Persona 4: Arena Should Be Out In Europe This May, Says Publisher

By Ishaan . March 13, 2013 . 8:10am

Persona 4: Arena has yet to be released in Europe, but this morning, the game’s European publisher, Zen United, posted an update to the Persona Facebook page, informing fans that a release may not be too far off. Here’s their update:


An update for you today—and a positive one at that.

We are now in submission for the Xbox 360 build of Persona 4 Arena.

Though dependent on when it passes, of course—I think it’s realistic for me to say we’re looking at a May release.

I will update you all on the specifics very soon…


Stay strong, Europe! You’ve waited this long… what’s another couple months, right?


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  • A little late. I wasn’t very interested in the game, but now I have no interest what so ever.

    • Cyrus

      Exactly my thoughts.

  • “what’s another couple months, right?” I feel the need to punch you :/

    • Sakurazaki

      And your avatar explains it all D;

  • Randgriz

    Its better be cheap

    • lol no £39.99

      • Randgriz

        I think £29.99 or Anarcy Regins £15.99

        • No idea why you mentioned Anarchy Reign. Anyway 29.99 is far too expensive. Honestly they have done absolutely nothing to warrant that value. Make it around about Aaracy Reign price and I might consider.

          • Randgriz

            Anarchy Reigns was released at £15.99

          • That was because it was a budget game. Have you seen how broken that game is?

          • Randgriz

            I enjoyed it, in any case Persona 4 arena better be cheap!

          • I’m not saying it’s a bad game but there was a reason why it was that price at launch.

          • Istillduno

            The reason is that the Japanese version was fully localised and voiced for all the countries it was going to be released in and people had had almost a year to import it.

          • Len

            It was a full price game in japan, The only reason its cheaper overseas was Sega apologizing for delaying it for 6 months for no reason

          • I wouldn’t call it a budget game, considering there was an impressive amount of work gone into the graphics, voice-acting, etc. But yes, some parts of the userface and multiplayer system confused me.

          • It’s unrefined :/

            [edit – before someone act like a douche like ArmoredBoar, this comment was toward “But yes, some parts of the userface and multiplayer system confused me.”]

          • ArmoredBoar

            Yeah no. Budget game?

            The game still sells for 7,980JPY in Japan, so still over $90. The reason our price got massively cut was because we got a six month delay over Sega being complete morons for leaving Sega of Europe in charge of handling ALL of the overseas publishing when they hit a gigantic layoff right before they were about to release it. (to the point where actual PAL copies of the game could be found on eBay before the JP version even came out)

            Not because it was “unrefined.”

            I should punch you.

          • M’iau M’iaut

            Let’s try this without the insults next time. More than one place noted interface issues which were not as friendly as they could have been.

          • Serious much? Maybe I was wrong there but that unrefined comment was made towards the userface and multiplayer system. About the price, lol are you sure?

          • ArmoredBoar

            No shit, Sherlocke. It’s on sale. as indicated by the slashed pricetag left of it.
            If you refer to the used copies, well, they’re used copies.

          • Ikki

            I read “£19.99/€24.99/$29.99”.

    • Go2hell66

      It should be free

      • Locklear93

        For what possible reason should it be free? The fact that getting it out is taking them forever doesn’t change that the process cost them money. People still have to eat. Or does the fact that people had to wait a long time somehow mean they’re entitled to it without paying?

        • Go2hell66

          lighten up

          it was a joke :/

      • MrTyrant

        Yeah it should be (not joke intended)

        • Go2hell66

          hopefully they at least give us free DLC or something

  • Chris Yuen

    Finally, a piece of positive news for the European fans out there. Might be a bit too little too late though, seeing how the rest of the countries got their copy of P4A last August or so…interest might have waned somewhat for the fans out there. Not holding my breath yet though, don’t really like how they added the “should” to the “out in May” part.If Zen as a publisher can’t come up with an exact date, they shouldn’t give them false hope.

