Tales of Graces f Headed To PlayStation Network Next Week

By Ishaan . March 21, 2013 . 3:00pm

While Tales of Xillia is still slated for release this Summer, Namco Bandai are putting Tales of Graces f onto the PlayStation Network in the U.S. and Europe first.


On March 26th, Tales of Graces f will be available as a download on the PlayStation 3. The standard edition will cost $34.99/€44.99/£36.99 while the Knight Edition—which contains “more than 10 DLC items” including increased stats, health and currency—will cost $54.99/€59.99/£48.99.


Tales series producer, Hideo Baba, says that Namco plan on making this a “Tales of filled year,” and have more surprise announcements lined up for the future.


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  • NTaiyokun

    Yaaaay I don’t have to hunt this game down!

    • fenix7

      Dood, wat took u so long to get this game?!

      • NTaiyokun

        I don’t have constant access to a PS3! it’s a long story! Believe me I want it, but buying another console for myself is still expensive! And by the time I get one, it could be very hard to find!

    • Cole

      really in ireland the game is plenty full which is very rare for a jpn made game

    • Nightmesh

      This is my feelings too. Also the standard edition is actually cheaper then the retail version I’d get at gamestop.

      • Really? The one I nabbed at Gamestop was like 20 bucks, and I’ve been loving the crap out of it.

        • Nightmesh

          Not at mine. Still 40$ with tax. =/

          • Holy balls, that sucks. :s

            Game’s worth it, tho. Got about 30 hours on it and I’m happy to say it is both a lot of fun and actually not 100% predictable at all times like a lot JRPGs seem to be these days.

          • Nightmesh

            I know. This guy at gamestop knows who I am because I kept running in there almost 3 times a week to look for the game when I finally got the money to buy. Now he looks it up everytime I walk into the store. XD

    • fireemblembeast

      Still hunting down my own copy of Symphonia; I’ve been borrowing it from my friend for almost a year now. >_<
      Not that he minds…
      Well, good for you!

  • MrJechgo

    That’s cool… but that still doesn’t a physical copy. Try bringing and having your digital copy signed by any of the voice actors at an anime con XD
    (Yep, I just found a new use for game boxes: autograph material)

    • puchinri

      That’s true and always cool, but one could always buy it digital and just hunt down a case (or if you’re lucky and go to Gamestop, they might just let you have one if they have extras).

  • Sesshomaru

    I got a US version. Australia took so long to get it that when it was released I don’t think that it sold very well.

  • puchinri

    That’s interesting and nice. Also curious about the other announcements, and whether they’ll be mostly/restricted to Japan, or also cover other regions fairly well.

    • Beorc

      Since he said it in an announcement specifically for North America and Europe, hopefully that means whatever he’s referring to will be localized…although you never know, I guess…

      • puchinri

        Ah, alrighty. Great! And yeah, heh, that’s true, but I am quite optimistic now (and without any caution, even!).

    • Solomon_Kano

      Well, he was addressing the US PS Blog, so these will most likely be for us, if not everyone.

      • puchinri

        Oh, so the Tales-filled year was on the US blog~? Oho, well then. That’s very cool and interesting. I am very curious.

        • Solomon_Kano

          Yep. Not sure why the article left that out, it provides some clarity as to who this news is for.

  • DongT

    good game, the dialogue and story could be a bit meh at times but this game has my favorite combat system in the series.

    • Summed up perfectly

    • StarWarudo

      The only thing I liked about the game was Pascal and the battle-system. Couldn’t stand the other characters (Asbel in particular) or the sleep-inducing/super-cheesy friendship-themed story.

      • DongT

        yeeeeah, friendship is awesome and all but it was really hammed up in graces f. ending was really unsatisfying as well, but then again i haven’t played the epilogue. I <3 Pascal though~

        • Epilogue is rather…..I guess you could say sweet. Its also tough, and fun.

  • Exkaiser

    Oh, that’s pretty cool. I’ve really fallen out with the franchise, but it’s good to see it getting digital releases.

