See How Left 4 Dead 2 Characters Play In Resident Evil 6

By Ishaan . March 22, 2013 . 9:00am


Capcom have released the first in-game footage of their end of the Resident Evil 6 X L4D2 crossover. As previously reported, the crossover will playable characters and enemies from Left 4 Dead 2 in Resident Evil 6 on PC. Watch the footage above.


Coach, Nick, Ellis and Rochelle will be the four playable guest-stars from Valve’s zombie series. You’ll be able to use them in Resident Evil 6’s Mercenaries: No Mercy mode on PC. Meanwhile, The Witch and Mini Tank will appear as enemies in this mode, regardless of whether you play as a Resident Evil or Left 4 Dead character.


The new content will be available to Resident Evil 6 players on PC starting April 5th. It will be automatically downloaded into the game free of cost.

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  • JustThisOne

    Yes! Thank god they gave Ellis a handgun. Not so sure about how much I’ll use the sniper, but hell… it’s an okay load out.

    Also, for those who predicted Chris Vs. Tank, here it is. Eat your heart out.

  • komiko12

    I would have loved if Rochelle can hit them with a frying pan. I was always amused by the Left for Dead 2 trailer wherein Rochelle was holding a frying pan of all weapons/

    • it was that or a sandwich maker

    • JustThisOne

      Or the guitar! Both the frying pan and guitar make beautiful noises when you hit things.

  • Strain42

    I don’t really care about Left 4 Dead or Resident Evil (much less RE6) but there are a few words here that I did enjoy seeing. “Free of cost”

  • Sardorim

    I still want a team of nothing but Jill.

  • DCBlackbird

    I read evil dead lol…. Ash killing javo SOLD………again(i sold it :/)

  • That was very cool to see! XD I wonder if they are considering this update for the console versions…

  • Richard N

    Goddamn, when did Ellis learn all those sick moves!?

    • JustThisOne

      Well, there was this one time where he and his buddy Keith…

  • Göran Isacson

    I have read elsewhere people grumping that they are apparently just reskins of already existing character models, whiiich… feels a LITTLE cheap, but I can accept it as long as another thing they feared does not come to pass. No voice-overs. They feared that the banter would apparently be axed, and that? That is just not on. You do NOT cut out the voice actors and their brilliant lines Capcom, that would seriously make this completely unappealing to me. Sure, not giving them any unique moves is a bit lazy but I can live with all the survivors suddenly being super hard-core action heroes with slick gymnast moves. But no voices? no comment? No buy.

    • Doctor Nebula

      But you aren’t buying anything..the content is free.

      • Göran Isacson

        Huh. Somehow I completely managed to miss out on that one. Meaning that there is probably not gonna be any voices for a far more logical reason… still not sure I’d like this if I can’t have any L4D2 lines, though.

  • Visa Vang

    Elis fucking owns!!! Still, I prefer Bill though.

  • Strid

    Too bad it’s a L4D2 crossover and not L4D; far more enjoyable cast in L4D.

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