  • amagidyne

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

  • Go2hell66

    far too late

  • Tenshiken

    yeah, 10 months of waiting for a localization in the same language is completely normal.

    • hunterrnl

      The print for 2 different logo`s must be very very hard too do.

  • British_Otaku

    I was expecting it to release in the second half of 2013 at best… Still massively disappointed by the practice, I’ve had games delayed on me before, not so much games delayed which depend on an online community and all releases being region locked on a region free system.

    I’m not even that attached to Persona or Shin Megami Tensei and it felt bad.

  • Admittedly I take my hat off that Zen still works on getting this out here. Pretty cool.

    On the other hand, this is far too late Zen and I’m also pissed of at Atlus for being such shitty developers. Sorry, I can’t support this game with a good will.

    • Cephrien

      Just because they made one silly decision doesn’t mean that they’re shitty developers. ;P

      Atlus is still one of the best out there.

      • Depends on what points you factor in your decisions to choose who’s the best. I don’t like Atlus, because they obviously don’t like me(European customer). While this one case is extreme, there are plenty smaller ones coming from Atlus.

      • Jisgsaw

        They are however one of the worst publishers from an European (or PAL) point of view. I mean even a small studio like Gust manages to get almost simultaneous US and PAL releases for years now…

    • veegeen

      Arksys actually. They handled all of the actual development. Atlus just handed over the art/music/story assets.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        its ASW not Aksys =_= Aksys only handles localizations

        • veegeen

          That’s what I said. Arksys=Ark-sys=Ark System Works.

          • SirRichard

            It’s Aksys, not Arksys, and while I’m at it:

            “Aksys and Arc System Works, the company behind Guilty Gear and BlazBlue, are tight. Their names are coincidentally similar, if you take the Japanese abbreviation “ArcSys” into account. What’s the deal between the two companies? Does Arc System Works actually own Aksys? No.”


            EDIT: Wait, I misunderstood you, sorry. Should’ve just called them Arc System Works, or even ArcSys, not with the “k”!

          • ArmoredBoar

            It’s ARC System Works. With a “c”.

          • veegeen

            Man, I’ve been typing Ark for ages. Thanks for correcting me.

          • ArmoredBoar

            S’fine, man. Just that it stirs up a lot of confusion most of the time is all.

  • SunOatBoatMatadorQuattro

    My diligence has increased

  • Ephidiel

    the game better be only 20€
    even the US version is already down to 23$

  • Adam Zaorski

    Everyone who wanted it already got it. Tons of shops were selling them, it’s the same situation like the one with Catherine.

    Time to create Atlus EU guys and stop $%^#$% around.

    • amagidyne

      How did they get that to work? Unlike Catherine, P4A is region locked.

    • SirRichard

      No, not everyone who wanted it got it. P4A is region-locked even on PS3, to say that everyone who wanted it also went ahead and got a US PS3 on top of it is ridiculous.

      No, if anything, everyone who cared has long since stopped, and odds are we won’t even see anything for it.

    • Jisgsaw

      Yeah sure, importing a region locked game. I guess you haven’t followed this disaster of a PAL release.

      But yeah, creating an AtlusEU/AtlusPAL is long due. Especially when AtlusUSA are “region locking” their forums, which means someone who isn’t japanese or form north america has no way of discussing things with Atlus…

  • Glenn De Boer

    …Then I hope they got something surprising for us in store when it comes to waiting..Like a good price drop or a Limited Edition cause after waiting so long..

  • Yu Izanami Narukami

    Stupid *****’s Atlus.

    • Yeah, let’s blame Atlus for the European Publisher’s incompetence : >

      • Jisgsaw

        How are the european builds the responsibility of the publisher ?
        It’s the developper’s fault here (so Atlus and ASW).

      • Cyrus

        It’s ATLUS’ fault for region-locking the game.

        • The region-lock was reasonable the way it was intended. There should have -never- been such a delay for the EU version – THAT is the EU Publisher’s fault.