  • DesmaX

    To be honest, all of these JRPG’s should have PSN Releases.
    These get out of print fast

    • Barrylocke89

      I agree. I know not everyone likes Digital Downloads, but for niche fans like the people that read this blog, it really is one of the best things to happen for games. Look how much games like Xenoblade Chronicles and the DS Rune Factory games go for online, for instance.

  • Namdai: “Hey guys, we love our fans, we’re ALSO putting a TRANSLATED version of Vesperia PS3 AND Tales of Destiny PS2 as digital downloads
    xoxo -NBGI”

    I’d die a happy gaming girl

    • puchinri

      Oh goodness, ToD PS2 would be magic. ;u;
      It’d be great to see ToV PS3 digital as well~.

    • Chris Lane

      Those would be amazing games to see. I wouldn’t mind Tales of Hearts either, which I imagine is coming as he’s talked about how it’s his favorite before. I wonder if Tales of Symphonia ps2 would also ever come out on digital.

  • Draparde


    i’ll probably grab this, honestly.

    i want to assume it would be something other than more games, (the pessimist in me)
    but i can only think of the two vita games and xillia 2, of games that have not been announced. and of course vesperia, but i doubt it would be that.

  • Freud_Hater

    That’s neat! Already have the game and most of the DLC, buuuut it’s a great deal for people that have yet to get this ^_^

  • dragoon_slayer12

    So downloading this. Tales of the Abyss 3d was my intro to the series, now I’m hooked. So Innocence now, Hearts later, and Xillia in between, oooooh yeaaaaaaaah

  • Ladius

    I loved Tales of Graces f, I’m happy to see Namco trying to push it again in order to attract more consumers and to help those who aren’t able to find physical copies in their area.

    I wonder what surprise announcements Baba could be teasing, I would love to see Hearts R in English but I fear that’s extremely unlikely. Still, I’m gonna hope for the best, there have been plenty of unexpected jrpg localizations in the last years.

  • Spirit Macardi

    Woah, Namco putting one of their niche titles on a download service so that it can still be purchased and played years from now? This is… Unprecedented!

    Seriously, when games like this go out of stock Namco’s typical response is: “Sux 2 B U :B” Normally it’s only their crappy titles like Pac-Man Party that they bother to keep in circulation. With this though, I see a move in the right direction.

  • YoshEE

    Knight Edition seem cool. But too bad I already got the game.

  • yalissa

    I’m really happy that this game is going to be available on PSN now.
    This game currently has my favorite battle system of all time. IT’S JUST SO MUCH FUN.

  • Epitome

    ughhhhhhhh why now i was waiting for this to happen but know i getting Ninja Gaiden RE:well at least i don’t have to buy one of amazon when i get ready to play it.

  • PersonaSpace

    And then they release the [email protected] outfit DLC in the US too right? …yeah not holding my breath. sadface

  • NightzeroAX

    I want all the costumes the japanese version had. Is that too much to ask?

  • Nitraion

    What will happen if he suddenly release ToV ps3 version or ToI in digital only lol

    • raymk

      Nothing, people will buy it and some won’t. At this stage some people have given up on it because its been a long time.

  • Barrylocke89

    I’m CAUTIOUSLY hoping that “More Tales” means Tales of Hearts R. It is good to know that Namco is continuing to try supporting the series in the West.

  • fireemblembeast

    I have a question. If, when I get Xillia, I go and buy some costumes from the JP PSN store (I know, I know, using an imported PSN card), will they work on my copy or will it glitch or freeze the game or something?

    • DesmaX

      It will just not show on the game

      • fireemblembeast

        In other words, the characters can only appear with those costumes on if I use the DLC in the JP version? :/ That stinks

  • Zero Shift

    I really hope that some of those surprise announcements include PSN releases of the older Tales games since I never got a chance to play them. Or maybe announcements of localizations of more of the Japan only titles? I’m begging for Tales of Innocence, Tales of Hearts, Tales of the Tempest, etc.

