Phantasy Star Online 2 Delayed In The West Confirms Sega

By Ishaan . March 25, 2013 . 4:00pm

Phantasy Star Online 2’s release in North America has been delayed, Sega shared in a statement with Polygon today.


"Originally slated for an early 2013 launch, Sega can officially confirm that PS02 has been delayed," a Sega spokesperson told Polygon. "We don’t have any specifics but will update everyone as soon as there are more details to share."


Phantasy Star Online 2 is currently available in Japan on the PC and PlayStation Vita. Sega plan to release the PC version in the U.S. and Europe.


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  • Isaac Todd

    Hopefully the delay isn’t too long ;_;

  • Sad news, but for me personally, I wasn’t going to be able to run the PC version anyway. Hopefully they come back with news of a release date and news of the Vita version coming as well.

    • Juan Andrés Valencia

      The PC version is surprisingly scalable and it looks great, even on low settings. If you don’t have an Intel HD GPU then you’ll be fine.

      • Sadly, I tried the character creation demo thing they released and it ran very very poorly, so unless I upgrade my PC anytime soon, the Vita version is the best option for me :(


  • Finally, some news. I kinda abandoned hope after waiting so long.
    Mind you, I just hit 51 on the JP version. That itch has been scratched.

  • pimpalicious

    If it’s so we can get the Vita version, I’m all for it.

  • Chris Yuen

    I hope they release the Vita version too.

  • Ace Trainer Chris

    We asked for an update. Pleaded with them. And that update…is that the western release is delayed. Well played, Sega.

  • Barrylocke89

    Has Sega of America had any news yet on whether or not they plan on keeping the free to play model with this version? I haven’t been keeping up so I’m not sure.

    • Draparde

      I highly doubt they’ll make it Pay to play. since its rather easy to make a Japanese account and play that version.

      also the description on the main site via google states it will be free to play.
      their Facebook states it will be free to play as well.

      • Locklear93

        I’m certain you’re correct. There hasn’t been a successful monthly subscription model released since… Rift, I think. Anything else that tried releasing as pay to play since has ended up going F2P. It’s VERY hard to justify a monthly fee anymore.

  • SpecDotSign

    Oh no! This isn’t good. Plus we still haven’t gotten any news of Yakuza 5. Sega, plz!

    • Solomon_Kano

      It’s been 3 months on Yakuza 5. Chill. This though? This you oughta worry about.

      • SpecDotSign

        I would chill, but given the release history of the Yakuza games here in the states, Sega is late. So yeah, I’m worried.

        • Solomon_Kano

          We always get them a full year later. The only exception being Yakuza 2, which took two years. Hardly late. They never announce the Yakuza localizations this soon. Way too early to panic.

  • LynxAmali

    Gee, Why am I surprised?

    Oh wait. I’m not. I thought it was going to be delayed due to the dead silence.

    • Seink

      exatly my thoughts…. when the game is 2 years old or obsolete they will release it and someone inside will say “see, I told you it wasn`t going to work out”

      • d19xx

        *Sega logic*

      • Sergio Briceño

        Except its PSO2 and PSO (and PSU to an extent) worked for 5 years with minimal support. If it manages to do at least as good as it’s predecessor, then we will still have plenty of years to enjoy it.

        • Putitinme

          PSU servers died after 6 or something years

          • Sergio Briceño

            Exactly my point. And in case of PSO1 they were 5 AWESOME years.

          • Philip Elthorpe

            The problem is that the people who pulled that plug are pulling out damn early on later SEGA Onlne games.

  • Yeeeeeaaaaah, early 2013 is practically over. I figured a delay was incoming.

  • harmonyworld

    why am I not surprised~
    Somehow I knew, but that’s fine.
    Should give them more time to polish it properly.

  • FlameEmperor

    WHY GOD!?! WHY!?!

  • “Delayed”? Last time I checked, there were no plans to bring it Stateside to begin with. >_>

  • Draparde

    I can’t say i didint see this coming, honestly.

  • Considering how quiet they were I had assumed as much. I do hope things get underway as soon as possible!

  • Edzo04

    first off why is anyone shocked about this? we have heard nothing for a very long time now. the only way this could be a good thing is if they are using the extra time to localize the vita version as well. otherwise its just sega being sega

  • Randgriz

    Cool.. thanks SEGA.. I knew you was going to do good things this year.

  • “Delayed?” What gave THAT away? :P

    • Curan_Altea

      I thought they were following TK’s lead and were gonna release it without telling anyone like Atelier Totori.

      • ShadowDivz

        It’s weird i was expecting the same.

  • Come on SEGA. Summer2013. Best time for anything.