          It was planned to have all three versions out as closely together as possible, which only made the region-lock necessary to prevent mass-importing of the cheap US version into Japan. The ironic thing is that, somewhere along the way, the European publisher screwed up.

          You know, region-locking has been a thing forever. You know how many publishers and studios have to rely on different publishers for regions they are not active in?

          Persona 4 was published by Square Enix over here, and Square Enix publishes Call of Duty in Japan, last time I checked. Would you blame Activision for a delay of the JP release of the next CoD because SE managed to not get around to having the localizations ready or having to wait for Microsoft to get their stuff together and approve the game for their X360?

          The statement itself already hints at trouble with the MS licensing queue. Heck, even on PC you will quickly realize that patches for games that use Games for Windows Live, the PC-version of XLive, take AGES to get approved, and cost a hell lot of cash on Xbox.

          I don’t see how you can blame Atlus for the EU publisher not getting the localizations ready and/or Microsoft stalling the game some more. And let’s not forget the regular retail distribution chain and the need to get the game rated by various local institutions, like the german USK.

          Yes, there’s really no excuse for not getting this game out months ago, but your anger is misplaced.

          • Just to add another few notes:

            Big publisher Squaresoft and later Square Enix took about a year to bring titles like Final Fantasy X and XII from JP to the EU, with 6 months between JP and US releases.

            Final Fantasy X:
            JP: July 19, 2001
            NA: December 17, 2001
            EU: May 24, 2002

            Final Fantasy XII:
            JP: March 16, 2006
            NA: October 31, 2006
            EU: February 23, 2007

            And this is a GIANT we are talking about, not relatively small Atlus. Yes, it is disappointing that the EU didn’t get P4A sooner, but I do remember a time when it was far worse, and much more normal than this time around – if the EU got anything at all.

            And the only way to get your game sooner or be able to import it was to either import the console (which still holds true for X360 and Nintendo consoles and handhelds, I might add) or crack the whole thing.

            I’m not saying to excuse this business practice, it is bad in so many ways. But blind rage into the wrong direction won’t serve anyone at all.

          • Jisgsaw

            And the small Gust released all of their games since Atelier Iris 3 (with excpetion of one DS game) in almost simultaneous release between Europe and the US. What does this tells us ? That the market is evolving and these delays are really mostly things from the past.

            EDIT: and lets not forget that the FF were translated in several languages, which is very long to do and to implement.

          • jeb

            Atlus knows it can barely get its shit into Europe, yet they went with it anyway.

            They obviously knew European fans would be fucked with the region lock, yet they didn’t care.

            So fuck em.

            They did it to fuck over their japanese consumers option so I guess they got two birds with one stone.

          • Jisgsaw

            “There should have -never- been such a delay for the EU version – THAT is the EU Publisher’s fault.”

            I’m not defending Zen (the way they hold their FB page says it all), but what can a PUBLISHER do without the build for the game (responsibility of the developper) ?

            “I don’t see how you can blame Atlus for the EU publisher not getting the localizations ready”

            Because the problem (as stated by Zen) lies in the DEVELOPPEMENT of the game.
            Yeah, I also wonder how, but we get absolutely no response on what is causing this developement issues… It is however then ASW and Atluses fault (you know, the developpers), not the publisher, who doesn’t do builds.

          • Istillduno

            Every other publisher on the PS3 for THE PAST SEVEN YEARS have managed to manage even their close or simultaneous releases without screwing their customers over with region locking.

            Pure greed is all there is to it, at the expense of the customer, even if Zen are at fault for the delay (which going by their track record is almost a certainty), Atlus are the greedy pigs who made sure they were prospective (and probably now absent) pal region customer’s only choice by pulling this bs on a CONSOLE THAT HAS BEEN COMPLETELY REGION FREE FOR THE LAST SEVEN YEARS.

            Way to break the shared good practice of EVERY OTHER PS3 DEVELOPER there Atlus.

            And even if Atlus were going to get pig headed over their precious japanese sales, (that’s why we never see dual audio from those clowns) they could have still left the japanese version region free.