    • ShadowDivz

      If innocence is the one on vita i think it’s getting localized dude.

      • Ladius

        It isn’t, or at least we don’t know anything about it. Also, it’s more likely that they will opt for Hearts R given it’s the best Vita Tales games and Hearts has been received better (and is one of Baba’s favorites).

  • Rogerrmark

    Although not the best Tales,a PS2 classic release of Legendia would be nice.

    Abyss as well,even with the 3DS version already available.

    And,maybe,a localization confirm. for both Hearts R and Xillia 2./dreamer

  • gamerdude

    EU Release on psn WOOT! Has anybody played this there are so little reviews of this game out it’s like it didn’t even happen.

  • Kai2591

    If it has Japanese audio tracks I’d buy it in an instant.

    (Please don’t hate me for having personal preferences lol)

    • Firekitty

      Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’d love more than anything to actually buy a Tales game again.

      • raymk

        Again? How long has that been because none of them have dual audio. Also of course he’s not alone, he’s just part of the minority that doesn’t matter or hasn’t mattered. We aren’t alone either in the majority of people that don’t care about japanese VA.

        • M’iau M’iaut

          Destiny kept the JP VAs, but the voice work at that time was far less than the games see today. Basically just the battle screams. By the time of Eternia (Destiny 2 stateside) the move to English was already made.

          • Firekitty

            Which is fine, since there simply wasn’t space (or need…even I wouldn’t get too worked up over battle grunts) at the time.

        • Firekitty

          Abyss was the last one I bought. I bought a lot of dub-only PS2 and PSP games while actually playing the undubs, because space was at a premium.

          It’s funny how people say we’re a tiny minority and don’t matter on one hand, but get so up in arms and vicious when we choose not to buy, as if Bamco will actually miss such a small number of sales.

          • Kai2591

            Very funny indeed. I mean, damn, I never even criticized those who prefer English dubs – I was merely stating my own opinion and preference. Since when did Siliconera readers become so unreasonably hostile? I thought I was already careful enough in my comments.
            Sorry that you had to take the shot Firekitty.

            btw, I remember Hideo Baba saying he wants to include Jap audio in future Tales games, so saying we don’t matter is not true.

          • Draparde

            i think its mostly because (while not here) there are some people who want jap audio, hate english VA’s and believe that their not buying the game will make it fail (or that they want the game to fail.)

            i saw these kind of comments alot when Graces f was first comming out.

            doesent make the hostility any better considering both of you where nothing like that.

  • katzedan

    Hope that with this they decide to bring the others existing dlc, like the Sophie Hatsune Miku dlc, [email protected] dlc or Code Geass dlc.

    I would buy they all without thinking twice :3

  • Lilith

    Finally. I really wanted to buy this new but all I could find was used copies. Will get thia eventually because backlog. -_-

  • eilegz

    can i hope the eventual localization of tales of vesperia for ps3…. playing it on x360 its not a bad game dont know why the hate

    • Mike Pureka

      Because it’s also not a very good game.

      Actually, I see lots of praise for it, which is why I dislike it now. It doesn’t deserve either hate or praise.

    • Dimentionalist

      It’s not that people hate the game, it’s just that people are sick of hearing about people begging for a localization for it nearly four years after its initial release.

  • Warboss Aohd

    dis……seemz like a good idea.

  • This is going to hurt the resale value. Jrpgs are the only games that you can always get a good amount back on ebay. However for those wanting to get in the game this is great for them. Much cheaper. I can’t imagine how many gb’s these are going to be if they bring them online. I’m feeling a day 1 digital for xilia.

  • Leon_Tekashi

    Yes! Another way for people to buy and enjoy this game and support the series.

  • Tales of Graces f is fun for the shear fact my friend and I made a drinking out of it. Every time you hear a character say, “to protect”, you take a shot. Trust me, you’ll be taking a lot of shots. LOL

    • M’iau M’iaut

      Add in taking a shot every time Cheria gets bitchy and you are dead of alcohol poisoning by like the 15 hour point.


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