collection.

  • Göran Isacson

    Yeah, I’d agree with jc down there. If this sells well, doing ANOTHER compilation is just gonna make me feel like I wasted my money buying THIS compilation. A new game would be much more preferable, since that way I can at least feel like I’m buying a new, fresh product.

  • Kris

    That’s kind of baffling considering that this is a compilation of the most important games in the series… I mean, Nightwarriors/VH just uses the endings from the first game anyway, so… what’s the point?

    Now a new game, that’s something to be excited about!

  • I thought they already announced they were making a new Darkstalkers though

  • anthony apduhan

    I hope if they make Darkstalkers 4 they will have all characters from the series including a playable Dee, Anita(grown up), Marionette and Ruby Heart you’ve heard me right the pirate from MVC2. She was going to be a Darkstalker but the idea was cut now would be a good time to include her and maybe Amingo.

    P.S. A Jack Pumpkin, a boogeyman, a grim reaper/skeleton, a killer doll like Chuckie, a dreamwalker like Freddy and a slenderman would be a great new additions to the Darkstalker cast.

  • Setsu Oh

    ùmmmm dunno…
    darsktalker isn t that popular, capcom could make more bucks with sfz collection in the same structre as marvel origins and sf3.3…resurrection is good enough to me….i just hope they don tgo all out clouding the darkstalker crwod with old games while we are waiting for the sixth…..

    it is a good sign he is talking about that though, that must mean he saw things that makes him and the company confident about how much resu will sell.

    the only thing i m not a big fan of for resu is, the char story little boxes appearing while in the title menus, are not random facts on each chars but taken out of a list and in order, so if you wan tot read everything, you need to stay on one title page(leaderboards, multiplayer, or solo etc..) possibly for hours to see everything. that and my rgb grid filter still missing from those compilations capcom releases. scanlines are ok though. i guess.

  • Dario Portillo

    love the idea of a new DS but please! please! no SFXT Engine!

    • neo_firenze

      SF4 based engine (SFxT was itself a modified SF4 engine) is perfectly fine. I’d prefer that to the Marvel engine.

      • MediaMindControl

        marvel engine feels more ds3 to me! I would think they would want to separate the game more from both MVC3 and SF IV’s engines and possibly find an inbetween which would work well for the series.

  • Elvick

    I hate this shit. “Well, if this goes well… then we’ll see about a new game/a compilation!”

    And if we do buy this and then none of that shit happens? It’s our fault then?

    Just do it.

  • That’s all fine and dandy but a new game would be cool too.

    Just a thought.

  • All they have to do is port the PS2 Vampire Collection, is not that hard isn’t it?

    • neo_firenze

      This. They already made a compilation with all 5 games (also including an unlockable ultimate version with all characters in the same game). Not to mention including all characters in Savior engine multiple times in previous ports – Saturn, PSX, PSP/DC Chronicles…

      Could have made this the ultimate version, choose Hunter/Savior engine with all characters. But they’re not. Boo.

  • Locklear93

    Pretty sure I bought this already, for my PSP. I suspect I’ll end up getting this one too, because I’m a sucker for DarkStalkers, but releasing compilations of a series for which I already have compilations earns zero points. I’ve got the DarkStalkers comics, even a DarkStalkers/Red Planet crossover manga thing. I definitely want more DarkStalkers. But this isn’t more DarkStalkers; it’s just repackaging.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’m still wondering why they went this route over porting PSP’s DS Chronicle. That would’ve been much better, I think. But maybe that’s just me. I don’t really see why we’d need two different compilations. Why not do that the first time around if that was a thought?

    Yea, I’ll go for Resurrection, not for another though.

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