          • Jisgsaw

            Very late (re-)reply, but I stumble on this news per chance.

            There’s a few things you don’t seem to get about localization. For a NTSC-J (japanese) game to come to Europe, the game code itself must be modified to let the game be played on PAL consoles (very obvious in the pre-HD area, with the 50Hz that had to be compatible). Further technical requirements are made by the respective hardware constructer (in this case, Sony and Microsoft of Europe), which must be respected. And finaly, the content must be approved (and in given case modified) according to regulating authorities like PEGI and so on.

            Once all this is done (by the DEVELOPPER, as it involves changing the game code, which belongs to the developpers), the PUBLISHER has to submit it to above mentionned regulation entities, and serves as liaison with the developper if problems appear. And then (or in the meantime I guess) set up the retail chain, delivery of the game, publicity etc…

            Now, in the case of Arena, the problem for Zen was that THEY DIDN’T HAVE ANY PAL BUILD to submit to regulation. Hence why everybody is bitching about ASW and Atlus, because they are the one who didn’t plan the PAL release, and didn’t prepare a PAL build. Zen stated already in August that all their part (retailer contact, first contact with regulating authotities by showing a NTSC build etc…) was already done.

      • Samurai Don

        Actually we kinda can since they don’t have European branch, had they had one then none of this mess would have happened.

  • SirRichard

    It’ll come out in May, long after everyone else has stopped playing and interest in the game has waned entirely. Even after all of this, I probably won’t even bother, it would’ve been nice to have last year but there’s plenty of other games I don’t feel disgusted by to be getting on with now.

  • Sentsuizan_93

    If this is really coming in May, then it would be a Calamity Trigger esque delay (also delayed by 9 months). As happy as I am to hear the news, I really hope the price is lowered, like Anarchy Reigns was, but I have a dodgy feeling that wont happen. Hopefully, the EU version would get free DLC to compensate the delay.

  • Yup another predictable chains of comments. Still, better late then never.

  • 3DBudgie

    I bet we’re getting a 1 page manual. Pqube/ZU being so genorous and all.

  • Jisgsaw

    Region lock + massive delay + Zen not answering (and now even deleting) questions regarding the developpement problems + AtlusUSA who doesn’t let European people register to their forums = no buy for me.

    • yeah, i really don’t get why atlus gives no shit about european fans

    • Zoozbuh

      Pretty much. I’d be surprised if the sales are even half-decent after all this… Just being realistic.

  • Prinnydoom


  • kaosuroi

    Considering it’s $30 here, they probably need to make it a budget title.

    Then again I already know they’re going to get an awesome collector’s edition so I can’t feel bad for them regardless. -shrug-

    • Jisgsaw

      Wait&See, but I seriously doubt that.
      I would rather see something useless like 4 postcards and a retail price of 40€ (52$)…

  • zackner

    When the game hits in europe the online be dead

    • ArmoredBoar

      The online is already dead.

      • zackner

        Damn it. Well I’ll buy the game when it is cheaper

  • Too late. They wont get my money out of principle for pulling that region lock bullshit.

    • Hype was part of the problem. People repeatedly touted PS3 as region free without enough common sense to step back and consider whether it had a technical means to region lock.

      • SirRichard

        Because Persona 4 Arena is actually, seriously the first game in the console’s seven year life that is region-locked. It isn’t the fault of the consumers for thinking that this would continue to be the case, it’s the fault of Atlus.

        The region-lock was implemented because Atlus saw fit to create a North American build of the game during the arcade-to-console porting process to have as near a simultaneous release as they could get, with the region-lock going into effect to prevent Japanese players importing the cheaper dual-audio US version. The problem here is that they offered no such concession to the PAL publisher, Zen United, because Atlus seriously has problems when it comes to its games and PAL regions and I’m not even sure why any more.

