8-Bit Indie Game ShovelKnight Fully Funded

By Ishaan . April 1, 2013 . 9:07am

Shovel Knight, the 8-bit indie game being developed by a team of ex-WayForward Technologies staff, has been fully funded thanks to contributions via Kickstarter.


As previously reported, Shovel Knight is being developed by a studio named Yacht Games. Inspired by both old and new games like Mega Man, Castlevania and Dark Souls, it’s being developed for the PC, Nintendo 3DS and Wii U. You’ll play as the ShovelBlade-wielding Shovel Knight, out to rescue his beloved.


With 12 days to go, Shovel Knight has reached over $80,000 in contributions. The game has cleared its first stretch goal, which means that the game will be getting an in-game music player. At the $90,000 mark, Yacht Club will add achievements to the game.


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  • I disagree with their general statement that achievements change how you play the game. Would have to hear what their ideas of good achievements are, because adding achievements when you kill so and so isn’t an achievement to care about.

    • Sergio Briceño

      I didn’t even knew they had a opinion on achievements. Interesting.

      To me, they don’t add anything meaningful to any game. I don’t enjoy them or hate them, I don’t even look at the text displayed whenever you get one or look up how to get them or how many I already have.

      I don’t think they are relevant to the way you play a game either. But if a developer thinks they are important, then it’s an interesting read I guess.

      • You had this sort of thing ingame for plenty of games where you got certain unlocks and whatnot depending on what you did. That in itself made it worthwhile to get those achievements, with how the achievements we have now as an outside feature to a game seems rather redundant if it’s not going to do anything to change the gameplay or upon up more options for a game.

        • Sergio Briceño

          Ok I get it and I agree too. Usually, when it adds anything to the game it is at least hinted by the game (NPCs, in game hints, etc) that you could get a reward by doing something.

          Like the sidequests in TLoZ. But that has existed since the beginning of video game history. What I meant is that we could pretty much do without achievements at all (you know, that textbox that pops up somewhere on the screen and it’s called a trophy on the PS3) because truth be told, they are meaning less.

          And even if they notify you of a job well done for finishing a side quest (which usually isn’t the case, more like “Wheepeee!” for jumping 10 times in a row in some games) it’s not like you didn’t notice yourself, because you got a reward. Even if there isn’t a reward, you know you just did something amazing.

          Come to think of it, the SHARE button on the PS4 sort of makes achievements even less important. Everytime you do something amazing, press the share button and the last 10-15 seconds of gameplay will be uploaded and shared. Name the video however you want and that will be the official name for your very own achievement.

          Or they could go the Nintendo route and not force the achievements. Or like Tiredman suggested, just add the good ones (“You just entered the secret room in MARIOGAME that is actually a bug but we the test team knew would eventually be found out” kind of achievement).

          • Oh I get what you meant though, and to be honest those type of challenges or even weirdness like beating Monster X from Cave Story with one of the dog’s on your back makes more sense then something completely inane.

      • The main argument for achievements has to do with what the achievements are for. I read an article last week or the week before, don’t remember which, where a developer talked about how good achievements cause you to play the game a different way. An example of that is like an achievement where you have to evade 50 enemies, which might cause you to try playing the game a different way, using different powers, and so on. Znother one could have you do this specific pattern on this type of monster, which could make you learn a new way to play the game when you are trying to learn how to do that achievement, like maybe you didn’t know you could do a slide into an upper cut slash that sends your enemy flying..

        I will be honest, I just don’t care about achievements at all anymore. My favorite rewards for playing games are arena’s, extra dungeons, extra bosses, just extra content. But developers and publishers are trying their hardest to take that away and force us to pay to get them back, and in return we get achievements or other worthless extras added to games.

  • Achievements seems like a waste of time/money for a stretch goal. Mainly because I don’t think they add a single thing to video games except for the weirdos but whatever. I’m just glad the game got funded and it’s coming out. I’m ridiculously excited for this.

    • Letiumtide

      When I saw the list I thought the exact same thing, I cannot stand achievements largely because they really add nothing to a game, so I just shut them off for an entire system if it’s possible.

      • Visa Vang

        Well, just view the achievements list as an hint book. It usually tells you the game’s full potential. Of course, this “hint” thing excludes achievements like “kill 20 rats” kind of thing. Those kind are just retarded.

      • The last game with any useful trophies was SSBB

  • Göran Isacson

    Not sure what achievements will do for the game but I guess they need extra funding to get the achievements validated by the game companies hosting it, so yeah, why not make that a stretch goal so it doesn’t have to eat into the main games budget.

    I do hope that they will include the gender swap mode even if it doesn’t get funded outright, if only because I think it’s the kind of feature more games should have. And since Shovel Knight won’t have to worry about stuff like “skirt physics”, and at most have to make new sprites for the player character and bosses, it shouldn’t be THAT expensive to do even if they don’t meet the stretch mark. No need to really create different animations when the MC is clad in armor from head to toe anyhow. Also, I really want to play a game that will ask me “Be thou sir or lady?” ala Pokemon at the start.

    Now, I DO hope they reach the funds to enable a playable boss character, if only because I have fallen somewhat in love with Propeller Knight. He is baller.

  • Mister_Nep

    Really hope it hits the New Game+ and extra playable character stretch mark. Both of those seem to be really worthwhile additions.

    I’ll be able to donate money when I get paid. Thankfully I get paid before the kickstarter ends.

    • Agreed. More than anything I’d love an NG+ mode.

  • LittleMofreaky

    best game at PAX East

  • Otoya

    Is it me or this SHovelKnight look liek Golbez from FF4? LOL

  • So want this on my 3DS.

    But some of those stretch goals should be in the game from the start like New Game + and playable boss. It is like they are holding replay value hostage. Then again there is always DLC if the game sells well.

  • I thought I was going to get to play it. I’m surprised it’s nintendo and pc only.

  • Solomon_Kano

    I’m so ready for this.

  • When you wrote 8-bit, I was hoping it was actually on an 8-bit system. Oh well.

  • s07195

    Is this shovelware? (lol)

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