Fate/Extra CCC Promo Video Shows Saber In A Battle

By Ishaan . March 26, 2013 . 11:10pm

Marvelous AQL have shared another promo video for Fate/Extra CCC, this time demonstrating the game’s battle system with Saber and her master in a fight:



Fate/Extra CCC will be released in Japan on March 28th. Characters from Fate/Extra, such as Rin, Leo, Rani and Shinji, return for this game but in different roles. Additionally, Sakura is one of the key story characters in the game this time around.

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  • I like the new interface. I’d have liked to have seen new attack animations though. A minor gripe.

    • Syn

      Yeah, I agree there, feels a little re-used, but, I love that new interface as well, really nice stuff, I hope her special attack used in her Noble Phantasm has changed instead of being basically an amped up version of her standard special, maybe thats where they might have added new Animation and stuff, I really love her Noble Phantasm Aestus Domus Aurea, the music that plays when its activated just made me feel as though I could not lose any battle.

      • I agree with you about her Noble Phantasm. The music is very fitting and very inspiring. Despite Archer being my favourite character, I consider Saber’s NP to be my favourite NP for looks and sound.

    • natchu96

      One of the game’s first delays in development was apparently because it looked too much like a rehash, ironically enough.

    • Kronos

      The animation looks smoother to me but that may be my eyes lying due to wanting to play this.

  • Go2hell66

    gotta catch em all pokemon!

  • I’m really liking this battle system. I hope the game does well so we get a localization announcement soon.

    • I think we’re gonna have to celebrate and replay Fate/Extra if we get an announcement for localisation.
      I just hope that they release it in Europe too in that case :p

      • Yeah, I would gladly, and I hope Europe does get it too so we all can enjoy it. Also, nice name by the way. I’m guessing Little Busters lol?

  • epy

    Come on, Aksys!!

  • Looks much better than Extra one’s. The 3D models looks good too. And lol Peeper gonna peeping tom :P

    Sakurament is the currency. Just in case you are curious, tht overpriced item is the old Tsukumihara female uniform.
    Also, no more Soul Alteration. Stat will be increased as you level.

    Seiba stat.

    Castah stat.

    I have no idea wht this mean, but the poster saying its CERO D worthy material. Any1 interested to help?

    Gym outfit for Twice long lost little bro MC-kun.

    • Raze

      No more soul alteration??
      So does that mean making Tamamo’s Mag to EX is harder??

    • Christopher Nunes

      No more Soul Alternations? Bummer… I kinda like creating stats for my Servants to create the ultimate build, I wonder if max level will nearly max out most of their stats this time around?

      And does that mean no more Aoko Aozaki and Touko Aozaki this time around? T_T

      Or do they have new roles instead?

      I like to know what the translations to the fourth picture is about? How is it, it got the CERO D rating material there.

      And the 3D models DO look better than the first Extra! It’s amazing.

    • Female student:
      “N-Noooooo, Stoppppp
      That can’t be put in, it’s impossible
      I feel like I’m going to die, forgive me”

      • http://i.imgur.com/xLH48.jpg
        CERO D material indeed.

        Thk for the translation anyway.

        • You’re welcome : 3
          And thank you for sharing some screens as well

          (We’re not seeing anything but let’s just …keep it that way. Not hearing is preferably better however)

    • Did not notice before…
      The MC has glasses?!
      I’m glad to know that you can put little attachments on the MCs and not just the servants XD

      Wonder what the uniform is for… Maybe Saber/Caster can wear it??

  • Patrick Henry de Dios

    I’ll leave this here.

    LOL seiyuu joke.

    • M’iau M’iaut

      I’ve got to keep remembering Tange took the role over.

      • Nerroth

        This Saber is a different character to the “original” one, who would still be voiced by Kawasumi Ayako.

  • furryforever85

    I really hope this makes a us release date, I’ve been replaying the crap out of Fate/Extra, even started a petition for this game at change.org

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