        So Zen have had to fight to get a PAL build made and submitted to Sony and Microsoft and have it made well enough that it passes, and being only a publisher they’ve had to rely on either Arc System Works or Atlus to get that build made. Both of them are busy with their own stuff, though, so we’ve had to wait for so long for something that should’ve been done back in the middle of last year, even if there was a slight delay between the releases. But it wasn’t done then, because Atlus really don’t seem to like PAL players.

        • ArmoredBoar

          Actually, P4U is only the first disc-based game to have region lock on the PS3. The first game to feature it is Joysound Dive, a free downloadable variant of the Japanese karaoke series for PS3.

          • SirRichard

            Oh, well. Close enough, then, but the point stands, there was no precedent for this the whole generation.

          • Jisgsaw

            If I read correctly on other forums, the game actually isn’t region locked, but you can’t buy song’s from outside of Japan.

            So much for this useless trivia :D

          • ArmoredBoar

            Actually, when it first came out, many people simply could not load up the game was it did in fact region-block foreigners. It was only until an encouraged redownload later (not even a patch D:) that it was made “playable” on every machine.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Do you think it could be a CYA reaction to specific laws in Europe? It seems a lot of their content falls smack dab under the most stringent of the laws. I know they wouldn’t be the company of record under license agreements, but if there was potentially something as stupid as limiting the hours P4A servers could be up — I could easily a choice made to just not to play in that yard.

          • Jisgsaw

            Well, we’ll see when the game comes out. One day.

            IF this is the case, they could really communicate a bit around it, instead of continuously ignoring the questions about the exact cause of the delay…

          • SirRichard

            I honestly couldn’t say, myself, I don’t really know much about European-wide laws and where they effect things, but I’d doubt it. Zen managed to shorten the gaps between Blazblue US and EU releases down from several months to within a week as of CS Extend, I honestly don’t think the problem with P4A was on their end.

  • Ninten

    Sure, I know the wait is killing you guys, but seriously, can’t you appreciate it for ACTUALLY getting released in May?

    • They never confirmed May being the release date. Seeing how it’s zen we’re talking about here, I won’t be surprise if they delay it due to more “technical difficulties”. Usually I would say the exact same as you when it comes to other localization but you know we have every right to complain when Zen United has made nothing but excuses throughout the 8-9 month period. I’m not saying we could say we are entitled to this or that lol

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I’m willing to accept a bit of griping. Back with the initial announcement of ‘near’ launch, I was reminded by our Euro friends of past history. May 2013 isn’t quite ‘near’ launch.

    • hunterrnl

      Say a release date close to the US one np. Wait 1-4 months np.
      Region lock the game and lets us wait 9-10 months for the same game with 2 different logo`s IS A PROBLEM.

      Wanna trade places ? I go to the US and you go to Europe. Then you can see how many games we dont get or wayyyy too late.

      • Ninten

        Uhm, I live in Europe, so yeah, let’s “swap” places. I am usually quite patient when it comes to late arrivals.

        • hunterrnl

          If it was some offline RPG with 6 languages then i agree with you. But a game with online play and zero different of the US version. Then i dont. Its time that Atlus follow NIS America and start some semi company in Europe.

          Still May is not 100% sure…

    • Göran Isacson

      The thing is, why SHOULD we? “Better late than never” is an idiom that’s never really sat too well with me, because these delays sure seem to be Atlus saying they don’t consider us a market worth their time and effort. Bitching and making a lot of noise is pretty much our best way to ensure that someone in charge somewhere hopefully gets the message that we exist and we want these games in a timely manner.

  • This kind of makes me really sad. I wanted to buy this game so much and saved around 60 bucks for over 7 months so I could buy the game.

    Now with so many good titles coming out (Neptune, Fate CCC, Xillia, and so on) I really can’t afford it anymore. And the constant delay as well as the region lock made it really unappealing to buy it on release anyway.

    Plus another negative point in that matter is that the US and Japan were able to train and improve over the past months. So it’s basically pointless for beginners or none-hardcore-gamers to even try online play.