  • almostautumn

    That picture up top confused the hell out of me. It genuinely took me a minute to sort out the anatomy XD

    EDIT: No big deal. They’re OBVIOUSLY taking the time to dual-release it beside the Vita title. Right? …Right?
    *Hopes through the roof, and beyond!*

  • eilegz

    noooooooooooooooooooooooooooo :(

    the vita saviour its taking so long. to get it here

    • ShadowDivz

      Yeah, im looking forward to soul sacrifice too.

  • Ferrick

    i won’t say that i saw this coming but… i definitely saw this coming =P

    oh well, atleast soul sacrifice is still coming and that’s enough for me

    • Vash bane

      agreed getting a vita later then starts the waiting game

  • KingGunblader

    I’m not really familiar with this series, but I’d love to play this. Hopefully the delay was to localize the Vita version.

  • Pythia Brixham

    It better come with the update the Japanese version has then.

  • FetusZero

    Wouldn’t be half bad if they said “delayed because you’ll have every content the Japanese version has gotten since release”.

    • Seink

      ….no, I think it will be released without very hard mode, no advance quests, level cap 30, no second evolution to mags, no guilds, only 3 classes, only 2 or 3 types of emergency quest and only the florest and volcano missions. after a month or two the desert will be available and one or another feature, than a monthly update will occour with just a bit of content and we will never catch up….

      • WindButterfly

        This makes me so sad because it’s probably going to end up being true. T-T

  • Prinny Dood

    Well it looks like october or november release, oh well at lease they didnt say “CANCEL IN NORTH AMERICA” then ill start crying. Speaking of delays what ever happen to piccotto knights?

  • Brandonmkii

    Maybe this time next year the US version will have Banther and Banshee. :o Dark Falz Elder coming winter 2019.

  • Dood c’mom, I’ve been waiting for this sine the Japanese release, I just want to see if it’s even going to run on my laptop even if it is Free-to-Play :I.

  • DanijoEX

    Weeeelllll…I should take advantage of this when I get a new laptop in time.

    My current one isn’t up to par at all. But still I can wait…in the meantime.

  • Chris Cruz


  • Just Tim

    I completely understand the whole delay, given what I said before about the variable lag issue/internet structure here in the US.

    I mean, need I remind people about Comcast from FAILadelphia that’s been pissing off Boston, Chicago, Houston, Miami, Silicon Valley/NorCal, AT&T that’s about to turn Dallas into ‘Dullass’ (yes, the same AT&T that lobbied to the White House about making cell phone unlocking illegal, attempted a failed merger with T-Mobile, sold out UC Berkeley students’ info to the NSA during W’s administration, to name a few), COX, blocking off customers that went over their data caps, to name a few?

    I hope SEGA would use this delay time to implement a system similar to netplay/GGPO in PSO2 US servers.

    • Ferrick

      hmm now that you mention it, i worry that i won’t be able to play pso2 outside of my house or areas with wifi, considering the problems that at&t has most of the time =/

    • Putitinme

      What do you mean lag issues? I don’t understand

      • Just Tim

        In another thread, I pointed out how non-US gamers call their US counterparts LAGGERS, because of data throttling, data capping, lag switching, and the fact Japan got 1Gbit/s, while companies like Comcast gets away with data capping (and being the single biggest source as to why Philadelphia gets dissed into FAILadelphia), AT&T and its continued usage of copper wirings… I mean, need I go on?

  • Pockystix

    well poop

  • $36598391

    so NA won’t be getting the vita version then……

  • Micrll

    I am seriously wondering what the delay is for. I played the English version back at PAX in August of last year. It was running just fine and looked ready to launch. Hopefully it has not been silently canceled.

    • Draparde

      Maybe there doing the vita version, or maybe(doubtful) there gonna launch with content a little closer to the Japanese servers. and would be using this delay to localize more content….

  • ShawnOtakuSomething

    Not surprised -_-

  • EmptyWarrior

    Better than hearing it’s been cancelled, I guess. It’s the only MMO I’m looking forward to.

  • They are going to make a bunch of money off of Miku being Mabinogi, (And Dominos) I guess they don’t need PSO2 out in the west sooner than they thought.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’m just praying that this update means we’ll get the Vita version as well. My PC is utter crap, so I’d love that. If not, then I guess I’ll grab another Vita memory card for my JPN account. Unless my laptop craps out between now and the localization, forcing me to upgrade.

    I honestly can’t picture what the hell they’ve been doing that would delay the localization. What was the last thing they had to do, Sonic’s last racing game? It’s not like they localized much last year, so I dunno what the hold up is.

  • Zero Shift

    I didn’t even know PSO2 was slated for a US release in the first place lol. Well, delay or not, this is all good news to me, so long as the US release doesn’t get cancelled.

  • TheExile285

    Give us the Vita version Sega!

  • Sylveria

    And now we wait for them to say it’s been canceled.

    • Firehawke

      Inevitable at this point. It’d probably be easier to add English to the Japanese version, set up a western-side AC purchase site, and let everyone loose on the Japanese servers, but they’re dead-set against that.

