Zero’s Dragon In Drakengard 3 Is Named Mikhail

By Ishaan . March 26, 2013 . 9:40am

A few scant details on Drakengard 3 have leaked from this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. Famitsu mentions that, while in previous Drakengard games you needed to make a pact with your dragon partner, you don’t need to do that now. Zero’s dragon partner in the name is named Mikhail.


Additionally, Famitsu reports that Utautai have a special ability where a flower in their right eye—like in the case of Zero—continually grows. The magazine also mentions that, in order to make the story easier to understand, the two sisters were named One and Zero in sequential order.


We’ll keep an eye out for more (and, hopefully, clearer) details from Famitsu. In the meantime, you can catch up with more story details here.


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  • Ahhhhahhahahah keep and eye out, i get it!!!

    • AnimusVox

      *ba dum tss*

  • Go2hell66

    i bet this game is gonna have a drakerider crossover

    you heard it here 1st folks

    • Guest

      darkrider? darksiders?

      • Go2hell66
        • Vash bane

          an iphone game o.O?

          • brian

            It fits the pattern Squeenix seems to have recently, doing a lot of mobile stuff, and to an extent crossovers.
            Plus they have similar-ish settings.

          • Vash bane

            an only hope not >.<

  • That is an appropriate name for a dragon. Mikhail or Michael is Hebrew and means “Who is like God?”

    I surely wouldn’t mind riding around on a God like dragon lol. Getting more and more excited as details are released on this =^_^=

    • Vash bane

      but wasn’t the god of dragons was wyrm then angelo (what ever that red dragon name was >_<)?

      • wyrm is ancient/sacred dragon, not god dragon, haha

        Red Dragon is Angelus, and there’s nothing really special about her origin actually, other than she is 10.000 years old and becoming goddes seal. (and making a pact with the most heartless character of all story)

        • Vash bane

          oh lol
          only thing I remember was she saying something about how it was the strongest dragon or something

          • Soroth23

            That was the wyrm u have to fight in the course of the game. Its kind of like sacred to dragons. and its also feared by all dragonkind.

        • Kairo Fujima


          Caim’s only heartless in the first portion of the game. After he nearly loses her in a fight against Inuart, he begins to grow and care for Angelus like family. When she decides to become the goddess seal in order to save the world, you actually see him cry for her before the credits roll.


          • You should see the other endings. True, Angelus always comes off his “I Want To Kill…” list but he’s still a huge psychopath in the other four.

  • Göran Isacson

    Huh. No contract or pact-prize necessary? I have to admit that I thought the pact things were cool, so I wonder why they removed it. Or maybe Mikhail is just so cool with Zero that he willingly allows her to ride on his back?

  • Since this is a prequel to the first game I hope there is an ancestor of Caim.

    • Lexaus_the_Alchemist

      When was it confirmed that this game was a prequel? Don’t remember that in the initial reveal…

      • I’m sure famitsu mentions it. Lack of pacts and different terms for what a “Goddess” is would imply this.

  • Follower_of_Pram

    Hard for me to associate that name with anything other than Golgo 13’s one off crazy cultist priest, “Blessed Mikhail”. Ah well, hope he has an awesome voice.

    {The magazine also mentions that, in order to make the story easier to
    understand, the two sisters were named One and Zero in sequential order.}


    • Vash bane

      ikr? why so plain

  • Curan_Altea

    Can’t wait for better details on this game. Cool looking dragon though.

    And Nowe and Legna weren’t pact partners actually so only in the first game was there a pact between the protagonist and dragon.

    • even Nowe and Legna can actually be called “pseudo-pact” since Nowe is fusion of Furiae and Inuart.
      and Inuart was Legna’s pact partner in D1, the pact had never been broken.

      • Curan_Altea

        I understand that Nowe is a special case but he technically never made a pact with Legna. However their bond couldn’t exist without a pact so I guess it was required technically.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Mikhail looks awesome. I need to see this in motion. Get a feel for the combat.

    I’m still hopeful that Squenix will get the first two on PSN as Classics. I don’t need an HD collection, and they’d never do one for such a small series anyway, but I’d love to see them make it to PSN.

  • Lyh Scully

    O_O Yay ! XD actually i know the odds are VERY low but yeah i would like a HD pack from the previous 2 , Still this is awesome ^_^

  • ShadowDivz

    Zero’s dragon partner in the name is named Mikhail.

  • still no confirmation of Mikhail’s gender??

    • It’s gonna be a bloke. It’s not a lass’ name.

  • Vash bane

    im more curious of which ending this one comes after or will it just be its own game and the name Mikhail…

    didn’t think I would see that name in a game again lol (their usually god-like beings at that)

  • Soroth23

    One thing I would like to clarify about this post, not sure if its been said before, but Nowe and Legna are NOT pact partners. Legna raised nowe as an infant, and in a sense he is like a father to Nowe, but they never made a pact.

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