    • JakatoX

      Well Japan (or at least for a limited sale) and US got a discount on the game recently, seeing what happened just to get the game released in Europe I’m hoping that when it really does come out in Europe that it will be with the discount price already applied.

      • Well there’s a saying “hope is the last thing to die”. This might sound very negative but seeing the publishing of Zen United until now it seems unlikely to happen. But since I’m trapped in Europe, you hopes are mine too. Maybe, just maybe we’re lucky this time.

  • Amagidyne

    Wow, just in time for the online presence to vanish completely!

    Seriously though, Atlus just dropped the ball on this one big time. I don’t get what it is they have against us in the PAL regions…games are either late or just don’t get released full stop. It’s a shame, becuse they’re one of my favourite developers, I’d have so much more love for them if they didn’t keep screwing us over constantly.

  • Do people even still play this game? I didn’t bother getting it because I’d assume the online community is fairly low. And that people would most likely head on to the new BlazBlue.

  • Herok♞

    I don’t get why people say there will be no online presences usually a whole region getting a game means someone has to be playing it.

  • transferstudentx

    thanks atlus for delaying the game for me now i honstly say i wont buy the game as a persona fan to be treated like this and delaying both the golden and arena i hope u lose all the fans u have in europe

    • Cameron Philbert

      Don’t say that. If that happens then we won’t get ANY Atlus games in Europe. I want Persona 5.

    • Istillduno

      Yeah if I do even pick this up it’ll be second hand, the region locking is complete bs and Zen handling the release timing like we’re back in the 90s is the final straw.

  • Prithivi

    Now the game won’t sell enough, they’ll blame the users, and we’ll never see a Persona game in Europe again :(

  • Hinataharem

    I still don’t understand why this took so long.

  • Göran Isacson

    I do wonder what this was all about. Was it Zen mucking around with the localization? ArcSys who didn’t have the time or budget to sit down and make a build for European machines? So many questions of this bizarre, bizarre game, so few answers.

  • cameron forsyth

    so now zen can actually get to work now that the developers have given them the build for both versions, as far as I’m aware they just have to go through the Uk market regulations, mass-production stage and the raging forums to the store shelves.
    Regardless i just hope you can guys can get this over with not so i can play this any sooner but so then people can forget about this whole business.

  • Zoozbuh

    Meh. I was already a bit iffy about a ‘fighter spin-off’ of such a great RPG, but… by this point, any interest I had has pretty much faded. Unless it gets amazing reviews/the story is particularly interesting, not going to bother.

  • Kurow Akutenshi

    And this is why region lock is stupid. Really. Give me a SINGLE pro-consumer reason on why it should still exist.

  • gamerdude

    Atlus EU branch…. MAKE IT HAPPEN!

  • Xinkai

    Doesn’t matter, the game is dead worldwide more or less, if not for a handful of groups of friends playing it at home. If this is more than 20 euro, it’s going to fail miserably.

    • lllBubbRubblll

      Man, a statement like that shows just how ignorant you are if you thing the game is dead….

      • Xinkai

        In Japan the game has been 99% shadowed by BB:CP, in America the game is dead online as I have friends that live there, and it’s not featured in any of the major seasonal FG tournaments. In Europe… well, let’s just say I’m not the only one who thinks Zen are an atrocious publisher. I’ve been playing BlazBlue since day 1 when it was released on PS3 in 2009 as Calamity Trigger, when I imported it, because there was no release date on it. It came out over here 9 months later in April 2010, after 2 delays, and we all know the rest. The fact that Zen had to make a celebratory video on their YT channel marking the fact they released BBCS Extend ON TIME shows just how bad of a company they are. Now with P4A, they had one job, to get the game out here on time. America did it. Sure, they came under flak from fans due to the region lock, that can’t be helped. But they failed to bring it out on time. Now, the hype for the game from the ArcSys fan base in Europe has moved on, Looking forward to GGXXAC+R, and BB:CP. I’m not arrogant dude, I have legit reasons and facts to back me up.

  • artemisthemp

    This is the Perfect example of why Game shouldn’t be region Locked

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