Fire Emblem: Awakening’s New DLC Map Pits You Against Skilled Enemies

By Ishaan . March 29, 2013 . 9:45am

A new DLC map is available for Fire Emblem: Awakening. Titled “Rogues and Redeemers 1,” the map has Chrom teaming up with several protagonists from previous Fire Emblem games led by Ephraim against high-level enemies.


Completing the Rogues and Redeemers 1 map gets you Ephraim as a playable character. You can download the map for $3 or all three Rogues and Redeemers maps for $6.50. You won’t be able to play the second and third just yet, though.


Also available now is the free “Ghost of Blade” map via SpotPass.


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  • Zenthos

    How about dlc that will make the game more complete? More character customization options, more conversations passed s rank, being able to fight auto spawning rift that re spawn every time you defeat them rather than using rift boxes 24/7 after you cleared the world map to wait hours for them to come back again, merchants giving you some never before seen items rather than becoming useless near end game as you can find every item they have available all across the other stores, and ect.

    • Exkaiser

      The game is complete as-is.

    • benhofb

      StreetPassing makes things a wee bit more hefty of an experience along with summoning a bunch of outer realm guys to your map, but I see what you mean. An online mode would have been incredible instead of just street pass and then local “co-op.” Its also kind of cheap that some classes are Paid DLC only…

      • Suicunesol

        It’s just two classes. >_>

    • revenent hell

      You can play spotpass maps for free just as easilly, or if you prefer the DLC ones. Personally I rather like not having constantly respawning enemies and choosing myself when to battle..but thats me.

      I dont overly mind the lack of costomization since I have never been really big in to it. I’m one of those people that actually like being given the charecter to play as since it feels more true to the vision of the story to me somehow, I only really have ever cared for gender options so that probably makes me a bit of a hypocrite I guess?.

      As is there are a lot of conversation options, sure once they are finished there are no more unless you do the DLC or spotpass stuff, witch is true for a lot of games not just this one but overall I thinks its a complete game and your being a tad nitpicky.

    • PanjoNanjo

      How could those petty additions make the game any more complete? Character customizations!? Excluding the fact that you can make your own character any class you want? That along with the support convos are way more thorough than any previous entry. The DLC maps already available can be replayed infinitely, and later ones provide quite some challenge unless you get the Limit Break Skill. And at that point you are already paying to win. And what do you mean never before seen items? You can customize every weapon excluding the super ones, which aren’t exactly common during the main story. And the DLC provides extra classes and skills. I’m sorry, just your whiney complaints just seem so unnecessary. Make the game more complete lol, what a joke lol. The only thing this installment was missing was the third tier class. Beyond that this installment surpasses every entry with those “issues” you wanted fixed. So your problem doesn’t fall on FE: Awakening, but on your own ridiculous expectations.

    • Sardorim

      Fans can be so needy sometimes. The game is fine. The only real issue I have is how poorly balanced early Lunatic is and that characters like Emm don’t have supports with her family.

      • revenent hell

        I found the support thing odd as well….Really you would think being family people would have supports with each other. I also found it kind of odd how some characters who have a common back round with each other don’t have supports together. The game is really weird/odd in that.

        • Sardorim

          Well, I’m sure they ran out of time for that is all. At least Bonds and stuff gives her convos with more than just MU/FeMU.

  • I got Lyn from the last batch of DLC. I… She was my favorite character <3

    • Sardorim

      Real shame they didn’t go further and make her S rankable.

  • I’m still waiting on the awesome “Bonds” DLC pack. I swear, Nintendo is leaving the best for last. XD

    • benhofb

      Wanna see Chrom in swim trunks, huh? XD

      • Gaius ;D

        • AnimusVox

          I don’t care about Chrom, but I can dig Gaius. Though I want dat Tharja.
          I like Cordelia but I’d prefer Cherche in a bikini.

          • Sardorim

            You want to see more than Cherche’s back? You fiend!

          • AnimusVox

            I know *tee hee* I’m so bad.

            I mean, baby got back but I want to know what else she got.

    • Laith Rem

      That’s Series 2. Rogue and Redeemers is the finale for Series 1.

      • Oh cool! Thanks. I didn’t know there were series of DLC for this game.

    • MrTyrant

      Is it true that you get special dialogues with character that are married?

      • AnimusVox

        You are correct.

  • StarWarudo

    I wonder if when they finish releasing all the DLC there will be like a huge bundle sale where if you pay, say 20$, you’ll get everything released so far.

  • jengo

    Do the DLC characters have conversations with your team when you recruit them?

    • AnimusVox

      Not the characters from previous Fire Emblem titles.

      • Linhua

        … I was just about to say that. XD

        • AnimusVox

          Would’ve been cool to have convos with previous characters of the series.

          • Linhua

            … you mean like support convos where the support rankings are…?

            … I can understand not having S Ranks with them… but at least up to C… =

            … but you definitely get some in battle on the maps… i’m certainly not about to go to the Wikia trying to figure out who talks to who on what map for a few lines of dialogue though… lol.

            … most of all, see… I just really wish these (DLC) characters got some sort of unique characteristics about them… they act no different than the free characters you get. They say nothing [no matter what]… they look generic… and they come empty handed…. no special weapon or item unique to them or anything.

            … it’s just so sad to know that we have all the information sitting out here before us from the Jap version… and knowing that there will be nothing more than that.

    • MrTyrant

      DLC characters? no they don’t anything and they look like any generic npc. Spotpass characters? yes! but only with “my unit” character and they can also have a son/daughter with him/her.

      • Ben Sylvia

        Well, TECHNICALLY some characters can converse with green units in the DLC maps, and every story character (including the spotpass ones) have battle conversations with some of the enemies in them.

        • MrTyrant

          Support event i mean.

          • Ben Sylvia

            Well I was mostly directing that at the first sentence.
            Still incredibly minor, but noteworthy.

  • Ben Sylvia

    I wish they had used Powerful Foe from Sacred Stones as the battle theme.


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