      • Philip Elthorpe

        It’s like Monster Hunter Frontier. Japan is becoming stupidly xenophobic of the west.

  • Go2hell66


  • Raltrios

    I clicked on this article because I could NOT for the life of me figure out the anatomy of the character in the thumbnail.

    Now I see. And feel slightly stupid.

  • HerosLight

    I played the Japanese version for a few weeks/months last year, and enjoyed the hell out of it, but I really want the English version to be out already. This is the MMO/True Sequel I’ve been waiting for YEARS since the GameCube version.

    What was the release date before? Unless they never mentioned it.

    • Firehawke

      Originally first quarter 2013– that window would be ending in a few days.

  • DS23

    …and by delayed they mean ‘never coming ever’.

    • CirnoLakes

      Better not.

      They IP blocked the Japanese version.

      • Luna Kazemaru

        Only the sign ups which are easy to get by that haven’t IP blocked any non Japanese players playing the game before that TOS update

  • Well duh, it was supposed to come out in January originally. The fact that I’m not playing it now means I pretty much knew that lol

    • ZEROthefirst

      They never said anything about a January release, only that PSO2 would be released early 2013. That mean anywhere during 1/4 2013 and we still had April left before that passed.

  • Strid

    The only hope for the western version is that they’ve decided to take the “real version” and just go international with it. If not, abandon hope for any sort of decent experience, as Sonic Team has proven time and time again that they just don’t care about Phantasy Star in the west.

  • Callonia

    Sega haven’t surprised me in many years now lol. Nothing new. Last time they surprised me was when they released that first valkyria chronicles.

  • Jordan

    Enjoyed the beta. I hope they get the western release quickly, cause I could play this game all day & night.

  • That´s the SEGA we love…

  • gamerdude

    PC and Vita only now?
    WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PS3 version?!?!!?!?!?
    Seriously was that canceled?
    Does Japan still get it on ps3?

    Oh man… PC only?
    Well there goes any hope of having a decent MMO in PS3’s lifetime. =(

    As for the delay people really shouldn’t complain there because a delayed MMO is always a good thing. Think about the amount of bugs fixed, patches and updates added to the game already when it gets released. We really get a good deal here …

    • Luna Kazemaru

      it was never coming to ps3

      • gamerdude

        What a waste of HD assets. Anyway can’t too bee too angry about it since the upside is that Vita finally has another killer console exclusive. I hope it boosts Vita sales a bit here like it did in Japan =)

        EDIT: I stand corrected no Vita version here. Well this is then just full-on bad news =(

        Probably will still try it on PC. At least it’s better than nothing at all. (really scraping the bottom of the barrel to see anything good about this)

        • Luna Kazemaru

          It wasn’t a waste of anything PSO2 was PC at mind first honestly

  • ShadowDivz

    God, i want to see an MMO on the vita. I mean…. an MMO on a handheld? Count me in.

  • Nightmesh

    Always wonder why it’s not on the PS3 or Xbox360 yet. Maybe their is hope for a WiiU release.

    • Luna Kazemaru

      I seem to remember them saying its not happening

  • Luna Kazemaru

    Because we never saw this coming sega lol nice job there.

  • Bobby Jennings

    Well duh.

  • gquain

    wait, Phantas Star Online 2 WILL come out to the west?
    That’s news to me, i thought i was forever bound on using proxies.
    SEGA kinda has trouble breaking the international borders and connect the world, the west feels years behind the japanese in terms of PSO2

  • The Watcher

    That’s good to know. I just got PSO2 and was hoping the localized version wouldn’t release soon, now i can take my time.

  • I would never have expected an early 2013 launch, so this isn’t really too bad.

  • I really really hope they are delaying it to get the vita version ready.

  • I assume they want to bring it to consoles for its western release. PS4 launch title maybe? PS4+PSvita would make sense, since its free to play it’d automatically be cross buy too.

  • zero254

    I don’t care how much they delay this as long as it isn’t a disaster of a game for the us version like psu was.

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    I am okay with the delay here.^_^ As long as the game is going to come here, i can wait Sega!!!……….not take too long plizzz.T_T

  • Dark-_-FoX

    I swear I love japan but the Japanese are starting to piss me off because they have pretty much said fuck you to the PSVita people when it comes to content!!! Have anyone gone and looked at the psn store if you convert ur vita to Japanese server? They have at the very least 10 times the amount of content in every category you can get on the vita… getting really fed up with it because its so un fair….. D:

  • So in short it’s never coming. Thanks Sega! You keep firing off crappy Sonic games like it’s fireworks on the last day of Golden-Week. God for bid Sega releases anything worth playing. Japan is a expansive xenophobic socially ill equipped sinking ship. I’m just glad I have Monster Hunter 3rd HD on my Vita… Oh no wait, that’s a Nope.

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