Zero Escape 3 Will Take Place Between 999 And Virtue’s Last Reward

By Ishaan . March 27, 2013 . 3:00pm

The third game in the Zero Escape series will take place between Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors and Virtue’s Last Reward.


The games’ director, Kotaro Uchikoshi, shared the information with Siliconera during an interview today.


Prior to developing the Zero Escape games, Uchikoshi wrote Ever17: Out of Inifinity, one of the more well-known visual novels in the West.


  • Rishtopher

    Admittedly, I’m kinda of confused but I have no doubts (what with jumping through time and space and all) that this will end well and wrap up everything left unanswered from VLR.

  • leadintea

    There’s another Zero Escape!? I’m both happy and disappointed cause I have to actually buy VLR now…

    • Detrimont

      you should have bought it in the first place

  • SHSL Big Bro

    We kinda already know that, it’s gonna be in that Mars Launch Facility, iirc.

  • Solomon_Kano

    Aw crap, I still need to play the first two.

  • Hey guys, careful on the spoilers. Some people haven’t played the game yet.

    That said, this is interesting. Wasn’t expecting it to take place in between. Was expecting a follow up to VLR with references and revelations to what happened in between what with the events that took place.

    • Zeik56

      Technically its still likely a follow up, given the ending of VLR, its just that the actual events take place in-between the two games. There will almost certainly be plenty of references and new revelations.

  • benhofb

    *SPOILERS* I have a feeling it is going to involve the whole moon-base incident and the outbreak of Radical-6. Hopefully will provide closure for us Zero Escape fans.

    • If you read the Q&A for VLR, that’s exactly what it will be about. Also has something to do with the woman Luna is based on aka the woman in the recording. <3 Luna.

      • benhofb

        ;_; Her ending… so sad… I’m eager to see who she’s based on.

        • She is a *spoiler* it isn’t that sad is it? Maybe I am just heartless.

          • benhofb

            I don’t know… Even though she is a *spoiler*, I still liked her character. Her weird shyness around everyone brought life to her despite her *spoiler-ness*.

          • lol She was cute in that shy girl kind of way sure and made her a likeable character but since she is a *spoiler* I don’t feel a real connection to her. Not to say it is bad that you (or others) do.

  • Alex

    Wasn’t this already pretty much confirmed by the ending to VLR?

  • Craig

    Because we didn’t already know this.

  • Max

    Well, if you played Virtue till the end this is no surprise. Still, it’s nice to know they’re working on it.

  • AkuLord3

    Damn it i really need to get Zero Escape soon ;w;

    • Zero Escape is the series title… do you mean 999 or VLR or both?

  • OverlordZetta

    It’d be nice if we could see a Vita port of 999 first, so us Sony users could get the whole story – assuming, of course, this is going to be multiplat agan.

    • Ethan_Twain

      There’s some pretty specific things going on in 999 that make use of the hardware in a fairly unique way. I’m not saying that it couldn’t exist on any other platforms, but a couple key sequences near the finale would need to be pretty dramatically redesigned. Just something to keep in mind – I wouldn’t be surprised if because of that a port never happens or if it does it lands on the 3DS instead.

      • I’d liked that, if I don’t have a copy of 999 by then.

      • Detrimont

        there’s also meaning behind there being two screens, (not just that sequence, the whole game)

        • If that was true, VLR would’ve never made it to the Vita in the first place. It would’ve been a 3DS-exclusive because it has 2 screens.

          • redhood56

            Well no, the second screen actually serves as a story purpose in 999.

          • No9

            He’s telling the truth as there is a significant story plot that revolves around the game being played on two screens.

          • Scrooge_McDuck

            Well, he’s talking specifically about 999, not VLR.

          • Detrimont

            i was talking about 999, because the first person, and the person i was replying to, was talking about 999

        • wez

          You cant have 999 without 2 screens it botches the whole plot.

    • Careful with console begging.

  • Another one, huh? I still need to pick up the first one and the sequel for either my 3DS or Vita. *sigh* So many series I need to come up with… never-ending torment. :(

  • Zonic505

    Hmm, so it’s a mid-quel. Just hope questions will be answered.

    & I WILL play 999 one of these days.

    • Nope, it’s definitely a sequel but to understand that, you’ll need to at least play both games and helps to read the director’s Q&A for both games.

  • I don’t care where it is, take my money! o/

  • Xapth

    To those who finished VLR this shouldn’t be a surprise.

    ~*Virtue’s Last Reward Spoilers!*~

    999 takes place in 2027,
    while VLR takes place in 2074.

    VLR refers to a “Mars mission test site” multiple times throughout the game.
    This mission apparently took place in 2028.
    It’s also where initial Radical 6 outbreak took place.

    The game sets things up so that eventually, Sigma, Phi, and possibly K / Kyle will jump back into their consciousnesses of 2028 and try and prevent the outbreak. Tenmyouji mentioned in the game that he was present during the mission, so this more or less confirms Junpei’s appearance as well.

    So by “between 999 and Virtue’s Last Reward”, I take it we can assume Uchikoshi means it will be primarily in the year 2028 (Mars mission), which is between 2027 (999) and 2074 (VLR). It’s still taking place “after” VLR when you take the conciousness jumping into account.

    • Detrimont

      i know this is what it’s going to be, i’m just wondering how they’re going to to it, because if you remember, when it went to 2028, Akane said they failed, and Sigma lost his arm.

      • Multiple timelines, and time travel and yah.

