Darkstalkers Resurrection Input Delay Within 2 Frames Of Arcade Version

By Ishaan . March 11, 2013 . 2:55pm

Darkstalkers Resurrection is headed to the Xbox 360 an PlayStation 3 this week, and producer, Tomoaki Ayano, took the time to answer a few quick fan questions on the Capcom blog. One of these was to do with input lag.


“We tested Darkstalkers Resurrection with CRT monitors,” Ayano says in reply to someone asking about the input lag in the arcade and console versions. “Compared to the arcade versions of Night Warriors and Darkstalkers 3, the input delay on Darkstalkers Resurrection is within 2 frames.”


Ayano elaboratees: “From a software and hardware perspective, that is the closest we can tune the game. The main reason that you may experience a lot of input lag is due to the type of TV/monitor you use, so we recommend using either a monitor with a very high refresh rate, or a CRT monitor. (The latter may be hard to do in this day and age…)”


Darkstalkers Resurrection will be available on March 12th on PlayStation Network for $14.99. Xbox Live Arcade will get the game on March 13 for 1,200 Microsoft Points ($15).


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  • Which will be different anyways when you factor in if it’s online or offline and what your GTG response time on your LCD/LED TV is going to be or if you even have one.

    I’d venture to bet most of us aren’t competitive enough to really consider the lag as a problem, though, just so long as it’s playable and doesn’t feel like you’re playing on a 56K.

    • Testsubject909

      The only way a game would make me feel as if I was playing on a 56K would be if I heard this before every game:


    • eunsun

      Response time is bullshit. 5ms response time is not even a third of a frame. It means nothing.

  • Crevox

    Sorry, 2 frames is too much.

    (if you can’t tell, this is a joke)

    • Testsubject909

      Not sure if serious, In case you are.

      I’d like to remind you folks that, while yes this isn’t going to be games I’m talking about, your movies in cinema run at 24fps. Now back to actual game talk.

      Honestly, 2 frames is barely anything at all. While yes ideally for everyone, including pros and frame fans (so to avoid a less tasteful word), it would be best if they would have it play optimally with zero frame delay exactly like it would at an arcade cabinet. This, for the greater consumer and gamer population, is quite acceptable…

      And really, 2 frames is too much? If there’s an input delay of just 2 frames, you, as an experienced gamer if you happen to be one and thus care about the frame delay, should be more then capable enough to adapt to that tiny delay. While yes, having to adapt doesn’t make it ideal for you, being able to adapt in itself should be a feat of your own skill should it not? In which case, isn’t that more to brag about among fighting game elitists while being wholly capable of enjoying a game and in no way compromising your critical and observational capabilities that has you capable of discerning those frames of difference?

      • Ava1on

        2 Frames is absolutely huge. In fighting games, certain links need to literally be performed within one frame of each other.

        • Mr_SP

          If the delay is consistent, however, there should be no change in your timing.

          • eunsun

            This is the sad truth. It’s also why it helps to simulate input latency in the training room in games which support it (Marvel). Back when everyone played in arcades you could do your combos visually, now muscle memory reigns supreme for those who aren’t playing classic games in an offline setting.

            The reason 2 frame input delay is important, though, is because it’s the difference in being able to react. Say a move has a 12 frame startup, you are really on the border with whether or not you can punish it. The safety of every move changes the more input lag you add, that’s why you see so many grappler/armor characters in games with big online delay (Hulk MvC3 again).

      • Crevox

        I’m not serious. It was a joke. Apparently everyone missed it. I’ll try harder next time. :|

  • Andrew Norris

    RIP Bulleta infinites

    • eunsun

      …As performed by one person? B.B. Hood/Bulleta infinite (not infinites) is stupidly hard, only Sakonoko could ever pull it off and he still doesn’t openly use it in a tournament setting.

  • Buying this. Really enjoy the series and the anime was awesome

  • TrevHead

    How many frames per second is there in this game? 60 or whatever is the old arcade std?

    • eunsun

      29.97 NTSC, 23.98 PAL ;)
      yes I’m a smartass, I assume the emulators on both nextgen consoles are outputting 60fps

  • ddh819

    how does this compare with their other “hd” ports?

  • eunsun

    Monitor’s refresh rate and response time have nothing to do with input latency. It’s post-processing separate upscaling, and shitty audio devices on HDTVs that mostly add input lag. #1 is fixed because this game outputs HD, #2 is fixed because Guitar Hero made HDTV manufacturers feel like bad human beings

    • eunsun

      And btw it’s not even “input lag” technically, that term is supposed to refer to your CONTROL inputs. But here I just vaguely am referring to any delay whatsoever between hitting a button and seeing the results on your display

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