• s07195

    *heroic music*
    Wei in a police uniform doing police-y things : “This sucks.”

    • Chris Yuen

      Best part of the video right there.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    A nice DLC there which actually expand the game story there rather than just certain costume.^_^

    • Aoshi00

      I know, too many costume/weapon/car race packs before that had nothing to do w/ the story. The Chinese New Year celebration looks cool, though it came a month late :) This looks better than Nightmare in North Point too, the Jiangshi was cool but the streets filled w/ them at night got old fast.. I hope the girls would get to show up and interact w/ Wei more though..

      • Locklear93

        Agreed. I don’t mind costume DLC and so on, but if I’m done with the game, I’m not about to actually pay for them. DLC like this gives me a reason to actually play again, and accordingly, a reason to look at all the DLC they’ve released that hasn’t mattered to me.

        • Aoshi00

          Yeah, there wasn’t too much incentive to get the new costumes if you alrdy finished the main game once, but w/ more story added after the ending, you could have more variety.. For 560 MS pts, it’s worth it, but I have too much backlog now (so many new games this month..), I would wait till this DLC pack on sale to get it later..still haven’t finished North Point yet..

  • Richard N

    Oh gawd, I hope there’s gonna be Face missions where we give out parking tickets!

  • ndjn3979


    This is the kind of DLC and post-launch support a game needs.

  • gamerdude

    They really nailed the location in this game. To me it’s way better than GTA IV ever was.

  • Some1onearth

    Great! Been going back to this game to complete trophies simply because I missed it and wanted to go back to it.

  • SlipKnoT742617000027

    What are the abilities? Off-duty arrests and tickets. Right? I dont know all the info on this.

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