        • cj_iwakura

          And lost multiple arms.

          • Wait what? lol

          • cj_iwakura

            He lost both arms, not just one.

          • Oh you’re talking about Kyle.

      • EtherealEarth


        At the end of the game, there’s a new entity that’s inside K’s body, and Akane directly tells him that he’s the key to save the world. He will also make a jump to the Mars test site incident.

        • benhofb

          People were joking on the forums that the entity guy was the player themself. Don’t know if I believe it though…

          • Detrimont

            it’s supposed to be the player, it wasnt a joke, the same thing happens in ever17

      • Scrooge_McDuck


        Akane also dies at the beginning of VLR, yet she lives by the end of it. How does THAT happen?

        • Jacob Thomas

          Only in the bomb arc does Sigma and Phi realize that they can go back in time to save Akane. So they go back in time and save. But because they only realized this in the bomb arc, she dies in the other 2 arcs.

          • Scrooge_McDuck

            To be honest, that was a hypothetical question…

  • Detrimont

    i’m pretty sure people who have played both(mainly VLR) know mean it’s going to take place, and what the outcomes going to be.

  • Wasn’t this basically flat out a given with the ending of VLR? Yah… I think it was. I guess it is kind of nice to have an official confirmation though.

  • redhood56

    We already knew this, but I am so happy to see the words ” Zero Escape 3″ in a headline.

  • AlexanderPappas

    That was already known if you played vlr, this is kinda spoilers.

    • How is it spoilers?

      • AlexanderPappas

        If you got the true true true ending with then you’d know

        • I got the final ending and I still don’t see how it is spoilers.

          • AlexanderPappas

            Did you get the final final final ending? It’s the second ending with end or beginning not the first one. It’s at the very very bottom of the tree under the ending after the phi end. Sigma isn’t in it.

          • It’s the one with Kyle, yah? Still confusing story line but meh. If I somehow missed an ending without being able to collect anything else, or do anything else really then wow. If not then… no not spoilers.

          • Ladius

            It really is though, even if knowing the relationship between VLR and its sequel isn’t a spoiler per se it’s enough to make you guess many things about the game if you’re still playing it, especially considering the hints thrown in some paths about some previous events I won’t mention.

          • Eh… not really. It’s our comments about the story that are spoiling stuff.

          • Agree lol, its not really spoilers, someone who haven’t played it can just imagine its a normal prequel

  • No9

    A-a-a third one? :O WHY DON’T I HAVE A VITA OR 3DS YET?!!? T.T

  • ZekeFreek

    Duh. Anyone who played the game to completion knew that already.

  • cj_iwakura

    Wow, that’s the shortest interview ever! (Later post, I’m guessing.)

  • Yeah, well, anyone that played VLR would had expected this xD But i guess lots of people already said this here.

    Just so you know tho, this doesn’t means the 3rd game is a prequel of VLR ;), if you haven’t played the games, do it and you will see what i mean

    • Yah it is confusing it does take place after the events of VLR, but the events happen in the past. Time Travel should not be played with.

  • komiko12

    Heh. Anyone who played the first two games would know that bit of info. If people want more chances of getting info then they should check Uchikoshi’s twitter every now and then.

  • The chick on the right is like really really hot. Also yay moar VLR games O 3O!!

    • Alice the never ending plot hole in the series thanks to 999.

      • komiko12

        I think All-ice is the plothole not Alice herself. (assuming Alice is not All-ice)

        • Well she was supposed to be super old and yah I don’t know it is a plot hole.

          • komiko12

            If this All-ice issue is not resolved then it would be such a shame. They had a good job building up All-ice in 999 only to end up being just a red herring. :D

          • I have no idea who the character is since I haven’t been able to get any of the games yet, so I’m going to pretend I saw none of this and just keep oogling her because bewbs!

  • Mrgrgr and Unacceptable World

    And here, i haven’t even finished my VLR.T_T Why can’t i separate myself into 3 and play all my games at once.T_T

  • Learii

    what they mean by between? plus the next one should the second one then

    • Ladius

      No, you will understand this bit of information better once you see VLR’s true ending.

      • Learii

        i did see the true ending but i haven’t play 999 though unless this game take place before the vrius spare everywhere on earth

  • Hyli

    Agh I haven’t even finished all the endings of 999 yet!!
    better kick it into warp speed~

  • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

    Thank goodness, I was hoping this would be the case. Loved VLR but didn’t really see where the story could go after that.

    • Akuosa

      Uh… I guess you didn’t get all the endings yet then? Because the game plain out tells you what the next one is going to be about…

      • Ouch My Head Said Dionysus

        You’re correct, I didn’t. I played through everything except Phi’s route (and whatever comes after that) before having to put it down due to personal issues. I should probably pick it up again this weekend, because I loved it.

  • cameron forsyth

    ———brief/subtle spoilers——
    i hope they continue with the jump mechanic, i really like how multiple endings isn’t present for just replay values. and i’m really interested to see how the “traps” are implemented. and since we have numerous protagonists present are we going to be able to control multiple people in the same story? argh so many questions

  • gamerdude

    The original had great writing I can’t wait to buy this.

  • Whoa I wake up and there’s a Zero Escape 3?! Amazing!

  • Alexandra Cordes

    Yesssss. X3

  • That guy who hates Spike

    I kinda wanted it to take place before 999’s Nonary Game.

    • Zero Escape 4 maybe. Though we know how that ends…

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